Your Complete Retirement Planning Road Map

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Your Complete Retirement Planning Road Map
AuthorEd Slott
PublisherBallantine Books
Publication date
Hardcover: Dec. 2007
Pages384 pp (Hardcover)
ISBN978-0345494566 (Hardcover)

Your Complete Retirement Planning Road Map also has the following subtitles:

The Leave-Nothing-to-Chance, Worry-Free, All-Systems-Go Guide
A comprehensive action plan for securing your IRAs, 401(k)s, and other retirement plans for yourself and your family.

In five focused sections, detailed checklists and questionnaires teach investors and beneficiaries alike how to save and maximize the value of their tax-advantaged plans. Inside this book you’ll discover:

• An overview of every retirement savings account you own–from what it is and where it is to who gets it and how, plus where to put important data.

• How to properly fill out retirement account beneficiary forms so that money goes to whomever you choose and not to relatives who pop up out of nowhere.

• What to do when you inherit so that you won’t lose any tax benefits or make a mistake that could wipe out an inherited fortune that took years to build up.

• How to handle out-of-the-box issues such as divorce or incapacity; tax issues for unmarried partners; decisions about trusts.

• How to determine whether your professional retirement adviser is really up to the task of preserving and protecting your money.

• The most up-to-date information on tax laws, including the Pension Protection Act, which provides major new retirement incentives that you can take advantage of.

About the author

Ed Slott [1], CPA, is a nationally recognized retirement account expert and a professional speaker at conferences nationwide. He created Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group, an exclusive registry of financial advisors. Slott has authored a number of books, including Parlay Your IRA into a Family Fortune and The Retirement Savings Time Bomb and How to Defuse It. He publishes Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor, a monthly newsletter for financial professionals.

Ed Slott was named "The Best" source for IRA advice by The Wall Street Journal and called "America's IRA Expert" by Mutual Funds Magazine. Ed is a widely recognized professional speaker and educator specializing in retirement distribution planning, teaching both financial advisors and consumers how to best take advantage of our complicated tax code.

Table of contents


General Information Forms


Part 1: My Beneficiary Form Checklist
Part 2: My Custodial Agreement Checklist
Part 3: My Stretch Opportunity Checklist
Part 4: My Retirement Assets and Estate Plan Checklist
Part 5: My RMD Calculation Checklist
Part 6: My Rollover/Lump-Sum Decision Checklist


Part 1: The Nonspouse Beneficiary’s (an Individual) Checklist
Part 2: The Spouse Beneficiary’s Checklist
Part 3: The Multiple Beneficiaries’ Checklist
Part 4: The Successor Beneficiary’s Checklist
Part 5: The Tax Breaks for Beneficiaries Checklist
Part 6: The IRD Checklist


Part 1: The Naming a Charity-As-Beneficiary Checklist
Part 2: The Naming a Trust-As Beneficiary Checklist
Part 3: The Disclaimer Planning Checklist
Part 4: The Divorce Checklist
Part 5: The Early-Distribution Exceptions- 72(t) Payments Checklist
Part 6: The Early-Distribution – Other Exceptions Checklist
Part 7: The Tax Breaks for Lump-Sum Distribution Checklist
Part 8: The Incapacity Checklist
Part 9: The Same Sex and Unmarried Couple Checklist
Part 10: The Alternative Investments and Prohibited Transactions Checklist
Part 11: The Roth IRA Conversion Checklist


Part 1: My Year-End Checklist
Part 2: My Advisor Checkup Tool

Reader comments

Having read a number of Ed Slott’s other books, I was at first rather surprised by the radically different format for this one. Your Complete Retirement Planning Road Map is actually a compilation of checklists related to every existing type of retirement savings plan and every situation that might arise with those owning them. As should be apparent from the Table of Contents, every situation has been dealt with.

There is some explanatory text that accompanies each checklist. But the explanatory material is minimal and not really enough for those who haven’t read some of Slott’s other books. But for those who have had that pleasure, this book becomes the “capstone” resource. It’s just like having Ed Slott looking over your shoulder, making sure you correctly apply all the concepts so painstakingly (and clearly!) explained in the other books.

So first go out and read one or more of Ed Slott’s other books. Then use the checklists in this book to make sure you’ve properly applied the concepts to your personal situation. ThePrune

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