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Widget:Morningstar videos

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This widget allows you to add a Morningstar video to your wiki page.


  • path - The video URL
  • image - (Optional) A background image to show before the video starts. Otherwise, nothing is shown.


No background image is displayed.

{{#widget:Morningstar videos

The background image is displayed prior to starting the video.

{{#widget:Morningstar videos

Widget internals

Widgets do not use parser functions. Instead, a template programming language known as "Smarty" is used. Refer to the Smarty 3 Manual for the details.

The video URL and background image can be obtained by inspecting the web page with your browser.

  • Search Elements for jw-video. The src= link is the .mp4 video.
  • The following <div> contains the background image used for the video.