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Vanguard investment perspectives are a product of investment research conducted by research divisions of Vanguard Institutional.

Institutional investors frequently have the opportunity to invest in products and asset classes prior to their later acceptance by individual investors. For example, institutional investors included international stocks and commercial real estate in their investment portfolios years before individual investors had convenient access to these asset classes.

Vanguard research has provided the basis for the firm's introduction of indexed target retirement funds, inflation-indexed bond funds, and international bond funds.

Vanguard also provides research about the US retirement plan market.

List of Vanguard research sites

Vanguard research is available at the following sites:

Vanguard Investment Perspectives

Vanguard Investment Perspectives is a semiannual journal containing research on topical issues in the financial markets and the challenges in portfolio design.

Recent editions of the journal are available from:

Historical issues

Journal editions prior to volumes 9 - 12 are included in the tables below.


Vanguard Investment Perspectives, Volume 6, Fall/Winter Vanguard Investment Perspectives, Volume 5, Spring/Summer
  • The fixed income market outlook
  • Benchmarking investment committees
  • Stable value funds in the spotlight
  • Why target-date funds perform so differently
  • A new lens on the economy: Our Economic Momentum Index
  • In defense of diversification
  • Indexing and the stock market rebound
  • Questions raised by the financial crisis
  • Active management in bear markets
  • The role of funding status in DB investment strategy
  • Improving diversification in workplace retirement plans
  • New tools for retired investors


Vanguard Investment Perspectives, Volume 4, Fall/Winter Vanguard Investment Perspectives, Volume 3, Spring/Summer
  • Oil, the economy, and the stock market
  • Evolutions in financial simulation
  • The ‘lost decade’: Rational expectations in uncertain markets
  • Investing for retirement: Lessons from our clients
  • Boom! Bust! Now what?
  • Noisy signals: A challenge to tactical strategies
  • Effective risk management: Staying in the game
  • Active small-cap equity outperformance: Myth or reality?
  • Target-maturity funds and participant portfolios


Vanguard Investment Perspectives, Volume 2, Fall/Winter Vanguard Investment Perspectives, Volume 1, Spring/Summer
  • Target date funds: Filling the information gap
  • Chasing the efficient frontier: The opportunity, challenges, and risks
  • Are REITs an effective proxy for commercial real estate?
  • Emotional intelligence and investment behavior
  • Evolving U.S.inflation dynamics
  • New issues in international investing
  • Evaluating index and active strategies
  • The risk of concentrated equity
  • Professional advice in defined contribution plans
  • Key considerations for target maturity funds