Vanguard accounting data spreadsheets

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Vanguard accounting data spreadsheets provide annual accounting data for selected Vanguard mutual funds.

Accessing Google Docs spreadsheets

At present, accessing spreadsheets requires a cookie to be stored on your browser. It does not need a login account to work, only a cookie by the domain.

  1. Enable cookies on your browser.
  2. Perform any type of a search on Google, such as the one here : Search for on Google
  3. Select the link of choice as noted below (view or download)
  4. Disable cookies on your browser and continue as before.

You can also allow cookies using the whitelist feature on your browser, but some users may choose not to do so.

Our links allow you the options of:

  • Viewing the spreadsheet in your browser. These google docs. spreadsheets are shared, meaning that you can edit the spreadsheets.
  • xls allows you to download an excel spreadsheet version of the document.
  • ods allows you to download an open office version of the document.
  • pdf allows you to download a pdf version of the document.

Vanguard accounting data spreadsheets

Vanguard US equity index funds

Vanguard tax-managed US equity funds

Vanguard international index funds

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