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From this forum thread: value tilting: the numbers, and some additional help from pkcrafter.

Saying that tilting implies only small deviations from market weights is a point of view (POV), and can be shown to be false by referencing several Bogleheads authors. For example, Larry Swedroe suggests that for some investors a very heavy "tilt" to small value is warranted (as much as 100% of equities), with a corresponding reduction in the allocation to equities (less beta risk, less exposure to fat tail risk, but maintain similar expected return). As another example, one of Bill Bernstein's example portfolios in "The Investor's Manifesto" (2010) shows only 10% of the portfolio in large-cap US blend; i.e., it departs radically from a "total market" portfolio (page 91).--Kevin M 02:07, 24 April 2012 (CDT)

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