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Episode 68: Rolf Agather on investment index methodology and innovation, host Rick Ferri (23 March 2024)

More than 50 percent of mutual fund and ETF assets track passive indices, which makes index methodology important. Episode 68 is all about index history and evolution and how the usage of indexe...

Episode 67: Kaye Thomas on income taxes and how to lower them, host Rick Ferri (19 February 2024)

If you hate paying taxes, then you should love learning about taxes because that’s the way to reduce them. My guest, Kaye Thomas, received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1980 and then...

Episode 66: Dr. Jim Dahle and John Worth, Ph.D. on real estate investing, host Rick Ferri (23 January 2024)

My two guests are James Dahle, MD, a practicing emergency physician, founder of The White Coat Investor, and the creator of the "No Hype Real Estate Investing" course, and John Worth, Ph.D., Exe...

Episode 65: Dr. Qian Wang, Vanguard economic and market outlook of 2024, host Rick Ferri (21 December 2023)

Qian Wang, Ph.D., is Vanguard’s Asia-Pacific chief economist and global head of the Vanguard Capital Markets Model team in the Investment Strategy Group. She is also a member of Vanguard’s Strat...

Episode 64: Victor Haghani and James White, ”The Missing Billionaires”, host Rick Ferri (24 November 2023)

Victor Haghani and James White are co-authors of "The Missing Billionaires, A Guide to Better Financial Decisions." Victor is also the founder and CIO of Elm Wealth and David is the CEO, where t...

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Financial Page

The site blog, maintained by forum member Barry Barnitz.

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Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #97 (13 June 2023)

Presentation: “The Investor’s Toolkit” Speaker: Greg Dietrich reviews a collection of useful tools from chapter presentations, the Bogleheads Wiki and member spreadsheets assembled over the last ei...

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #95 (20 April 2023)

Presentation: “Tax Loss Harvesting” Speaker: Ravinder Bhumbla was educated at the University of California and the University of Michigan, earning post-graduate degrees in business and engineering....

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #95 (19 April 2023)

Presentation: “Roth IRA Distribution Rules” Speaker: Huey Tseng enjoyed a career as an accountant and now lives with her husband in Tucson, Arizona. She’s a member of the leadership team with Sacra...

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #94 (06 March 2023)

Presentation: “Developing a Distribution Plan” Speaker: Steve Shaffer is a Health Physicist for a federal government agency. He has held various positions in engineering and health physics over the...

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #93 (23 February 2023)

Presentation: “Driving Electric” Speaker: Alan Baker is a longtime car enthusiast and electric car owner. Retired from a senior information technology position at IBM, he enjoys helping nonprofits...

Bogleheads® author blogs

Jim Dahle (a.k.a. EmergDoc, for medical professionals)

The White Coat Investor - Helping those who wear the white coat get a "fair shake"RSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

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Mike Piper

Mike Piper - Oblivious InvestorRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Investing Blog Roundup: Longevity Risk Pooling from a Mutual Fund (15 April 2024)

For several years now, it has been impossible to purchase inflation-adjusted lifetime annuities (other than by delaying Social Security). For investors taking a “safety-first” approach to retiremen...

Name Successor Trustees (Plural!) for Your Trust (08 April 2024)

Today I want to share with you a brief “estate planning gone wrong” story. The story is real, but of course the names have been changed. If you are not up-to-speed on basic trust terminology, pleas...

Investing Blog Roundup: Monte Carlo-Based Retirement Spending Strategies (01 April 2024)

I’ve written before about how I consider retirement spending strategies to exist on a spectrum. Strategies at one end of the spectrum (e.g., the classic “4% rule” approach) do not adjust spending b...

Digging Into Solo 401(k) Contribution Limit Math (25 March 2024)

Nearly every week I receive emails telling me that my solo 401(k) contribution limit calculator is wrong. Those emails are generally based on one of two misunderstandings. The first category of ema...

Investing Blog Roundup: Financial “Pig Butchering” Scams (18 March 2024)

In my prior roundup article, I referenced a few different types of scams that you’re likely to encounter. In reply, multiple readers recommended the following recent episode of Last Week Tonight wi...

Allan Roth

Allan currently blogs at AARP,, and writes for Financial Planning Magazine.

Larry Swedroe

No RSS feeds are available, but articles can be found at:

The Finance Buff

TFB - The Finance BuffRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

2024 2025 HSA Contribution Limits and HDHP Qualification (10 April 2024)

2024 and 2025 HSA contribution limits and HDHP qualifications for individual and family coverage. Big changes in 2024 due to high inflation.

Learn the Nuts and Bolts


Split-Year Backdoor Roth IRA in FreeTaxUSA, 2nd Year (09 April 2024)

Follow this detailed walkthrough of how to report in FreeTaxUSA recharacterizing and converting backdoor Roth contributions from the previous year.

Learn the Nuts and Bolts


Split-Year Backdoor Roth IRA in FreeTaxUSA, 1st Year (08 April 2024)

Follow this detailed walkthrough of how to report in FreeTaxUSA the backdoor Roth contribution made or recharacterized for the previous year.

Learn the Nuts and Bolts


Backdoor Roth in H&R Block: Recharacterized in the Same Year (07 April 2024)

Follow this detailed walkthrough of how to report in H&R Block recharacterizing a Roth IRA contribution in the same year and converting to Roth again.

Learn the Nuts and Bolts


Split-Year Backdoor Roth IRA in H&R Block, 2nd Year (05 April 2024)

Follow this detailed walkthrough of how to report in H&R Block tax software converting recharacterized backdoor Roth contributions from the previous year.

Learn the Nuts and Bolts

Academic blogs

Social Science Research Network

The SSRN Blog - Tomorrow's research todayRSS Feed icon - 200px.png RSS feed

Meet the Author: Steven J. Davis (10 April 2024)

Steven J. Davis is a Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution and at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. He also hosts the Economics, Applied podcast. He spoke to SSRN about applied eco...

The launch of an Educational Impact and Evaluation Research Special Topic Hub (04 April 2024)

SSRN has launched a new hub for the month of April, in line with the UN Goal for the month of Quality Education. The Special Topic Hub on Educational Impact & Evaluation Research offers a curat...

A Conversation with Dean Vinzé on George Mason’s Business School (26 March 2024)

In November 2023, George Mason’s business school became the Donald G. Costello College of Business through the gift of the late Donald Costello, a prominent entrepreneur in Northern Virginia. SSRN...

New Women & Work Special Topic Hub (14 March 2024)

We’re excited to introduce SSRN’s Women & Work Special Topic Hub, a curated repository spotlighting early-stage research on gender disparities in the labor force. Despite progress, women still...

Meet the Author: I. Glenn Cohen (11 March 2024)

I. Glenn Cohen is the James A. Attwood and Leslie Williams Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, as well as Deputy Dean and Faculty Director, Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnol...

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  • Financial Page, site blog expresses viewpoints about investing from members of the Bogleheads forum.