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List of US state probate courts provides links to probate information from each U.S. state and the District of Columbia. In the US, probate is governed by each state's laws regarding inheritance and the administration of estates. In 1964 the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws drafted a Uniform Probate Code designed to update and standardize the nation's probate code. Twenty states have adopted the code, with the remaining states adopting various sections of the code. [1] A wide variety of state courts (commonly district courts, circuit courts, probate courts, or other court) will handle probate. Probate is held in the county court where the deceased had residence. If the deceased holds real property in more than one state, a separate probate proceeding for each property is often required. Most states (with the exception of Delaware and Virginia) have adopted simpler probate procedures, usually termed "summary probate" for very small estates [2]

State Relevant Court Main Site Jurisdictions Miscellanies Probate shortcuts
Probate jurisdictions
Alabama Probate Judicial system County websites Baldwin County probate Nolo
Alaska Superior Alaska rules of probate Court directory Nolo
Arizona Superior Courts Mariopa county Nolo
Arkansas Circuit Arkansas circuit courts Probate forms Nolo
California Superior Superior Courts List of Superior Courts How to Probate a Will Nolo
Colorado District District courts Denver Probate Court Probate in Colorado Nolo
Connecticut Probate Probate courts Directory FAQ Nolo
Delaware Chancery New Castle Register of Wills Sussex Register of Wills Nolo
Florida Circuit Circuit courts Florida Bar Nolo
Georgia Probate Probate courts Nolo
Hawaii Circuit Circuit courts Nolo
Idaho Magistrate division Idaho judiciary Estate and Probate Laws Nolo
Illinois Circuit Circuit courts Nolo
Indiana Superior Indiana courts Probate in Indiana Nolo
Iowa District District courts Nolo
Kansas District District courts District court links What is Probate? Nolo
Kentucky District District court District court judges Brochure: Guide Nolo
Louisiana District Brochure:Louisiana Probate Law Practice
Maine Probate Probate matters County probate jurisdictions Nolo
Maryland Orphans Orphans court Register of Wills FAQs Nolo
Massachusetts Probate Probate Dept. County probate courts FAQs Nolo
Michigan Probate Directory Oakland county brochures Nolo
Minnesota Probate Probate/Wills/Estates Probate and Planning Nolo
Mississippi Chancery Chancery courts How to Probate a Will Nolo
Missouri District Nolo
Montana District Montana district courts Court locator Forms & information Nolo
Nebraska County Nebraska county courts County courts websites Nolo
Nevada District Nevada district courts Brochure: Synopsis of Probate Law Nolo
New Hampshire Probate NH probate court Where to file Estates Nolo
New Jersey Superior New Jersey courts Nolo
New Mexico Probate New Mexico courts Bernalillo County Probate Court Nolo
New York Surrogates NY surrogate courts NY city surrogate courts FAQ's Nolo
North Carolina Superior NC court system County Superior Courts Brochure:Court costs Nolo
North Dakota District North Dakota district courts Brochure: Probate guide Nolo
Ohio Probate Division Cleveland Law Library Ohio Probate Courts FAQs Nolo
Oklahoma District Oklahoma district courts Is Probate Needed? Nolo
Oregon Circuit/County Oregon circuit courts Probate court list What is Probate? Nolo
Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas Court of Common Pleas Counties York County:Estate questions Nolo
Rhode Island Probate Cities and towns Rhode Island Bar Association Nolo
South Carolina Probate Probate map Nolo
South Dakota Circuit South Dakota circuit courts Nolo
Tennessee Chancery Tennessee local counties Shelby county probate site Probate FAQ's Nolo
Texas Probate Statutory Probate Courts Texas counties Probate Court Map Nolo
Utah District District Courts Court directory Estate Planning & Probate Nolo
Vermont Probate Probate division Estates and Wills Nolo
Virginia Circuit Virginia Circuit Courts Circuit Court Homepages Brochures:Guide;Probate Nolo
Washington Superior Superior Court jurisdictions Nolo
West Virginia Circuit Circuit courts Nolo
Wisconsin Circuit Circuit courts Court websites Brochure:Guide Nolo
Wyoming District District court directory Nolo
District of Columbia Superior Superior Court Nolo


  1. The states adopting the UPC include Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Wisconsin. Summary of State Probate Attorney Fee Requirements as of 6/9/2010
  2. Using Summary Probate,

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