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Welcome to the Bogleheads® Cleanup page. This page is intended as a centralized resource for finding wiki pages that include a template message. A template message is placed on a page that may have issues such as broken hyperlinks, spelling or grammatical errors, undefined abbreviations or jargon, or maybe just a simple need to be expanded.

Pages having a template message and requiring cleanup/editing of some sort are linked below by category.

All editors are welcome to help in editing or fixing any page listed below.

Remember to take the appropriate template message(s) off the page when you have completed cleaning an article; as the page will then be automatically removed from the maintenance category. Please also document what you have done on the article's discussion page for the reference of other editors.

Articles needing an editor's attention

The table below lists each maintenance category and the pages which fall under this category. To the right of each category is a count of the number of subcategories which lie beneath it (C) and how many pages it contains (P).

Usage notes

  • An expandable ► indicates a subcategory, followed by a list of articles belonging to the category indicated in the table header.
  • Articles may be shown more than once, as articles can be assigned more than one category.
Articles Needing Content Updates Needed Proposed deletion Administration
Citation Needed(empty)
Cleanup(4 P)
Controversial(1 P)
Expand article(21 P)
Expand section(1 P)
OutOfDate(3 P)
Proposed deletion(2 P)
Under construction(26 P)
Annual updates(3 C, 1 P, 1 F)
Development(1 C, 17 P)
Help(2 C, 13 P)
Wiki how-to(9 P)
Maintenance(9 C, 2 P)
Modules for general use(1 C, 8 P)
Pages with RSS feeds(15 P)
Templates(10 C, 32 P)
Widgets(8 P)
Wiki policies(9 P)
Wiki statistics(5 P)

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