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  • Barry Barnitz
    • Financial Page - Blog centered on indexing, academic research and news, with an occasional analytic touch.
  • Bylo Selhi - Smart Mutual Fund Investing for Independent Canadian Investors - Site dedicated helping investors "learn how to invest on their own."
  • - Take Control Of Your Finances - short video tutorials explain Boglehead principles in plain English to beginning investors.
  • indexfundfan - indexfundfan@indextown - Blog of investment-related articles.
  • JLP - AllFinancialMatters - Blog focused on personal finance and Diehard topics.
  • KyleAAA - Amateur Asset Allocator, - Musings on personal finance, investing, business news, and economics with the occasional frugal post thrown in the mix; and also Kyle Bumpus.
  • Larry Swedroe - Wise Investing - Investment topics.
  • Oblivious Investor - Oblivious Investor - The idea of the blog is that you don't need to watch: a) CNBC everyday, or b) daily/weekly/monthly stock market order to be a successful investor.
  • Paul Keck (pkcrafter) - Road Map for Investing Success - An Investing Primer. Essential recommendations and insight for the average investor.
  • sewall - The Incidental Economist - Blog of finance, economics, health care, and other "musings of a curious mind."
  • tfb - thefinancebuff - Blog of personal finance and economics topics including spending, saving, borrowing, insurance, investing, and recent developments in the economy.


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  • Treasury Direct - TreasuryDirect is the only financial services website that lets you buy and redeem securities directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form. It offers product information and research across the entire line of Treasury Securities, from Series EE Savings Bonds to Treasury Notes.
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) - The TSP is a retirement savings plan for civilians who are employed by the United States Government and members of the uniformed services.

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