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In 2006, approximately 30% of the Canadian populace (mostly government and bank employees) where covered by defined benefit pension plans. [1]

Performance studies

The relative performance differential between pension plan stock and bond portfolio returns and mutual fund returns is considerable.[note 1]

Ambachsheer and Bauer

Ambachsheer and Bauer (2007) study the relative returns of Canadian equity mutual funds and defined benefit plans equity portfolios over the 1996 - 2004 period. The study involved 2781 mutual funds and 636 defined benefit pension plans. Over this period, mutual funds produced a before fee +0.15% return over the benchmark return. However, investment costs (MER, not including any sales charges) averaged 2.75%, thus resulting in a -2.60% net shortfall to benchmark returns. [2]

Over the same 1996 - 2004 period, defined pension equity funds produced a +1.47% return over benchmark returns, reduced by a 0.25% MER, for a net +1.23% premium return over the benchmark. In the equity sphere, mutual funds lagged pension funds by -3.83%. [2]

Bauer and Kicken

Bauer and Kicken (2008) examine bond fund returns over the 1997 - 2004 period. Defined benefit plans bond portfolios produced a modest net return of 6.5 basis points over the benchmark return, aided in large part by a 12.4 basis point expense ratio. Over the same period, bond mutual funds lagged benchmark returns by -173.6 basis points. Mutual fund expenses averaged 169.2 basis points. [3]


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