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Google Document Test

Widget:Google Document

{{#widget:Google Document |key=dhr9v3qt_19ds2nzmc4 |width=700 |height=300 }}

Google Presentation Test

Widget:Google Presentation

From the Fama and French Three-Factor Model and CAPM - Capital Asset Pricing Model: (the wiki pages use one figure from each slide, so they should remain as .png images)

{{#widget:Google Presentation|key=1bN5lVwOB05ganFBdLx_5XVsiXsdTQIZuqIK7V4iTqTg}}

Google Spreadsheet Test

Widget:Google Spreadsheet

{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=1-nCjdhHqnhb54tCm7O-sq2Bp5CL2rNuHSfupmgQKbBA |width=800 |height=400 }}