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Bogleheads® local chapters chapters are as varied as the Bogleheads. As a complement to the national meetings, local Diehards or Bogleheads chapters have existed since January 2005. In addition to the Local Chapters and Bogleheads Community sub-forum, Yahoo Groups serves as a venue for meeting plans, recaps, and a way to stay in touch between meetings.[notes 1]

Some chapters meet in small informal groups at random dates. Other chapters have a set meeting schedule and a more formal meeting agenda. But the common bond between these local chapters are the desire to discuss personal investing with like minded peers.

To organize a local chapter, all a Boglehead needs to do is post the call for a new chapter on the local forum, get at least five members in the area to join the group, and then ask to be added to the national chapter map. Details are in this forum topic: Bogleheads Local Chapters - General Info and Chapter List

Local chapters

A complete list of local chapters and contact information is posted in the forum: Bogleheads Local Chapters - General Info and Chapter List

Alternatively, local chapter information can be found on google maps: Bogleheads® Local Chapters

Several chapters maintain a "master list" for their meeting information. Bogleheads forum members interested in joining these meetings should post in the relevant forum topic:


Outside the US

Setting up a local chapter

From Ed (Rager1) and Patti Rager, presented during the Bogleheads 13 Conference, Philadelphia PA:

View Google Doc in browser, then select File --> Download as.

Local chapters on Google Groups

Below is a listing of local Bogleheads chapters on Google Groups.

Local chapters on Yahoo Groups

On October 28, you will no longer be able to upload any content to the site. To share info with members of your groups, you'll continue to be able to do so via email.[1]

The Yahoo Groups site will continue to exist, however, all public groups will be made private or restricted. Any new group members will need to request an invite or be invited by an admin. Admins will still be able to manage various group settings, though some functionality will be limited.[1]

Below is a listing of local Bogleheads chapters on Yahoo! Groups.[2]


San Francisco, CA

  • Bay Area / Central CA: To be invited to join the San Francisco/Bay Area Diehards and/or the Central CA Diehards, first please send the meeting coordinator a private message, or, contact the meeting coordinator as listed for Chapter 5 - Central California in Google Maps (above). When writing to either email address: Please send an e-mail to with your contact information, (name, email address, mailing address, phone number), and also please include how you first heard of the Bogleheads.

District of Columbia

North Carolina

Research Triangle Park, NC

New Jersey

New Jersey


Philadelphia, PA


Dallas, TX

Special interest chapters on Yahoo Groups


Setting up a Yahoo Group

Here are the recommended Yahoo Group configurations:

  • Decide on a Yahoo Group name. Suggested: (area name)Bogleheads -or- (area name)Diehards
  • Create a Yahoo Group ID email for the group administrator. The email address should include the group name, nothing personal, as it will be publicly viewable and is the email address that all messages are sent from. Suggest: (area name)
  • Log into Yahoo under this ID. Select "Start a Group" at the top of any group page.
  • Select and place the group in Yahoo! Groups Category: Business Finance: Investments: Mutual Funds
  • Enter the group email address (created previously)
  • Enter a description. Include "Boglehead" so search engines can find the group. Copy suggested text below, then modify as needed:
      We are a group of (area) investors inspired by the investing advice of John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Group.

The Bogleheads® group informally began in March 1998 when Morningstar established the Vanguard Diehards Forum to discuss Vanguard Funds.

Bogleheads®, a term intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle, are investing enthusiasts who participate in the Bogleheads® Forum.

Disclaimer: (group name) is not affiliated with The Vanguard Group, Inc. or Morningstar, Inc. Bogleheads® is a registered service mark of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy.

  • Enter profile, the group is created.

Group settings

Main help reference: Group Owner/Moderator Help Topics

The Management menu (left side of page) is only available to moderators or group owners.

Below are recommended initial settings. If everything is configured correctly, the menu on the page's left side should show: Home at the top, everything else should be below the Members Only heading.

Membership approval

All applications for group membership must be subject to approval by the group moderator, as manual approvals impede spam attempts.

Force membership approval by:

  • Can I restrict membership? How?
  • Management --> Group Settings --> Membership --> Membership Type and Welcome Message (Edit) --> Membership Type: Restricted

Description and appearance

Enter the group's description and related link, which will be seen from the Home menu.

  • Management --> Group Settings --> Description & Appearance --> Description (edit)
    • Description: Edit as required (see description above). Be sure to include "Boglehead" for the search engines.
    • Related Link:
    • Listing Type: Listed in Yahoo! Groups directory

Images give a good first impression and add a level of overall quality. Add a representative image, such as landmark which identifies the area. The size should not dominate the text description, and should be usable over a wide range of displays. Suggested size: no more than 320 pixels on the longest side.

Yahoo does not scale the image - it will be displayed like the original. The image may need to be resized prior to uploading.

  • Management --> Group Settings --> Description & Appearance --> Photo (edit) --> Group Photo
    • New Photo: Browse... (upload), Add Now. (If an error message appears, ignore it and hit the browser back-button, the image should be loaded)


Group communications are through messages posted to the site and distributed by email. As the Bogleheads forum provides anonymity through screen names, consideration should be given to allowing members to have relative privacy within the group.

Yahoo provides some privacy by allowing members to hide their profiles. However, email addresses can only be partially hidden (the address up to "@" is visible). Email addresses are always visible in messages. Additionally, some members may feel comfortable using their real names within chapters, but not in public.

Therefore, message content should be restricted to Members Only. The message archive settings govern this feature.

Moderating email

The group settings allow members to post messages directly, which is categorized as "unmoderated" email. In some cases, such as a concern for spam, individual members may be configured to have their messages "moderated". Messages will only be posted to the group after a moderator approval. Approving messages is more work for the moderator.

Web features

These applications should be restricted to Members Only.

  • Managing Web Only Features
  • Management --> Group Settings --> Web Tools (edit)
    • Files: Limited (members can download files; moderators can upload/modify/download files)
    • Photos: Moderators only (upload/modify/download photos)
    • Links: Members (create/modify/delete links))
    • Database: Members (members can access Database feature)
    • Polls: Members (create/modify/vote in polls)
    • Members: Members (members view profiles; moderators can view profiles/change settings)
    • Calendar: Members (create/modify/delete events)
    • Promote: Members (get sign-up boxes)
    • Chat: Enabled

Adding members

Yahoo Groups membership works by two ways:

  • Using the "Join This Group!" button
  • By invitation from a group owner/moderator

Those who use "Join This Group!" will show up as a pending member (Members --> Pending). The owner/moderator can decide if further action is necessary, such as requesting further information from the applicant (by separate email), or approve the application.

Those who request group membership by email will need to be "Invited" to the group. (Members --> Invite People, at the top right of the page). Hint: Don't use the "Add Members" link, which is at the bottom of the Invite page.

Sharing responsibility

The owner may wish other trusted members to share ownership, or act as a moderator. Each group can have a maximum of 15 owners/moderators (there must be at least 1 owner).

  1. From the list on the left, click Members and locate the member on the Members page.
  2. Click Edit Membership.
  3. A little way down, click Change to Moderator -or- Change to Owner.
  4. Click on the Make Moderator -or- Make Owner button to confirm.


  1. In addition to Yahoo Groups, some local chapters utilize Google Groups and for local chapter sites.

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  2. Some groups can be found by "bogleheads" or "vanguard diehard" searches. Other groups may choose not be listed in the Yahoo Groups directory.

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