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In a departure from the wiki's policy of neutrality, this content presents the personal viewpoint of several editors.

May 13, 2019 marks the eleventh anniversary of the launching of The Bogleheads® Wiki. The wiki was publicly announced on May 21, 2008.[1] Our Wiki statistics page provides us with the following numerical snapshot of our wiki project as of May 11, 2019.

Historical statistics and a timeline of wiki initiatives can be found in the appendix to this report.

Statistics as of May 11, 2019
Statistics Wiki Visits over the past Five Years

Cumulative statistics

  • Content Pages: 968
  • Edits: 65,077
  • Average edits per page: 12.36
  • Registered Editors: 285

Annual statistics

  • New Pages: 20
  • Annual Edits: 2,408
  • Average Edits per day: 6
  • New Editors: 23

Note: The trend line is shown in red.

The year in review

Personal Reflections

I am happy that I have something that I can contribute to the wiki. However, it's not just me. As well as every wiki author, both past and present, I am also indebted to:

  • my co-conspirators in internationalising the wiki, particularly BeBH65 and DJN, for their sizeable contributions and also for keeping me honest;
  • Peculiar Investor for helping to dig me out of the odd hole, clarify some ideas, and for general encouragement;
  • LadyGeek and Barry Barnitz, not just for keeping the wiki running incredibly smoothly, but also for providing a 'safety net' that lets me be bold while safe in the knowledge that when I break something, they will fix it for me (and because I live in a time zone some four to eight hours ahead of the US, this fix often occurs while I sleep!);
  • and you, because having people read the wiki makes it all worthwhile.

-- TedSwippet

This section presents the personal viewpoint of TedSwippet.

The wiki grew by the addition of 20 new pages during the fiscal year. Of these, around one third were specific to investors living in countries other than the US.

For a complete list of new pages, refer to the 2018 - 2019 new pages box provided below.

This year saw increased interest in Bogleheads® investing from investors outside the US. In response, the site owners created an entire new forum for Non-US Investing, and also updated the main forum index page to emphasise the Non-US domiciles section of the wiki.

This change of site focus, from almost entirely US-centric to one that is more international, prompted a review and reorganisation of many wiki pages, a process that is still ongoing. One of the main reasons for this is US tax law, which operates completely differently for US persons and for US nonresident aliens.

Many of the funds and ETFs used regularly by US based investors can be US tax traps for investors outside the US — to the extent that they are available to these investors at all, that is. However, up to now the wiki has grown 'organically' so that many of its pages are either specific to US investors only, or contain a mix of general information, some of which is universally useful but some of which is highly US specific. In the worst cases, a wiki page might recommend a particular fund or ETF which would be ideal for a US investor, but highly damaging under US tax law if held by a US nonresident alien.

The wiki is therefore slowly being internationalised. Warning banners placed at the top of pages can indicate if a page is usable by all investors globally, if it is relevant only to US investors, or if it is relevant only to non-US investors (because US tax laws also contain traps for any US taxpayers who use non-US domiciled funds or ETFs). It is also being slowly localised, so that investors in specific countries can begin to find information that is not just general to non-US investors, but rather is targeted directly at investors living in these countries.

All of this will take time. Up to now the wiki has not only evolved within a purely US context, but it is also highly interconnected, making separating some of the strands a challenge. However, with patience, globalising it is a tractable problem. It is also a highly satisfying effort.

John Bogle

This section presents the personal viewpoints of Barry Barnitz and LadyGeek.

It is with great sadness that we must note the passing of John Bogle on January 16, 2019. John Bogle's imposing legacy includes his family, the company he founded, the books he wrote, and the lives he touched.

All of John Bogle's posts are listed in John Bogle forum post index. This article also lists forum discussion threads related to his passing. A link to this article was placed on both the wiki and home pages.

The Bogleheads forum was in a state of mourning over a two week period.[note 1]


The table below provides a history of cumulative annual statistics for The Bogleheads® Wiki, derived during the annual May anniversary week of the wiki's founding. The spreadsheet component of the table also contains tabs showing the annual statistics for each year.

Cumulative Annual Statistics (View Google Spreadsheet in browser, then File --> Download as to download the file.)
Note: If the spreadsheet is blank, select a different sheet, then back to that sheet. The image will be refreshed.

2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Content Pages 968 945 925 905 861 811 721 657 559 483 377
Edits 65,077 62,669 60,549 57,855 51,601 46,555 35,403 28,372 22,550 18,628 13,016
Average Page Edits 12.36 12.19 12.13 12.02 13.12 13.38 13.62 13.15 13.08 12.83 11.06
Registered Editors 285 266 248 238 217 202 181 158 134 113 87


  1. John Bogle's passing was also noted at our sister sites, Financial Wisdom Forum and Bogleheads® España.


  1. Bogleheads® forum topic: Announcement: Introducing The Bogleheads Wiki, Barry Barnitz. May 21, 2008