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*[[Taylor Larimore's Investment Gems]]
*[[Taylor Larimore's Investment Gems]]
*[[Taylor Larimore's market timing quotes]]
*[[Taylor Larimore's market timing quotes]]
==External links==
*[https://www.bogleheads.org/blog/2018/02/21/interview-with-taylor-larimore-author-of-the-bogleheads-guide-to-the-three-fund-portfolio/ Interview with Taylor Larimore, author of The Bogleheads Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio], Financial Page interview, 02/21/2018.
*[https://www.bogleheads.org/blog/2018/06/15/interview-with-taylor-larimore-taylors-investment-journey/ Interview with Taylor Larimore: Taylor's investment journey], Financial Page interview, 06/15/2018.
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{{Bogleheads authors}}
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[[Category:Bogleheads authors]]

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Taylor Larimore
Photo by Paul (sddiehard)
BornJanuary 25, 1924
Boston, Massachussetts
Alma materUniversity of Miami
Notable workThe Bogleheads' Guide to Investing

Taylor Larimore is a bogleheads.org reading list author.

Taylor Larimore, CCL, was dubbed by MONEY magazine as "The Dean of the Vanguard Diehards." Jack Bogle calls Taylor "King of the Bogleheads." Taylor is remarkably well informed after having spent most of his 83 years in the real world of finance and investments.

A graduate of the University of Miami School of Business Administration, Taylor served as a World War II paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division during the Battle of the Bulge, earning 5 combat decorations. An avid sailing enthusiast, Taylor was named the American Sailing Association's "Instructor of the Year."

Throughout his career, Taylor worked as a life insurance underwriter, revenue officer for the Internal Revenue Service, Chief of the Financial Division for the Small Business Administration in South Florida, and Director of the Dade County Housing Finance Authority.

In 1986 Taylor became inspired when reading about the life and teachings of Jack Bogle. Combining his financial experience with Mr. Bogle's research and advice, Taylor and his wife of 62 years, Pat (deceased), have seen their portfolio improve dramatically. Taylor now spends his time sailing and helping others discover "the Boglehead way" on the Boglehead forums.

— (From page 293 of The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing)


Along with Jack Bogle, Mel Lindauer and Laura Dogu, Taylor was honored by being selected as one of Money Magazine's everyday heroes in the magazine's March 2012 issue: Champions of the small investor

In a public ceremony, the mayor of The City of Miami named March 31, 2015, “Taylor C. Larimore and John H. Moynahan Day for their military service and support of Miami’s youth sailing programs.”

During the 2016 Bogleheads Conference in Philadelphia, Taylor received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy.


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