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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2579 new posts and replies over 280 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
26632tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill08:44 atdharris
20379tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar08:37 nigel_ht
11193tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE08:29 tomphilly
7685cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36807:26 Mr. Rumples
3529c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir08:14 MAKsdad
3412tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:58 iim7V7IM7
2905pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly07:29 Leesbro63
2688cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger07:23 OhBoyUhoh
2438tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36822:23 RussellWilson
1623cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL07:37 f35phixer
1407pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm00:13 curmudgeon
1399tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)04/13 tomsense7619:32 stoptothink
1273tWhy not 100% PSLDX?2020 TeeDee12:29 RussellWilson
1243tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz09:01 hudson
1237tWhy the disdain for managed funds like ARKK that destroy total market funds?02/13 Bwlonge12:05 hnd
1122tBonds in free fall02/16 00023:23 Zardoz
1080pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek14:31 krillnu
1047tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory09/03 skierincolorado05:25 LiveSimple
780tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline00:41 comeinvest
629fForum software upgrade bug reports and change requests2015 Alex Frakt18:23 oldcomputerguy
567tTSLA: What Changed?02/02 Kookaburra08:42 impatientInv
510tex-US Stocks Continue to Soar!2020 sabhen20:53 thenextguy
422tHistorical Bond Returns - From Rates to Returns [Bond Fund Simulator]2015 longinvest10:32 siamond
369tDoes "international" offer any diversification?01/07 stocksurfer20:57 abuss368
367cYubikey only at Vanguard now possible.05/27 pragmatist13:31 squirm
347hWhere Do I Go From Here - Asset Location [2022 Update]09/18 AnnetteLouisan22:32 SnowBog
328pWhat Were Your Regrets after Retiring? (serious question)04/21 catfish4808419:17 remomnyc
322tThe I Bond Manifesto09/23 Mel Lindauer23:37 Mel Lindauer
319hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky15:20 Stinky
305tIs VPW a safer retirement strategy than SWR?07/13 nigel_ht07:57 nigel_ht
289tIs it foolish to go all in Small Cap Value?01/20 investyoumust08:41 muffins14
267hHM Bradley - is it safe - FDIC response05/16 inspireone11:15 jst
235pThe great FIRE resignation?01/12 Wannaretireearl10:25 JoeRetire
232t'The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully-fledged epic bubble' - GMO2021 Forester19:14 corn18
226pReally confused about how disallowed losses are supposed to be treated for taxes and cost basis01/06 VartAndelay09:49 Lee_WSP
221pH&R Block 2021 software offer10/21 LadyGeek18:06 tj [Identify verification site]12/03 jackoak08:33 Old Guy
209tWill BND return be negative in 202201/09 ebeb14:47 Leesbro63
205t2022 Hedge Fund contest01/02 Tanelorn23:08 Tanelorn
199pPath to UHNW2020 Mofire08:24 nigel_ht
195hGravy train ride over ? Time to reevaluate asset allocation12/03 Jimsad16:34 Jimsad
174cWhat purchase saved you the most money?2018 David198620:40 willthrill81
171tFama and French: The Five-Factor Model Revisited01/15 Fremdon Ferndoc19:30 Northern Flicke
163tRich, Broke or Dead: Visualizing probabilities of outcomes in early retirement2018 EnjoyIt21:29 delamer
159pMarcus $100 bonus2021 intendi08:25 SmileyFace
149tSo what comes after "Enough"01/16 TheTimeLord23:51 goodenyou
120cGaming PC Build: Newbie questions and feedback!2020 Wannaretireearl08:20 runninginvestor
110hEarly retirement plan advice (39yo, $880k, ~3.5% withdraw)01/13 aaaaaa11111120:32 willthrill81
108cDo people still wear ties and belts?12:23 Caduceus07:53 alfaspider
105pAnyone feeling "bored-out" with work?01/12 ThankYouJack07:58 Flyer24
104cI hate my car. When will car prices and inventory normalize?01/19 I-Know-Nothing19:11 AHK-Hero
103cWordle [Anyone playing Wordle?] spoiler, Jan 15th’s answer is revealed01/15 MidwestMike08:45 Cheez-It Guy
102pmy real household budget.01/18 vtsnowdin14:33 tomd37
101cFree in-home Covid test Kits01/17 KlangFool13:09 Trism
98pOptions after leaving nursing home - assisted living vs home/family vs other ?01/14 fsrph17:59 TimeRunner
94hTIAA Traditional and Rising Interest Rates2015 Mr. Meow15:40 oldfatguy
93hAfter Tax Contributions / Mega Backdoor Roth - Etrade Solo 401k08/21 aray15:19 retiredjg
90cDoes anybody else out there still pay for an email address?2017 Bammerman22:17 calwatch
89tIs 100% VTSAX good for early twenties?01/19 paulyb08:27 arcticpineapple
86p2022 Any Great Free Password Managers?10:22 Genuinesarcasm08:01 synacksyn
85tRebalance Every 8 Years?01/20 Leesbro6305:03 quisp65
84hCPI-U adjustment too small on AIG SPIA01/04 RustyShacklefor18:08 Stinky
82pWhich do you think is better and why Medicare Advantage or Medigap?01/16 iamblessed05:27 ModifiedDuratio
72cNew construction home: kitchen faucets12/29 eagleeyes21:57 eagleeyes
68hExperience with Fundrise2020 Nate7920:06 abuss368
66pAlly Never Uses 2FA --Should I worry?11/19 goaties07:38 evelynmanley
65tThe Dangerous Allure of Individual Stocks01/07 Patzer19:56 stocknoob4111
64pTax Loss Harvesting01/19 throw12311207:31 AnEngineer
64pFirst time homebuying in this environment...04/11 B4Xt3r07:19 rxdawg21
63pManaging allowance for a 14 year old01/17 gurusw20:49 cutterinnj
62pHow Do You Pay Taxes When Retired? Qrtly Or Once Every Year?01/19 morsetaper218:50 HeelaMonster
59cCitibank credit card - can you win a dispute?12/30 michaeljc7009:07 tev9876
55tTaper Tantrum - 2022 Lets make some Money01/17 learntoinvest1223:02 learntoinvest12
54tWaiting for 10% market pullback, to do conversion07/24 Lazareth13:10 tibbitts
53tI and EE bonds vs. index01/19 dm2708:52 Angst
52pOnline bank: Yes or no?01/19 retiringtype14:18 anon_investor
52t[Fidelity Announces new Youth Account]05/18 typical.investo13:24 obafgkm
50tMorningstar dislikes TIPs01/19 unclescrooge08:02 gmaynardkrebs
47cIdeas for organizing one's home01/12 kurious06:32 Calico
47cShower drain leak and warranty01/15 Oh12319:07 shunkman
47hAm I as far behind as I feel?01/15 Xaran14:42 teen persuasion
47cJetboil stove -do you cook in it?01/16 JD277509:29 hudson
45hLoading up on international equities?01/05 jazzcat7313:59 chassis
42cHow do I replace a light switch to a dimmable switch?01/16 moi07:08 Sandtrap
42tGetting better price with Market Orders instead of Limit Orders on ETF?01/18 richard.h.gao02:40 vineviz
41pPlanning for cognitive decline01/19 conundrum16:37 RudyS
39cBest way to get travel deals?01/10 z9106:57 Trism
39hPremarital assets in a retirement account12/17 qast339106:34 HueyLD
39pIRS included interest on refund05/14 RustyShacklefor14:18 hnd
38pGot the Chase Private Client Invite01/14 smalliebigs08:20 chrisam314
38cBest site to find good rates on international flights?01/13 Gardener04:53 celia
37cCleaning shingles (moss & mildew)2019 Broken Man 199912:23 Voltaire2.0
37hTransferring 457(pretax in-kind from NYSDCP to Vanguard)2020 retire202211:56 retire2022
36cThoughts on Buying a Ryan Home?2019 ltuxl06:50 Valuethinker
35hEstimating Future RMD’s01/13 FishinGeek06:28 dknightd
34pHSA transfer: Health Equity to Fidelity06/15 FIREchief00:36 dink2win
34cSigned agreement for new house build -- NOW told we are required to pay for a deck? How to handle?01/20 doss13:39 AlphaLess
34cDENVER - What are the good neighborhoods to look into for young families?01/17 lasp50610:33 NYC34
33pWould you retire? [in my situation]01/19 Bocaccio00:41 Wannaretireearl
33cHow to gift college education funds to children of a deceased parent.01/19 Johny Fever15:32 Johny Fever
32tFee-only non-AUM financial/investment advisor recommendation10/24 ebeb07:07 EvelynTroy
31cSouthern California - Where's the best place to buy furniture?01/09 PWB04:47 Trism
31cBasement waterproofing/sump pump01/19 SlowMovingInves20:32 bradinsky
30pDIY Trust software - do you have experience with Nolo/Quicken Willmaker and Trust or other software?01/19 spreadsheetguy08:02 MBB_Boy
30pOne Time Financial Plan from Advisor?01/18 jstage21:11 Jablean
29cbest plumbers epoxy (or flex seal) for copper pipe10:56 mrtimo08:36 masteraleph
29cBuying a domain for personal emails questions11:46 guppyguy05:58 MadAsgardian
29pRevocable Trust IRA Beneficiaries:01/18 Nowizard22:03 PVolker
29cApple Mail app alternatives ...Protonmail/Fastmail/Tutanota01/17 guppyguy16:15 LadyGeek
29tOptimized Roth Conversion Model Update12/23 Indyhou14:46 Indyhou
28pConsidering first big purchase - mid 20s04:20 OutOfCollegeInv08:44 Admiral
28tA Total Stock Market Index Fund is "Efficient"18:27 Taylor Larimore05:21 djm2001
28hAdmiral vs ETFs: Some Numbers01/19 Bill Bernstein22:26 Gas Exchange
28cYour favorite restaurants in New Orleans?01/19 tommy8514:29 themesrob
27hBond alternative?01/18 riptide08:39 riptide
27cPackage delivery location01/19 newbie00308:36 Trism
27cNetflix not accepting payment01/18 jhsu80270123:45 Katietsu
27pTSP form upload rejected01/16 delamer11:49 delamer
27h21yo, 25% bonds, in taxable. How to fix?01/18 FestiveKnight11:14 muffins14
27tSituations to use Roth 403b when in the 22 or 24% tax bracket01/19 dred pirate10:21 privateID
27hMy First Roth conversions to be this year! Top of 24% or 32%?01/16 ClassOf202108:50 DSBH
26pLife Estate Question15:12 bhjjk1908:07 fortunefavored
26cOpinions on sustainable landscaping/rain gardens vs drainage to the street01/14 jplee318:36 Beensabu
25hBusiness owner General advice01/19 Pizzaguy08:45 smitcat
25hDecision to Withdraw from INHERITED IRA01/17 grettman18:55 Navillus1968
25cHow to avoid low quality products01/19 blackwhisker11:16 rpl3000
24nHow to invest funds that will be reduced annually within 25 y period ?01/17 Spgold01:10 Spgold
24cCell phone providers?01/19 dred pirate20:44 BolderBoy
24pAm I crazy: Making offer on house that has been on market for 250 days in today's market?10:21 MikeZ18:36 andypanda
24pEmergency Fund - How much, where to place it, why use it?01/17 HappyPappy16:51 HappyPappy
24hTax GAIN Harvesting for kids01/19 PluckyDucky16:23 nolesrule
23pIRS Refund Status Changed from "Received" to "You may have entered your information incorrectly.."01/19 nyinvestor71817:27 nyinvestor718
22hWhen you win the game... quit playing18:23 Hooked08:36 Dandy
22pPicking a real estate agent to sell my home17:09 Calico08:11 bluebirdy
22cLeaving TPMS off Winter Tires / Wheels10:32 arf141008:06 SilverSmurfer
22hNervous about 1st Lump Sum Investment01/17 jason112219:22 moneyflowin
22cTree Removal Good Pricing?01/16 jplee315:42 jplee3
22nIn a high-taxation country [Denmark] I should be gearing my investments, right?01/13 Digit12:08 mexpat
21hswitch workplace contributions from 403b to Roth 457?08/10 triggerfish1008:33 retiredjg
21pPaying for college help01/17 kazcaid04:31 celia
21pSolo 401k: Worth contributing?12/07 Oh12310:21 langelgjm
20cSuggestions For Window Cleaner12:13 dbc4708:35 retiredjg
20hNeed advice on taking the next step: Opening a Taxable Brokerage01/19 thefunk12:53 retired@50
19cInsurance folks.... got a CBIS notification01/15 Carguy8508:35 Impatience
19tHow to know when you can retire?01/19 bg514:37 Jack FFR1846
18pPaying for a Kitchen Remodel20:46 sapper137108:34 sapper1371
18hCan we talk glidepath for a minute?01/19 loukycpa09:39 loukycpa
17pUse taxable account to pay off mortgage early?09:13 321jer08:30 Tom_T
17hFidelity account opened by an advisor always "managed account"?01/13 Raspberry-50315:15 dbr
16hHas anyone used a business broker to buy a small business?01/16 manatee200507:30 Sandtrap
16tFed Quantitative Easing: interested in details01/19 ChinchillaWhipl22:40 ApeAttack
16hIs mixing VG Balanced Fund & Life Strategy with other funds wise?01/20 NewTimes21:09 tj
16nSubsidiary Brokerages and ETF Resistance to Political Interference from the Parent Company's Domicile01/18 Hyperborea13:35 LadyGeek
15pHow do I enter the workforce after 16 years?00:19 luckybamboo08:27 FinanceGeek
15pSeller closing costs- is this reasonable?01/17 J6shin02:34 TropikThunder
15hRoth contributions-Wait to see what MAGI is?12:59 Freeadvice19:09 HeelaMonster
15pContract to Hire Job Offer - Salary01/19 TSSSSS118:05 DoubleComma
15hWhat vanguard account to keep emergency fund in?01/19 dred pirate14:54 Big Dog
15pKing George III, myself and investing [Who can I designate as POA?]01/19 Mr. Rumples13:43 Lee_WSP
15pHelp with My Mom's Retirement01/19 CoastLawyer203011:41 Eagle33
14hStagflation Causing Negative Bonds/Stocks01/20 Odie08:08 hulburt1
14pIRA CD Transfer13:40 6d1v7x323:22 Katietsu
14hTwo Wash Sale questions: Rebalancing + 5% Account01/09 SantaClaraSurfe20:26 SantaClaraSurfe
14hTreasury Direct, Beyond I-Bonds01/19 Calc_is_Easier16:41 SnowBog
14pStart LLC, retroactive deductions?01/19 Cassera16:21 cowdogman
14hHigh-fee 401(k) vs Backdoor roth01/18 finetuning10:24 scophreak
13pForeign Tax Credit - Changes to Form 1116 for 202101/06 Electron06:56 prd1982
13cPlease help! My CA driver's license posted online my photo, dob, signature, home address all of it19:24 VeryBlessedCali23:13 quietseas
13hCan I Keep all of my Roth IRA in a Money Market Fund?01/19 ruanddu19:42 260chrisb
12pQuitclaim property to avoid tax implications.01/19 Stoic922:20 SuzBanyan
12hPortfolio advise/no experience in investing01/17 Buglady12:37 Buglady
12p[Can I combine two Roth IRA accounts held at Merrill Edge?]01/18 need403bhelp10:16 langelgjm
12tBond market Risk assessment01/18 powercherry509:37 dbr
11tMutual Funds vs ETFs21:17 skor9908:17 JoMoney
11hTLH question18:56 ebs030308:13 ebs0303
11hSwitching from high expense ration funds to Vanguard funds12:06 hummingbird4703:11 Oak&Elm
11hTransfer current employer Bank of America HSA to Fidelity01/18 Fortune21:43 Fortune
11cCredit card disputed charge (fake merchandise). What to do next?11:53 Weathering14:31 seawolf21
11pCut Losses with H&R Block 2021 Software?10:07 cdaddio2312:48 fabdog
10pWhat % down to put on a house20:35 FIdream208:24 arcticpineapple
10pSelling mutual fund that has made a significant gain01/19 Eurookat08:11 Bud
10pSchedule C health insurance deduction15:30 bluegill07:12 Soon2BXProgramm
10cMacbook question: 13, 14, or 16?01/12 NYCaviator04:28 Trism
10tThe Tobin Two-Fund Portfolio01/19 EfficientInvest23:57 EfficientInvest
10hForeign I Bond Equivalents01/19 copenhagen22723:41 calwatch
10pTakedown this annuity salesperson interview12:55 EHEngineer22:27 EHEngineer
10cPeloton - Negative investment sentiment & impact on future content for bike owners17:10 2Scoops18:19 LongTermHorizon
10cHeavy Duty Adhesive Numbers?14:10 MandyLuna17:43 michaelingp
10tNegative Real Rates a Strong Recession Warning?01/19 fanmail14:39 nisiprius
10hBonds in taxable account01/19 getaclue2111:49 Eagle33
9cLubricating Furnace Blower01/18 keith601408:22 jryan
9hWhat to do with VUL?01/15 TomBarney07:53 TomBarney
9hIntermediate Bond Fund in Current Market13:15 SantaClaraSurfe22:27 SnowBog
9hFidelity BrokarageLink Real Estate Funds01/19 ScienceCat21:17 ScienceCat
9hprioritizing 457(b)01/19 Dadachihuahua15:28 LiveItUpBySavin
8pNearing Retirement - Any missing pieces?16:26 vas08:19 THY4373
8pHouse Appraisal 8% Under Bid05:32 msheald08:05 8foot7
8hRoth conversion after 6016:18 space needle07:40 retiredjg
8hAA when you run out of tax-advantaged account space21:05 JeuneCracoucas07:37 Calc_is_Easier
8tPut stocks in Traditional IRA first? Or put in Roth IRA first?11:39 teelainen06:25 tonyclifton
8hWash sale/TLH question04:48 buyer06:13 livesoft
8hSelling Non Vanguard Funds to purchase Vanguard Mutual Funds - How much at a time?01/18 mitje2220:34 catchinup
8hInvestment checkup, how close to FI? Should I work part time?01/15 Morik20:21 Morik
8pCar Purchase / Credit History Snag01/19 lesko13:24 mhalley
8pCA Prop 19 interpretation01/19 av11110:19 quantAndHold
7cwork boot for woman12:44 cashboy08:41 sls239
7hMLP (Master Limited Partnerships)01/20 copenhagen22707:36 Yarlonkol12
7t4.7% rule??02:41 Norsky1907:00 Leesbro63
7pMedicare Eligibility Help01/18 The 19th hole04:11 celia
7hKeep VASGX or exchange for VFIAX, VTSAX or equivalent?01/17 ninjturtles23:03 ninjturtles
7hRoth IRA15:24 flo87920:31 rkhusky
7hHelp with 529 plan in MD (T. Rowe Price)01/16 alx19:03 alx
7tMega Backdoor Basis Question01/20 AllMostThere16:54 retiredjg
7hTIPS, Total Bond Fund, EE or stay the course01/20 dan780014:28 dan7800
6cWhat is the State of Hybrid/Electric Cars and the Federal Tax Credit?11:37 CoastLawyer203007:26 CoastLawyer2030
6pClarification on estate taxes?22:17 percy04:55 Gill
6hAsset mix for my wife's Roth IRA - age 6501/19 zif22:14 Wiggums
6tVT in Tax Deferred and VTI / VXUS in Taxable with help avoid wash sales18:57 Dink201821:48 lostdog
6nAdvice Required: Brit investing in ETFs from Singapore01/14 Brit_Abroad19:52 AkhBgh
6hDesirable portfolio ratio between gov't. and corp. bonds?15:30 wish2bCFP19:36 wish2bCFP
6hEvaluating Pension Start Date15:20 cashheavy1817:13 backpacker61
6tis this a correct way to do TLH between taxable and IRA ?01/19 carminered201914:34 iceport
6pCA Dept of Tax & Fee Admin - Annual Privacy Notice - Why?01/14 CFM30012:40 CFM300
6pGo-to recommendation(s) for refinancing09:19 summerof4212:12 Bogle101
6hJoint Brokerage Account01/19 6d1v7x311:10 Eagle33
6cValue artwork01/19 Icamp10:36 bberris
6pPaying into SS01/19 Nickinsticks10:16 Nickinsticks
6pSoftware for filing 1099-NECs01/19 hameshatumkocha10:05 mcraepat9
5hIs this the correct choice of tax-exempt bond funds in a taxable account?02:15 psh07:55 rkhusky
5hRecent Retired Military - Portfolio Review and 401k Question12:01 Shaken_not_Stir01:55 BL
5hEmployer offers ESPP with monthly discount instead of 6-month period09:30 sunny_socal14:32 wetgear
5h25yo daughter's portfolio review11:44 carminered201912:15 tibbitts
5pAppropriate Amount of Credit?09:00 Investor128710:15 vas
4h401K Employer Contributions vs QBI Deductions for S-Corp Owner22:58 catchinup03:55 beets
4pWhen to pay taxes - End of Year Roth Conversion19:28 Tejfyy00:45 Tejfyy
4tMotley Fool CAPS -- for those tempted to see how they'd do at stock picking20:16 financeperchanc20:52 corn18
4pSocial Security Withheld While Working after Filing12:13 valleyrock20:32 Geologist
4hTax Loss Harvest + change from mutual fund to brokerage account14:50 JWooden1020:02 jebmke
4tLetters from Vanguard17:14 Voltaire2.019:51 averagedude
4pperhaps I have "won the game"? How to safely pick up my marbles11:57 ekid18:52 ZWorkLess
4hSpousal Backdoor Roth, is this correct?16:27 island17:05 island
4pPlains All American (PAA) MLP - Understanding state tax liability14:19 Yarlonkol1216:48 Yarlonkol12
4tless than 60 days-ordinary dividends on all shares?01/19 advicenow15:05 increment
4pShould I take advantage of my state's first time home buyers program?01/07 Surfinfan13:32 qast3391
4hTax Loss Harvesting in Interactive Brokers with Mutual Funds09:34 throw12311211:38 throw123112
4tFully understanding backdoor roth benefits10:03 Booper11:01 little_star
4hSelling High Expense/Turnover Funds01/19 Physicianquesti10:29 Physicianquesti
4pCan't logon to IRS web site. How do I get my new IP pin? Is it required?09:39 mcse3709:48 BogleTaxPro
3pCar help15:14 hbdad07:32 livesoft
3tTLH - buying my not "substantially identical" funds in a tax advantaged account01/19 archurisk22:27 UpperNwGuy
3tInternational (non-U.S.) Value funds15:53 Fremdon Ferndoc21:39 grabiner
3hPortfolio Review/Sanity Check16:47 Ependytis19:16 retired@50
3hInvesting in I Bonds vs TIPS Index funds11:28 sman0912:55 cresive
2pFDIC vs NCUA08:17 CuriousJoe08:26 CuriousJoe
2nCash in the Strategic Asset Allocation?01:20 Swiss Bee04:41 Spgold
2ptrying to understand relationship between bonds, interest rates and valuation11:56 capran22:59 capran
2hTwo Bond Fund Investors: Same Advice?18:58 Cheego19:45 Misenplace
2pPaper I Bonds / Tax Refund Conundrum01/05 czaj14:04 czaj
2pHSA Included in IRC 415 rule?11:37 loghound12:37 loghound
2pMissing middle initial on W-2, does it matter?01/19 hoofaman11:13 Eagle33
2hSold our house, advise on AA01/19 AvocadoDelibera10:56 AvocadoDelibera
2pRoth IRA 60-Day Rollover Reporting Question09:47 beardsicles09:54 beardsicles
1pEscrow waiver fee...08:02 Ed_Sandwich08:16 8foot7
1hWash Sale in Muni Bond Fund03:37 Anovice07:38 iceport
1nLeveraged Lifecycle Investing - Australian application01:16 Dylan_Goatman07:07 LadyGeek
1pLate Processing of 2020 Federal Return and IRMAA22:50 Sandwich00:19 water2357
1hTax implications of selling minor’s funds23:03 Curiouslearner23:50 Peripatetic Inv
1pHold on 401k rollover or do it anyway20:16 mortalsonofmort20:29 mhalley
1tTreasury Direct video explanation on new acct. problems18:55 Mel Lindauer19:17 HueyLD
1hInvest in 401a, and bond asset location advice18:15 DocHam18:30 retired@50
1h401k Rollover to Roth IRA01/20 zammy5516:31 Eagle33
1cFrame TV - Using your own photos09:59 Wricha10:12 lthenderson
0hAm I on Track to Retire at 55?07:49 USPSA 
0hIBond Alternatives07:03 bpkasl 
0pBrokerage account for kids - what type of funds are ideal?23:24 Eurookat 
0pStrategy for reaching out to technical staffing agencies19:00 ThankYouJack 
0hBest ABLE Account Plan?18:49 startabatha 
0pExperience with Lending Club High-Yield Savings Account?18:45 evelynmanley 
0pSharing an article which details inherited IRAs after SECURE act13:18 Looking4Answers 
0tExpected short-term return of a longer-term bond fund12:11 grabiner 

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