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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1821 new posts and replies over 245 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
5pTax Deductibility of Stock Borrow Fees (Fairly Technical)01/28 1060WAddison09:55 1060WAddison
17hTreasury duration?01/26 Mayflower540506:02 1moreyr
12pCar Insurance - Negotiating Payout for Time Spent Dealing with Claim01/28 takingcharge12:57 8foot7
32cDentist called 6 months later to get their discount back01/27 pedr0o10:16 8foot7
148tTaxation of Treasury bills, notes and bonds11/15 Kevin M12:00 AAA
8cWould you buy a certified pre owned courtesy car with 30k miles on it?11:00 relentless114:22 Afty
28pSocial Security [and Death of Spouse]10/13 Sahara13:18 Agent86
4pIRA distributions in H&R Block software16:03 bsteiner17:25 Alan S.
6hWhat to do with inherited non-spousal 401k19:19 SilverLining13:33 Alan S.
11t2022 Bogleheads Conference Videos12/09 ObliviousInvest18:13 AlwaysLearningM
2587cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman16:49 AnnetteLouisan
21hWhat is largest T-Bill/ Note have you purchased01/28 iCare16:05 AnnetteLouisan
15pFidelity TBILL maturity - How long until funds are available?01/28 Gash07:42 AnnetteLouisan
25pWhere to Find Tax Basis in Vanguard for Past DAF Donations?2019 machinepremium214:01 Artsdoctor
11pNon-qualified Annuity.13:54 BarbBrooklyn16:30 BarbBrooklyn
6456cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt10:19 Barkingsparrow
207tInternational Stocks return will be superior to US01/25 erishera17:29 Beensabu
285tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew15:01 Ben Mathew
16hReal Return Portfolio vs Bucket Strategy01/27 BigDGB17:07 BigDGB
1537pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4817:19 BigFoot48
3637pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium08:29 BizarroJerry
22cOpinions on Limes01/25 SVariance119:35 BogleFan510
8tSafe place for funds during construction?07:47 Bradford16:01 Bradford
50tAll the Personal-Finance Books are Wrong09/01 McQ19:35 Carno
20pInvest vs Save vs Debts11/10 EducatedlyWingi19:04 Carno
6t"Do You Have A Humpty-Dumpty Portfolio"01/27 Taylor Larimore21:36 Charles Joseph
30tVanguard in ??? Monroe, Wisconsin, pop. 11,000, Swiss cheese capital of the world?2020 nisiprius17:13 Cheez-It Guy
194pWhat’s Your 2023 Budget?01/16 TinyHouse16:12 CletusCaddy
43cSwitching to 1Password from LastPass02/03 Hoosier CPA16:19 Copper John
1cBought house- locate path of sump pump drain12:05 OCDinvestor13:25 Coulter
4318pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly15:39 CrisisAverted
0pWhat should I do with cash value life insurance?14:54 CygX1 
7hMerrill Edge vs Vanguard Fund Options01/28 ATLInvestorGuy114:07 David Jay
5pHSA contribution for previous year and H&R Block14:54 mikewala17:29 DavidC
10h6 month T-bill question06:47 WarAdmiral15:18 Dead Man Walkin
3cAn AirTag question05:52 MrWasabi6513:39 Doctor Rhythm
92tCan you express your investing philosophy as a limerick?01/23 buckeye798314:18 Eagle33
30pCommingling annual gift tax exclusion question01/28 EnterprisingDud17:20 EnterprisingDud
0hPortfolio advice - any pre-retirement suggestions from a tax perspective?15:00 Exillon 
0pSmall HSA overcontribution17:13 FedGuy 
76hIs the worst of the bear market behind us?12/05 ebeb21:09 Firemenot
5pRoth conversion taxation at local level in non-taxable state?10:25 aaaaaa11111112:54 FiveK
10tGiven Social Security, Do I Need TIPS?07:15 Charles Joseph14:34 Florida Orange
61tIs bond duration-matching uncontested for retirement?01/27 Poe2213:24 GAAP
4hReturn Expectations01/28 Kaione13:09 GAAP
19hWhich portfolio is right for us?01/26 ZOOM67807:39 GMCZ71
8pWyoming State insurance instead of Medicare Plan B01/25 JediMisty19:27 Good Listener
58tTrying to make sense of the market01/27 OldSport09:39 GreenLawn
15h35k inheritance01/18 Wolveraider10:04 Harmanic
0tPBS Film: When I'm 65 is now on YouTube09:48 Harmanic 
38hFunding for a second home using a HELOC vs Reverse mortgage vs new mortgage vs IRA withdrawal.12/12 Homeby515:28 Homeby5
10cbay area solar roof and battery01/25 babystep23:27 HornedToad
21tA Variant on Target Date Funds that uses Deferred Life Annuities01/21 Horton15:20 Horton
72tFunded Ratio Offers a Glimmer of Hope in 202211/19 Horton15:01 Horton
1pIRS Pub 936: Mortgage Interest Limit14:20 pancake1915:29 HueyLD
8pNo form 709 (gift tax) on freetaxusa07:38 sir_throckmorto09:55 HueyLD
51p2022 Tax Return vs. 2023 Tax Return01/27 bg520:18 InvestorHowie
16hPortfolio Watch01/24 JD10120:57 JD101
9cmail spam folder01/28 boater0719:25 JPH
79tWhich do you think is the better investment: real estate or the stock market?01/25 mikejuss16:24 JackoC
4tCan K1 income be offset by capital loss?10:25 kxl1912:53 JackoC
85pHow to spend more money - request for help regarding an article01/26 Allan Roth12:13 JackoC
5pHow is inflation applied to tax brackets?14:08 GeoMetry16:56 JayB
2hAuto RMDs w / ETFs - Vanguard still can’t do?04:05 Parkinglotracer09:53 JazzTime
123pOne More Year Club [Delaying Retirement]2022 Zardoz10:30 Jeepergeo
4pIRA Recharacterization after losses01/27 JeuneCracoucas18:06 JeuneCracoucas
11cCar seat:Doona vs travel system01/28 tommy8517:06 JoeNJ28
6cBest grocery delivery services01/28 tc10122:14 Johm221122
8cCutting Installed Bathroom Tile08:49 harrad12:52 JoinToday
3fdo we need a popup, survey, web annoyance master thread?13:13 heartwood15:53 Kendall
5hSS Early Retirement Calculator01/28 Kiana17:43 Kiana
73hStruggling to understand the value of bond funds in my situation01/28 tallgaijin15:07 KlangFool
2pIs my wash sale short-term or long-term?09:18 Kudu16:53 Kudu
0cUse an electronic de-scaler with a water softener?15:25 LPSpecial 
77cJanuary Gas Bill - Wowza01/27 Beensabu11:58 LadyGeek
10tS&P500 giant bubble?01/28 ChinchillaWhipl18:27 LadyGeek
96pAge and probability of needing long term care?01/20 Fremdon Ferndoc15:01 Lee_WSP
8h401k contribution choice: w-2 or solo401k01/28 Lock11:30 Lock
103tUnder what conditions is a 50/50 portfolio worse than any other?2021 Phyneas07:46 Logan Roy
47cHow to Find a (New) Medical Specialist01/18 fishmonger15:18 LuckBeALady
76pWhat’s Up with Medicare Advantage Ads?01/20 bobcat214:38 Lynette
3579pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon12:12 Lyrrad
1cSimple Login & AnonDaddy - Explain like I'm 5 yo17:25 roamingzebra17:32 Marseille07
913cLet's play chess2021 LadyGeek16:26 Marseille07
11pComplicated tax situation - do I need a pro?17:48 peterwantstosav00:23 Metsfan91
14tTaxable vs non-taxable investing: WWYD?01/27 Keim09:12 Mike Scott
589lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls22:16 Miriam2
9pGlide into retirement or OMY?01/28 SchruteBucks11:12 Morgan22
0hLong Term Care - From An Annual Expense Standpoint16:21 Myopic squirrel 
12hRoth Conversions to Reduce RMD01/28 VillageDrive21:39 Navillus1968
24cWhich Southwest USA Trip Should I do?01/28 SuperSaver17:23 Northern Flicke
12tDoes it make sense to have multipe bond funds of varying duration?14:39 Phaedrus16:21 Northern Flicke
10tMethodology for buying VOO?20:10 Zen Index15:54 Northern Flicke
90cKeepass password manager questions12/05 K7214:36 Northern Flicke
22pAge 70+ Buy Car or Lease or Rent or Uber/Lyft?01/28 Carno21:33 Nowizard
167tHere's my portfolio2019 vineviz14:04 Outer Marker
6hI need help with the amount to put into my 3 funds to try to keep a ratio01:01 passive10113:35 Outer Marker
9p0% COLA Annuity vs COLA Annuity vs Managed Payout01/23 PSM18:29 PSM
11hFather passing, IRA benefits08:58 Paullmas10:03 Paullmas
8pOpening VG brokerage account under Trust01/26 S_Track16:07 Phaedrus
6pEmergency Fund08:40 rockthisworld13:51 Pops1860
2pTurboTax basis (8606 line 14) after recharacterization and backdoor09:23 viii11:05 Pops1860
71tThe Worst U.S. Portfolio Disasters — A Historical Comparison2018 SimpleGift12:38 PotashDoggerd
1hSeeking portfolio advice for new retiree14:59 Illinoiscoco17:20 RetirementClass
0tNew "Bogleheads on Investing podcast" Christine Benz discusses taxes, SECURE 2.0 and safe withdrawal rates in retirement15:33 Rick Ferri 
161l[favorite] Boglehead quotes2012 grabiner21:37 Rowan Oak
2cCabinet Installation09:45 SVariance110:35 SVariance1
40cWhat are your favorite vacation destinations/spots in the U.S.?01/24 Looking4Answers09:12 ScubaHogg
7pBackdoor Roth Excess Contribution Return12/16 Sgt.Pepper02:23 Sgt.Pepper
3hRoll solo 401K into SEP IRA?11:06 Shrinkguy13:29 Shrinkguy
62hFrom which accounts should my mom gift a large sum of money?20:39 VINNY17:26 Silentnight
18hNewbie needs advice on managing windfall12/03 SilverLining19:22 SilverLining
54pNailed It! (tax refund)01/28 dogagility12:30 SnowBog
1928tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz12:14 SnowBog
5fQuestion about PM's on this forum01/28 investment guy10:17 Soon2BXProgramm
74tcould chatgpt lead to a world where picking individual stocks outperforms index funds?01/28 Physician10117:15 Sprucebark
67hEarly retirement -- good to go?01/27 Morik12:44 Squirrel208
191tTSP G Fund rate 3.00% (June 2022)2021 mokaThought17:18 SteadyOne
0hBest Schwab money market account17:15 SteadyOne 
6pHanover vs Erie insurance06:00 Kelly15:54 Supergrover
12tHelp me understand “commission free annuities”01/27 confuzzled17:03 Tdubs
6pMedicare Lookback and HSA Contributions from employer21:20 Tdubs12:00 Tdubs
11pEstimating Health Care Costs for Early Retirement Planning09:29 gck189116:12 TravelGeek
8hAn Asset Allocation Decision14:27 Sgt.Pepper16:53 Triple digit go
39tIs It Too Late To Add International Stocks?09:38 Charles Joseph15:13 Triple digit go
48pCo-owning a home after divorce01/27 an00j12:53 UpperNwGuy
27pInflation Reduction Act - Home Improvement Rebates & Tax Credits01/21 Calvert17:56 UpstateNY86
6pMaking estimated tax payments 1040-ES19:57 VINNY20:41 VINNY
194hPaying for [ivy league school]01/23 iCare22:01 Vulcan
85cGoogle Voice?01/18 LaurenRose20:11 WannaRetire
77hHow to re-enter market in 202301/21 mruizesparza19:56 White Coat Inve
33hTransferring 1 share to bypass minimum requirement08:53 iCare16:09 Wiggums
12hIs Mental Accounting Always Bad?08:41 RandomGuyOnInte17:10 WoodSpinner
27hBig earner/big spender thoughts on FIRE?01/28 brnracct17:19 Young Boglehead
31hTransfer in kind from Edward Jones to ?????01/26 ZOOM67817:38 ZOOM678
378p[Using PayPal to pay bills and earn 5% on credit cards]2021 jeffyscott17:23 anon_investor
78pChase $900 Checking + Savings Bonus01/21 Gash13:17 anon_investor
18tMuni:taxable MMF spread volatility01/26 White Coat Inve13:14 anon_investor
7pAm I responsible for submitting my Mothers taxes who cannot do them herself?15:43 Homeby517:05 arf1410
7hsell taxable to fund tax-advantaged?01/27 shyplastic16:20 aristotelian
15hTIAA Trad Guaranteed Rate Increase23:26 JS-Elcano14:05 aristotelian
8pCan this be right? This can't be right. [non-deductible travel expenses]10:58 Bammerman13:46 aristotelian
0hRoth IRA Excess Contributions 2021 and 2022 (Tax Question)14:51 arw526 
18hLifestrategy Growth in Taxable Brokerage01/26 zen_invest08:17 azphx1972
41pPay down mortgage or contribute to retirement?01/26 Quentin__Tarant08:08 azphx1972
35pYet another mortgage payoff thread01/27 blobking17:24 barberakb
2cTell me why Google Voice is more secure than SMS text07:59 Fremdon Ferndoc08:20 beyou
15pShould I accept this Met Life Long-Term Care Inflation Offer?01/27 biscuits13:00 biscuits
40hBoglehead's version of play money?01/27 blimp08:32 bltn
1cIs Solgaard carryon closet good?15:40 gt4715b17:18 bob60014
5pForeign tax credit carryback03/23 Klewles15:53 bsteiner
10tWhat defines a bubble?08:44 ChinchillaWhipl09:55 burritoLover
12tHow do I feed the 30-day SEC yield into a spreadsheet?2018 seugene02:45 cacophony
6pDid I make a mistake in conversion and/or reporting?01/28 tACKJAYE10:24 capran
27pTax question: can I write off “travel expenses” from work to home - state and city01/24 catchup23:44 catchup
4nMy portfolio: seeking advice06:20 chiant111313:13 chiant1113
54c27 inch or 32 inch monitors01/28 Deighve03:30 cjking
42cTwo years of owning a Peloton:by the numbers2022 loghound14:05 cmr79
5hQuestion about RMDs from illiquid TIAA Traditional13:23 itsmeagain14:24 colejr
2172tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado07:04 comeinvest
56pHoly moly my credit score dropped like a rock!!01/28 Lynx31065016:42 criticalmass
58cwashing machine replacemnt08/13 jpohio18:45 criticalmass
2hAny utility in diversifying bonds selection in taxable?05:04 cone77441308:54 dbr
4pFZDXX 7 day yield versus capital appreciation number?12/31 MrsRobinson196817:59 dbr
81pWhat to do in retirement01/27 liveinaz17:21 doobiedoo
58hBND Bears01/27 Olemiss54015:03 feh
8cMold in my home- need a recomendation21:48 fmhealth13:22 fmhealth
14cRepairing & Polishing Quartz Countertops12/15 foghorn30006:40 foghorn300
0pFixing a flawed money flow: how to transfer 1099-k (credit card) income from one business to another?09:12 foolio97 
47pBuy vs. Rent01/28 miami_renter17:29 fyre4ce
144hAfter Tax Contributions / Mega Backdoor Roth - Etrade Solo 401k2021 aray16:50 fyre4ce
32hRoll into new 401k OR Roll into IRA and Lose Backdoor Roth?01/16 catchinup11:05 fyre4ce
12hTarget date vs 4 fund22:57 bdwb14:49 galawdawg
9cSecurity concerns using Thunderbird and IMAP?01/28 K7208:21 galawdawg
2tTarget funds attractive right now?11:57 geo9914:41 geo99
1nVanguard Global Aggregate Bond (Hedged) rating01/27 tradez02:22 glorat
6pPMI & Paydown Decision01/27 ActiveIndexer16:04 grabiner
1pTax [return] amendment10:07 doon15:40 grabiner
7tTIPS vs Bond Market Efficiency07:38 Charles Joseph15:01 grabiner
23hTim Buckley's description of Tax Loss Harvesting (Totally different than I have done)19:38 GumSprings14:37 grabiner
7hTax loss harvesting timing01/27 grateful7512:20 grabiner
32tTax costs for US and international value ETFs2021 grabiner21:51 grabiner
32cTurbo Tax and Old Macs05/02 mcblum14:23 grok87
5489tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas15:55 gtwhitegold
3606cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger11:07 heartwood
26cone-week trip to Europe in July01/28 carloslando14:21 hunoraut
12cworth spending 120K airline miles to save 5 hours on a trip?10:47 carloslando14:00 hunoraut
3pAssuming the mortgage of a spouse who died01/26 iceman6814:15 iceman68
466cSoftwareGeek's Guide to Computer Security12/19 softwaregeek19:37 international00
8hGood fund? Vanguard Total Intl Stock (VTSNX)07:57 investment guy14:22 investment guy
5hTrying to emulate VTSAX (Vanguard Total Stock US Funds)01/28 investment guy08:09 investment guy
38cWater and Sewer Line Insurance01/21 aburntoutcase17:29
0hHelp understanding Mom's annuities17:31 jbogler 
18pErroneous 1099R01/28 eddot9816:03 jebmke
7pIncorrect SSA-109910:46 cadreamer201513:39 jebmke
1nMy Portfolio: Seeking Advice (Malaysia)20:35 SeanJeremiah11:00 jg12345
22pWhy Yubikey-based challenge-response authentication matters01/26 Northern Flicke20:16 jincopunk
16n[UK/NL/Germany] Accumulating or Distributing ETFs01/23 vhk5615:52 jjmaddison
19h2-Fund portfolio inside a TSP01/24 dave.m18:18 jpelder
40tGold as diversifier01/27 konik17:12 konik
15pRecommendation for credit card01/28 RunLong14:30 lakpr
3tUnderstanding Mutual Fund Distributions11:20 pp0562913:47 livesoft
274cAmazon Prime membership increase to $13902/03 runner2619:41 magazinewriter
286tThe “Bucket Strategy” is ineffective (ERN)01/25 TinyHouse14:10 mhop
255pAlly offers 1% cash bonus on new deposits - up to $500 bonus10/12 NewbieBogle00713:27 minesweep
11pCan I afford to sell my home after 2 years?15:01 Bob Sacamano17:30 momvesting
17cBuilder demanding to increase price after contract signing11:33 nag00717:23 momvesting
6nEDV vs Individual STRIPS [Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF]05/02 nadavaf23:22 nadavaf
27p50% in SPIA09:22 Johm22112217:12 nedsaid
9hTransfer-in-Kind Individual->Joint Fully Online - Vanguard? Fidelity?01/24 need403bhelp19:14 need403bhelp
23pForeign Tax Paid and VTIAX (Total International Stock Index)01/27 PhinanceMD14:45 neurosphere
3pStep up basis for multiple generations13:03 Citifan15:22 obafgkm
13hHelp me allocate MY Bonds, please!01/27 llmgwc18:30 placeholder
2hIs vbtlx a good form of bond ladder01/26 rch202118:37 rch2021
591cPSA - LastPass breach!08/25 samsoes12:35 rebellovw
6hPortfolio review request 10-15 years out from retirement with pension (without inflation adjustment) -- advice?01/28 er99912:57 renegade06
11tHow do you choose which Lazy 3 is good for you?01/28 MrsRobinson196816:15 retiredjg
37hTarget date funds06/16 JD10115:27 retiredjg
20hLooking for Guidance: Overview of Investments01/25 SirKillz15:10 retiredjg
15hHow to determine personal contribution amount for Roth IRA?01/28 coreman7310:12 retiredjg
9hTaxable status for Vanguard cash funds (VUSXX VMSXX VYFXX VMFXX)01/28 mangoheadgolf17:17 retiringwhen
610tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius16:47 rgs
12tImmediateAnnuities.com2021 jackoak16:43 rgs
4h401k vs 457?01/28 rhubarbpie17:22 rhubarbpie
4590c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir17:28 roamingzebra
31cGoing to Look at 2016 Honda Odyssey Tomorrow - Your Advice20:05 ruanddu15:35 ruanddu
7hInternational options in 401K plans01/28 PA_Boglehead13:13 ruralavalon
162cWhy very high speed internet?01/18 exodusing14:12 sandan
1583tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading15:06 skierincolorado
4833tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab09:18 spammagnet
7cIs there a way to block cookie consent pop-ups10:08 gavinsiu13:45 stan1
39cTechnivorm Moccamaster KBTS coffee machine01/26 sunny_socal16:37 sunny_socal
4p[Turbo Tax and] Roth contribution limit20:52 swylie08:55 swylie
17cProducts for getting caffeine quickly in the car21:22 teelainen15:40 tev9876
35pBad Homebuying Experience. Need Advice14:11 PNWpilot17:25 tfalk
121cLinux Desktop today how is it as a daily driver?01/23 gavinsiu14:18 tibbitts
12cIdeal europe trip in late May/early June19:08 rm02:06 typical.investo
0hPortfolio Check Up - 2 Years Married Couple15:30 vangaal 
5pDoes dependent need to file tax return01/25 verbose18:19 verbose
0hRoll over 401k to 401k [ADP to Fidelity]13:05 vivekian123 
26pHow to do QCD with HR Block Deluxe??01/28 vtMaps03:03 vtMaps
210hVanguard Money Market Funds - Differences in Returns?05/08 water235703:16 water2357
25hNeed investing advice for elderly mother01/25 InvestingDoofus03:09 water2357
33hPortfolio Review01/18 JD10117:22 wetgear
9320cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36814:20 wm631

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