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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1726 new posts and replies over 264 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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6hWhat is the final payout amount for this TIPS?02/19 gfirero21:08 #Cruncher
20hConverting traditional IRA to Roth IRA02/20 Thelastmileofth05:56 02nz
3hRescuing my mixed-up Traditional IRA12:22 6-Telegraph14:47 6-Telegraph
13pMaking Estimated Payments for Small Business02/19 ltuxl10:07 AB609
12pTax exempt dividends on tax form?02/19 lormor22:50 Artsdoctor
14hTransfer from Morgan Stanley to VG02/20 BAM!23:38 BAM!
44pLooking to retire next year - please hard critique our plan!02/11 BHNewbie09:21 BHNewbie
9hPortfolio Review for NYC academic w TIAA-CREF, NYS Deferred Comp, no pension, VHOLC01/24 ArtsyProf18:37 Beck49
268pHelp! 25 Maxed out credit cards.....2022 fmzip21:50 Beensabu
27pCA Proposition 19 - Need help estimating taxes02/14 roamingzebra19:33 Big Dog
10pRebalancing and Tax Surprise10:28 BigFoot4818:39 BigFoot48
1pIAU and for tax02/20 Bogle Learner16:26 Bogle Learner
20pDebating Theft Loss vs. Capital Loss due to a Ponzi scheme02/13 BrandonBogle19:27 BrandonBogle
36pWindshield Chip - Insurance claim or Self Fund02/20 bikechuck18:48 Broncag05
13pRealtor handling both sides15:09 boglerocks20:05 BrooklynInvest
9cOdd phone call to an old number, should we be concerned?02/19 Tejfyy18:16 CAsage
155tJust for fun, what single stock do you think will see huge growth08/26 anthonypals11:52 Caduceus
0tImpact of banning net stock sales during opening and closing11:42 Caduceus 
32pMy girlfriend wants to contribute to my mortgage. How can we be tax savvy about this?09:51 therbiso18:22 Call_Me_Op
19tMeredith Whitney makes a bold prediction regarding the housing market02/20 fredflinstone20:04 Capster1
76tREITS As A Supplement to Bonds in Retirement01/29 LaramieWind19:59 Capster1
104tAvantis ETF Filing Today03/21 Gaston19:42 Capster1
9hWhy should I back door Roth?16:22 Carguy8520:15 Carguy85
26tThe nature of money and loans, per John Hussman's comments02/15 Carsson315:16 Carsson3
9pBuying Treasuries At Auction03:50 LifeIsGood12:01 Chip Munk
945cSo what are you cooking2020 Skeeter112:00 Chv396
26cConcept 2 rower question [rowing machine]02/14 JBTX17:27 CoAndy
0pTax Considerations/Credits/Deductions for New Construction?11:48 CoastLawyer2030 
184tCan you do better than BND?02/12 McQ18:39 DaufuskieNate
9cHelp my kid out - International Relations Masters14:38 SC Anteater18:56 David76
118hEarly Retirement Plan - Age 38 w/over $2 million01/02 MaxSave15:43 DoctorE
18tUsing the 4% rule for 29 years of "early" retirement01/19 Kevin K09:06 DoctorE
33nBurnout/downshifting/asset allocation/Finland2023 Fireishere03:51 DoctorE
7cAdvice for birthday trip in fall to San Antonio/ possibly adding Austin02/20 Lou Sevens09:22 Doom&Gloom
20cPhoto enhancment software (using AI)08/23 DrGrnTum22:08 DrGrnTum
54tWhy own bond funds with corporate holdings?02/18 artymorty18:25 Elysium
16tAgency Bonds, any reason to avoid?02/20 TheTimeLord11:26 Elysium
1pTech Compensation20:03 mtwistercapital20:15 Eurookat
4p2024 potential penalty02/20 arcane21:49 FactualFran
136cWhat is your favorite book?02/08 protagonist01:18 FoolStreet
6hmixed bag of income coming.How does it effect my retirement02/19 Franklin18:13 Franklin
147pHow are you self-insuring for long-term care?09/20 RationalWalk20:11 Free to Choose
9pSchwab Bill pay06/26 adave14:01 GAAP
21psuper charging my roth contribution ... knowing I have a mulligan17:28 Calvert19:34 Geologist
36pDIRECT PAY to IRS from bank account: Issues? Cautions?02/20 Van15:10 Global100
18cVerizon settlement re administrative charges01/05 boomer_techie07:43 HappyJack
117hEffectiveness of swapping between muni & treasury money markets02/27 hkcj20:06 Hogan773
17hPrivate Equity Vanguard10:20 Hogan77318:59 Hogan773
29cMS Defender vs Bitdefender12/03 Colorado Guy14:28 Hogan773
46pTaxable status for Vanguard cash funds (VUSXX VMSXX VYFXX VMFXX)2023 mangoheadgolf02:55 HomeStretch
143l"Pre-Retirement/Early Retirement" Life Stage Virtual Chapter "Master Thread"2021 DFWBogleheads07:53 HoosierJim
4tCalculating Bond Movements18:23 Kaione19:25 IDpilot
75cFull solar ECLIPSE April 2024!07/03 ResearchMed19:07 IWANTTORETIRENO
2818cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL17:27 JAZZISCOOL
27cHearing aids: Costco or audiologist?02/20 GenawithanE15:39 JPM
5hWithdraw and close 457 account? Am I missing anything?13:20 Fish and their 14:54 JS-Elcano
17tSettlement time for stock trades going to T+1 this year02/18 StrangePenguin18:09 JSPECO9
18tApril 2024 TIPS02/14 Kevin M19:13 Jaylat
65hHas anyone invested in marijuana stocks?2019 starrynight4019:54 Jeepergeo
30cYellowstone trip - Advice02/18 vsk15:03 Johnsoalan
15hNeed permission to stop saving and coast, please:)02/19 Japanr12:10 Jovby
6cNikon Z autofocus question20:17 KBR11:51 KBR
4hTIPS Ladders questions02/05 john060814:21 Kevin M
14tAsset Allocation - Quantifying Long term Risk / reward02/19 sunrider614:27 KlangFool
22pContributing to both Solo 401K & Solo 401K Roth01/13 AlmstRtrd06:23 LadyGeek
69pPer stirpes and Vanguard (one more time)02/20 tadamsmar16:15 Lee_WSP
92tThe number one reason why investors fail01/27 garlandwhizzer18:14 LeslieSmiley
26hQuestion for Grabiner re: bond placement in high tax states08/07 retiredjg19:31 LilyanaCantrell
13pPaying off credit card debt13:38 bogle_with_frie19:48 LittleMaggieMae
3nWhich platform to use for investments for non-US Index funds and bonds investments.02/20 LulDoll14:18 LulDoll
14hInherited IRA account requirement?09:47 Hugh Prolly-Wri16:40 MarkNYC
3pPSA - "Test Drive" your POAs at Vanguard12:20 Matahari19:31 Matahari
55cgoing gluten-free02/07 familythriftmd15:00 Merrilee
6hCombining Vangaurd Accounts11:45 MichaelRpdx13:03 MichaelRpdx
113cCan't Log On to Vanguard / Stop running script msg02/16 BillyV00118:16 Miriam2
27hRelevance of the Three Fund Portfolio02/19 rdilipk06:50 Money_Badger
1pMerrill consolidated 109913:46 cookienadal13:50 Morik
1pMichigan ACA Silver near FPL; Vision and Dental18:16 SimpleLife_fatf19:57 Morse Code
13cDC Mall - where to stay for AirBnB04:57 goshenBogle18:51 MrNarwhal
6pGoing from ACA to Medicare02/20 NCGal20:50 NCGal
5821pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon14:48 Nathan Drake
5729cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger18:07 Nicolas
23cSouthwest Companion Pass Offer02/16 Leesbro6319:04 Normchad
7hRetiree's fixed income AA02/20 Offshore11:41 Offshore
28pDetermining the size for a LTC Buffer?02/17 iim7V7IM715:10 Onlineid3089
2hunderstanding tips purchase using tipsladder and Fidelity13:49 PerfectName18:39 PerfectName
30hTIPS or not for a 5 year ladder?02/17 PerfectName13:56 PerfectName
5pAvailable balance -> transfer out10:12 PhinanceMD10:30 PhinanceMD
4pIs SS "use it or lose it"?02/20 CharlieEvans09:14 Pops1860
21cOlder, clean title vehicle or newer rebuilt vehicle?02/19 jco09:27 Prsch911
11tVanguard Texts and Logon Security2017 PGR07:36 RJC
0pwhere can I find wage inflation data for my state/industry?19:58 Raspberry-503 
5hWhat funds to park inherited UTMA?15:06 CWilliams20:05 RetiredAL
8tDifference in Value Based On When You Realize Capital Gains?02/12 RideTheTide19:00 RideTheTide
3hroth conversion questions15:15 john060816:24 RyeBourbon
14pBe careful - could happen to anyone18:08 Thomas385720:12 SchruteB&B
10hWhere to park cash for 5 years? (Medicaid qualification)02/20 prison_mike07:34 SchruteB&B
1161tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8120:03 ScubaHogg
5hMaking a separate bucket in Fidelity2023 treadonme18:32 Simpleplease
35pAmEx Banking - High Yield Savings Acct.2022 JaneNC20:10 SmileyFace
14cMaking high-quality book with text and photos04/09 workingfornow16:47 SmileyFace
29pHigh yield savings/checking account02/20 FBN201413:13 SmileyFace
711pIntuit's Mint App Shutting Down...Replacement Recommendations?11/01 cascadian19:52 SnowBog
4pRoth IRA contribution documentation02/20 Stargazer6506:46 Stargazer65
74hThoughts on Gainbridge OneUp Annuity?08/18 frcabot14:59 Stinky
13pRe-evaluating current VUL and whole Life Insurance02/15 Ccthealias12:17 Stinky
5pVUL 1099R Distribution code02/17 Helodriver20:51 Stinky
43cSound bar02/17 Chardo10:59 SubPar
1nHow to invest while living in Japan as a dual Japanese/US citizen without getting into major tax trouble?05:44 greenhornInvest06:58 TedSwippet
22pHelp with Medicare rules if still working at 6502/17 TheNightsToCome18:27 TheNightsToCome
29hAre we a good fit for Vanguard Personal Advisor, at least for now?02/19 papatart09:29 Thundering Man
7pSecurity concern21:48 ABS10:18 TimeIsYourFrien
38hDoes it make sense to tilt to VGT/QQQ when S&P 500 already has a large tilt towards tech?12/12 saver106:29 TimeIsYourFrien
4pChase Self-Directed Brokerage Account Annual Fee Question02/20 Carno05:45 TimeIsYourFrien
32cColor or Black & White Printer02/14 Cruise22:30 Tracker968
16pSafety of ACH for recurring payments02/19 PhillyBird07:31 Traveller
6cWasher/Dryer Recommendations02/20 sndpsopc09:49 TrueBlueNYC
6nUK - tax free cash vs bonds02/15 minimalistmarc08:01 Valuethinker
22hNeed help to retire in 5 years.02/20 socalindex19:30 VikingThor
189cWhat inferior good do you love?02/14 dunk123401:10 Wannaretireearl
10pBest Accounts to Make Withdrawal for Cash02/20 Huskiez22:09 Watty
2hHSA consolidation18:09 test12319:01 WeakOldGuy
28hWhat are Good Investments for Someone with Low Risk Tolerance?02/15 arca12:08 White Coat Inve
49hVanguard Wellesley02/16 jasperhobbs20:04 alec
1t30-Year TIPS Auction Thursday 2/22/202411:42 #Cruncher20:01 alec
43pJust did my own taxes for first time - owed $5k02/19 learning3008:13 alfaspider
263pWhat does Schwab do better than Fidelity?03/25 FromAto401k10:25 anagram
16hDividend heavy ETF's for a new investor02/20 noon070720:27 arcticpineapple
29tHow to implement S&P Leap strategy?2019 manusnd122:01 babystep
24pEstimating Cash Flow Needs for Retirement02/15 catchinup14:01 backpacker61
3pCar ownership and liability02/20 heatanytime21:04 baconavocado
4hROTH mistake07:18 TAMSTR3210:22 barnaclebob
7579tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:42 bbrock
15pPurposely deducting as little tax as possible each paycheck13:52 newbie00315:33 bh1
23cBest place to buy personal domain? Best place to host it? (for email)02/20 NYCaviator19:25 bmr12
27hWas it a mistake to suggest allocating developing markets in roth ira?11:35 omert17:51 bonesly
14pSeeking advice on sizing SLATs [Spousal Lifetime Access Trust]02/02 economist08:51 bsteiner
3pPer stirpes for a Fidelity 401k02/20 tadamsmar22:26 bsteiner
74cDo you use a second refrigerator/freezer?02/20 snackdog17:16 burgrat
97hIs it Too Late to Invest in VTI?02/16 arca20:33 calmaniac
20pCalifornia State Income Tax Brackets 202401/26 mystiq19:11 calwatch
2pQualified dividends on trust 109913:57 cadreamer201514:28 cas
8hTreasurie Notes, BND, Both Or Something Else06:31 LaramieWind09:09 cas
1cAdvice for buying a car in 202412:37 ETK51713:39 cmr79
19cTurn around time on passports02/08 Wilderness Libr18:38 cockersx3
6pTax question - Overpayment of Social Security and Medicare taxes15:44 renegade0618:22 cockersx3
22tShare your 'reverse glidepath' stories!02/19 Admiral Fun15:59 connor
1pGetting tax deduction from ACA (non-HSA) health insurance vs maxing out ACA HSA health insurance14:36 fr4nc016:49 cowdogman
16cmiddle school science books02/17 babystep00:58 dboeger1
3hBond funds vs. Money Markets12:00 mozart1012:19 dbr
5pMedical facility is out of network, but not the doctors who work there??23:55 dandinsac19:07 desiderium
92pCancel my health insurance?01/19 boglerocks19:18 doobiedoo
0tPersonalized Critical Path strategy11:14 edgeagg 
23cInterested in seeing the best of Redwood country02/18 forwhatiknow07:23 eigenperson
10pH&R Block 2023 Cap Gains say "Visit the Update Center for release dates" ?02/08 techbud13:23 eweiss
1hExchange fund []16:55 Tech17:20 exodusNH
32hChecklist: Moving from VG to Fidelity01/17 stocknoob411121:43 felizcortez
11pBeneficiaries for Joint Accounts on Vanguard15:55 jazzbeat10117:51 fourwheelcycle
323cWho's up for pickleball? Zero-zero-two. Game On!2022 LadyGeek20:12 gips
47ppayroll company, employer or my fault?02/20 ler6522:51 grabiner
0pForm 8881 and Sole proprietorship18:17 groceryguy 
12hWSJ Article/what to do with inherited bonds in taxable02/11 hcs7713519:27 hcs77135
248cBest < $100 purchase?2020 LunaLauren14:37 hunoraut
17tIf you hate paying taxes, you'll love learning about them. Episode 67, "Bogleheads on Investing" guest, Kaye Thomas.02/19 Rick Ferri15:41 iceport
28tNewbie friendly NPR article summarizing Swensen and Boglehead approach02/19 ObiQuiet12:40 iceport
7hWhich Brokerage to You Recommend when Using an Account Authorization ?14:34 thinkker20:11 increment
2pYet another question on HSA01:54 mymoney202219:49 invest4
12pWash sale shares to decrease loss on02/17 jdbs316:07 jdbs3
7590cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt17:51 jebmke
8h3 Fund Book18:10 jjodod19:20 jjodod
122cBest tours for China?01/19 jplee315:45 jplee3
400tNew tool for building a TIPS ladder2023 kaesler08:08 kaesler
5pSched A - TT reducing state income tax by refund???02/20 krazykat16:36 krazykat
44hHelp - Can Marcus Lock Our Savings Account Willy-nilly?10/28 night_owl17:25 laughmyassetsof
7cVideo doorbell:02/20 Nowizard09:36 lazydavid
9cTub to Shower Using a Cut Out Approach02/20 ubermax11:42 littlebird
5tSelling some VTSAX shares -- ideal cost basis?12:36 brasstacks18:44 livesoft
6cAll purpose wireless charger02/20 BashDash08:55 livesoft
34pExcluding a young adult driver who no longer lives at home from my insurance policy02/20 KingofRMDtorped07:29 livesoft
2204tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest19:25 longinvest
7tHow do balanced funds rebalance?02/20 skijump14:03 loukycpa
141cThoughts on buying cheap, used, "intermediate" range EV?02/11 Wwwdotcom19:28 madbrain
955tRobinhood 3% IRA Match08/07 BobbleyBob19:16 madbrain
2099tWhy not 100% PSLDX? [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]2020 TeeDee23:26 manlymatt83
5pHow to use (General Income) Carryover Foreign Tax Credit2022 martint21:38 margaret
42tShould I exclude LMP/TIPS ladder from portfolio tracking?02/19 TheTimeLord10:03 markgardner
20hDownside of claiming dependents on W4?12:59 meadowrue14:56 meadowrue
92cShould I get a Lexus ES for its V6?02/16 Lynx31065016:18 meowcat
45cIs Speed Queen still the "King" of washing machines?07/28 Bob Sacamano07:08 mggray17
8hHelp consolidate and improve my complicated portfolio02/02 peanut919:26 mhadden1
4hPortfolio review after changing employment and IRA custodians02/08 DracoMagister14:07 mhadden1
59hSanity Check After 6 Years Away02/19 topofthebellcur08:36 mikejuss
5pgo on Medicare, cancel ACA but keep dental?20:51 miket2912:00 miket29
11tVanguard Digital Advisor has "A proven track record with active"09:39 DesertGator17:27 mkc
1pRoth conversion options and strategies...15:43 CyclingDuo16:37 mnnice
114pWhat all do you track on your spreadsheet?2021 the-worst-inves19:08 murrays
37hGeneral retirement questions...need advice02/20 hacksaw202519:03 murrays
411pFidelity free Turbotax 202312/01 chinchin21:55 nalor511
5pRenovation Tips/Ideas to Save $ and Headaches02/20 BundyBundy15:26 naquoae
0hQuestions for Mel or any one else..i bond questions19:23 ocean 
1tBid/Ask spreads on Long TIPS16:05 Gufomel17:59 oxothuk
2h2-factor authentication for Vanguard solo 401k/smallbiz?13:20 brian201317:24 peteyboy
6hUnwinding equity linked notes02/20 physics91115:42 physics911
15hSuper beginner question about my current work retirement funds21:58 Tornado19:06 placeholder
5hBrokered CDs vs Treasuries and Flexibility15:14 BHamTallMan19:02 placeholder
4hUnderstanding Backdoor Roth IRA22:32 TommyStat00:34 placeholder
18h2024 Portfolio Review - 28yo w/ $200k01/08 GoatInvestor18:28 retired@50
7hAny way to Roth?09:29 RetiredAt6116:57 retired@50
8hQuestion about a short term Fidelity Bond Fund02/20 rdx113822:57 retired@50
7hBackdoor Roth Conversions and IRS Form 860614:22 atlgenxennial16:12 retiredjg
20hPortfolio Analysis - 401K questions and just overall how am I doing02/16 fi_no_retire07:29 retiredjg
27pJust looking for some general money management advice02/20 rgm198216:15 rgm1982
0pHelp me benchmark my VPP insurance rate11:03 rholt 
32cHolbein colored pencils / Art Supplies Japan (website)02/18 rjbraun22:21 rjbraun
18hShould I move my inherited IRA to Vanguard?02/20 Rockbottomdwell12:42 rkhusky
20pDelta AMEX Platinum--Now with expanded benefits and ... higher annual fee02/01 investor4life11:21 rkhusky
62hLet me retire! Please?02/19 Stogieman15:57 rockstar
3pSuggestion for PA Free Tax file02/18 chet9608:25 rustwood
39tContributions to AA vs. lagging asset06:44 Triple digit go12:47 sailaway
11pTrying to contact Fidelity's Trustee Services - No Response02/19 saver123:38 saver1
1359tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba22:24 siamond
1pFederal Employment vs. State Government (SS Opt Out vs. Pension/SS)18:43 db121619:18 sippyCUP
126l"Retired" Life Stage Virtual Chapter "Master Thread"2021 sleepysurf14:45 sleepysurf
20pDistribution priority - Roth or 401K07:02 Stargazer6513:06 smitcat
45cThe Shrinking Lifespan of Large Appliances06:57 LaurenRose19:53 snic
7pRemoving SMS Text 2FA Option for Wise Account02/19 lawman396610:31 snic
14hPlease Help This Resident Physician Setup their Portfolio02/20 airlon19:42 snowday2022
10hHow to invest $1M02/20 Bbogler06:30 southernlucky
2tCD Compounding17:35 sport17:50 sport
345tVanguard Cash Plus Account01/12 stan119:16 stan1
0p8911 EV Charger Install Rebate19:55 steve_togo 
21pHouse purchase questions21:02 gaussmarkov116:27 stickman731
581p[Using PayPal to pay bills and earn 5% on credit cards]2021 jeffyscott09:32 stilllurking
4tPortfolio Visualizer back testing and asset allocation comparisons12:46 CedarWaxWing17:24 sycamore
55pDo qualified + nonqualified dividends = ordinary dividends?02/15 Aguilar17:17 sycamore
0pNew Article About FEHB and PSHB For 202519:45 tallguy3891 
10pSSA-561-U2 Request for Reconsideration02/20 Nyc1003619:24 tallguy3891
4nIs a 403B from a state university a "government pension"12:44 kalorama16:55 talzara
50pNew Form 7206 (SEHID) and TurboTax02/08 cowdogman21:11 talzara
6hPortfolio/Investment review02/20 schein08:13 tashnewbie
2pTaxAct - No option to buy iBond19:56 technoholic20:12 technoholic
6pConsulting 1099 and social security credits12:24 tenkuky13:49 terran
33pVanguard 2023 Tax Forms02/06 Beach Guy06:54 tgallag
14pNeed a Check Image02/20 aristotelian06:51 tgallag
5cAirport vs city car rental02/20 itaos21:21 tibbitts
56hQuick backdoor roth question2021 newbie00317:56 toddthebod
8pPay taxes owed first or file 1040X?10:44 stilllurking12:22 toddthebod
2tReporting YTD Interest on Savings Bonds02/07 Soaky11:58 toddthebod
3hDetermining the fraction of fund distributions attributable to US government bonds02/20 dannyboy11:52 toddthebod
4pBrokerages that will allow IRA accounts as a non-resident02/20 Miles Dyson08:21 toddthebod
4nUS Expat in UK - Coverdell/5292021 rnk511:52 tubaleiter
4nVanguard makes life difficult for NRAs in the UK and India10:26 TedSwippet17:33 typical.investo
27p44 / single - anything else I should be doing?02/19 slalom20:05 unwitting_gulag
4pHelp understanding will execution with mostly POD/TOD assets02/20 v4217:32 v42
7pSolo 401K - Can contributions go to existing Roth IRA?02/20 CC Mike17:54 vnatale
18pUmbrella Policy02/20 Parkinglotracer17:21 vnatale
11hDonor Advised Fund - Tax Deduction Question21:26 mander7517:13 vnatale
58hVBIAX. Why not?09/06 Abchaos0915:48 whodidntante
21pWho keeps original will?11:37 Eurookat19:57 whomever
23cCar Advice Needed09:41 fastpace_re19:03 whomever
15hPortfolio checkup - did I hit the FI yet?22:07 yogesh16:20 yogesh
30pSecurity Hack of my bank credit card and loss of identity info02/17 carolinaman20:12 yolointopants
860tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion2019 longinvest19:25 zie
52cAids for slowing down speech when talking with hard-of-hearing09/02 roamingzebra22:40 zie

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