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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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8167 new posts and replies over 614 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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44tWhat Do You Consider a "Really Bad Day"?08:48 bck6303:41 rossington
22pmarried filing separately01/15 Oh12303:39 Chip
2nUS/UK Citizen Looking for Pension16:37 nimmle2403:22 Tinkerer-in-Chi
11n31y from EU worried about current market valuations [VT]13:16 QuestioningWand03:22 minimalistmarc
24pMortgage payoff math: taxable sinking fund vs pretax01/26 Admiral03:21 Olemiss540
1015tGameStop GME: anyone joining?01/21 Prettyfrtnt03:20 UncleLeo
128t‘Frogs in boiling water’: Urgent warning for 50% market drop01/24 alex12371103:10 bogcir
4nUnsure of retirement country/future investments [Ireland / Australia]18:26 IrishExpat703:01 greentrees
46cWhat are your DIY Home and Hobby Projects to Save $$$ and/or Have Fun?01/25 Sandtrap02:58 Chip
47cWould you want a sidewalk or no?01/26 davebo02:48 usagi
6nOpening an investment account without an NI number in the UK01/25 taetae02:46 Valuethinker
25tHas Bogleheads lost its direction?22:53 Gort02:35 Crushtheturtle
8hWash sale question - gain before a loss15:10 tim199902:27 Sprucebark
2tUnderstanding this “short squeeze” revolution22:59 BogleBuddy1202:17 toast0
106tPSA for 3 funds folks: Did you pass the "Buy, Hold, and Rebalance" Test on March 2020?10:39 KlangFool02:13 JustinR
0uSoftware for analysing portfolio returns01:59 ags 
4phow to safely receive 200k from an escrow company?01:15 alexL01:56 Afty
12hDo you see any benefit to these portfolio changes recommended by Vanguard PAS01/26 Connemara01:44 asset_chaos
6hBackdoor Roth Conversion - tax question19:14 anewboglehead01:43 lakpr
24tWhen to Defer Taxes?01/22 4a757374696e01:41 Finridge
4911cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt01:37 Finridge
7pCalculating mortgage interest deduction after a refinance01/17 Jsdi7873hd01:08 ray.james
17hMax out 401k & Roth IRA contributions while student loans on pause?01/24 JayAreaInvestor01:06 babystep
7hYikes — BIG Drift + New Money - Need AA Advice18:07 joshatboglehead01:04 lakpr
29tIs the Gamestop mania the small value premium finally making a comeback?09:09 Tellurius00:57 Prahasaurus
9584pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1100:48 dubsem
6pSolar as an investment like bonds22:12 chuckb8400:46 BrandonBogle
71tWhy Vanguard?01/21 Djtjak00:38 Jeepergeo
5hAsset Allocation/Location Review01/26 coffeecup33300:37 theorist
8pUsing BOA CC with Bill Pay17:25 tomsense7600:37 BrandonBogle
25tHow Small Retail Traders Cause Institutions to Have to Buy Huge Amounts of Stock12:38 Scooter5700:31 kevinf
7tTarget retirement fund futher out than planned retirement18:34 K8ya00:23 vsquid
42pWhere do you keep the original of you will?09:46 tc10100:16 Rob1
61hIndividual stocks? Hear me out.01/24 stt81600:15 Wedemeyer
83cUSPS is incredibly fast!01/05 livesoft00:07 anon_investor
68hStill buying Bonds?01/24 Streptococcus23:59 SemiRetire
20hFidelity ZERO Total Market Index closed to new investors?2019 Creditcardguy23:54 ChiKid24
22pPhysician contract - help me understand this excerpt01/26 KeepItSimple7823:54 MedSaver
36hTodays Market..19:00 Saphomd23:46 Marseille07
6pDisability Insurance09:48 aplife23:40 BruDude
16pNeed help - issues on house inspection report15:24 investor201823:38 investor2018
18hETFs to mimic Peter Schiff's investment strategy01/25 idanruf123:38 unclescrooge
60cDesktop is dying - help me with replacement01/25 montanagirl23:28 Hebell
25hAnyone here incorporate Cryptocurrency into their AA?01/24 SemiRetire23:24 SemiRetire
16cLife in a quintessential college town19:08 coalcracker23:23 Big Dog
3689tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas23:20 fennewaldaj
1hIndirect rollover to Fidelity HSA: possible to do online?20:40 yules23:14 mrb09
2tLooking for a tools that will allow me to compare a fund/etf to a benchmark or fund22:44 usagi23:07 usagi
3pTax: foreign tax and state questions 1099 Div11:50 Phinance23:05 grabiner
44pMarcus $100 bonus01/15 intendi23:04 TravelGeek
1hPortfolio Advice Needed - Tax Efficiency22:51 loac23:03 Peter Foley
7363tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE23:01 taojaxx
0hOvercontribution to Roth IRAs for 202022:59 SC Anteater 
134tHow to understand all that's going on with GME [GameStop]01/23 aaja22:58 Scott S
48tAlternative speculative asset - digital trading cards (NBA Top Shot)01/26 BruDude22:57 decapod10
83pIRS Identity Protection PIN01/12 Theseus22:55 F150HD
16pWhen to buy a new car vs. repair existing car17:00 justsomeguy201822:52 phxjcc
2cMotorized screens for porch/lanai?16:34 JS-Elcano22:48 Saving$
25hConvert to Roth or stay in tax deferred?01/25 Actmck322:47 celia
294tWhy isn't every indexer investing in small cap value index funds?01/07 QuestioningWand22:46 Northern Flicke
41cShowers and Shower faucets01/26 edgeagg22:46 Saving$
187pVanguard 1099-DIV Missing a Fund01/18 Blues22:46 MP123
29cDo you cover your AC compressor in winter?01/25 snackdog22:42 tev9876
26hWhere to Invest Windfall for Single Working Mom20:15 joshatboglehead22:40 joshatboglehead
7pTax Form 549819:23 Tony-S22:36 Alan S.
7hCurrent State of Market01/23 Gui050722:34 Wiggums
61cPassword manager01/12 k b22:33 gas_balloon
21317tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill22:33 flyingaway
6285cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:32 H_H
149hHelp me set a Sell limit order for GME (GameStop)01/25 Samosa2222:27 SlowMovingInves
13hConcerned in GA01/26 Bushrod22:26 JayDee37
7pCatch-up HSA contributions possible ?01/26 Exchme22:24 grabiner
4hI-Bonds - purchase now or May18:15 CharacterCounts22:23 emlowe
5pTax on UTMA dividends when kid turned 1817:40 RJ201022:23 RJ2010
214lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner22:23 Nahtanoj
13hFor Fee Planner vs. Flagship01/25 tbdbitl22:19 desiderium
4tIs 0% capital gains taxes achievable?21:26 Ryzan22:19 willthrill81
1pPSA: Desktop Mac version Turbotax bug for refinances15:33 Goal3322:17 Jsdi7873hd
1334tWell, I am market timing due to coronavirus... Wish me luck.02/05 CnC22:14 000
9hExplain Wash Sale To Me Like I'm a Slow Child01/26 MishkaWorries22:10 grabiner
3hTIAA 401a at Previous Employer - Can't Transact21:19 jmg22922:10 willthrill81
18pFinal Health Care Instructions - no-life-sustaining procedures statement01/22 Pax22:09 skipper
1hIntermediate Term Government Bonds vs I Bond, CDs21:34 redtuna22:06 TheGipper
5pAfter-Tax & PreTax 401k split rollover TurboTax08:12 JoMoney22:01 JoMoney
8hWhat are the actual penalties and interest for not paying enough in estimated taxes?01/26 VartAndelay21:57 anon_investor
6hfunds and etf's01/24 prk21:55 anon_investor
6pH&R Block 1401K Error or did I over contribute03/14 a_movable_life21:40 Katietsu
1071pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4821:39 FiveK
3hHow to invest 401K lump sum rollover to IRA17:40 kkerstetter921:38 TropikThunder
1hExcess Roth contribution21:24 AllAboard21:37 lakpr
7hcomparing monthly annuity to lump sum for pension??01/26 albireo1321:37 Eagle33
4979pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy21:35 Jags4186
37tVanguard website problems11/24 msimon21:26 JD2775
64hWhat to do with GME holdings?01/26 OutOfCollegeInv21:24 platers
27cVaccum recommendation?01/26 BogleMelon21:24 kimura king
12hAre Emergency Funds Part of Asset Allocation?17:52 bartonfive21:23 skipper
9pStarting SS; stopping 5510 Medicare autopay14:35 Flobes21:21 Flobes
4hCan you invest in both?19:37 Jackboss21:20 neverpanic
1hBe gifted $10K for the next 3 years. What is the best way to invest it?21:09 stingray77721:19 neilpilot
4c1password clarification20:49 RJ201021:19 RJ2010
6hDollar Cost Averaging vs Periodic Investments18:06 DocInColo21:17 grabiner
3ptook too large a qualified distribution from what?15:49 relentless121:16 ccieemeritus
22pNaming a Trust: Does it Matter?01/25 Cruise21:03 White Coat Inve
19pCheck your beneficiaries01/26 vas20:57 Eagle33
9hVanguard Health Care VGHAX Performance Concerns14:47 rgevans87120:54 yules
3pOpps, didn't think I needed a W9 from vendor but now I realize I did. Next steps?01/26 MikeZ20:53 H_H
10cStarting a Christmas Tree Farm?17:26 Kennedy20:51 BobTexas
68pTwenty Four Years of Taxes01/19 ColoradoRob20:48 Carefreeap
7cWays to reach out and encourage others during pandemic12:55 Looking4Answers20:48 Sandtrap
3pWhat are some good checking accounts with higher yield?14:05 younginvestor2.20:47 yules
4hNew to personal investing with cash16:57 plymouth120:45 plymouth1
9p[TurboTax error importing Ally 1099's]2019 azianbob20:44 brainstorming
344hCustomer Service with Vanguard2018 LilyFleur20:40 Eagle33
5pBackdoor Roth - 1099R01/26 wxz7620:38 Free to Choose
1hHome equity line of credit for remodelling19:40 Oh12320:38 Silk McCue
7hTax 1099 Vanguard15:39 MissOptimist20:38 grabiner
8pS Corp and QBI Deduction question01/11 giddyup20:38 H_H
12tLooking for put option advice18:44 Mndiver20:34 alex_686
20pBuying House - Which Mortgage Should I Choose?01/27 SVT20:34 Admiral
24hPortfolio Advice for new Attending Physician01/23 stonksandbonds20:31 stonksandbonds
12330tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar20:29 TheTimeLord
8pNon-standard 1099r from former employer01/26 gtd9876520:25 Eagle33
42cHelp! Lot size is wrong. What should I do?01/25 newyorker20:23 newyorker
79tWhat is the Boglehead opinion of the inverted yield curve?2019 teelainen20:14 tomsense76
22cConverting garage space into additional bedroom01/25 NYGiantsFan20:10 Sandtrap
4hPortfolio Review at 6101/21 buyMyBogle20:01 buyMyBogle
53tVanguard Brokerage Account Misinformation Correction Thread10/31 Cheez-It Guy20:01 palanzo
116pAdvice for a mid-30s humanities graduate student01/23 ohthehumanities19:59 oldfort
191t2021 Hedge Fund Contest01/03 Tanelorn19:58 totality
2tThanks for the education12:30 2beachcombers19:53 Stinky
7pSS Benefits at 70 but retire at 6217:31 muddgy19:40 Watty
12cTips for selling something online for a newbie10:02 Calico19:28 Katietsu
26tIs the craziness going on the markets indicating that traditional valuation methods may be obsolete given new dynamics?13:18 VartAndelay19:27 random_walker_7
28tBlockFi Interest Account (8.6% APY) with Stablecoin12/03 snailderby19:26 lairdb
4ncan't figure out my asset allocation (what is my need to take risk?)06:40 rasselbiluga19:24 cchrissyy
159tRebalancing into stocks when they fall is unrealistic03/12 Beliavsky19:23 pkcrafter
6hCalculator for determining maximum monthly spending in retirement13:50 soccerfan2519:19 wrongfunds
2549c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir19:19 frand
87cShould we afford a new Toyota Sequoia?01/24 TarHeel200219:16 thatme
17pHow to get a bigger mortgage with lower income01/25 RobInCT19:13 Freetime76
12pWash Sale - not sure why one lot sold on the same date is disallowed?01/26 tommut19:09 grabiner
7hHSA Advice- NYC->NJ/Med + Growth01/22 apple0919:08 grabiner
0hRequesting comments on asset allocation changes19:07 Factor1 
192t2nd million is easier!2017 bubbadog19:06 NAVigator
1pHow to fund equity payout/ 401k versus home refi17:41 WiseDan19:05 David Jay
7cpatio renovation project - is this a fair price?14:43 happyisland19:05 happyisland
58cDo you have any tips for first time home buyer?01/24 Blue45619:03 runner540
5cCross Country Move IL to FL - Hiring American Van Lines- Need supplemental insurance for full replacement value of goods12:22 debrajo6118:59 ralph124cf
58tInflation-Protected Portfolio ?01/19 Fat-Tailed Cont18:57 hudson
7hIRA to Roth conversion does it matter what asset (equity or bonds) converted?08:33 JimSmiley185018:54 BigJohn
7pData or links to gauge min/max for 30 year no-cost refi01/24 masrepus18:51 presto987
5hWhich accounts for assets to retire home mortgage?17:10 Nowizard18:39 Watty
8tAutodesk stock lost $48 per share in two weeks?15:36 Italfra118:39 k3vb0t
13hEarly Retiree Withdrawal Stragegy16:50 FelixTheCat18:36 KlangFool
16h3-4% withdrawal strategy08:35 Billybogle18:18 Billybogle
83hAlternatives to Vanguard, IT issues11/24 rmgatl18:14 Bama12
6hBackdoor Roth question16:48 BugsBunny17:50 BugsBunny
21tVanguard customer survey01/26 pkcrafter17:46 Gort
8hSemi Early Retirement Plan13:02 JohnnyRedBeard17:44 qwertyjazz
57hNeed advice on AA and Single Fund investing across all accounts01/26 behumble17:44 longinvest
75cTown A vs Town B01/23 TheMoneyMan17:41 pomomojo
4hStarting my journey at 3516:45 K8ya17:40 sailaway
7hPortfolio Advice for 29 Year Old01/26 burpeesbeforebe17:40 Todamoon
11pTaxSlayer and reporting Backdoor Roth IRA - UGH!14:07 JimmyD17:40 lstone19
19cFair price for all inclusive and family of 5?01/25 JB201317:39 smitcat
29pWhat to do about Grandma and her house01/26 aerosurfer17:37 aerosurfer
18pPPP second draw - slow application?01/22 jjface17:35 jjface
73pUgh Fidelity! May have to leave!01/26 TomatoTomahto17:34 BuddyJet
19hInvestment Advice for Son01/18 FreeAndEasy17:34 pkcrafter
1pRefinancing Options...Am I thinking of this correctly?16:21 kevinobes17:16 Golf maniac
4hNew to this01/26 Horza17:14 dratkinson
35cLong-term satisfaction with your shower wall/system01/20 A44017:06 Capsu78
58cDoes TV Commercials, Online Ads and Telemarketing Affect Your Consumption Choices?01/26 capitalhockey17:03 cheese_breath
2nInvesting advice for US citizen moving to EU (Croatia)13:55 toni19817:02 international00
62pThe Accumulation of Wealth01/09 justsomeguy201817:02 Shallowpockets
26cAnyone know Paypal well?01/26 RobLyons16:59 lthenderson
0nWhich of these global R.E. funds to choose?16:54 ndr 
266tNever Ever Rebalance Bonds into Stocks?09/22 Leesbro6316:53 qwertyjazz
18hTax question on Traditional IRA conversion to Roth and 1099-R01/27 VINNY16:48 VINNY
6hHow to begin incorporating bonds into portfolio?13:10 diabelli16:45 Svensk Anga
4h529 kindergarten doublecheck14:56 dukeblue21916:45 UpsetRaptor
33cIs there a "Bogleheads" for RV's?01/24 mlagrange16:43 willthrill81
12p2020 Taxes H&RBlock and Schedule B for 1099-DIV over $150001/26 sad216:34 nalor511
44csold $100 item on bill from them for $200 shipping!01/25 relentless116:34 lightheir
6hMade a silly mistake on tax basis - can I fix on 8949?07:55 Badger175416:30 Katietsu
5hIRA 60 day roll over, limited by source or destination?01/26 ThisTimeItsDiff16:22 Alan S.
10tMy 3 stocks that went nowhere and lessons learned07:15 rhornback16:20 an_asker
13tHelp me understand what the Fed is doing10:44 tominsc16:19 Oicuryy
97t[wiki] Callan periodic table of investment returns01/16 LadyGeek16:16 LadyGeek
82pTalk me out of buying a car as an investment....01/26 OnFire16:14 Lalamimi
15cThe Economist print and digital, $99 today2019 DWesterb2iz216:06 random_walker_7
33c80+ inch TV01/26 bi0hazard15:57 bi0hazard
9tex-Apple and Microsoft?10:36 ccf15:56 dmcmahon
26pAdvice on Filing for Social Security at Age 7001/26 Small Law Survi15:40 Small Law Survi
101twash sale substantially identical question(s)01/24 goonie15:39 goonie
55pPost when you have received various tax forms01/10 bigtex15:36 phxjcc
135tWhat do you think about swing trading?2019 fingoals15:33 kabob
12tSRR mitigation strategy - Yield Shield concept12:30 stocknoob411115:32 willthrill81
3414tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb15:24 ruralavalon
43hNet Worth and Leaving Corporate World07:18 HRCHughesDad15:19 Plano
4hBond funds14:42 mike4pub15:01 retired@50
1784pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon14:53 GaryA505
7tAny comment on aswath damodaran's views on some sectors (e.g. tech) dominating the market01/27 InvestVS14:52 qwertyjazz
308fWhy not add a "like" button to Boglehead posts?2012 Xanadu14:33 TNWoods
4hWhat to put in Roth to avoid potential wash sale in future?12:41 Macro14:32 retired@50
19tnew Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF01/19 sunnywindy14:06 Makefile
327cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet13:58 LadyGeek
10tUnderstanding IRA/ROTH/401K Accounts01/26 simpletone13:54 fyre4ce
7pObsolete Currency12:26 OnBoard13:53 trueblueky
0hFeedback/help on our portfolio- 33/34 years old13:50 dotdotloop 
13hWhere to put life insurance proceeds?07:20 Amadis_of_Gaul13:49 Outer Marker
385pH&R Block 2020 software offer10/19 CABob13:40 Tejfyy
12pMultiple W-2 jobs12:12 mikejuss13:36 anon_investor
2tPortfolios for long-term investors11:06 bobcat213:36 Angst
220hAny boring investors left?01/24 Chicken Little13:33 FireProof
24pHouse Purchase - How to think about in asset allocation01/22 qwerty12313:32 Simple Simon
96tBrokerage outages09:28 IMhooked13:27 rich126
137t“New Bitcoin Investors Explain Why They’re Buying at Record Prices“01/21 BogleBuddy1213:21 jeffyscott
24pNo term life on a visa?2019 countdrak13:16 Miguelito
4hHelp with asset allocation shift08:34 climber202013:05 climber2020
4cHow to best use $1500 on commuter benefits card in MA01/26 kurious13:00 DawgFan2001
7hIs 64% US/36 INTL TOO AGRESSIVE FOR A 529 plan?01/26 cat513:00 cat5
12pMini Roth Coversions Before RMD Starts08:21 solar9999912:57 LadyGeek
5pTaxAct. Reporting after-tax 401k --> In-plan Roth Conversion not correct. Bug, or user error?01/17 neurosphere12:53 neurosphere
46hHelp! Locked out of Vanguard account and impossible to reach a contact center rep01/26 ghil0412:52 gwe67
19hConsolidating Accounts - What to do with Rollover IRA09:57 MrMosby12:43 MrMosby
131pPrimer on Paying Taxes With a Credit Card2019 whodidntante12:40 TravelGeek
11tHitting your number and SRR06:45 sean.mcgrath12:35 Rus In Urbe
2hIndividual stock exit via covered calls10:49 ThisJustIn12:28 ipdiddly
0tRetireemeet 2021 (free virtual event) Paul Merriman and David Booth will be speakers12:12 arcticpineapple 
15ptax strategy for allocating savings in 202101/25 BeerTooth12:11 AnEngineer
6cCorrect Designation of "Emeritus" Job Title for Linked In Listing10:17 Strider12:02 qwertyjazz
6pHow to handle taxes on worthless stock liquidated by brokerage01/26 retire4lyfe12:00 retire4lyfe
44hEditing my 3 fund portfolio (VG, TSP, Fidelity)01/21 tomwood11:53 FrugalInvestor
6tVanguard costs for non-profits?01/26 Tony-S11:50 celia
7pexcess social security withholding01/26 viewer011:49 viewer0
64pHow much tax burden is too much?01/25 tigermilk11:45 Colorado13
9hmerrill edge fees on ETFs .01 to .03 per $100002/24 mrtimo11:40 RJ5
15hWSB fomo help10:46 Unbrokenspark11:32 IMD801
9hPortfolio Review Request01/25 alfafoxtrotchar11:19 lakpr
1647pMy LenderFi refinance is going well2020 abyan11:16 bluebolt
10hNew Boglehead - Please Critique Portfolio Allocation01/26 Wedemeyer11:10 Wedemeyer
1167tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading11:07 daze
43hfees charged Raymond James, Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch ?01/25 bluegill11:05 retired@50
9pNew Pennsylvania Income Tax Filing Web Site01/26 Leesbro6311:01 PaunchyPirate
29tBest Books for Complete Beginners09/20 MissOptimist11:00 willthrill81
1hUPRO Trading Haulted on 1/27/2021?10:57 TetrisCollider10:58 dziuniek
16tAre value stocks a lot safer than the total market?01/26 Schlabba10:50 Seasonal
56tInflation01/22 powercherry510:35 willthrill81
4hPortfolio review after one year of following forum advise.01/26 teacher216310:35 teacher2163
89h50 year old with 95% equity exposure - might be forced out of job12/05 fatherjames10:28 David Jay
2pJust bought some bonds....10:11 Steel Rain10:20 KneePartsPro
6tWhen will earnings be considered for stock pricing?09:41 capitalhockey10:14 JoMoney
21hNeed help with bond portion of portfolio01/24 Flux Capacitor10:06 Hilltop
14tWhen will tax info IMPORT be available?01/26 ScooterBob10:02 EnjoyIt
23hTraditional IRA vs Taxable brokerage for mom nearing retirement?01/18 Mode3209:48 retiredjg
43cWhat to expect when retiring to NC?01/22 RetiredMike109:43 TN_Boy
14pMarginal Rate is increased 10%01/26 tarnation09:30 an_asker
84pHow Do People Without Computer Access Prepare and File Their Taxes?2018 Random Poster09:26 teen persuasion
57tIncreasing TSP Fund Expense Ratios07/27 MichDad09:19 MichDad
2hReview of Portfolio and General Strategy01/26 cmx4409:17 cmx44
5hWhat is a MVA Fixed Annuity?08:45 kate123409:15 HueyLD
7pLiving trust vs Will06:57 sasy09:11 sasy
9cIpad game problem01/25 hoops77709:06 lthenderson
15tAdjusting Asset Allocation Based on CAPE Ratio and Market Timing01/25 moneybags09:03 alex_686
35pHow bad is CA probate? Living trust needed or not?2016 hcj08:58 afan
3toldest nasdaq index fund/etf?06:59 privatefarmer08:49 alex_686
200pGot my stimulus check, how about you?01/04 Tdubs08:44 angelescrest
12hDifference in long term vs short term treasuries?01/26 schrute08:43 aristotelian
4pFidelity declared me a pattern day trader with no recent trades08:09 lstone1908:21 lstone19
11cPoor Call Quality on Google Voice01/25 LifeIsGood08:09 SimonJester
191t'The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully-fledged epic bubble' - GMO01/05 Forester07:52 rhornback
1296cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger07:52 JAZZISCOOL
4hAnother bond thread - a question about TIPS01/26 yoga07:51 Dude2
14tPrice discrepancy on Vanguard Intl ETFs01/20 xenial07:51 jhfenton
135hEmployee Fiduciary Solo 401(k) with MegaBackdoor Roth and TPA - Discussion02/01 ICMoney07:42 retiredjg
21pTurboTax01/26 Tideout07:36 cricket49
12p529 funds for off-campus housing - online classes08/07 PassiveAggressi07:26 SchruteB&B
5pEnter Forgiven PPP In Turbotax?01/26 tryingmybest07:18 theplayer11
1pHandling a trust account after death of one of two trustmakers01/27 Immelmann07:17 increment
6hLeave or Liquidate & Move Old Employer 401k01/26 reastman07:08 J295
367tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest06:39 longinvest
3pHSA questions01/26 redmaw06:13 redmaw
3pIRS Free File Program Eligibility01/26 Alan S.06:12 bberris
25pRent vs. buy a home for one year01/26 bigskydream06:02 JoeRetire
12pEmployer under-reported W2 withholding?01/23 deanmoriarty05:58 livesoft
11pPay off Debt or invest?01/26 wanderer82905:54 topcatin
10hMarch 2020 TLH errors cost me a dividend01/26 Triple digit go04:51 Affable at 50
13hGood Tax Free Index Fund?01/25 Jonbuck04:51 Outer Marker
14tSimple and Interesting Personal Finance and Investing Primer2015 BanditKing04:37 k_sze
140cEngagement Ring01/19 aamr03:48 Jeepergeo
3hNon-US bonds01/25 sean.mcgrath01/27 sean.mcgrath
10nBeginner 3-fund portfolio design [Hong Kong]01/25 Tigerpower01/27 pin
25hVanguard fund(s) for retiree who does not need the income01/22 intersubjectiv01/27 dboeger1
7hOpening a taxable account?01/26 Maksimovic01/27 22twain
0hFrustration with international bank transfers01/27 richards1052 
13pAny Other Bogleheads in Private Practice?01/23 DoveBogle01/27 Lexx
16pInitial Home Downpayment Wiring Instructions01/26 MedSaver01/27 F150HD
1tAdvice on recharacterizing IRA contributions & rollovers01/26 crg1101/27 terran
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11hFirst Backdoor IRA (trying) and a few mistakes already05/05 kaiak01/26 kaiak
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6hTune My Taxable/portfolio review01/26 mc201/26 mc2
142lHappy 97th Birthday, Taylor Larimore01/25 Kathleen Ryan01/26 Great Plains
5pPaying for Medical School? (FAFSA, Scholarships)01/26 medstudentaj01/26 Big Dog
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50tOver 32 million call options traded today, the 2nd most on record (highest was in November)01/25 ronno201801/26 Valuethinker
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29tIJS (iShares S&P 600 Small Cap) - $0 dividend?12/15 samsoes01/26 TxInjun
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2hnew to ETF centered portfolio investing - please rate and make suggestions01/26 LSUmd01/26 retired@50
0cPSA: H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe plus state $22.50 on Amazon01/26 pochax 
6pPPP Loan Round 2 (Jan 19, 2020), Sole Proprietor in HealthCare. Seeking guidance01/14 hameshatumkocha01/26 hameshatumkocha
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13pPaying 17 year old for work on rental properties and the $12,000 tax deduction question01/25 teacher216301/25 HueyLD
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16pHouse mortgage process, seeing and offering when not pre-approved and other questions01/24 Hector01/25 Hector
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