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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3052 new posts and replies over 298 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
7pHelping parent access another parent's IRA - quandry08:29 nick evets11:12 popoki
73tthe death of 60/4018:35 rule of law guy11:12 HomerJ
135hSharing why we went with Vanguard PAS03/09 boomer54311:12 beyou
1pWhat do folks think of Hugh Prolly-Wri11:11 mhc
0hVanguard Traditional IRA conversion question11:11 JosephG 
162t"Obvious" Market correction12:04 prettybogle11:10 watchnerd
11hWhich Bond Fund Should I Use?08:35 Chocolatebar11:08 lakpr
232pTo What Extent Do You Subsidize Adult Children ?04/19 dagsboro11:08 Doom&Gloom
19cIdeas for short summer trips17:02 nydoc11:08 Wanderingwheelz
149tVanguard to Exit Individual 401(k), Multi-SEP, and SIMPLE IRA Plans With Ascensus Deal04/16 foolio9711:07 metalworking
3hTax loss harvesting and qualified dividends question02:46 cacophony11:07 grabiner
10cCareer coach experiences?23:09 gavinsiu11:07 KlangFool
12cWhich Kindle?06:02 ThankYouJack11:05 Oreamnos
8hIs it a good time to put money to 529 plan? Anyone with Vanguard 529 Plan18:38 globalmax11:02 grabiner
17pJumbo Roth Conversion vs Spreading It Out?15:07 HeelaMonster11:01 HeelaMonster
7727cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt10:59 rockstar
3hTaxable loss harvesting but NOT for tax purposes09:56 tenkuky10:57 grabiner
9hHelp with NYS 529 Decisions2023 Sediment680010:57 beyou
6cCalling on tech experts - how good is Google One VPN?19:29 Workqa10:56 birdclock212
4cAnyone use Brother Refresh program?08:45 Carl5310:56 illumination
6774tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7610:54 rockstar
0tQuestion about ETF bid-ask spreads10:54 solaris17 
0hHelp with getting back on track10:54 longhornrun 
29hStress Testing My Portfolio04/20 Charles Joseph10:51 birdclock212
3pCredit card math (balance transfers)09:55 Scuttlebutt10:50 auntie
18pHow To Help A Low Income Person Pay Security Deposit To Landlord11:32 dagsboro10:48 exodusNH
6hAsset Allocation after signing up for a house purchase and looming layoffs02/29 sharukh10:48 sharukh
25hAsset Allocation Without Tax Consequences?04/09 harvestmoon10:48 harvestmoon
0pAggregate rule for Backdoor Roth IRAs10:45 chaskavitch 
11230cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36810:42 rockstar
4hNavy Federal cd vs vanguard money market10:19 fabis10:40 grabiner
72hNew Investing Opportunities Once You Climb Above $5-10mm Threshold?04/13 Hogan77310:36 Hogan773
56hNeed to choose a new brokerage firm: Vanguard vs. Fidelity02/26 JET100510:35 Kevin M
6tReporter doing story - What tech and service issues have you run into as a Vanguard customer?04/19 LadyGeek10:32 retired@50
43t2.25% Initial Withdrawal Rate.... FIRE?2020 wfpbFI10:32 zeeke42
10hRisks of Grandparent 529?07:18 arf3010:31 Broken Man 1999
99pForgot to file a 1099 - Will I Get Audited?- Please help04/12 Vanguard User10:31 n171n
6hReal estate divided. How to determine cost basis.14:49 PoppyA10:31 PoppyA
396hDie with Zero - opinions?04/15 maroon10:29 Hogan773
19pNew Mortgage - Pay Extra or Invest12:29 ForeverInvestor10:29 grabiner
2hSimplifying Portfolio Options09:05 trueson110:25 bei22000
49tSmall Caps in TSM, Illusion of Diversification?04/18 JSPECO910:25 JSPECO9
2tA tale of three fixed income return series after inflation03:06 msimon10:24 Florida Orange
4tKenneth French Reveals: Most Dangerous Investor Fallacies The Meb Faber Show04/20 bmstrong10:24 bmstrong
14pSelf Calculating IRS PDF Forms12:18 EricGold10:19 ReadyOrNot
29psolo401k 5500-ez requirement for 2023. Also missed 2021. What EIN? Next steps?04/19 jane110:19 jane1
2cbright horizons college coach09:13 TheOscarGuy10:19 TheOscarGuy
10pAccessing Fidelity from Europe04/20 UncleLeo10:18 bltkmt
3pSavings Bonds and 529s09:15 ljez10:18 ljez
38cTravel insurance: why ever buy a stand alone policy vs using credit card?04/19 MtnTravel10:15 ResearchMed
9nBest UCITS ETF for global stock exposure? (MSCI ACWI IMI)04/15 lnp10:10 lnp
16h2024 Look at Portfolio02/04 naturewalker42010:07 retiredjg
6035c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir10:06 rockstar
24pRetiring Next Year; How Much to Roth Convert?17:51 Sandi_k09:59 Sandi_k
5pHelp me optimize: banking, savings and credit cards09:42 MCST09:58 the_wiki
7pTax Return Impacts of 2023 Roth Full Recharacterization and Conversion04/17 mws4ua09:54 retiredjg
8cGurgling sink, what to do??08:10 tm309:45 Mullins
4294pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium09:42 innovation4U
30pSon as Executor04/20 Bigfish09:42 Mullins
22pHOA Amendment to deny home rental.21:00 AnnieKat09:41 johnubc
37pOrganically giving money to nice people - Implications04/21 MrCheapo09:40 aristotelian
98cFavorite protein powder for shakes at home?03/26 lessismore2209:38 galving
101pWhat was your effective tax rate in 2023?04/19 Workqa09:38 Lawyered_
2hTraditional IRA Allocation Advice Fidelity20:24 Sumppump7809:36 David Jay
4pVanguard issue liquidating fund09:26 pivoprussia09:35 jebmke
15hBest way to TLH: one or two funds in taxable accounts04/20 Rocinante Rider09:32 lakpr
11pLeasing land to Son15:05 trueson109:29 CrlsPrz0
11pEstate Planning Questions, appreciate learning experiences of others04/21 MrWasabi6509:26 bsteiner
35p30-Yr Projected Electricity Costs2022 lp61309:26 Valuethinker
1prollover 401k with esop09:04 rh5509:24 David Jay
0pState (CA) Taxable Interest Adjustment Question09:20 Carno 
1hState Street Real Asset Fund16:46 henryphseven09:19 David Jay
3pAny changes to real estate commissions yet?15:24 PoppyA09:16 TheOscarGuy
24hSurgery Center Ownership Ask, Worth it (Tiny %)?04/19 PhinanceMD09:15 PhinanceMD
51cParis 3 full days - Help plan please04/20 grtwallchina7509:12 Thranduil
12uUCITS vs US: Can you check my Maths please?2020 boglehooligan09:12 boglehooligan
4cTankless water heater replacements - local plumbers are less expensive21:18 cvsvm200709:12 Auream
5637tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester09:08 Da5id
5cAny tile experts? Discolored Cleaning Porcelain Tile01:00 Cruise09:00 mkc
83pIs your Bank/CU offering FedNow instant transfers?04/07 williammacy708:54 GermanHinton
1hIRA to Roth08:43 diggerkc08:51 FiveK
1p2023 taxes after move to FL08:26 g9ujra08:49 Parkinglotracer
32pBreaking the golden rule.. House > 401K due to exigent circumstances04/20 kjvmartin08:45 matthewbarnhart
43hEquiy Indexed Annuity using retirement money03/20 buddingdr08:42 ruralavalon
11tOverlap Across ETFs04/20 Chocolatebar08:36 Chocolatebar
6t30 Year Inflation-Protected Treasuries04/21 dkturner08:34 jeffyscott
4pNeed some Wisdom: Re Mortgage23:38 Sho08:32 Olemiss540
11pOutsourcing tax preparation and requesting records13:43 rjbraun08:31 Katietsu
7pJust got laid off - Coast Fire and downshift career or keep looking?16:13 SSSF08:31 stan1
54hAre t-bills not worth the effort now vs. VMFXX?11/04 LeftCoastIV08:21 trueson1
4nBefore filing I-407 and trigger form 8854 (am I missing something?)16:37 oslocal08:19 assyadh
270pBank of America promo: extra 2%/2x credit card rewards [Updated later in thread for Nov 9, 2023]2022 sycamore08:18 tj
41tWhy BND is so popular here, and not BIV?04/20 matt572808:17 Eric
3tSales Charge - Good Rate or Bad?07:21 Calvin-Snoopy08:12 Nate79
38pPurchasing, financing or leasing an EV... decisions04/21 marketeer08:07 StewedCarrot
7hPortfolio Review Request (I'm too slow to invest cash)19:32 NotGoodAtThis08:06 NotGoodAtThis
29pHow Much of a Paycut Would You Take To Shorten Commute?04/21 trumpet8307:58 tashnewbie
18cPortugal Travel Tips?04/20 Outer Marker07:56 deserat
6hNew Boglehead, seeking guidance04/19 JZA8707:56 JZA87
105pShould we pull the plug and go OMY? (When do I stop??)04/16 OMY07:51 OMY
1pEarly mortgage payoff - taking credits05:53 ragnathor07:50 Carl53
93pWhat's your current savings rate?04/18 playboy_number907:46 Gennaro Dilling
288pThe cost of not using credit cards with rewards?04/14 etfan07:35 SmileyFace
25tTax Loss Harvesting 10105/31 PeterParker07:30 rkhusky
4h401k transfer to SDA04/20 go487507:28 retiredjg
32cGood Quality Leather Slide Belt04/19 KlangFool07:20 KlangFool
53hNewbie Portfolio Question03/19 bjorn77307:20 bjorn773
56pAirplane Purchase: Cash vs. Financing04/20 austin75707:09 austin757
2883cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL07:02 jebmke
1766tVanguard Customer Service Mega-thread2021 PinotGris06:31 bondsr4me
69pRetiring abroad04/06 gavinsiu06:16 TheGreyingDuke
17nInvesting for American Expat in UK10/02 Redstar22206:03 Valuethinker
8pRent out my home??17:58 glacierbob05:52 Jack FFR1846
35hNew Boglehead ready to retire-maybe04/20 fdc06405:47 dogagility
4hHelp me leave Vanguard PAS and manage my own investments21:29 learning3005:45 sycamore
10cBoglehead Cigar?2023 fishmonger05:32 CrlsPrz0
13cSelf-Help Book/Podcast recommendations04/20 ThankYouJack05:01 ThankYouJack
21tAnnuity concerns with Bermuda reinsurance04/12 cvn74n204:48 GermanHinton
22cSecurity checklist04/13 stocknoob411104:47 MangoSmoothie
8hHave I put my dad on the right path for retirement or do I need to consult a financial advisor?04/19 abcdef191204:28 abcdef1912
74pBest Way To Find Non-ACA Medical Insurance?04/19 bogledesk04:10 marcopolo
1nRequesting investment help and advice from Sydney, Australia04/20 Ausinvest57602:54 andrew99999
0pTrickle down from amending a tax return02:16 SpideyIndexer 
6hDisentangling Managed Portfolios13:49 monkeytoad01:31 monkeytoad
1hFee Only Advisor for 8 Digit Club Investor?00:52 Redlee01:24 bonesly
25tMath! And inflation decay of pension.04/18 BirdFood01:06 BirdFood
24cHow strict is Ryanair with carry-on luggage size?04/20 motorider00:49 hidradenitis
8hPortfolio Review + Can I FIRE in 6 years?14:58 Radical Dreamer00:32 bonesly
48hYoung Centennial looking to learn04/16 DonBogleone23:47 airshow
126pWhy are so many people choosing LTCI04/05 MrCheapo23:25 pascal
22cHelp me choose my new HVAC System Part II 60,000 vs 80,000 BTU Furnace04/20 URSnshn22:52 Chuckles960
50pMedical school (DO school) - Are we thinking right?04/18 Indexfan8922:50 Indexfan89
13hELI5, treasury bond buying opportunity?04/18 retire57nh22:30 DonBogleone
0hDefined Maturity TIPS Funds22:15 JeffUltra2007 
12tEffective interest rate of a 401k loan04/13 fyre4ce22:08 fyre4ce
7t"Bogleheads on Investing" podcast exceeds 2,000,000 downloads15:56 Rick Ferri22:08 perdiem3
5pSS Survivor Benefit Question20:48 hawkfan5522:07 hawkfan55
13hInvestment Advice, Pension Planning, Down Payment Fund (39, Married, kids)04/19 Captainaut21:58 Captainaut
5973cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger21:43 Nicolas
8hPayment of capital gains04/21 Moneypenny121:20 placeholder
11hShould I Open a Solo 401k?04/20 investor1821:18 Wimpy
9pNew class action-Realtors antitrust lawsuit on comissions-Legit?02/26 relentless121:16 rkhusky
10hQuestion on inherited IRA04/21 Osampat21:12 CAsage
33cAlaska tour after cruise04/18 nonnie21:11 MrNarwhal
29hGuidance on VUL policy04/20 swe12321:10 Stinky
108hAny reason not to stuff it all into VTSAX?12/23 dkwhatimdoing21:06 KlangFool
61hCan I withdraw from 401k and transfer to my Roth?04/14 JMK909er21:02 FiveK
23cThe current crop of NonAlcoholic spirits?04/15 LaurenRose20:38 friar1610
6287pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon20:33 madbrain
13hWhere to hold large chunk of money?04/19 Octane@pure20:27 westpac
42cNice / Simple Single Serve Pour Over Coffee set up?11/20 ThankYouJack20:12 hudson
14hHow to proceed with mother's financial planner15:39 BogBod20:10 nedsaid
13hChange Target Fund now?04/21 ScruffyTheCat19:59 Wannaretireearl
1pForm 706 Portability and 2848 (POA)19:45 moxie_mm19:57 bsteiner
68cBanking apps on your phone?04/20 NYCaviator19:52 Doctor Rhythm
7225pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly19:49 dingusbojangles
36pNo RMD in 2024 for certain IRA beneficiaries04/16 bsteiner19:36 Alan S.
9pWill receipt of NQDC lump sum affect IRMAA?04/20 user678919:35 FiveK
27cDo All AmEx cards allow purchase of Premium Car Rental Ins?04/17 DebiT19:25 criticalmass
8032tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:19 pre
4pinternational travel insurance [and United Healthcare Part B plan G supplement]04/20 jocdoc19:09 LookinAround
3pMoney market for core position in Fidelity CMA, as of June 2024?04/21 syc19:07 lostcoast2023
0hShort Muni Fund without AMT18:59 neopsych12 
64h401k rollover: Company wants money back01/23 Stch18:57 Alan S.
4616cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman18:19 TravellingTechO
4hUsing money in Vangard to buy a 3rd investment property13:30 MotherofPerseus18:17 MotherofPerseus
11hRightsizing retired parent's portfolio, seeking advice04/20 SociableApe18:14 Wiggums
16pbest way to pay down mortgage04/21 raaizin18:01 grabiner
30pContinue to Use Financial Advisor Who is a Friend?04/20 Breezer18:00 cchrissyy
1885tRobinhood 3% IRA Match08/07 BobbleyBob17:33 fishfactory
9hAllocating between Tax Deferred and Taxable04/14 investorsage17:31 Hacksawdave
3225tNow that long TIPS yields have breached 2.25% again I will…2022 McQ17:30 dcabler
27pForeign Tax Paid and VTIAX (Total International Stock Index)2023 PhinanceMD17:21 LiveFor30
19pForm 5500: E*Trade individual 401(k) IRS opinion letter01/12 terran17:21 4803
7hVanguard Target Retirement Funds04/20 Ghost217:13 the_wiki
8hCan I put Vanguard PAS in will for heirs to follow?12:14 Gort17:03 Silentnight
27pBond required for administration of estate04/20 dlbbch17:02 dlbbch
1hStock Options - Startup Merge16:06 jumbo shrimp16:52 SmileyFace
4pZelle data04/21 time16:50 Doctor Rhythm
92tGold vs. TIPs04/19 mjhfx116:43 HanSolo
5tPercentage of US market cap in S&P 500 versus extended market12:33 MnD16:40 Cocoa Beach Bum
4tAge 54-59 Roth conversions??15:47 gt4715b16:17 Artsdoctor
1151tTaxation of Treasury bills, notes and bonds2022 Kevin M16:08 Artsdoctor
4pQuestion about Genworth Haney Settlement04/20 rickwmm15:53 bradfordkerr02
6hHolding a Fidelity fund in VG account12:30 ideas15:51 ideas
10tMonte Carlo simulations04/17 adave15:16 BitTooAggressiv
9hInvesting advice for newbie/catch up04/20 Taarkan15:15 bonesly
8pBay Area ACA plan - Balance by CCHP (best kept secret?)12:57 CletusCaddy15:14 CletusCaddy
3hTLH and dividend tax minimization04/21 sg7715:08 retiredjg
18pVanguard i401k, opinion letter?01/09 PigBodine14:53 CFM300
20pCritique the approach - Reduce Primary home Mortgage loan by Selling Rental home04/08 Naturelover14:44 Naturelover
45hBerkshier Hathaway vs voo or vti in taxable account04/19 younginvesting14:37 Charles Joseph
43cDuke Energy ignored me so I took tree down myself!04/19 ekid14:27 LadyGeek
7cCharred BBQ tongs12:03 Chardo14:19 tonyclifton
11pGenworth settlement offer, solvency & guaranty fund – thoughts?03/12 Lis714:14 Lis7
27pHow many LLC's do I need for rentals ?04/13 arnik8314:05 Dpmbball
4cA Wealth of Well-Being (Meir Statman book) Opinions?04/21 ThankYouJack14:01 Fallible
150tWhat's Been The Best Investment of Your Lifetime?04/01 JustGotScammed13:58 HIinvestor
3hEnd of plan and prob of success04/21 test12313:54 bonesly
34ciPhone 15 compare to iPhone XR - much of a difference?03/20 CloseEnough13:48 zie
7pApplying for Medicare through My Social Security Acct04/20 windpig13:46 windpig
5t2024 Bogleheads Conference: Sept. 27-29 in Minneapolis04/10 Bogle Center13:40 belowaverageguy
21cHelp with leisure car budget04/20 Onthetee9913:37 upwind
313tAlphaArchitect launches BOXX: 1-3 Month Box Spread ETF2023 happenstance13:25 whodidntante
16cHelp with Computer Storage Issue04/19 Prudence13:10 Prudence
24p[Question about] Online social Security application process04/17 Zeva2412:43 talzara
25cNew HVAC?04/19 Mayacallie12:32 talzara
35hPortfolio Help(changing to 3 fund portfolio)03/31 windowdog12:17 windowdog
7hNon Deductible IRA Pro rata for Roth Backdoor?04/18 Orange4412:12 Orange44
41tFTC and 1116: How to do it with TurboTax2021 international0012:11 grabiner
16pWhen do you reduce or stop disability insurance coverage2017 jocdoc11:54 A Boglehead
35tHow are your 1999 investments faring now?04/08 JustGotScammed11:47 Hacksawdave
19hAnother mortgage payoff question04/19 Bhairston201811:42 Gennaro Dilling
12hGetting employer to improve benefits04/19 diydocwifejd11:42 CLKGTR
0tModeling / Backtesting Portfolio With TIPS…04/21 wingman4uz 
49cNew car- four kids09/30 bdylan04/21 warner25
27hIs there any reason to keep our money elsewhere?04/20 flyaway04/21 LeslieSmiley
6hNew Investor > Ready to self-manage! Need guidance!04/16 juniper258604/21 naturewalker420
10pProperty purchase help04/18 moximouse04/21 moximouse
5hPurchasing individual GNMA bond?04/20 ReadyOne04/21 Hacksawdave
15nTaxation of US retirement accts in Netherlands02/04 taxtreaty10004/21 theaprilhare
11pOpen up a Roth IRA for my mother04/19 pioneer704/21 gavinsiu
374pAble to Retire Early, but concerned with Healthcare Coverage04/12 aciaitf04/21 tj
1cRug pad that doesn't ruin hardwood? (issues with Ruggable?)04/21 NYCaviator04/21 tunafish
12pBest way to gift a real estate property to brother04/20 nextmilenium04/21 moneyflowin
12pDeath Book and Safe Deposit Box04/20 RetiredCSProf04/21 tetrad
43hBest place to hold cash at Schwab only..leaving Alliant09/13 guppyguy04/21 MnD
3tupdated 3-d plot of Fama-French 25 through 202404/16 nopostsonlyview04/21 nopostsonlyview
19pCons of buying a property without much curb appeal in an otherwise desirable neighborhood04/20 InvisibleAeroba04/21 jabberwockOG
169cLiving in 55+ Communities?2023 Joyful04/21 somewhatenterta
12cFound "perfect" house except for aggregate driveway and garage cracks:04/19 Nowizard04/21 Mr. Rumples
49cNeed to Replace Refrigerator - Any Suggestions on Make/Model?04/14 Small Law Survi04/21 Surfcaster
7cCheap real US phone number options04/20 stocknoob411104/21 notinuse
17hBuying a Business- Help with Valuation04/20 Colorado262004/21 StevieG72
18hWhat happened to Vanguard's Portfolio Watch?02/25 Rockbottomdwell04/21 retiredjg
116nAre capital gains tax exempt in France for a US Citizen?2022 assyadh04/21 TimoFrance
7hDo Target Date Funds Re-Allocate on a Predictable Schedule?04/20 GoldenBear1704/21 Navillus1968
8tUncovering Hidden Real Estate Exposure in Public Company Assets04/20 Harmanic04/21 firebirdparts
11cProtecting hardwood floors from office chair? Roller-skate casters?04/20 NYCaviator04/21 Sandtrap
5pFAFSA- SAI?04/20 biker203504/21 welldone
20cHigh Quality Patio Dining Furniture03/28 Sic Vis Pacem04/21 RickBoglehead
18hESPP advice04/19 Investing4MyFam04/21 Investing4MyFam
62pProperty tax protest in Texas04/16 edgefid132804/21 snackdog
2pBest Option to Fund Vehicle Accessibility Modifications?04/20 djplourd5904/21 djplourd59
10hInservice rollover from employer 401k04/16 pjtallman04/21 Wiggums
16pI'm Sorely Confused by TIPS Taxation04/19 EricGold04/21 FactualFran
5hHSA Funds Schwab04/20 DBV04/20 WeakOldGuy
12cApp for controling what kids do on their devices04/20 Stanczyk04/20 CascadiaSoonish
84cHome internet speed question04/16 hoops77704/20 madbrain
790tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest04/20 longinvest
684tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio2017 Quark04/20 longinvest
132panother 5500ez penalty tale - $210,0002022 sunrisevalley04/20 bobtee
8p529 Withdrawals for K-12 Tuition04/16 RandomGuyOnInte04/20 Boogiebogle
17pPatience and Contentment When Restarting at Square Zero04/19 seadoocruzin04/20 the_wiki
205cTesla self driving car2022 tc10104/20 HomerJ
857cVanguard website succumbs to "Fisher-Price" UI design2022 HanSolo04/20 Thesaints
67tRisks of going all TIPS/i-Bonds for bond allocation?04/11 gwu1104/20 LadyGeek
4pFirst home down payment funded from taxable or retirement investments?04/20 Jugdish04/20 Triple digit go
12cSmart tv and downloading a movie04/20 hoops77704/20 hoops777
54cContemplating new car purchase04/15 rocket35404/20 rocket354
2265tPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky04/20 Stinky
0pGifting investment Real Estate questions and comments + deductable carry-forward?04/20 Wash.Invest 
5hRetirement/Savings Portfolio Assessment and Feedback Requested04/19 AmosTR336804/20 James.534
28pLaid off notice, specific questions and seeking guidance04/04 tenkuky04/20 CyclingDuo
102hMoney Market Funds vs US equities right now?04/08 msterrr04/20 watchnerd
173hCareer ending, getting fired. Can we FIRE ?03/06 madbrain04/20 madbrain
4tPassive Index _Theory_ Book Recommendation04/20 monkeytoad04/20 monkeytoad
71t"Stocks, Bonds and Future Returns" by Prof. Jeremy Siegel2017 Taylor Larimore04/20 abc132
57hVanguard: "Unavailable shares" warning? [7-day hold on new deposits via EBT or check]03/23 mmcmonster04/20 Dead Man Walkin
39tEquity Risk Premium as a S&P 500 barometer04/16 Abakus04/20 asset_chaos
4hShould large market ETF orders be broken up04/20 Rocinante Rider04/20 Rocinante Rider
26cGolfing Community Near the Ocean04/18 fishmonger04/20 carolinaman
8cIs underlayment necessary when LVP has pad?04/19 JediMisty04/20 CAsage
26pHow can I close my Solo 401(k)?04/18 chaser04/20 HomeStretch
20hUSFR vs SNSXX for emergency fund?08/07 CarefullyCarele04/20 Anovice
93hFidelity vs Vanguard expense ratio on FSKAX vs VTSAX04/18 letsgonow04/20 chinchin
7pRenting vs. Buying a Home - Getting started on my journey04/20 speedbiscuit04/20 Sandtrap
49tTIPS vs iBonds04/16 Workqa04/20 avalpert1
66cChip and Pin when in Europe [Greece and Italy specifically, Europe in general]07/11 mbres6004/20 Maui Maggie
2hHelp using a retirement calculator04/20 cdevidal04/20 cdevidal
1lMinnesota Bogleheads Spring Conference 202404/14 Peter Foley04/20 Peter Foley
12padministrator of estate - PO Box vs personal address04/20 dlbbch04/20 Lee_WSP
4pYNAB & Fidelity CMA08/31 bogleboy04/20 guppyguy
9tIs this a good idea? [3 ETF portfolio]04/20 seba82804/20 cosmos
8nIs Roth conversion good idea for a US citizen moving to the UK?04/04 ReluctantUSciti04/20 gougou
4hInvesting 401k tax savings to Roth IRA04/19 reasonabletoexp04/20 bradpevans
22hConsidering dropping my FA but have a few questions12/28 SB202304/20 Stinky
8pFlexible premium adjustable life insurance policy inherited - advice?2020 peterbratt04/20 BruDude
130hBest money market fund on Merrill Edge for Bank of America Preferred Rewards [Update April 2024]2022 gobsmacked04/20 sntgn
3pBetter down payment source- Taxable or Roth?04/20 stilts100704/20 bradpevans
6pLooking at LTC insurance. Should we buy a deferred annuity?04/19 yvette04/20 adamthesmythe
11hHow big of a concern is this [holdings in single mutual fund > insurance limit]04/18 goldfinger2204/20 WeakOldGuy
6hSchwab SFLNX/FNDX Russell RAFI US Large Company Index Historical Returns?04/19 camper9504/20 the_wiki
13hMerge multiple solo 401k?04/20 gdasa04/20 gdasa
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