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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2185 new posts and replies over 264 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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0pThe concept of cryptocurrencies01:58 Aurea 
438tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius01:50 Aurea
2hHow to invest IPO proceeds?00:34 IAmJustAnAverag01:50 luminous
60hWhy is dollar cost averaging discouraged?11:17 Pepper1101:48 bantam222
29tInternational stocks: If not now, then when?19:39 jhsu80270101:45 Anon9001
140pwho do you bank with and why?02/03 pesos01:44 btq96r
3095tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore01:40 Aurea
15pMortgage Payoff - This is an Easy One! (??)17:30 gutrageous01:35 ColoradoSaver
24hCrytpoCurrency16:20 bog72upCash01:21 Prahasaurus
5nNon-US citizen: Best investing options from Switzerland01/10 ramaj01:18 SteveDB
31hUnloading a tax-inefficient fund01/04 Mode3201:16 Mode32
108cPaging BH Gearheads: Reasonable Net Worth for Exotic2018 BJJ nerd01:10 2tall4economy
0hTraditional IRA vs Taxable brokerage for mom nearing retirement?01:08 Mode32 
91tLikelihood of 70s style inflation01/16 stocknoob411101:03 000
34cSignature Golf Holes that are worth traveling to? . . . And. . Most Memorable Golf Experiences?11:14 Sandtrap01:03 Sandtrap
84tAnyone abandoning trend following and/or dual momentum approaches?08/08 steve32101:01 freyj6
20pAcademic transitioning to new career?11:21 pigsinspace00:56 neb2020
39pShould folks who are able be spending more?16:17 GenawithanE00:56 CurlyDave
23hAnother mortgage payoff scenario16:09 Triple digit go00:49 dmcmahon
9311pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1100:43 Erwin007
29hShould I Continue to DCA?01/16 watson283500:42 Stef
34pShould we buy this house? (Not can we afford this house)12:31 Annabel Lee00:42 harrychan
1pRoth conversions calculator, NewRetirement and PlannerPlus14:13 is50xenough00:42 FiveK
68hHow big a portfolio should I have before retiring?2017 EdLaFave00:39 Sandtrap
4hHave to reduce retirement contributions; prioritize Roth or pre-tax?14:24 JayDee3700:38 FiveK
18phow much time do you spend on [personal finance] weekly?11:02 RJ201000:35 Stef
8hCar note ending, saving for next car19:23 JustThisGuy00:29 surfstar
23p50x milestone, and purposeful lifestyle inflation12/12 mortal00:26 Sandtrap
41cHow to deter rodent from chewing wires in car01/15 Kennedy00:23 loghound
38hNorth American Annuity01/09 NMTINX00:22 Mel Lindauer
144cShopping for college08/30 manatee200500:16 manatee2005
17tIVOL<== best TIPS ETF?01/11 stockmaster00:09 NoRegret
4hLeftover Funds After Transfer12:23 Savi9500:08 placeholder
66tSP500 is top heavy - Alternatives to cap weighted - equal weighted or Mid cap fund?07/12 guyinlaw00:06 dmcmahon
174tYoung investors: don’t take unnecessary risk with aggressive and concentrated allocations01/16 Enjoy1123:50 000
58h3.2% SWR for 60 years - 0%, 20% or 33% bonds?06/08 ThankYouJack23:46 AlohaJoe
5hPortfolio review and recommendations16:55 LiveMusic23:38 BernardShakey
0hconfused about 401K IRS limits23:36 wys 
11pCommercial Lease Expiration + Potential Lawsuit21:12 smartypants23:35 smartypants
2387pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium23:35 fatcoffeedrinke
70pWife's access to things after my death01/15 smmsmm5723:26 Katietsu
6hLate 60s retiring mom...50/50 okay?18:05 ThreeScreens8823:14 lakpr
28cReal reviews of Gas Hot water heaters01/16 chemocean23:14 Rudy Tooty
14t"Value vs. Growth: Widest Performance Gap on Record"01/16 Taylor Larimore23:06 Hoosier CPA
8hIRA Planning20:09 jmaga123:06 Wiggums
6hDraw Down Strategy Questions17:46 2020content23:05 lakpr
467tMichael Saylor Discusses Bitcoin on Bloomberg's Odd Lots12/24 Enganerd23:02 NoRegret
47pQuestions about making a will01/16 miamivice22:57 jt90505
1pJob Update22:00 Thegame1422:51 random_walker_7
5h529 Question regarding gift deposits - who owns the money?21:52 A2KY22:40 A2KY
80tSequence Risk: is it really a big deal?01/14 AlohaBill22:38 AlohaJoe
35cWhat to do with Amazon gift cards?15:06 fortfun22:34 purpleKatz
42hBrokerage Account at TD or Vanguard01/14 ashg22:34 md80only
7hThrow rocks at my experimental portfolio (tilt-o-rama)17:05 foosball22:33 BabaWawa
7220tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE22:30 Marseille07
2tWhere Can I Find the Year 2017 and 2018 QDI % for Schwab SCHB?01/14 Kookaburra22:22 Kookaburra
38hWhere would you tell a 20 yo to invest 5000$16:30 Lafder22:11 lazynovice
733cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL22:10 F150HD
4tJanuary 2021 ten year TIPS auction12:21 FIREchief22:09 FIREchief
9cComputer Security - Encryption, Antivirus, Passwords01/16 DocInColo22:09 Alchemist
18tSource of expectations16:02 Aelron22:08 FIREchief
6pCareer Advice & Comp Advice for VP Sales Position18:35 PlayingLife22:08 Thegame14
33pACA plan vs employer retiree plan01/16 leftcoaster22:05 FiveK
0hTIPS interest reporting at E-Trade versus fidelity22:02 Hebell 
12tNew York Times: How to Be a Better Investor: Do Nothing14:05 bluerafters21:58 Silence Dogood
1254cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger21:53 Ernest74
3pLife insurance and estate planning19:18 dave105421:41 Stinky
14hStupid question about starting an investment account19:02 vivienw21:22 bluegill
16pRental property proposition06:19 snowox21:22 bighatnohorse
72tWhen active fund management makes sense to you?01/10 BJJ_GUY21:22 MinnGuyInvestin
8hSAFE $150K investment10:39 bluegill21:20 bluegill
9pPersonal Home Cost Basis Multiple remodels01/14 bruuster21:14 RudyS
5pStep-up basis on irrevocable trust07:07 DesertOasis21:14 Lexx
3pChange terms of an irrevocable trust09:42 oldbykur21:13 bsteiner
41hOptimal frequency for auto-investing in taxable account01/15 Miguelito21:09 BogleDan
3cRadio Frequency Interference Issue19:37 cartman21:08 Mudpuppy
15tWhat Does the Current CAPE Ratio Mean for Asset Allocation?01/16 Fran K21:06 Random Musings
2pSecond Stimulus Question20:41 nimo95621:04 InMyDreams
82hRetiring early from windfall, mid 30s, what is the correct asset allocation to use?01/15 firefighter97321:04 Freetime76
9hApproximating Vanguard Target Date Funds01/10 GUdoc21:02 GUdoc
316cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet21:00 rich126
144t'The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully-fledged epic bubble' - GMO01/05 Forester20:58 birdog
3hVanguard Institutional Index Fund?18:37 JLC4020:55 Vegomatic
14hWhere to buy ethereum without providing SSN09:33 jaqenhghar20:54 Godot
13cThrottling, Spectrum and a VPN01/06 Bigfish20:48 Mudpuppy
18pSelling some taxable to keep cash or pay mortgage?01/16 sergio20:48 Toons
93tStart Date Sensitivity: A Potentially Important Variable Impacting Portfolios01/06 willthrill8120:42 klaus14
1pAdvising Parents on Refinance/Prepayment20:33 30investor20:38 ResearchMed
29pQuestion from a first time home buyer01/16 HasHas20:34 geerhardusvos
7hT. Rowe Price Simple IRA, Should I move???10:20 joeples20:31 RetiredCSProf
5cBest place to find a nimh rechargeable replacement battery.14:34 atlanta_dad20:31 nordsteve
4pHealth Care Costs In Early Retirement20:00 BarnBuilder20:28 Watty
2hShare class conversions at American Funds19:47 caltaz72320:28 caltaz723
2pReporting taxes (remote work in state not of company)12:58 B4Xt3r20:28 6bquick
39cApple's Using Up All My Data !01/15 LifeIsGood20:23 H-Dog
28nBanking ATM card with no international ATM fees and foreign exchange fees2017 frankyo20:21 cheerfulcharlie
13hInspiring F.I.R.E (On track?)05/02 jmaga120:19 sailaway
15tDeciding between two options: Making a definitive decision vs compromising in the middle01/16 Lynx31065020:16 JustinR
7pHow to change lienholder on car title in NY state?01/16 zrzhu11120:14 zrzhu111
48pSafest/easiest way for spouses to combine gifts?01/08 FIREchief20:14 ipdiddly
7hTaxable Account Mutual Funds: Schwab or Vanguard16:28 tvaishnav20:09 calmaniac
88pYOLO vs BH01/15 novemberrain20:05 phxjcc
17pACA Insurance question regarding poverty level15:46 rudeboy20:01 Watty
9hStrategy for shifting active to passive positions in taxable account?01/15 Squirrel20819:53 Squirrel208
37pShould I walk away from nice pension? Is it worth it?01/14 Invictus00219:36 afan
89hFighting Fomo01/07 aaja19:29 HopeToGolf
8pRent vs buy decision17:54 tRacer420119:25 abuss368
27pEasiest way to get $1,750 cash and change into an online bank?14:28 fortfun19:24 TravelGeek
2pMoney for college/Is this reasonable?19:14 Murr19:23 Murr
6233cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:20 TxAg
9hInheritance - estate tax when USA citizen dies -non USA resident spouse03:46 tom1a19:18 typical.investo
0cBeyblades rivals burst19:15 hoops777 
13cAnyone have the new Apple M1 MacBook?09:16 mike@jb19:14 TravelGeek
21206tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill19:12 Marseille07
17pNanny Payroll - Pay a service or do manually?01/14 cbr shadow19:11 Minority Opinio
11tTotal US market “Index” fund concerns?13:41 ChinchillaWhipl19:08 alex_686
4878cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt19:02 Artful Dodger
31hContinue using Vanguard Personal Advisor Services?12/30 honey_hedger19:01 abuss368
70cLet's play chess01/15 LadyGeek19:00 lightheir
3pBackdoor ROTH IRA tax question13:04 bhgpacc19:00 placeholder
46hPortfolio review at 50 - how to prepare for possible early retirement?01/17 lawman18:54 02nz
11hDirect future 401K contributions to 100% bonds?01/16 PA_Boglehead18:49 PA_Boglehead
0pCalculating mortgage interest deduction after a refinance18:46 Jsdi7873hd 
94tAsset allocation over time08:51 Triple digit go18:41 Triple digit go
67cWhat Kind of Generator Do you Use for your Home Backup?01/13 ruanddu18:35 michaelingp
10hclarification on Kiddie Tax wiki01/10 aha18:30 CAsage
18pWorth financing car purchase (temporarily) for incentive?10:38 exigent18:22 We're wolves
18hInexperienced with Investments, 350K HHI, help!13:20 RoyB18:15 Duckie
4hLooking for some ideas / suggestions on investment.10:36 techyg18:06 techyg
1tMust All RMDs be Satisfied before any Roth Conversions?17:26 Swimmer18:06 Silk McCue
0pDeferral of employment tax deposits and payments17:59 cadreamer2015 
42tIs the portability of ETFs worth much?01/15 ribonucleic17:59 Silence Dogood
3hWhat to Invest Roth IRAs in?16:55 Loik09817:54 illumination
26hPriority of investing versus pay off of mortgage debt01/11 glynixx17:47 Admiral
20pAnyone Use a 3rd Party Bill Pay? (non-business)01/16 netrammgc17:44 radiowave
173cWhere do you buy coffee beans?2016 Morik17:42 Pete12
8hWhich tax-exempt bond fund to buy for 1 year?01/16 firefighter97317:32 rerod
10cMicrosoft Office - scanning?08:20 egrets17:25 gtd98765
14hFixed Income Portion of Portfolio12/26 Inv00217:24 Inv002
2nUS/UK Citizen Seeking Tax advice14:43 nimmle2417:24 nimmle24
7hPortfolio Review/Advice01/09 NetUp17:09 Duckie
66tPSA: Fixed AA with 5/25 rebalancing works!01/10 KlangFool17:02 000
31cHBO Max Issues?01/14 rich12616:49 CardinalRule
0tPortfolio calculator16:43 Gabelli2020 
2cHow to display date in iphone 11 photos14:24 atlanta_dad16:42 Mapmaker
2hThree Fund Portfolio - 11 Year Window?11:23 Dreamer71616:37 reln
4pTaxAct. Reporting after-tax 401k --> In-plan Roth Conversion not correct. Bug, or user error?14:19 neurosphere16:34 neurosphere
34cUniversal theme parks Orlando: premium experience01/16 Xrayman6916:30 ddurrett896
121pOptions for healthcare during FIRE (but before 65)?01/14 neb202016:23 esteen
16tThoughts on using RPAR or NTSX as the fixed income portion of a portfolio?01/14 calcada16:19 aj76er
2pQuestion about the gain vs cost basis on Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury Fund Admiral Shares (VFIUX)15:48 zaplunken16:18 zaplunken
3pWhich scenario would take home more?13:52 Planner0116:18 Triple digit go
29tWhy QQQ instead of Tobacco stocks?01/13 00016:16 Beensabu
728tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee16:13 FlantasticSea
78pHow to view Austin-suburb housing market?01/15 get_g0ing16:13 manatee2005
1n[India] Portfolio advice13:59 gokuisthebest16:11 ram
2hDollar averaging13:51 ggfc2816:04 JoeRetire
358fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb16:03 Peculiar_Invest
200pProp 19 CA Inheritance Property Implications11/17 pc9515:52 cchrissyy
3cFinancial planning for disabled offspring charity?09:51 sailaway15:42 bsteiner
22tWhich type of REITs are in your portfolio and why?01/14 thethinker15:38 abuss368
372pH&R Block 2020 software offer10/19 CABob15:36 Almost there
23h401k admin fees01/12 justsomeguy201815:29 mauwong
0nNON US (IRELAND?) GOLD ETF15:27 Surdelsur 
4hPortfolio Review Please/Layoff01/15 Kalimera15:20 Kalimera
9hFidelity Purchases Question - Dollar Investment vs. Share Price01/16 portfolio12315:07 placeholder
13cRetirement: Anyone here from\live in Anthem, AZ?01/15 summerof4215:00 rockstar
9hNeed assurance14:21 Westernpa14:59 JoeRetire
72pIs a Backdoor Roth IRA worth it?2019 ThankYouJack14:55 Admiral
2cPreparing for 2021 Garden - Seed Suppliers14:02 Mudpuppy14:50 MP173
20tComparing the Performance of VTSAX and VBTLX to the Equities and Fixed Income Segments of VBIAX08:59 Munir14:50 anon_investor
73pIRS Identity Protection PIN01/12 Theseus14:50 BolderBoy
0tEmergency fund currency14:40 konik 
22hAccount fees with full service Chase Private Client account?10/20 CrisisAverted14:31 2tall4economy
181nI took a 10yr loan to buy TSLA shares11/17 herbert_2114:30 harrychan
25tAmerican Funds Charging 1.41% for Money Market Fund08:43 fpt198814:30 fortfun
10cBest leaf vacuum?01/16 fortfun14:26 fortfun
35hAnyone else have Vanguards Wellesley income fund03/20 Leb412314:23 Kevin K
5hMeasuring Performance Online13:29 Sol14:19 Broken Man 1999
12032tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar14:17 LadyGeek
59pIRS delays start of tax filing season to Friday, February 12, 202101/15 pshonore14:14 jharkin
158tVanguard Brokerage versus Mutual Fund Account Decision thread10/31 SmileyFace14:14 beyou
5nPoland - 29y, long term ETF portfolio01/10 markubik14:04 krasnall
5tWhen will Social Security statements update for 202013:10 Bloomie2514:04 southerndoc
12cTaxAide: Acer 315 Chromebook USB-C -> HDMI adapter? [Solved]05:13 Chip13:55 Chip
9tIs there any value fund that has some tech companies?12/09 physixfan13:50 jhsu802701
11hVanguard Suggestion for Inflation Hedge01/15 BusterScruggs13:45 Beensabu
6hVanguard short-term treasury ETF tax efficiency06:35 dave_513:45 UpperNwGuy
3hTaxation when shifting money between funds01/16 dave6613:42 grabiner
6hWithdrawal strategy01/10 fusspot13:29 trueblueky
49hHow do you maintain discipline during Volatility?01/15 javapro1313:20 BolderBoy
14hAre there any downsides in placing cash needs in a tax advantaged account?01/16 alx13:18 grabiner
85hMillennial - invest in bonds at all?01/14 Williams5713:17 birdog
12pFunds to provide care for elderly terminally sick relative01/11 NewBee_10113:15 NewBee_101
9hDimensional Funds01/16 lin75dot13:10 bigskyguy
14hExpanding from 3-Funds to Factor Investing09:22 itgeek13:09 livesoft
10cBoglehead golfers - Big Cedar Lodge01/16 MDfan13:01 MDfan
5pWhere to go from here? (75k extra in 2021)11:36 TarHeel200212:52 pasadena
13ceBay Listing Low Shipping Cost01/13 DTalos12:52 THY4373
2048lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1612:41 Pandemic Bangs
17hShould one avoid losses of After-tax money pre-mega backdoor to Roth IRA?01/15 corp_sharecropp12:39 anon_investor
27pShould I co-sign mom’s mortgage?01/16 Lazysundays12:39 Lazysundays
16hWhat to do, if anything, about a single stock (XOM)09/10 TresBelle6512:37 Annabel Lee
10hRoth Withdrawal to pay tax01/16 PinotGris12:25 PinotGris
112pFor those retired or FI, how much do you spend annually?01/04 MyBrothersAdvis12:23 Sandi_k
9pMega backdoor Roth vs Taxable09:59 vas12:16 anon_investor
7h7 Years to Retirement07:30 Giants123412:07 just1question
15pSplitting time between 2 states (Florida)01/16 Ryzan12:05 kramer
33cOld Apple iPhone - Worth Replacing Battery?01/16 ruanddu11:46 Jack FFR1846
24pTradeline selling - is this a real thing??2020 JD196711:40 Jack FFR1846
45nNew listed ETF [SWRD - SPDR MSCI World UCITS]2019 imperia11:34 herpfinance
1hIncome portfolio - short term - bond etfs or 1.5% apr cash08:19 seventhsun11:32 sycamore
66tWhat meaningful activities are you doing in retirement today with your free time?01/02 Ependytis11:31 Mel Lindauer
163hVanguard Annuity Transition to Transamerica12/07 Broken Man 199911:25 Cyclesafe
8pRefinancing Mortgage under 100k01/16 300bigboys11:22 Golf maniac
166t2021 Hedge Fund Contest01/03 Tanelorn11:19 Stinky
193tOn what are you most bullish?01/14 00011:19 Robot Monster
47tValue stocks are about to come out of their coma, says index fund powerhouse Vanguard01/15 F150HD11:15 MinnGuyInvestin
21pPost when you have received various tax forms01/10 bigtex11:08 mokaThought
14hcani leave my solo-401k dormant for a few years01/16 novice11111:06 retiredjg
15p[1099-R shows my entire backdoor conversion taxable]01/11 todaysBob10:54 nolesrule
1615pMy LenderFi refinance is going well2020 abyan10:47 xerxes101
3649tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas10:37 vineviz
7pCap Gains No Income01/17 LamontKrane10:31 cas
111tARK investment01/10 Always passive10:21 spanky123
10cIs it ok to have refrigerator and freezer on carpeted floor?01/16 investor4life10:21 Jeepergeo
64hBest place to open a solo 401k?12/18 Recliner10:19 snowman
21hAA and the G Fund01/16 bh3fpinv10:08 MichDad
51nVanguard LifeStrategy ETFs now available in Germany and Italy12/10 tre3sori10:00 Gato
23cHow to remove smoke smell from clothes after a fire?01/11 Muri09:46 Benbo
64pFidelity 2% Credit Card: Update on Any Issues or Experiences01/13 blastoff09:44 hudson
6pObtain Prior Year IRS PIN01/16 southerndoc09:41 southerndoc
35pFERS, TSP, LEO, Retirement, what am I missing?01/14 Bronko09:39 Bronko
0hNeed investment ideas for 5 year horizon / 10 year horizon09:39 Bogle826 
0p(Re-)Listing a Rental on Zillow; how to reset listing date?09:30 pppez80 
3nDo I need small cap? (Finland)01/12 Aleksok09:26 webkonsola
26tCentral banks and gold01/14 konik09:09 alpine_boglehea
5pBackdoor Roth when tIRA has a loss06/16 little_star09:04 anon_investor
45tCurrent Thinking on Equal Weighted Indexes?01/14 Scooter5709:01 Scooter57
12pShould I refinance my mortgage? 20 yrs? 30 yrs? being 75.01/14 sk51908:58 lakpr
23tIs Virgin Galactic (SPCE) a value stock?04/17 schooner08:48 MotoTrojan
0hWhat to put in a 457(f) which vests08:46 lobsterman2112 
5pEstate taxes01/16 catdoctor08:36 oktax
11cCalling all Amica insurance people. Will I get a discount for pleasure driving?01/12 iamblessed08:34 SimonJester
34cHigh School Graduation Gifts2017 LarryAllen08:29 Grt2bOutdoors
49tMuni bonds for taxable account?01/02 jajare5808:16 JonnyDVM
19hAsset Allocation - Overall or by Account?01/16 Burgh Investor08:13 Sahara
8nVUSD (Dist) vs. VUAA (Acc)10/07 bubbasour08:10 GregG3
0h529 colorado and parents living abroad08:08 loklav 
10hConvincing Dad to Contribute $45K to 52901/16 bh2107:40 HMSVictory
25cSecure email provider01/15 renegade0607:40 blueman457
61pReview: Mark Zoril - Planvisionmn01/22 leftcoaster07:38 BogleBuddy12
462cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!09/02 Independent Geo07:24 LadyGeek
11pQualifying for ACA Subsidy at Retirement: Analyzing EE-Bond vs Taxable Money01/16 neb202007:17 fsrph
1199cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue2018 CULater06:59 Soccerplayergoa
32pLeaving FA - had the convo, could use some support!01/16 barneycat06:52 mptfan
3hHow To Invest In Energy Storage01/16 BarnBuilder06:37 L82GAME
78n[AT/Austria] clarification on ETF taxes03/31 ellaellela05:21 alpine_boglehea
168pGot my stimulus check, how about you?01/04 Tdubs05:11 KarenC
6tThe largest Chinese company that is not a tech company01/16 Northern Flicke05:00 Schlabba
76pAnyone else get emotional while creating their death package?01/13 ApeAttack04:36 hudson
10hwhere to invest 12k USD contributed in for 2020/21 using backdoor Roth IRA01/16 bogle00503:20 lakpr
12nInteractive Brokers - Account Inheritence01/11 mooudn03:13 indurams
8hStable value fund - how safe01/16 adamsdp02:16 MadHungarian

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