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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2173 new posts and replies over 267 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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2pTax considerations of one-time capital gains windfall from sale of house [Calif]12:47 mc51013:40 goingup
155pWhat Were Your Regrets after Retiring? (serious question)04/21 catfish4808413:40 SrGrumpy
10hLowering taxable income10:34 J4513:39 BolderBoy
34cI would like to drink something more healthy than pop. I shop at costco and sam's what would you get instead?11:08 iamblessed13:39 Random Musings
27pDiscuss Net Worth with Adult Children10:00 Gatewood13:38 oldfort
2hSmall cap tilt with VTI+VSMAX or large/mid/small12:42 SesameHiker13:38 retired@50
14759tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar13:38 CurlyDave
6hAsking for feedback about my current investing plan & percentage of monthly income invested04:09 VWCE13:38 Grt2bOutdoors
8pDebit/Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fees?12:20 waltman30013:36 waltman300
24pBuying a house but not moving into it? Is that OK?04/22 rgs9213:36 hand
13cPossible Mold on Bathroom Ceiling11:54 CaptainMarvel13:36 RickBoglehead
8hLegacy Strategy: Reducing One's Estate11:59 MrLoco13:34 Watty
8pCapital gains tax on house sale when moving out of state04/21 Bungo13:34 grabiner
112pCrazy Situation - Acura Dealer Gave Me Car With Wrong VIN Number - Wants to Swap Cars?04/22 Baseballmom9413:34 whomever
2hBank of America/Merrill Edge -Platinum honors for Mutual Funds13:30 Kunnik13:33 cinghiale
8814tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE13:33 DMoogle
86tHit Millionaire Status! [Does anyone shift when they hit a milestone?]04/21 broncocountry2513:33 sureshoe
22970tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill13:33 hisdudeness
115pGEICO Umbrella: Significant Increase in Premium08/06 creant13:32 Northern Flicke
31pMoving Away from California - How Much Do You Save Retiring To a Low Cost Area?08:37 MrCheapo13:31 SuzBanyan
20tRisk Parity22:41 slowandsteadywi13:30 watchnerd
12pCalculating cost basis for stock sale - where to begin?07:15 Aguilar13:30 sycamore
89hI Bond Sell Strategy03/28 Bilbo46313:30 othermike27
0cLooking for an alternative to dropbox or for business use13:30 newbie003 
29cIPhone Battery Replacement?04/21 waltman30013:29 KlangFool
57pWhich is more forward-looking? Solar panels or Roth investment?04/01 Bammerman13:29 sls239
3pTrue Mortgage Interest Question:12:41 Nowizard13:29 FiveK
7tTarget Date Fund Simulator04/22 lazyinvestor3013:29 lazyinvestor30
1pProp 19 - Buying house now vs later13:02 Bunty13:27 SC Anteater
53cI'm having analysis paralysis on a new car. I am looking for common reliable cars, but each one has potential issues04/22 Kittens13:24 tibbitts
202tDon't fuss about 529 accounts. Have your child skip the first two years of college instead!04/16 index2max13:21 Scooter57
189tHow to Invest in Crypto like a Boglehead?02/15 Impatience13:20 watchnerd
41cMediterranean Cruise Opinions04/21 oldmotos13:19 alexander29
53pReceived a "surprise" $13,000 IRS refund check on 2018 taxes. Please advise.04/20 texasgal4713:18 atwood
4pEstate question - only able to move 50% of assets?12:12 defscott62713:17 defscott627
138cHow to make strong coffee equivalent to Starbucks for cheaper?03/05 Orangutan13:16 rooms222
89tDividend Portfolio (SCHD) vs Stock-Bond (VTI-BND) Portfolio04/21 ipdiddly13:12 anil686
23pAdvice for selecting our first home2020 PolarBearMarket13:11 esteen
462tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5813:10 alex_686
3tVanguard dominating inflows for 202109:32 BeachPerson13:10 Scooter57
258t[Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]2011 stratton13:06 sureshoe
10pLumber prices11:21 Kookaburra13:05 LadyGeek
4hQCD in 2021 when over 70.5 but under 7205:46 mrc13:03 mrc
22pLeaving Corporate for my own LLC04/20 FIREandNice13:03 CoastLawyer2030
53pHow do Bogleheads deal with social media envy, preaching and FOMO?10:51 thomasbayarea13:00 LadyGeek
5tUnderstanding Social Security taxes01/03 Mr.BB13:00 GaryA505
7cHoneymoon Planning20:17 Elbukari12:59 mceagle555
10pHelping MIL buy a house - Delayed Financing?04/21 FoolMeOnce12:58 FoolMeOnce
26pHow much house can we afford?16:19 wizwit5512:57 Bunty
13hNew Schwab Trad IRA04/22 emmagator12:57 backpacker61
49pDo you have guaranteed replacement cost provision with your homeowners insurance?2019 doss12:56 UALflyer
63hRebalancing -> Market Crash and rebalancing2017 KlangFool12:55 friar1610
5hDynamic Asset Allocation During Accumulation?12:13 BHawks8712:54 KlangFool
15cIRS tax return mail lost / identity theft?22:22 RJ201012:52 HomeStretch
801pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly12:49 atdharris
15h3 ROTH Conversion Options04/21 mmoneytalks12:46 tibbitts
6pCreative ways to reduce AGI11:17 FLC4112:46 GTBuzz
16hReinvest distributions or not?04/22 sickofsnow12:40 wolf359
10pRecent Home Buyers: Who did you get mortgage through?04/18 socialforums20112:40 regularguy455
14cCostco Questions11:15 waltman30012:37 rixer
525tWisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund [NTSX]2020 kevinf12:29 thenextguy
320t"Mortgage is a negative bond" - please help me understand04/14 USAFperio12:27 vineviz
7nUS -> UK Move - US Retirement Accounts Strategy04/21 asteroidnix12:23 TedSwippet
9hIRA rollover problem. Please help04/22 Econberkeley12:22 Alan S.
0pDC Tax - Make Estimated Payment12:17 DarkHelmetII 
0hBonds in 529/glide path12:15 Hoosier CPA 
23nInvest entirely in vanguard life strategy fund? UK investor looking for advice04/16 drldrl12:15 Laurizas
0pRevocable Trust Question12:09 jackoak 
42nAre bonds really the best thing for the non-equity part of my investments?04/20 Digit12:08 watchnerd
97pMarcus $100 bonus01/15 intendi12:06 SrGrumpy
12cWhere to travel with grandparents if they don’t like the beach and can’t walk too far11:13 coalcracker12:02 MrBobcat
10tWill Biden's Doubling Capital Gains Tax On Couple's Earning Over 500K Trigger A Sell Off?11:43 Orthodoc1.11:59 prudent
13cHow to get to Foxwoods14:39 familythriftmd11:59 quantAndHold
1pSmall residual balance at an old 401K11:53 AQ11:58 MrJedi
44cAmazon Echo Skills/Uses04/22 gr707011:56 IowaFarmWife
22cBoxer for Men?04/21 waltman30011:52 fishandgolf
11tVWAHX (high yield muni) vs. VCITX (LT CA muni)04/18 ilan1h11:45 GaryA505
20hCrypto investors: opinions on hard wallets?16:19 Williams5711:44 khangaroo
10hStable value fund as ETF, or no such animal? (Seeking safe for now)09:27 OkanePlease11:44 OkanePlease
15cElectric Shaver Replacement Head Replacements?04/17 waltman30011:39 waltman300
1cRecommendations on a new gaming laptop11:29 Maverick332011:38 sonosoldi3112
2cBuy Speed Queen Washer/Dryer online(Appliance connection,AJMadison)?10:27 rgs9211:38 rgs92
2hWindfall investment - 3 fund portfolio questions04/18 rwheeler11:33 rwheeler
18pHelp with pension choice calculation19:31 marcopolo11:32 marcopolo
5pWest-Coaster - $500K tax-free Long Term Capital Gains on primary Home, taking any tax-efficient actions ?06:23 sc918211:31 jarjarM
26nInteractive Brokers (via Charles Schwab International)03/28 Neuralgia11:30 Neuralgia
0puniversal life insurance policy to age 100?11:27 agaricus 
178tHelp me get a basic education in cryptocurrency04/17 BeaglesRule11:26 unclescrooge
0p529 planning for an academic11:25 Ollie123 
15pOffered Severance Pkg.-Need advice.21:19 Pugdog9611:24 Retired2013
30cWireless Earbuds/Headphones Recommendations?04/21 waltman30011:22 waltman300
1hBuy BTC via Grayscale Bitcoin Trust @ 20% discount in Roth IRA--good buying opportunity?10:31 GR8FUL-D11:21 corp_sharecropp
17pShould a trust always allow for a change of successor trustee?04/22 Ranunculus11:20 Lee_WSP
8pjoint trust protection from lawsuit?04/21 fallon82511:18 Lee_WSP
22hI invest in 10 Vanguard funds. How should I consolidate this mess?04/21 COYB11:17 COYB
3p[How do I calculate cost basis with no documentation of the acquisition?]08:30 sargemo11:14 sargemo
21cBathroom fan question04/22 Tom_T11:13 UALflyer
6hCompany HSA Mistake16:55 btq96r11:13 btq96r
6h529 Plan15:50 Ismmm11:12 Penguin
232tCoinbase IPO - anyone tempted?04/13 Yesterdaysnews11:12 Maverick3320
3cPlumbing Q :Cu pipe required for Heat Recovery Unit10:23 Dudley11:09 Steve747
69cWhat EV to buy for 20k-25k?04/07 angelescrest11:07 janiebegood
28hBull Market in Bond04/20 Merionman11:03 climber2020
12hRetirement Spend Down04/21 MYINVEST11:00 MYINVEST
10pMy Aunt is Awesome00:21 Independent Geo10:58 LadyGeek
133tI Bonds variable rate @ 3.54% in May04/13 tomsense7610:56 anon_investor
33cContact Lenses Online?04/17 waltman30010:56 inbox788
55tIdeal Bond allocation by age04/17 NabSh10:54 KlangFool
26hWhat do you define "hitting your number?"04/22 POSITA10:53 LateFire
1cSuperautomatic Coffee Machine: Jura or other?10:21 Saving$10:48 jayk238
24pThoughts About Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement - Class Action Antitrust Lawsuit04/16 SQ7N3mvB10:48 FireHorse
7pPay off loans with money in “bad” funds?23:35 o'pinion10:47 Hyperchicken
4hInherited Annuity Transfer Options & Annuity Type Suggestions04/22 2020content10:45 2020content
274tCryptocurrency in Free Fall03/15 MinnGuyInvestin10:44 AerialWombat
39pHow do you calculate money needed in retirement when still 15+ years away?04/19 dred pirate10:41 humblecoder
37hAlmost on FIRE04/18 LCMay10:37 junior
58tBogle's comment on rebalancing14:40 rsundaraz10:34 Astones
5h401k questions04/22 toot10110:34 ruralavalon
32c12 year boat loan!04/21 chrismj10:30 barnaclebob
15cWho's been to Disney World during Pandemic?04/20 SuperSaver10:28 Notgreg
41t"Bogleheads on Investing" podcast transcripts are becoming available2019 Rick Ferri10:23 Barry Barnitz
148pHM Bradley savings plan 3% APY09/11 rage_phish10:23 index2max
2cCar purchase analysis - The Bathtub Curve10:06 sunny_socal10:22 oldcomputerguy
13pShould a roll over of tIRA into a 401k trigger 1099 R?04/21 worthit10:18 worthit
10cBose QuietComfort or AirPod Pro?15:53 NYCaviator10:12 doc4sleep
8hHow to invest 250K in cash in this market?04/21 DreamsOfRetirin10:09 ruralavalon
1pSub-Trust Share Inherited IRA Help (Schwab)09:14 CIPHERSTONE10:00 bsteiner
65tIs Cathie Wood a bad influence to our younger generation?14:29 teelainen09:58 LadyGeek
1pPerks for US Citizen Owning 20% Canadian Business?21:58 windaar09:56 Valuethinker
17cCell phone towers: Any health issues living near?08:55 Ykcor09:54 LadyGeek
17pRedfin vs. Traditional Selling Agent - Lukewarm Condo Market01/29 DarkHelmetII09:53 sixtoeight
14hWhere do you store your cash part of retirement?04/21 Homeby509:52 ruralavalon
518cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!09/02 Independent Geo09:46 LadyGeek
11hValuations/Allocation04/21 vanillagerm09:45 mrpotatoheadsay
103cAAA - American Auto Assn - Service has gone way down01/03 tc10109:41 tj
11hBetter to realize capital gains now if taxes rise in future?12/28 mkin1409:34 ruralavalon
6tFuture of advisory services?04/19 anjeli09:33 anjeli
0pPSA: 04/23/21 update on delay in processing IRS payments09:26 BogleTaxPro 
4436tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas09:24 Robot Monster
19cBetter air conditioning for upstairs: minisplit or just upgrade main hvac to variable speed?03/29 doss09:09 UALflyer
7hSwitching from individual stocks to ETF/ index19:50 Shimmy09:09 Shimmy
3nA few questions as a new UK based boglehead04/22 Impensus08:51 Impensus
98tDo simple index fund-only portfolios (e.g., 3-fund, 5-fund, etc.) work for the ultra wealthy (say, $20+ million)?04/18 phositadc08:48 aristotelian
34cTowing with Small Truck04/22 trumpet8308:42 Teague
54tThe end of LendingClub10/08 StrangePenguin08:40 MBB_Boy
9hNeed portfolio guidance04/20 Mildot08:38 ruralavalon
6phow to help my parents buy a house04/22 BobbyB08:27 BobbyB
2871tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab08:24 sc9182
146nI want 15% yearly ROI. How to go about it? [Croatia]12/27 antisa08:21 tradri
2cIssues with installing remote starter and automatic unlock?22:17 lazylarry08:20 lazylarry
8hStop Roth Contributions to buy pension years?04/22 Fishing2retire08:14 Fishing2retire
27hVanguard personal advisory service04/19 rramaswa08:10 MikeG62
57tOverweighting VWO because of China!02/14 invest2bfree08:07 Anon9001
153tHere's my portfolio2019 vineviz08:05 vineviz
492p"Nobody's ever regretted paying off the mortgage."04/14 Triple digit go07:55 Ivygirl
40pJob Offer - Company won't put bonus info in offer letter or in writing04/21 MrCastaway07:53 MikeG62
17pPhysician Jobs: Private Equity or Industry?04/11 dwade110907:53 Edujo
1598cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger07:49 Snuffycuts99
18cMineral-based sunscreen without looking like a ghost?04/21 coalcracker07:39 Rex66
89tWhy Does Anyone Listen To Paul Merriman?04/14 FIREGuy8807:31 Call_Me_Op
4hvipsx vs savings account04/20 siker07:27 siker
28pCar warranty companies04/20 Duber360306:56 260chrisb
6pDouble IRA Recharacterization question04/19 miatata06:49 cas
21pClaiming Social Security at/around 70 questions04/21 notPatience06:39 JoeRetire
12hTaxes and RMDs04/20 Carolina Shagge06:37 sc9182
8hFinancial account representative for Flagship clients?04/21 DGinvestor106:34 Cheez-It Guy
10hPortfolio Advice Needed - Building Portfolio04/21 SesameHiker06:18 retiredjg
5hPortfolio Review- Future Expat Edition04/22 Sukhumvit06:00 AlohaJoe
9hWhat happens if I draw my Vanguard Brokerage Acct down to $0?04/20 femur02:34 calwatch
11hNon-emergency cash alternative04/21 greenyoda02:18 tomsense76
13t[Interactive Brokers margin account for IRA futures - holding T-Bills not allowed]12/31 guitar212man01:27 calwatch
26hWhen to take Social Security when a pension is linked to it04/18 relativeratio01:17 calwatch
27nIRA to Roth conversion as a UK resident (UK)02/17 Disqo01:02 bhradbh
10pSole Beneficiary of Revocable Trust04/20 johnnyproctor00:51 celia
2hInvestment for my son college04/20 dippieffe00:42 Metsfan91
16pTrusts04/22 tmp12300:25 Lee_WSP
208pChoosing a university/college for my son a future Computer Science Major2020 ualdriver00:22 TheHiker
102pHow foolish is this? [Buying waterfront apartment in Florida]04/14 protagonist23:38 Hebell
189cCostco rotisserie chicken2016 Pete1223:08 poker27
2pDoes a Reverse Mortgage Affect Capital Gains Down the Line?16:00 roamingzebra22:50 michaeljc70
4h457b Plan fee I have never heard of14:28 metalworking22:42 Katietsu
16tYTD Daily Total Return....uh what??04/20 tomdickorharry22:38 Fat Tails
7hPortfolio Review18:03 anewboglehead22:32 HomeStretch
6tIneligible but received stimulus check:04/21 Nowizard22:29 Fat Tails
7hHelp assess my personal situation and advice requested..17:59 Jayx22:14 SSM1
15hportfolio, plan and early retirement2018 SSM121:51 SSM1
12hnew job. Rollover to new employer or vanguard?04/22 GuinnessPhish21:48 miket29
28pTurbotax "Date of Withdrawal" - electronic paymet of Federal04/11 mike_in_ny21:47 RetiredAL
3pDoes 2021 change in Child and Dep Care Tax Credit (CDCTC) apply to high earner?04/21 sherwood8821:44 FiveK
34hWhen do you stop buying I-bonds?04/21 nrkv21:34 smectym
15hNew to stock investing and have $5000 to invest. What would you do?04/21 Wizzroom21:15 StevieG72
35pWhat to do if I’m not good at my job but I’m paid well?04/22 bigtex21:11 spammagnet
2hCan I do a Mega Backdoor Roth? Have a variety of funds in 401k20:23 gofarhaveacigar21:08 Alan S.
4pCareCredit (medical credit card)14:12 samtex21:06 retire2044
52tREITs for diversification04/21 Betelgeuse7921:03 nisiprius
1tPurchasing state specific Tax EXEMPT FUND20:35 NabSh20:59 xenial
152cIs AAA Membership Worth it?2010 newkidonthebloc20:59 almostretired19
5hAdvice on Asset Allocation when starting out Taxable Account (Other retirements maxed)19:37 gofarhaveacigar20:56 dafioram
25tStandard Deviation and %03/30 bluegill20:56 trueblueky
1325tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36820:54 abuss368
2hSequence of RMD, Roth Conversion, and extra withdrawal20:20 RetiredCSProf20:51 celia
5pNegotiating substantial pay raise with leverage16:32 ThankYouJack20:48 Jeepergeo
6hRecharacterization + Backdoor Roth Tax Question04/17 takumi8720:43 takumi87
14tFTC and 1116: How to do it with TurboTax04/11 international0020:41 international00
15cTechnology Question04/22 CrazyCatLady20:40 CrazyCatLady
43pVanguard solo 401k to allow incoming rollovers?!02/11 neurosphere20:25 jameskay
42hAny strategies to ensure children keep Roth until retirement04/22 masrepus20:03 sailaway
34hREITs04/19 spanisharmada20:03 investuntilimri
7cKraftmaid Cabinets and Home Depot - Price confusion04/16 Ikigai19:59 Ikigai
36tLong Term Future of Oil and Natural Gas?04/22 MrCheapo19:56 LadyGeek
27hSolo 401k contributed as Employer instead of Employee how to fix?04/21 Sahara19:54 Sahara
11hHelping an elderly MIL consolidate CC debt?04/22 Homeby519:53 iamblessed
6pNot sure what to do next... max 401k/529/WLI?04/21 supaflyjae19:51 Rex66
0tMutual Fund Costs19:43 pkcrafter 
92pAre Roth Accounts Overrated?04/21 CoastLawyer203019:42 corp_sharecropp
30pConclusions: tIRAs, trusts, and the SECURE Act04/17 restingonmylaur19:41 afan
21pIllinois Estimated Tax Payments and Lumpy Income04/19 sparky12319:09 sparky123
57pUnicorns pay no federal tax!04/21 vanbogle5919:07 finite_differen
31cStruggling with car purchase15:20 AK5919:05 goonie
81cSki Resort Recommendations for the first-timers? (emphasis on resort)04/18 Dakotah19:04 rascott
110pHow Long Would You Stay in a Boring Government Job?04/20 CoastLawyer203018:59 retire2022
2fQuestion for Administrators [Total number of a member's posts]18:16 tomd3718:31 LadyGeek
34cOut on 4Runner - Used Lexus GX?04/19 fishmonger18:00 StevieG72
125pWarning: Solo K and 5500 EZ2020 Alan S.17:59 HomeStretch
4hLump Sum - but when/where?13:52 aspiring_bogleh17:38 Watty
13cUnder kitchen cabinet led lights04/22 chickadee17:24 gerntz
46hMarket Timing Change04/15 peddler1217:21 watchnerd
14pShould I keep my PayPal account?04/22 miamivice17:11 Invest4lt
4nEstate Question14:07 whiterabbit8717:07 whiterabbit87
5099cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt17:07 bertilak
11hVanguard account just disappeared...04/22 pumpkin_spice16:58 beyou
2pACA subsidy cliff question14:36 skor9916:51 Watty
6tRobinhood, Three Friends and the Fortune That Got Away13:53 manuvns16:49 secondopinion
8pForced liquidation of an LLC ?04/22 Nebraska_Drough16:47 sport
31hSolo 401(k) Contributions Deadline Dates03/22 johnpau16:46 KCjason
7hnext dollar of savings, and asset allocation04/21 BeerTooth16:44 FiveK
80pMedallion signature guarantee03/03 tc10116:29 Shaneman
152tFor those adding Crypto as an asset class to their AA04/15 TheTimeLord16:20 vanbogle59
131cFormula One2010 Driver16:08 Capsu78
0hHow to deal with employer failure to remove mis-contributions?16:04 nerdymarketer 
192hWhat does "won the game stop playing" mean in practice?04/18 MathWizard15:57 watchnerd
129pMedicare Advantage - What's the Deal?04/15 chris31915:50 Broken Man 1999
124p[Spouse recently passed away. Please help me handle his financial matters]04/08 Bennie15:49 Bennie
112tVanguard Portfolio Watch has a new look04/07 livesoft15:39 LadyGeek
156cWhy leasing a new car is always the best option even if you intend to keep it forever04/15 Tingting101315:24 surfstar
29cHow long does it typically take to get used to a new mattress?04/19 CobraKai15:14 Lalamimi
10tMunicipal Bonds in taxable to replace VBTLX04/21 dan780015:07 secondopinion
24pWhat would you tell 30 year old you?04/22 Volando15:02 Flyer24
85cWhere do you keep the original of your will?01/27 tc10114:59 Northern Flicke
49pFederal government not taking taxes as scheduled04/15 theorist14:58 knibloe
106pNeed Cash for Divorce Payout04/21 whoshighpitch14:46 Pickle11
1tSchwab's take on SPACs13:40 garlandwhizzer14:35 secondopinion
29pmy YOLO moment (career downshift and full-time WFH)04/21 alex34514:34 stoptothink
34hHelp with selecting 401(k) funds04/20 swilgu114:29 swilgu1
8hVanguard blocking SOME exchanges/sells, why?04/21 cliffedelgado14:28 Broken Man 1999
2tHow To Lose All Your Money04/22 chris31914:27 secondopinion
6hQuestions about rolling over 401k and Vanguard personal advisor service04/20 IamLaura14:26 IamLaura
42tEM has concentrated risk in china/taiwan04/17 michaelsieg14:20 secondopinion
2hWhere to park EF/down payment money04/22 robocop14:16 tashnewbie
1hHow to change my portfolio?13:49 Diehard Yee14:10 tashnewbie
17pUsage-Based Auto Insurance AmFam - anyone have? GPS tracking.....% discount04/21 F150HD14:08 realclemsongrad
26tBuying any bonds is timing the market... as long as bonds pay less than savings accounts04/21 VTI14:02 corp_sharecropp
6pNo wife 401k to build cash for early retirement?04/22 fatherjames13:51 marcopolo
0pTax help for S corp13:51 castiron 
13tWhy Is There a Gap in International Expense Ratios of Growth and Value vs Total International?04/21 nzahir13:50 secondopinion
12hLooking to diversify International holdings04/22 rockAction13:44 dorster
2hPlease critique my attempt at tax-efficient placement04/21 Iconicus13:42 Iconicus

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