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TL/DR: has anyone used HomeStory to buy a house?

I am planning a move across the US later this spring and decided I may consider buying (would be a first time home buyer). I used to live in this city so I’m familiar enough with the area. Pricing rent vs buy suggests I’m probably better off purchasing, but it’s kind of a toss up and overall inventory is low in both categories, so I could end up with either option.

In the interest of being prepared when I visit in a couple weeks to look for housing, I’ve obtained a pre-approval letter. I’ve also asked a couple friends in the area to recommend real estate agents, but I haven’t received many responses (I mean from the agents; my friends are great 😉). This worries me as if I’m wanting to make an offer I need somebody more responsive.

When the lender gave me my pre-approval, they offered to connect me with local agents via HomeStory - has anyone heard of this? They are a network of pre-vetted agents and have a rebate program that sounds sort of like Redfin. A quick search shows many lenders use this and kind of rebrand the service (i.e. “Chase Agent Express”).

In general my instinct and what I’ve read about home buying is to do your homework in each party - don’t use the agent/inspector/lawyer/lender recommended by each other, or at least first vet them all yourself. So, I’m seeking the collective wisdom of Bogleheads - has anyone used HomeStory? I’ve found relatively little information and they seem fairly new. On the other hand, the other agent recommendations I’ve got haven’t panned out…..
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