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Oregon partial year capital loss carryover

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2023 8:26 pm
by ryman554
Ok, moved from California to Oregon. Large capital gain (800k) in house sale in CA. Large, but smaller capital loss (-90k) due to tax loss harvesting, attributable to OR.

So, for federal, works out ok.
For California, don't get to offset the loss, no problem.
For Oregon, capital loss is limited to 3k. Ugh. Got 87k to carry over. A lifetime!

I know we can do a capital loss carryover for next year, just like the fed. Were I a full year resident this whole time, it will just follow the fed usage. But how does that work for the state only? I really don't want to lose the loss permanently, but how can I document so I can offset Oregon sourced capital gains going forward? Or can I?