Odd issue with Facebook Security

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Odd issue with Facebook Security

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I've never experienced an account hacking (faking impersonation) that seems to be common on Facebook, but yesterday I had an odd experience and wondering if anyone else has had the same.

I was on my laptop and received an emailed message from Facebook (and I verified it came from Meta) that my account had been accessed by someone else and that I would first need to change my password before logging back in. So, I changed my password.

Later in the day, I was on my cellphone and decided to look at Facebook from there. When I opened the app, I got a message that I needed to log in (presumably due to changed password)- and it asked me which profile I wanted to log in from - my own - or that of a Facebook "friend".? This Facebook "friend" is just someone I have interacted with on Facebook, not in person.

So, I am guessing that because of the way I was asked for a choice of profiles to log in - that maybe the person who "accessed" my account was not a complete stranger but this Facebook "friend". I went ahead and deleted the person before asking them because I was concerned about overall security of my account and was wondering if this friend's account may also have been hacked?
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