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Check on emergency fund amount/cash in retirement

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2023 12:48 pm
by alextrainer
I am 62 working, planning to retire this year and my partner is retired at age 71.

Only debt is house $282K with possible value of $525K

Invested in vanguard admiral total stock mkt, total bond and total int'l stock mkt in 401k and roth

Brokerage account has IWB and IWN in my acct along with admiral total us stock index and PQNAX in partner's account brokerage post tax

I don't have any cash for monthly expenses. We have enough for 3-5 years expenses in brokerage post-tax btw both accts (and/or enough in 401 rollover iras).

Thoughts on how much do I put in MMA for monthly expenses in each category?
3-6 months of expenses before retirement?
3 years of monthly expenses when I retire?

I need $60k post tax each year in retirement

When selling, do it in this order: brokerage post tax, roth, 401k?

Since no cash, do I sell all at once to fund what I need in a MMA? since I am working

or selling month by month? what about when in retirement

Do I withdraw from my partner's acct first, split it between accts, take partner's whole RMD in 2023 $17K annual (he is 72 2023 june)?

choose mf or etf or stock based on lowest expense ratio and returns over 3, 5 years?