IRA transfer from Andrews FCU to Fidelity: super easy

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IRA transfer from Andrews FCU to Fidelity: super easy

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DW and I just had a very pleasant experience initiating an IRA transfer from Andrews FCU to Fidelity. We were able to complete the entire process online at Fidelity! This is the first time this has happened to me, and I've done many IRA transfers. The process included uploading the latest statement from Andrews.

DW has a CD maturing at Andrews on 2/1/2023, so I didn't think there would be time to do the transfer before the CD matured (I selected the option to transfer proceeds at maturity). Since I did not have to mail any form this time, I'm hopeful that Andrews will receive the transfer form before the CD matures.

The yield for a 12-month CD at Andrews is 3.95%, and I don't know if this is even available in an IRA. The shortest maturity they list for an IRA CD is 36 months, with a yield of 4.10%. Yield on a 1-year Treasury is 4.68%, so it seems like a good time to further consolidate her IRAs. Also, Our preference is for TIPS in IRAs these days, so this money will go into TIPS, not nominal Treasuries.

If I make a calculation error, #Cruncher probably will let me know.
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