help with legal doubts regarding starting out a small business

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help with legal doubts regarding starting out a small business

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I am trying to grow and fix some documents outlining to be a small company corporated in LLC; however a friend of mine, and me. we are started out two years ago started with video production, photoshoots at weddings, and a few startup companies about their products. however, we are trying to include custom software development and cybersecurity whereas my friend will only focus on video production while I will focus on software development and cybersecurity line.

we have the following documents outline:

business proposal

Executive Summary 4
Project Background 4
Proposed Solution 4
Project Scope 4
Scope of Work & Deliverables 4
Scope Limitations and Assumptions 4
Timing & Fees 5
Timetable 5
Fees and Expenses 5
Terms & Conditions 5
Inherent Risks 6
Acknowledgment of terms 6
Client Acceptance 6

ROE ( rules of engagement )

Project Description and Overview 3
Purpose of the ROE 3
Scope of the Engagement 3
Timeline of Engagement 3
Resource Management and Coordination 3
Engagement Limitations and Assumptions 4
Planning and Preparation for the Engagement 4
Schedule of Engagement 4
Assumptions and Testing Process 4
reporting 4
Secure Document Sharing — Project Portal 4
Technical Requirements and Connectivity Solutions. 4

sales deck

we already build our custom templates for each core legal document; however, it needs to be sent for revision and proper legal advice. I have some questions currently if I want to move the business model about consulting to a more sort of venture builder where we will be using all revenue generated by the business lines to build products within the same business line into a more web service, application, and finding partners willing to serve as a CEO, CFO, etc. let's say a company factory studio where we will serve as a consulting company for a short time, and moving towards a venture builder within the same industry in a few years - 5 years goal plus we are currently investing our gains into a global market exposure, and money market.
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