QOLSYS Alarm System / Alarm.com

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QOLSYS Alarm System / Alarm.com

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We had a hardwired alarm system that was obsolete. We just replaced it with a Qolsys IQ system. It interfaces with all of the hardwired sensors, plus I added a few wireless smoke alarms and flood sensors. It works off of the Alarm.com ecosystem and I found a company online called "Surety Home" that will do the monitoring over cellular for $14/month for "self monitoring" or $20 a month for a UL listed central station monitoring.

Anyone heard of them, and are they legit? Is this Qolsys system decent?

All of the quotes I got from local companies to install a traditional system were upwards of $900-$1,500 for the install of new equipment plus $45/month in monitoring with a contract. This is on par price wise with Simplisafe/Ring/etc. but seems like a pretty reliable company.

It looks like there's a lot of cools home automation stuff you can do with Alarm.com systems as well. For anyone else that has one, what cameras do you use? Do you also control your thermostat or do other home automations through it?

We've been looking to replace our old hardwired nest cams, but most of the new cameras are battery powered, and required an expensive subscription (a la Arlo).
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