Estate Dual Personal Representatives

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Estate Dual Personal Representatives

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My father listed my brother and I as personal representatives of his estate. We are nearly done (I think) with everything except dealing with the IRS. He is due a fairly large refund so we would like to get this done and move on.

We submitted his tax return a while ago and got a letter from the IRS asking us to:
1. Fill out Form 1310
2. Send in a copy of the court document showing the court appointed/approved personal representative
3. Copy of death certificate.

So I have a "State of Maryland Letters of Administration of a Small Estate" document with the date for the administration of the estate was granted and it was granted to myself and my brother and when the will was probated.

On form 1310 it doesn't seem to have any place for two people to sign so I'm planning just to sign it myself and include the documents above. Does anyone know if that is fine? Or does it have to include both of our signatures?

I doubt it matters but basically everything was 50/50 split between my brother and myself. Once we get the refund then we will split that minus the fee the CPA charged for doing the return.
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