401k over-contribution fixed - W2 issue

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401k over-contribution fixed - W2 issue

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Hi, I worked at two employers in 2022: Employer A at the beginning of the year, and then got a new job at Employer B around May where I currently work.

I accidentally maxed out my 401k at both employers. I discovered my mistake in December 2022, notified Employer B, and had the 401k administrator for Employer B cut me a check for my contributions. (Per their instructions, I wrote them an instruction letter making it very clear this was an over contribution that needed to be fixed).

I have now received my W2s from both employers, and both W2s state I maxed out my 401k contribution. I wrote to Employer B and said I need a corrected W2 that does not show a 401k contribution, and they said that was wrong, and instead the 401k administrator would send me a tax form.

Is that right? Has anyone been in the same boat with a 401k over contribution? Thanks
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