American Association of Individual Investors - AAII (Worthwhile? Alternatives?)

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American Association of Individual Investors - AAII (Worthwhile? Alternatives?)

Post by bordercrossingfool »

For those who belong to the AAII, do you consider it a useful resource and worth the membership fee? (The last comments I could find in the forum on AAII were from 2013.)

I am referring mainly to the base membership - AAII Journal, Tax Guide, etc. and not of the premium newsletters and other premium products. (I would especially like to here from anyone who has subscribed for a long time (or had a lifetime membership for many years).

Are there any alternative organizations that anyone here belongs to and could recommend?
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Re: American Association of Individual Investors - AAII (Worthwhile? Alternatives?)

Post by tbgb50 »

I purchased a lifetime membership about 10 years ago after paying year to year for another 5 years. During this time, especially in the last 3-5 years, they have moved more towards selling premium add-on service, some of which have elements that used to be included in the subscription.

Example: screeners are now basic and you have to pay for an add on to see some of the more important information. Similar to Yahoo Finance.

On the other hand I still find their journal useful as well as the massive amount of ETF/mutual fund data they provide which can be downloaded to Excel for analysis.

While not as excessive as some others, they do send emails about their premium services.

If I were making the decision now, I would likely not go for an annual subscription - don't know the price today but I paid $299. Also, I do not pay for any premium services and have not plans to do so.

One other thing I remembered - their community forums do not get a lot of posts.

I hope this is helpful.
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