Form 8606 incorrect by CPA - how hard to pushback?

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Form 8606 incorrect by CPA - how hard to pushback?

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First time going to CPA because of business related items.

I do backdoor Roth. $6000 nondeductible traditional IRA contribution, $6005 conversion of traditional IRA to Roth IRA. Zero balance left in tIRA. Done the form many times in Turbotax and Part 1 and 2 both filled out.

Their form 8606 came back with no Part 2 filled out (lines 16-18). At the end of the day the $5 taxable that flows to 1040 line 4b is correct, but it comes from an incorrect 8606 Part 1 line 15a.

I think I found the error - they did the 590B worksheet and stopped at line 9 instead of filling out lines 10 and 11. This leads to the error on 8606 line 15a showing the $5 (it should be 0) and then blank 16-18 (which is where the $5 should show).

I have not gotten the CPA to agree to edit it. He says the right taxable amount flows to 8606 and therefore no issue. How much should I push? What is likelihood to get IRS flag/CP2000 trigger?
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Re: Form 8606 incorrect by CPA - how hard to pushback?

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As a retired CPA, I agree with your CPA. My question is, why don't you do your own taxes?
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