Question for Administrators [Total number of a member's posts]

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Question for Administrators [Total number of a member's posts]

Post by tomd37 »

I notice that each member has a number of posts attached to his/her registration. Does that number reflect the number of posts started or does it also include the number of responses also. I ask because I note that some members will have literally dozens and dozens of responses on the same post of no real relevance or value. It is almost like they are trying to just increase the number of their posts and not really adding anything to the conversation going on. IMO it is getting ridiculous on some subjects. :annoyed
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Re: Question for Administrators

Post by runner3081 »

It is new threads and responses, combined.

Does it matter how many posts people have? No prizes for that :)

Either way, the rant will likely be locked. Seems like padding stats, haha.
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Re: Question for Administrators

Post by LadyGeek »

It is the total number of posts. The post is counted regardless if it's the first post in a thread (the OP) or somewhere in the middle.

The question has been answered. Further discussion will not be productive.

This thread is locked to end the discussion. If there are any further questions, PM me.
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