CNDX spread

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CNDX spread

Post by HKRiver »

was researching on CNDX, one of the few Ireland domiciled ETF tracking NASDAX 100. Take April 13 trading for an example, I found the following info on how it was traded.

Volume: 6,599
Bid/Ask: 710.00 / 786.85 (source: )

with such a tiny daily trading volume, the bid/ask spread looks too big to consider this ETF. not sure if anyone hold this ETF and whether you have encountered any issues trading this name? I could not find any other better alternatives. seems for non US investors, we have to go with QQQ in order to play the Nasdaq 100.

also just wonder if any website that can provide live market quotes for ETF listed on London and Amsterdam? thanks
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Re: CNDX spread

Post by BeBH65 »

Was the exchange open when you looked?

On the site of Euronext Amsterdam itself, I currently see a spread of 0.2 Euro. ... q-100/cndx

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1	16	659.60		659.80		16	1
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