Physician Nonclinical Career Question

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Physician Nonclinical Career Question

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I'm a 61 yo cardiologist considering a segue into a non-clinical career. I have ample funds to retire, but have no desire to do so. I'd just like to try something new. (Many thanks to bogleheads, including law professors, who convinced me that law school was a bad idea.)

I have earlier experience as a healthcare equity analyst, and would like to return to that field, but I worry that most shops won't consider someone my age.

I saw a job ad for "medical director, appeals" at a major insurer. The employer wants someone with an active license, board certification, and 10 years experience. I check those boxes and I have a Booth MBA and the CFA designation, and I even covered insurers when I was an equity analyst, so I might be considered a good candidate. My age might be viewed as a detriment, but probably less so for this job than most others.

I don't know much (anything really) about the day-to-day life of a medical director at a health insurance company. I read the duties described in the job description, but that only gives me a vague idea. Can anyone here provide insight?

Can you describe a typical day? What are the pros and cons? If you have the job, what do you wish you knew before taking the job?
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Re: Second Career Question re: Medical Director Appeals

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You want to be responding to insurance appeals? Whether directly or through your staff, responding to appeals has to expose one to an incredible amount of tragedy.

Not how I want to spend my 60s...(speaking as a 64 year old).
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Re: Second Career Question re: Medical Director Appeals

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I’m also curious to read replies in this thread...
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Re: Second Career Question re: Medical Director Appeals

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Not a doctor but it sounds like you’d be a “bad guy” for the insurance company. If you’re interested it, can’t hurt to look!
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