What to add to the baby registry?

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What to add to the baby registry?

Post by notmyhand »

I see there have been several topics on this over the years but since baby gear changes so quickly, I figured I would get a new round of opinions.

I am putting together my baby registry for our son that is due in the fall. I am adding everything I will need for the baby, even if I don't expect anyone else to get it for us, since the baby registries typically offer a completion discount at the end so I can pick things up less expensively. Thus I had a few questions:
1. Has anyone used the BrillKids newborn programs? They're quite expensive but seem very well thought out and I have zero baby experience so I'm very worried about not thinking of ways to teach appropriately. Let me know your opinions.
2. What baby supplies are a must? Brands/models are appreciated.
3. What baby gear was nice to have? We will be working full time so any suggestions for anything that saves some time or makes any tasks easier are greatly appreciated!
4. Anything in particular I need for a winter baby rather than a warm weather baby?
5. Which pack and play? The one with the separate sleeper and changing table on top (we plan on getting a bassinet so this will be for the living room) or the one with just the sleeper on top?

Thanks for the help!
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by Rupert »

Most baby "gear," with the notable exceptions of car seats and breast milk pumps, should be bought used. Most communities run wonderful kids' consignment sales several times a year. They are a better deal than consignment shops. That said, people do like to buy gifts for babies, and if you're having a shower, I would list all the gear on the registry. I just wouldn't go back and buy it all new if it wasn't gifted to me.

I recommend Chicco and Britax car seats. (Chicco KeyFit for infants, Britax convertibles for older kids). Buy extra infant carseat bases for all your cars. I do not recommend a carseat/stroller system. Those strollers are too heavy, and most people I know who got them regretted it and seldom used them. I recommend, for infants, a cheap, lightweight stroller frame that the carseat just snaps into. The Baby Trend Snap-n-Go is great. You'll only use that type of stroller for a few months so no need to spend tons on it. When your kid gets a bit older (6 months or so), I'd switch to a jog stroller (BOB stroller is the best, IMHO) plus a cheap umbrella stroller to keep in the car. I'd also put an electric swing on the registry. I had twins and our swings were invaluable. Newborns usually sleep in bassinets, co-sleepers, or even their swings or carseats, as opposed to cribs. I recommend a pack n play/bassinet combo. We used our pack n plays for years. They're invaluable for traveling. (Note that I did not like the changing table component of the pack n play; it wasn't sturdy enough.) Cribs that convert to full-sized beds are very popular. They're also more expensive than just normal cribs. I know so many people who invested in those only to determine that they didn't want to or couldn't use the full-sized bed later. So I would just buy a crib and worry about a big-kid bed later.

Don't buy a lot of newborn clothing because your baby will outgrow it in a few weeks. Buy mostly 3-6 month and 6 month sizes. The first 6-9 months or so of his/her life, your kid really doesn't need any clothes other than pajamas and onesies (with little knit pants to cover the legs in winter). Maybe a few actual outfits for pictures, but that's it. Old Navy and Target are great places to buy that stuff. Mini Boden is a great place to buy special outfits and clothes for bigger kids. But again, they grow out of things so fast that hand-me-downs and consignment sale stuff is best. I never found infant socks that would stay on by themselves, but they make these little slipper-type shoe things that were great for holding the socks on in winter. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Soft-L ... fant+shoes

Good luck.
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by Strayshot »


Nose Freda
Chicco bravo travel system with extra keyfit bases as needed
Fisher price rock and play
Ergobaby 360 with infant insert
Dr Browns bottles
Medela pump system in the travel bag
Dr Browns bottle warmer
Graco pack and play with the diaper changing platform (use the rock and play for napping)
Graco high chair setup (forget the name but it is awesome)
Several high quality stuffed animals (until the baby picks which one is the favorite, then you only need that one)
Costco baby wipes
Pampers swaddler diapers

That should get you to a year or more
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by lthenderson »

My most essential item would be a diaper genie to lock those odorous diapers away until they can be disposed. My wife who breastfed both says a boppy pillow is the most essential.

We had a bassinet and a changing table so for us, the pack n play was the most useless item we had. It got used maybe twice during our two kids childhoods and sold at a garage sale. It was extremely bulky to pack if you wanted to take it anywhere. We found a dedicated changing table worked much better because there was ample storage for supplies on the shelves underneath within arms reach. As a place to sleep, we had the bassinet and when our children outgrew that, they went to a crib. Our house was baby proofed so we never used it as a play space either. The times we did use it were for overnight trips to grandparents house when we weren't present since they did not have a crib.
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by remomnyc »

Craigslist is your friend. Below is what I would want on my registry.

Medela breast pump
Breast milk storage bags
Lanolin cream
Cloth diaper burp cloths
Boppy pillow
Foam changing pad
Travel changing pad
Baby bath tub with foam insert for newborn
aden + anais swaddle blankets
Baby Bjorn or other baby carrier
Snap-n-go stroller (use first 6 mos)
Baby car seat (get on Craigslist to fit Snap-n-go stroller)
Fisher Price Baby Bouncer
Graco Pack N Play portable (for travel and somewhere safe to place baby while getting laundry, cooking, etc)
Baby bottles (we used Avent)
Onesies (sizes 3-6 mo and 9 mo)
Reclining stroller (good from 6 mos until they no longer need a stroller)
Baby swing
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber
Board books to read to baby

Waste of Money:
Wipe warmer
Diaper pail
Crib bumpers
Milk warmer
Most babyproofing stuff
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by mega317 »

DO NOT put your baby to sleep in a rock-n-play or car seat unless you plan to watch them.

If you want a lot of small-ish items to put on the registry because many people are going to want to spend less than, say, 50 bucks then I would think ahead beyond the immediate newborn period. Bibs, baby spoons and dishes, board books, basic toys, teethers. Really what I would want is cash or gift cards to Target or similar but I have found that most people want to buy things for you and if you don't specifically direct them they will buy ugly clothes or loud/big toys.

Don't get a high chair with any fabric on it. All plastic are easy to clean.
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by stoptothink »

IMO, the overwhelming majority of "baby needs" are not needs at all. Even if they were, you should easily be able to find them free or for close to it from family and/or craigslist. We did without almost every single thing listed in this thread. If I were to make a registry: diapers, diapers, and more diapers, and then clothes of various sizes (they grow so fast that the first 2yrs that they may only wear some articles of clothing a few times).
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by winterfan »

I agree with getting a boppy pillow, it makes breastfeeding a lot easier. Not counting the must haves like a car seat, the only thing I would consider is a couple of those zip-up sleep sacks. You aren't supposed to have blankets in the crib these help keep the baby cozy in the winter.
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by alwi228 »

Agreed on cash or gift cards. We had our first baby last fall and I researched for about 6 months on every little thing to get. Things that are nice are a car seat that clicks out of the car and into a stroller, there is some fancy name for them. But leaving the baby sleeping is super convenient. We got a "ubbi" diaper disposal, the metal is supposed to keep from smelling and it seems to work, but probably as much as any other diaper containment system does, I just can vouch for the ubbi. Changing table was pretty pointless...99% of the diapers are changed on the ground (for us). Clothes were the most disappointing gift, I am a bit of a minimalist, and my wife had certain outfits that she wanted to dress him in, but the amount of clothes we got that were wasted and never used was too wasteful for my taste. Probably about 10% of his newborn clothes were ever worn....and wife wont donate them (hopefully use for the next child) soooo, in the attic they go. If you do ask for clothing, ask for anything with a zipper! Buttons are just the worst. Burp rags...get a lot of them. They shrink in half from what they look like in the store. Ummmm, ask for inner peace. This (for us) was a little bit like going into war....people can tell you how hard it's going to be all day long, it takes getting into the thick of things to truly experience. 0-3 months were the hardest on everyone, it will pass! Congratulations! I'm at 10 months and entertaining the idea of another one.
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by goodlifer »

I made a mistake by not getting a good car seat that was airline approved and could snap into a shopping cart right off the bat. And shopping carts are disgusting. You really want a cart cover or two. The other stuff really depends on your lifestyle. I never used our play pen because we rarely went anywhere. My sisters wore theirs out. My sisters had cheap or borrowed baby furniture, which worked for them. We bought expensive furniture, which we still use 13 years later. We have the crib to full size bed, which I don't recommend. The crib was great. The bed squeaked and rattled a lot and finally collapsed when 4 kids sat on it at once. We are now looking at adult furniture for her, so I wouldn't say we wasted our money on the nursery furniture but I probably would not have bought it in hindsight. I definitely would not have bought the fancy crib bedding. That was a total waste. It was really adorable, though.

I have yet to see a baby that doesn't love a Fisher Price papasan swing, or the FP Laugh and Learn house. Both are worth their weight in gold. Buy a big diaper bag that cleans easily. It doesn't have to be marketed as a diaper bag. I went with an Eddie Bauer overnight bag because my husband didn't want a frou-frou bag. Our spare bag was actually meant for the shooting range.

Buy things for convenience at first. I bought little packets of formula even though I breast fed. There were times when my husband or a family member needed to feed the baby when I was grocery shopping or really needed sleep. Some people just can't be trusted to measure correctly no matter how smart they are, because some people can't or won't read directions properly or think they already know. I also had disposable diapers along with cloth because some people refuse to clean a cloth diaper. And sometimes I was just too tired to deal with it. Get an umbrella stroller for every vehicle, including the grand parents if they are nearby. Determine how many Onsies and bibs you need and triple it.

You really want a humidifier during the winter, along with all the supplies for a cold before the baby gets sick. I would have bought gripe water or baby Gas X by the gallon if I could have. And I probably bought 15 pairs of baby nail clippers and mittens because they were never around when I needed them.
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by masteraleph »

*Car Seat. We liked the Chicco Keyfit (and we know others who did as well), but there are plenty of others out there. You don't need a convertible seat yet- we like our Chicco Nextfit, but there are plenty out there and you won't need one for a year. And you don't want to get one that early- car seats have expiration dates.

*Child transportation device(s). Not necessarily when you leave the hospital, but you'll want one or more early on. We love the City Mini, which is light for a full sized one and pretty much the most maneuverable out there, and folds well for a full size, but it does have relatively little storage and you'll need an adapter to use it with a car seat. Summer Infant makes an infant insert for strollers that worked fine with our City Mini (it's called the Snuzzler), but you may have reservations about that. We're also into babywearing- this is a rabbithole you can fall down, from Ergo (which is the best of the big mass market soft structured carriers) to more small scale manufacturers (soulslings, lillebaby, baby tula, etc.), to wraps, ring slings, mei tais (we really like catbirdbaby, which also makes some lightweight soft structured carriers), etc. You can start with one and move on from there.

*Diaper storage device. Some like diaper genie, we liked Dekor Plus, you can find your own model.

*You've already mentioned the pack and play- we had the one with changer/bassinet combined, and it worked fine. Once the kid is a little bigger, if you want them sleeping in the living room, you won't be able to use the bassinet (which only goes to 15 pounds) and you may want to use the real changing table anyways.

*You'll need some method of keeping the baby warm (for a winter baby) when outside, especially if you're in a more walking centric place. If they're in a stroller, several companies make what basically looks like a sleeping bag and hooks into the stroller. For baby wearing, my wife had a winter coat with zip-in panels- one with a triangular panel with the big end facing down, which could be used during pregnancy, and one with the big end facing up, which allows for baby wearing- the brand was Tasku Babi, I think (or at least that was the store). I recall that being a few hundred dollars, so pricey, but not really different from a good new winter coat.

*Swaddling- some people get really amazing at swaddling kids, but we (and our friends all) found that a swaddling device helped enormously. We had success with the Summer Infant SwaddleMe, and not so much success with the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle, though I strongly suggest Sleepsacks later on, once they're beyond swaddling. We knew other people who needed the Miracle Blanket. Basically, newborns sleep better when swaddled, and will do their darndest to get out of the swaddle, so some device to aid you in getting the swaddle right is immensely helpful.

Bottles and pumps I'd have a serious discussion with your spouse and discuss plans for feeding. There are good reasons to nurse, but nursing is also physically impossible for some and very physically taxing for others. Discuss different scenarios- what are scenarios where you'd give up nursing, what level of frustration is something you're willing to deal with, how accommodating is work going to be, etc. Many babies find it easier to nurse from a bottle, but it's very tough to be bringing a pump everywhere. We know plenty of people who nursed for a year or more, and plenty (including us) who gave up relatively quickly. And that giving up can be psychologically difficult- it's likely to be the first "I'm failing my baby" moment, and if it comes early, there are post-pregnancy hormones in the mix too.
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by luap »

You will need a temporal thermometer, something like: Link: http://a.co/7WbLRRb
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by TTBG »

remomnyc wrote: Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:53 am Craigslist is your friend. Below is what I would want on my registry.
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber
This made me smile. I bought this book 30 years ago, when we *really* needed it. I don't remember much about it except that it helped. And we eventually got some sleep :-).
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by scorcher31 »

We just had a little one, keep in mind every baby is different. The vast majority of these are not needs but I will tell you some of what we have and my thoughts on it. Our car seat, pack n play, stroller are all graco. Other brands mentioned below.

1. Diapers maybe 1 pack of newborn and the rest size 1 and size 2

2. Convertible cart seat- Preferably one goes through the complete age range

3. Diaper Genie- we use it but realy it's nothing special and you can do without it if you need to make cuts

4. Pack and play with detachable bassinet: Super helpful. We had it in our room and the baby slept in the bassinet until she outgrew that, then we transfered the baby to the nursery. We moved the pack and play downstairs in our tv room so the baby has somewhere to nap/lay down when we aren't holding her

5. Crib: We got a convertible one so we can use it throughout the babies life but probably not worth it from a pure financial perspective. You will definitely need some type of crib and mattress though

6. Baby Swing: For us it was a huge help. Not essential as some of the other things, but I'm definitely glad we have it

7. Theromemeter (temporal or rectal) You are going to need to be able to take the babies temperature as fever's in newborns are emergencies

8. Baby Wipes: We love huggies natural wipes, they are less harsh but don't get moldy like some other kinds. They are thick, don't rip and ususally one sheet works.

9 Changeing pad: even if you don't use a table you want something to put under the baby when you change them that you can throw in the wash

10 Boppy pillow: We got the one not meant for nursing (it has a bottom) and the baby liked to lay in it when she was little. If you are nursing you may want the other kind for nursing

11. A good electric double Pump via your insurance company, bottles to go with it, milk bags for the freezing, a decent drying rack is helpful too if you are going to be primarily formula/pumping

12. Clothes appropriate for the season but don't go crazy they grow super quick. Like 1 hat, a couple pair of mittens, socks, max. Mostly you get onesies and longsleeve pajama with footies

13. A grooming kit with nasal aspirator, baby nail clippers, etc is helpful

14. Our baby HATED to be swaddled. She did great with sleep sacks. Your mileage may vary. We use her swaddles as burp clothes and to lay her on to do tummy time, change her ( along with changing pad cover), etc

15. Stroller, preferably with a infant carrier that pops out and clicks into a car seat: This is super convenient to transport the baby

16. Baby monitor: We just got a cheap audio one. Only because it may be hard to hear the baby cry with our tv on without it

17. Baby bottle warmer: So if you are going to breastfeed you won't need this. Also if you just mix powdered formula when you need it you won't need. We pump and refrigerate so like to warm it back to room temperature with this. Do not use a microwave.

Things we did not use:

1. Wipe Warmers: Baby never minded room temperature wipes, didn't feel like leaving this plugged in and drying out wipes

2. Rock and Play: Baby did not like the bucking motion, she much preferred a swing

3. As above we use the diaper genie, but not really impressed by it's function. Probably can just use a regular trash

4. Baby bath: Mommy prefers to get in with baby and seems to work better for now
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by TxAg »

Nose Frida

Old school rectal thermometer

A glider that reclines (you may cat nap here often)
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by TxAg »

. .
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by LeviMama »

First things first, get a copy of the most recent edition of the Baby Bargains book. Excellent resource! For $15 it breaks down all the features you didn’t know you needed ... and those you don’t need.

Car seats - Britax or Chicco. Not because they are necessarily safer, but they are very simple to use in the CORRECT manner. Great parent- friendly features. If you get an infant bucket style seat, don’t waste money on a second base. Learn how to install the seat using the seatbelt as if you were in a taxi and take the second base $ and use it towards a convertible seat for the secondary vehicle. Rear-facing is reccomended till age 2 now and many convertible seats will comfortably rearface to age 4 and beyond. We love the Britax Clicktight seat for their ease of use. Even the grandparents have one that they install and use in their vehicle. DS rear faced till well over 3yo.

Stroller - I’m a “push snob, I like smooth and easy rides nothing janky. If I had to get only one, hands down, the Baby Jogger City Mini. It’s our travel stroller and is super versatile, almost one handed push, one handed fold, infant seat compatible and super sturdy. When you go to Disneyworld and see the sea of City Minis bein rented out by the fleetload, there’s a reason for it. Great stroller!

Ubbi diaper pail - you can use regular trash bags... Costco! No ridiculous $ refill rings like the genie. My 4yo is still not potty trained (autistic) and the Ubbi pail is doing it’s job fabulously! All diaper pails smell, my sister has a Genie and trust me, you are aware it’s there. Any poo diaper that sits in a can will smell. If you rinse and air it out occasionally, and throw an air freshener puck in, it helps.

Playyard - Nuna Sena. Again, well designed and you will not be embarrassed to have thus in your public spaces at home. Easy to pack up, easy to set up. Has a bassinet, and I think now they even offer a changer add-on.

Call your health insurance when you have some downtime and ask about maternity benefits, specially those covering breast pumps and lactation consultants. Some insurers will not let you order till the 36th week, make a calendar reminder and order it early so you have it ready. My pump arrived on a Friday and I delivered that Sunday. My mother in law kindly got everything sterilized and ready for me before we left the hospital. We had a Medela electic pump, and a Medela hand pump for travel.

Bottles and nipples, buy a couple of one or two brands and try them out. This is very subjective. And if baby and parents find one they prefer in the first couple weeks, that’s an easy one to have someone run out to big box store or grocery store and grab some more. Or order amazon prime for next day delivery. We liked Comotomo bottles.

Same with diapers and wipes, and baby toiletries. Buy a few regular packs or sizes. Don’t overbuy as you don’t know what will agree with your baby or not. We used mostly cloth wipes (dampened with water or a solution of highly diluted dr bronners baby castille soap) for years, as packaged brands gave DS a rash. We used Pampers Swaddlers diapers and Seventh Generation wipes.

Costco sells the temporal artery thermometers by Exergen for a fabulous price, often discounted. Pick one up there.

Aden and Anais muslin blankets, the 47” square size are amazing and versatile for everything. Swaddling, nursing cover, stroller blanket, travel blanket, etc etc. They get softer with each wash, and are just awesome. We still use ours.

Primo Eurotub if you have space, if not the Stokke folding bathtub was also awesome. I didn’t feel comfortable holding DS in the shower till he was old enough to stand and walk if he got too slippery in arms, about 13 months old.

Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair - again beautifully designed, slides right in at the breakfast table, can be used till your child is well into elementary years. Easy to clean, no nasty crevices to trap food. These are pricey out of the box, but are popular on the resale market, and is one of the few baby items I would have no issue buying used.

We did not use - bottle warmer, baby monitor, wipe warmer, crib bumpers or excessive crib bedding of any kind!.

Otherwise, get organized if you’re not already like that. That first baby is like a shock to the system. Get your recurring bills on autopay. Amazon Prime is a lifesaver. Instacart grocery delivery is amazing once you get your lists and favorites all set up. Stock your freezer with a few healthy dinners and easy grab and go frozen meals (nursing makes a mom hungry, I ate way more after pregnancy than during) and you need highly nutritious foods handy. I loved Amy’s frozen vegetarian entrees. Smoothies are great if you have a Nutribullet or Vitamix. Stock up on laundry detergent - something free and clear formulated so it can be used for little one too. No one warned me about the laundry situation. Create a few shared household lists in your phones Notes app or on Cozi. That way, when one person stops at the store, they don’t have to ask what to buy, and when someone remembers something they add it to the shared list even at 3am. Congratulations! Have fun! Take lots of photos and videos. It flies!
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by Train2bogle »

Lots of good advice so far. Having just had a winter baby 6 months ago, I wouldn’t go overboard with heavy winter clothes, unless you plan on spending a lot of time outside. You can’t really strap baby into a car seat with a heavy winter outfit on.

I want to reiterate not getting (much) newborn clothing. Within a couple weeks you will probably prefer using 3 month clothing.

Speaking of sizing. We found the sizing to be all over the place so don’t be surprised if some 3 month fit right away and others are more like 6 month.

If you expect a lot of gifts, ask for more stuff in the 9-24 month range. Pretty much every gift we got that wasn’t on the registry was 3,3-6,6 month clothing.

Best of luck with everything. It will be quite a ride!
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by MJS »

1. Microwave. Instant pot / slow cooker.
2. Pre-portioned one-handed meals - lots of Internet info.
3. Weekly delivery of pre-cut veggies & fruit for one or two months.
4. CostCo membership?
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by MrBeaver »

As a relatively new dad of twins, I’ll say the majority of things are personal preference, overpriced, or downright silly. With that said, these are the things you really should get, period. And they are all under $50.
  • soft silicone pocket bib – the kind you can roll up and stuff anywhere. It will be the best $10 you have ever spent. I guarantee. Here is one, but there are tons of brands / designs: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZQQQM28
  • diaper/travel bag, but anything will work. I’m a fan of backpacks so I can carry it to take a bit of the burden off my wife without feeling odd. Seriously anything works. We use an REI daypack and it works great.
  • Insist that all sleepers through 9 months be zipper style with the zipper starting at the neck and terminating at the foot, where the zipper tab is at the foot when it is worn. You will thank me for these after changing your hundredth diaper when you are barely awake and can’t find, much less operate a snap to save your life. At best, snaps and traditional direction zippered sleepers annoy you. More likely the worst will happen the night before a big work responsibility, where your inability to change a diaper quickly turns a 10 minute nighttime session into a three hour attempt at getting the baby back to sleep. Cat & Jack brand from Target has many of these, but not many brands do. I seriously mean it when I say: sleepers you are given without this feature, just take back for credit or give away.
  • pretty much all diaper boxes are glued on the bottom, and taped on the top. When the baby is crying and you need to open a new box, flip it over, grab the flap, and pull the flap open in one motion. I have done this while holding a baby more times than I can count. Don’t waste time opening them from the top.
  • I second the recommendations of the nose frida. You will think it’s weird (it is), but anything which gives the family more sleep and comfort is worth $20.
  • If you want to go to friends and family for day/evening visits, we found the portable clip-onto-table highchairs were really helpful from around 9 months to two years. With only one, it may not be as big of a deal, but with twins they were really useful.
  • Everyone will swear by the swing/rocker/rock&Play that worked for their baby. You can’t predict what will work. Borrow or Craigslist some and find what works early. Then you will use it heavily until they are in their cribs for all naps (again, that timing is up to your family). Just don’t believe the hype that one is always better than another. Beg/borrow a couple and find what works, then buy it. This type of thing is where gift cards are handy.
  • easy freezer/microwave/one handed food for two months. My biggest life change was when I realized I had gotten in the habit of eating any food which was in front of me even if I wasn’t hungry. Why? It might be 9 hours before I can make myself a sandwich.
Good luck!
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Re: What to add to the baby registry?

Post by mouses »

mega317 wrote: Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:01 pm Don't get a high chair with any fabric on it. All plastic are easy to clean.
Avoid plastic where possible. Start the kid out right early in terms of helping the environment. Or as they say, plastic is the new fur.
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