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Questions on how we spend our money and our time - consumer goods and services, home and vehicle, leisure and recreational activities
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Forum Posting Guidelines

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Welcome to the Personal Consumer Issues forum. Here we can discuss how we spend our money and our time. Examples of acceptable topics are:

- consumer goods and services (e.g., dress shirts, laptops, software)
- home maintenance
- vehicle purchases and maintenance
- recreational and leisure activities: travel, sports and entertainment

If you aren't sure if a topic you are about to post is OK, ask yourself whether it is related to a consumer issue, personal and actionable. By actionable, I mean whether you will potentially be able to use the information to better utilize your time or money. Personal means it must be directly connected to your (or your friend's or family's) life as a consumer. General comments or complaints about these topics will be locked or removed.

Unacceptable Topics

Whines and rants about the crimes, shortcomings or stupidity of politicians, celebrities, CEOs, Fed chairmen, subprime mortgage borrowers, federal "bailout" recipients, government officials, etc are all off topic. In general, controversial, offensive, pointless, divisive or mean-spirited posts or topics may be locked, edited or deleted (with or without notice) at the discretion of the moderating staff even if they do not otherwise violate forum policies. This subforum has a much lower threshold for locking or removing posts than the financial and investing subforums.

Finally, questions on specific medical conditions are beyond the scope of the forum. If you are looking for medical information online, I'd like to suggest you start with the Top Health Websites maintained by the Consumer and Patient Health Information section of the Medical Library Association.

These requirements are in addition to the general forum rules.

Welcome and thank you for your participation.