Which news source do you use?

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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by JupiterJones »

Another vote for the Beeb when it comes to TV news. They cover stories that are actually important, and they do so in-depth.

I switched over to them for my morning news after The Today Show got rid of Ann Curry and showed they had little interest in hard news. (Although I must say that I've been impressed with CBS This Morning these days--they've stepped up their game quite a bit lately.)

On the radio, it's NPR.

On the web, The Gray Lady.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by VictoriaF »

Bustoff wrote:I find the BBC news channel more pleasant. They are much less dramatic than their American counterparts, and they speak rather softly, which is nice.
I agree. In the D.C. area, NPR broadcasts BBC News Hour from 09:00 to 10:00, Monday through Friday. On weekends, I miss them.

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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by bsteiner »

The news coverage in the NY Times is excellent. The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal are very different in their editorial views. While most of the op-ed columns in both the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal are more consistent with their respective editorial views, each has some op-ed columns that tend toward the other side. I read both the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal. Since I travel to work by train, I have time to read on the train.

As to cable TV, Fox is very much on one side and MSNBC is very much on the other side, with CNN in the middle, so you if you're very much on one side or the other you can watch Fox or MSNBC and only have to hear things from your preferred side. If you want to hear both sides you can watch both, or if you want something in the middle you can watch CNN. I don't watch much TV, but when I do, I sometimes watch the one that I agree with more, and sometimes CNN since it's in the middle. I understand that those to one side or the other may think that CNN is too much to the other side.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by krannerd »

My news habits reflect others who have already posted: NY Times, WSJ, Economist (paid subscriptions to all 3). My rationale is that I get the perspectives of the left, right and international journalists. My local paper (Star Tribune) is mainly wire reports, adverts and discussions of local notables.

I don't watch local or national news on TV...use CNN for breaking news...and NPR when in the car.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by Caduceus »

I suspect most people use multiple news sources. I read the NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, Financial Times and the Economist.

I think the WSJ and the Economist in combination would give you most of what you need per unit of time.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by S&L1940 »

recently started getting a daily Washington Post news update courtesy of Amazon. wondered how that happened until I realized Amazon owns the paper and they presumably activated their customer base for broad distribution. adds a few minutes to my newsletter (NY Times, Reuters, Daily Beast, BBC) browsing, but worth the time before I hit the Times and local hard copies
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by takethree »

Online: The Guardian, The Intercept, Ars Technica (outstanding tech and tech policy news/analysis!), Democracy Now, BBC, NYT, WSJ. If you're interested in polls/public attitudes, the Pew Research Center has some great in-depth reports and studies.

Print: Harpers, New York Review of Books, London Review of Books (both NYRB and LRB have current events analysis in addition to book reviews), New Yorker.

For most major publications with an online presence, Apple's News app on iPhone/iPad is nice. It allows you to add specific publications/sources, as well as key terms. Pleasant screen reading, and no counter/ticker that shows how much you HAVEN'T YET read, which I find stressful.

But if you're using an iOS or Mac device and want an RSS reader, Reeder is the way to go. (RSS saves you the hassle of manually checking multiple websites for updates; definitely worth learning about if you read a lot of news sites or blogs.)
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by denovo »

PlayingLife wrote:I'm debating picking up a WSJ or NYT subscription for the first time since I can't stand the biased and goofy reporting of CNN or Fox...I fall somewhere in between left wing and right wing, so I prefer a news source that doesn't lean fully one way or the other. I also don't need to see the Kardashians on the front page. Recommendations? Relying on the free BBC site in the meantime....
So are you more interested in hard news stories, politics, business, international news, entertainment any other niches?

So one thing to keep in mind is that many stories of national and international interest have limited sources, many papers just syndicate from those primary sources

As noted here.

http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.co ... reporting/

The Associated Press, with 7,388 citations, is the top ­ranked news
organization; as a nonprofit corporation, it is cited most frequently by the
American newspapers and broadcast outlets that make up its members. The
New York Times, second on the list, is cited more often by bloggers.
Collectively, just eight of the 260 organizations accounted for more than
half the citations for reporting. These consist of four wire services (two of
which concentrate on financial news), two television networks (the BBC and
CNN), and two newspapers, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times,
one of which already charges for digital access.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by ArmchairArchitect »

The Economist and BBC News.

99.9999% of US-based news sources have a bias/slant (NYT- ultra-liberal, WSJ-moderately conservative, CNN- liberal, Fox News - ultra-conservative, etc. etc.). Journalistic standards are much higher in the UK.

The Economist especially takes a very independent view on matters, and is very transparent.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by quantAndHold »

New York Times and Reddit.

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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by Billrich3 »

Great subject for discussion. Thanks for all the Boglehead posts.

I usually start the day with Realclearpolitics and it's tabs. Have a WSJ subscription that I love.
NPR was my fav radio station until they dismissed Bob Edwards of Morning Edition after 20 yrs and went for the younger hosts. So disappointed when
Neal Conan left . Talk of the Nation was my fav podcast to download for mt bike rides and long hikes.
For me, NPR will never be the same!
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by UADM »


To the op, if you don't like fox, then reading wsj makes no sense. They were bought by the same person who runs fox.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by GoldenFinch »

I quit reading local news because it went down hill. We read the NYT and if I watch evening news I watch Lester Holt or PBS.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by rfowler »

1) NY Times Sunday print version with online version daily. Good articles in general, with occasional outstanding in-depth stories
2) Local newspaper print version daily - 1/3 is "old news" we got online already but do enjoy local stories and and want to support the local press
3) On Flipboard (online tablet or smartphone) 24/7 news feeds from multiple sources -- great resource
4) Fast Company online-- outstanding articles on ideas, innovation, inventions; great cross-section of thought pieces from around the world
5) Time magazine -- because I still like to see a print magazine and longer pieces (although there is more and more pop-fluff)
6) New Yorker -- can get with NYT online #1 but we also get the print version -- excellent in-depth articles plus daily alerts to interesting content
7) Harvard Business Review -- will let my subscription go soon. Too many dull "this is my theory of the world" articles to absorb.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by patrick013 »

Barron's in the mailbox Saturday morning.

Do they know what ? Lately no. Most times, yes.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by ChasingSirens »

1. Bloomberg News
2. BBC World
3. Sometimes I splurge :mrgreen: and buy the Financial Times. I read every article from front to back and IMO it's better than the WSJ. I just purchase it on my kindle.
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by cheesepep »

BBC news
Apple News app
occasionally CNN if I am bored enough
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Re: Which news source do you use?

Post by scubadiver »

WSJ and a local paper.
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