RAV4 (2007) VSC/4WD lights on

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RAV4 (2007) VSC/4WD lights on

Post by rich126 »

My wife has a very old (2007) high mileage RAV4 and recently the VSC and 4WD lights came on. I tried googling but most of the scenarios also had the check engine light on which she said wasn't on. We are going to have someone look at it next week.

Just curious if anyone else had a similar scenario happen to them?

(The plan is to replace the car soon but not until we relocate because if we buy now, and then relocate soon afterwards, we'll get hit by more taxes on the new car in MD, at least based on previous experiences. So we were hoping to keep the car going another 3-6 months.)
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Re: RAV4 (2007) VSC/4WD lights on

Post by rotorhead »

Check out the Toyota RAV4 forum. https://www.rav4world.com/forums/

We don't have a RAV4; but I have found these forums extremely helpful over the years for the cars we do have.
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Re: RAV4 (2007) VSC/4WD lights on

Post by Kagord »

It could be many different things. If you're the DIY type, you will need a good scanner, or Techstream, to connect to the systems to get the codes and data feeds for diagnose to see what's going on. Or, take it to the dealer or good independent mechanic.
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