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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1811 new posts and replies over 242 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
477tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE08:15 staythecourse
20hpersonal rate of return02/14 Jimsad08:13 pward
34hGirlfriend's Financial Advisor Recommendations...02/14 Kierlack08:13 Dottie57
38pDo you tell your beneficiaries?15:25 carol-brennan08:12 Sandtrap
20cRefurbished Nikon D750 + AF-S 24-120mm f/4G Nikkor VR lens16:05 raveon08:12 Murgatroyd
7tLow risk, high return portfolio idea - Is this crazy?21:26 siriusblack08:11 siriusblack
36pWhy efile if you owe?02/14 adpd200808:10 Katietsu
10pDrone photography as a side hustle23:14 miamivice08:10 Nowizard
2h529 plan AA entering High School07:57 RandomlyMethodi08:10 Flyer24
71tDid you get spooked by the December 2018 fall and gave up on passive?17:53 revhappy08:08 harvestbook
11hHelp with 403b/457b02/14 BigChubbyCakes08:08 ruralavalon
8cAnyone use Turo as Side Income?10:15 HardHitter08:06 HardHitter
10hBasic TLH/wash sale question02/13 need403bhelp08:05 pward
4pSSI at FRA and PP at 70 or SSI at 70 and PP at FRA?05:25 restingonmylaur08:05 LadyGeek
1089c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir08:04 LadyGeek
17pAnother "Is it worth it to fix" question17:21 ScooterBob08:04 Nissanzx1
18pSpillover dividends and Vanguard tax info. TAX CENTER Warning02/05 Tipster194708:02 UpperNwGuy
22tFundrise - Accredited Investor REIT2016 cmublitz08:01 nisiprius
38cWhat are your best retirement years?10:48 flyingaway07:59 NotYourAverageJ
10pMega Backdoor Roth and 1099-R taxable income04/04 Boglewoglewogle07:58 ImmigrantSaver
9pLayoff Rehire and Career Options15:27 Pickle1107:58 Pickle11
7cComposite Cedar Siding and Real Cedar Siding Maintenance21:19 Jamesla3007:56 TT
5pCost Basis for Mutual Funds11:21 SlowMovingInves07:55 cherijoh
598lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt07:54 LadyGeek
11hVSMAX or VTMSX In Roth?02/14 brademac07:52 ruralavalon
333pEarly retirees, how much did you leave on the table?2016 TheTimeLord07:52 ChowYunPhat
17csend in driver's license photo for new Capital One credit card10:54 go_mets07:52 stan1
20cHelp plan [Machu Picchu], Sacred Valley trip2018 angelescrest07:50 steadyhand
6hNewlywed Financial Next Steps15:13 mdin8707:48 WoodSpinner
14pRetirement Budgeting - What Do You Spend?17:57 3504PIR07:46 Grantley
10cWhich sports car ride in Nice, France?02/15 Pacific07:46 Shallowpockets
15cBuying a used many owners is too many owners?07/26 z9107:45 xerxes101
5hMore Bad News for USAA Bank06:36 SueG512307:44 mouth
73pBuying a 2019 RAV4 hybrid - how to pay for it?02/13 Sandi_k07:43 steadyhand
2cRenting a car for 30 days or more07:13 Admiral07:41 Jimmie
139hWhy international?08/05 stocknoob411107:40 ruralavalon
12hHow to determine 401k portfolios close to the efficient frontier02/14 PluckyDucky07:37 retiredjg
5hWithdrawing contributions from Roth 401k after rollover to Roth IRA13:30 brcarls07:30 brcarls
69tYou Can Market Time At Valuation Extremes06/12 Park07:25 marcopolo
4cAutomatic Swimming Pool Filler?21:08 thirdman07:24 thirdman
4hPartially recharacterize Roth IRA contribution for 201805:57 JustinR07:23 kaneohe
13p[Want to do backdoor Roth, but non-deductible contributions not maxed out]02/07 bkd5302807:16 ivk5
10hTiming of QCDs and RMDs15:12 tomd3707:15 fourwheelcycle
31tOn Leverage02/15 grayfox07:11 grayfox
256pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon07:10 GeraniumLover
93cMega Downsize....08/28 Silver Bullet07:09 blueman457
10252tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill07:02 J G Bankerton
4h2018 1099-B05:37 cartman06:49 Monster99
45tFidelity reports-The number of 401(k) and IRA millionaires declined. The number of people with $1 million or more in the02/14 MFInvestor06:47 J G Bankerton
12hTime to pull the plug?14:22 Dupree06:47 student
3cposting reviews on yelp vs google, privacy?14:24 blackwhisker06:31 JTColton
21cBest Mattress Close to Original Tempurpedic02/12 DTalos06:26 noco-hawkeye
33pPayoff mortgage vs investing: Looking at the math02/13 sal paradise06:22 JoeRetire
17cRental Car Company Preferences02/15 Allocationist06:19 fasteddie911
1t30 year Tips Auction Feb 21st: exp. yield 1.1%04:48 grok8706:18 Doc
1nEuropean, dutch investor here: Is investing in VTI and VXUS still a good choice?02:26 finrod_200206:17 Valuethinker
6nEuropean alternative to VXUS01/16 ripper2306:16 Valuethinker
2pFun with Form 8606 Part 312:52 Tamarind06:08 Tamarind
215p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B06:06 frankandbeans
24hFidelity vs Vanguard02/13 maryelai06:01 darkhorse346
9pUnited States tax software02/03 MARFEE05:32 MARFEE
17hvanguard managed payout fund02/14 celestin05:08 bltn
17tRick Ferri on the Rational Reminder Podcast02/14 Rick Ferri04:59 Leesbro63
16nChange of broker from Saxo to Interactive Brokers12/18 bubbasour04:47 bubbasour
2h[US Citizen] Invest in Australia ETF01:14 IPA04:47 daffyd
12pCPA Says I Need Specialist - Does this sound right?02/15 catchinup04:45 fujiters
6p1099-MISC / W-2 physician tax question20:31 ezekiel140104:45 ezekiel1401
1hNon-Deductible IRA19:17 BGO03:54 Carl53
15hNeed advice on personal situation [may return to Europe]02/09 inves7603:39 TedSwippet
69hTheory: NOW is the Best Time for Total World Stock02/14 bogledogle8703:07 visualguy
43tWhy is 401k maxing preferred over taxable?11:51 neon beanbag02:38 Grt2bOutdoors
13hInherited asset allocation02/14 SemperFi7902:16 SemperFi79
9tTwo-Fund & Three-Fund Not Diversified Enough for Large Investments?02/14 Frank201201:53 asset_chaos
650cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman01:17 dratkinson
61cMMORPG games01/09 Soundwall01:12 notsobright
11cSwitching insurance, timing cancelation of old02/14 SimonJester00:56 dratkinson
31tHow does your stable-value fund stack up with G Fund?02/13 Earl Lemongrab00:45 Darwin
20cBlu-Ray drives vs DVD drives for data storage and archiving01/27 Peculiar_Invest00:41 madbrain
0lSo Cal Chapter?00:40 catchinup 
17pAirBnB and taxes10:15 ohboy!00:23 michaeljc70
32hCalculating cost basis of Express Scripts in Cigna merger01/30 Loon1100:06 increment
15tNew and Improved CAPE is Higher!02/14 grayfox00:04 hifeng
41hBuy pacific gas and electric?01/24 SarahS00:01 boomer_techie
5pHow to Report CME Reimbursement02/11 southerndoc23:41 dodecahedron
191p[2018 tax return - How does it compare to previous years?]02/11 RobLyons23:40 sawdust60
44pHow to live well in retirement below the poverty line (not pay taxes)02/14 carol-brennan23:38 Epsilon Delta
9cMedicare Fraud?16:25 vested123:29 Rwsawbones
5cWhere to stay for 3 nights in Phoenix18:40 Wenonah23:19 jlawrence01
43tWhy I Own a Total Market Index Fund02/12 Taylor Larimore23:15 Jerry476
43pPayable on death (POD) accounts01/26 dave_523:15 michaeljc70
2hCA HSA investment options21:59 Bryan99523:02 LinusP
5hSlide presentation to teach others20:25 elainet722:53 Peculiar_Invest
20hIndividual bond fees02/13 michaeljmroger22:49 michaeljmroger
131cAirbnb - cleaning fee, service fee, occupancy fee....???06/27 F150HD22:45 freebeer
9pRoth Conversion02/14 Monk5322:30 Monk53
16pTaxes - Do you use the 1099 summaries or detailed views?02/14 JustinR22:26 LadyGeek
33pAdvice Needed - Options for Commuting to Work09:17 snackontransite22:21 F150HD
2pPart time check all go's for tax's20:58 hulburt122:18 JBTX
21pFamily member duped into life insurance -- any recourse?02/06 dimdim22:11 unclescrooge
192t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund08/08 hdas22:07 klaus14
14hConfused about wash sale rule02/12 l1am22:04 rkhusky
16pInvest or pay off mortgage02/14 schutzk2122:01 Xrayman69
0c"good" binoculars for bird watching for eyeglasses wearer21:51 go_mets 
18hRepay 401k loan or mega back door roth?02/14 millscd6321:51 whodidntante
3hAm I calculating bond fund return correctly?20:15 McKee21:36 Wiggums
1pInvestment Ideas21:14 Invictus00221:36 Watty
6pbrother purchasing consulting firm with delayed majority ownership18:10 gips21:23 spectec
153tTIPS yield curve inverted at short end12/22 Kevin M21:19 gmaynardkrebs
0hEarly retirement savings withdrawal strategy check-up21:18 Anon E. Moose 
7pTaxes for First Time Solo Small Business Owner17:15 Boxtrap20:51 Spirit Rider
16pDo I Pay Tax on Husband’s Bonus Check Received the Year After He Died?02/14 Mapmaker20:49 RudyS
0hMega backdoor Roth Turbotax headache20:49 madbrain 
145pWere you 100% debt free at retirement01/31 TheTimeLord20:45 Elena
17pHow to value pension as a benefit at midcareer?02/14 AnonStoic20:42 texasdiver
56pInvest or 529 PLan09:15 bg520:42 janezoey
11pH&R Block tax software (PC download) - more import issues02/13 tibbitts20:35 tibbitts
80cRodents ate my car!07/03 Church Lady20:34 bowtie
6tFidelity/American Funds Portfolio - Help Appreciated02/14 darkhorse34620:34 darkhorse346
1pHSA Excess Contribution Question18:13 waterpro20:23 Spirit Rider
5pChase free credit score..what's the catch?16:51 z9120:22 grabiner
35tCharlie Munger: Teaching young people to actively trade stocks is like starting them on heroin02/14 Howard Donnelly20:06 flamesabers
7hStraying from "investment plan" for the purpose of tax efficiency?02/14 jplee319:59 grabiner
16pLong term care issues -- quality, accessibility, and tail risk13:00 CULater19:59 delamer
4142cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:56 baconavocado
23pIRS Direct Pay02/14 juliewongferra19:56 whodidntante
27hMuni Bonds for large part of Bond allocation smart?01/20 cavemanwithFIRE19:51 grabiner
65pEmpty nester downsizing - any advice?10/22 FIREchief19:48 FIREchief
34hHolding too much cash now?02/12 mike246819:45 radiowave
13hglide-path in a declining market?02/14 miket2919:44 grabiner
7hESOP Index Funds13:15 bkd5302819:40 bkd53028
0hTrad vs Roth math help19:34 CPW 
3hUse the IRA to HSA 1 time contribution?13:27 Jimmy Mac 3319:33 Jimmy Mac 33
10tThe WORST Morningstar Style Category In 201813:16 Taylor Larimore19:27 pezblanco
6hQuandry VXUS vs new No-Fee Fidelity Fund09/03 donaldfair7119:27 yoyo6713
2pRollover from Coverdell to 529 not handled in Turbotax02/12 markcoop19:26 markcoop
23t"College Endowments Badly Trail The Market"01/15 Taylor Larimore19:21 BrklynMike
30tWill wife’s social security affect my Roth conversions.02/11 stumpy19:21 celia
11pH&R Block software bug: tax-exempt interest with bond premium and accrued interest11:14 Kevin M19:21 HueyLD
58cThoreau Simplify02/09 4nursebee19:17 tooluser
10cNeed help choosing laptop08:56 Cpadave19:15 Cpadave
4pCiti 2.36% savings interest17:30 raamakoti19:12 ginmqi
94cMazda Miata as Daily Commute Fun Car?02/02 Davinci19:08 BogleBoogie
6pIRS Form 8606 Free File Fillable Forms01/29 LifeOfRiley19:06 Alan S.
7pRollover IRA to Roth IRA Backdoor Tax [Non-resident working in US]02/14 timestap19:01 timestap
3hBeneficiary IRA - RMD's02/13 Polarize18:54 Alan S.
9hRent or sell house02/08 J072118:54 Wiggums
17pAnyone ever heard of an unsolicited retroactive pay raise?13:28 CFM30018:50 tooluser
31cOne week family vacation in Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area02/12 KlangFool18:48 KlangFool
3hEmployer 401K02/14 TKRN200218:42 JW-Retired
35tVanguard "secret" funds02/13 DestroyingAngel18:39 LadyGeek
1h401K vs. Roth Allocation Question18:04 bumski18:36 02nz
14h$400 underpayment penalty02/13 MMLC318:34 nolesrule
5hheaded to Aspire12:47 Westwing18:24 KESP
10cMilestone Speech Question14:43 ETadvisor18:20 LadyGeek
1pAnother Backdoor Roth Question10:35 tinylittlesquar18:16 Duckie
1528tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:04 GeraniumLover
8hMistake while performing Roth IRA Conversion - Advice wanted02/06 StringTheory17:45 Duckie
14pTurboTax and form 2210: software bug?02/08 deanmoriarty17:45 deanmoriarty
87pPension valuation: is $100 really worth $18,000?02/07 Admiral17:40 2pedals
22hRoth 403b or 457 for two teacher family with two pensions02/09 BashDash17:39 retire2022
49hPortfolio Check Up: fund placement and tax efficiency02/11 TXJeff17:36 celia
36cTravel to Cuba02/09 FireHorse17:31 cap396
63cHow do YOU buy a car? (TrueCar, Costco, Carvana, etc)02/10 BlackStrat17:23 3504PIR
70pREITs - 20% Qualified Income Deduction06/17 grok8717:19 abuss368
14cDifficulty reconciling Amazon charges to Chase Amazon Visa2017 CFIT17:16 quantAndHold
7hReporting backdoor roth13:35 mrb17:02 Duckie
4tTreasury money mkt. vs prime money mkt.14:08 Gregorycook16:52 RickBoglehead
22pNYC area, buying first home- where to begin?02/14 hudsonriverjogg16:50 JackoC
30tHow do I respond to this advisor?02/13 tharbors16:50 ExitStageLeft
16cNissan Slate of SUV's12:15 fishmonger16:49 phxjcc
1pany instructional designers out there16:28 3feetpete16:44 barnaclebob
7pForm 8960 (Net Investment Income Tax)2014 dcnut16:41 Electron
2pSS Application question16:05 jacksonm16:34 HueyLD
0pSelf-Employed 401(k) and Part-Time Employed Position16:23 southerndoc 
9hPortfolio Help for 28 Year Old Newbie02/13 FreshStarter16:20 emlowe
90pBeing content with your finances02/12 masonstone16:13 PluckyDucky
6hOptimize portfolio and what to do with bond money02/13 RandomlyMethodi16:05 Duckie
12cCar rental - full size vs premium02/14 jay2216:03 Starfish
23cBuilding a home02/15 darrvao77715:28 adamthesmythe
20tWellesley’s Secret Sauce to Remain Secret02/15 cinghiale15:24 deikel
2tVanguard & Boglehead Books12:19 abuss36815:15 abuss368
4pAdvice Requested: Solar Panels, Home Improvement, and Financing14:11 gofarhaveacigar15:13 Thegame14
18pNegotiating to get a direct report?02/14 mad_pear15:07 DarkHelmetII
23p401k Loan Rate vs Investing09:30 boston8514:53 elderwise
22tEpisode 006: "Bogleheads on Investing" with guest Dan Egan02/05 Rick Ferri14:42 sddiehard
20hContributed to Roth when exceeding limit01/26 HardHitter14:29 retiredjg
19pHow much of my bonus should I put in my 401k?02/15 Startinlate14:28 McDougal
104c3 year old tires installed (Sam's club). Should I do anything about this?02/09 oko14:28 oko
28nEU investor: any way to avoid punitive US estate tax on death?02/11 DJN14:19 galeno
13pturbo tax online deleting form 2210 help09:33 sil201713:54 LilyFleur
10pWhat business did you sell?02/14 ThankYouJack13:28 Raybo
55cvisiting Baltimore2011 amber waters13:27 tenkuky
29lChicagoland Master Thread2017 elihu30313:15 HoosierJim
18hVT Total World Stock ETF and the Foreign Tax Credit Pinch Out2018 Risk seeker13:13 sharukh
2pOptum Bank HSA - customer support?02/15 oldcomputerguy13:12 ekid
7hPortfolio review10:57 milosz1913:10 carmonkie
13hStrategy for Selling Company RSUs08:37 DanEmmy13:06 software
8tOne of the wasatch funds just returned 30%01/26 pm2987113:02 cherijoh
20hCan't contribute to an IRA during grad school but still want to save02/15 yql12:58 dknightd
563tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar12:52 J G Bankerton
0tFidelity Foreign Dividends/Reorganizations Fee12:51 Singhvester 
3266pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy12:40 ginmqi
17hFidelity Brokerage and/or Cash Management Account?2017 obafgkm12:37 Cash
9tMorningstar article-"Can Vanguard Remain Alone?"02/13 MFInvestor12:28 abuss368
8hFidelity International index options02/14 turbospey12:20 turbospey
6tSchwab Intelligent Portfololio/Robo - Tax loss harvesting results08:16 actx12:02 feh
40tLarry Swedroe: 3 Factor Investing Myths02/13 Random Walker12:00 Random Walker
28tBuying non-Vanguard ETFs Vanguard on Vanguard brokerage. Dividend reinvestment?08/23 international0011:56 jhfenton
5pShort term reinvestment clarification02/04 meebers11:52 meebers
30hOpening MMA at Vanguard02/13 fingoals11:37 fingoals
274tCase study Broker trade executions2015 livesoft11:37 bondsr4me
18hHow much should my net worth be if ...02/14 SarahS11:31 ruralavalon
47tBig IRA accounts02/10 elainet711:20 Nowizard
295pIs Long Term Care Insurance worth it?01/31 CobraKai11:18 marcopolo
76tHow much Fixed Income on the day you retire?02/12 TheTimeLord11:08 MisterMister
1pAny way to retain minimum bonus/RSU withholding?10:07 MrBeaver10:57 mhc
101pDownloadable Social Security Benefit Estimator (repost)2017 neurosphere10:56 TonyG77
10pDepreciation02/13 Guitarplayer10:56 tbone555
83cWhat Tech Gadget Would you Buy?02/06 nexesn10:51 BarbaricYawp
46hCDs: 1 yr vs 3yr02/10 carol-brennan10:49 snowox
59pA different kind of midlife crisis02/13 ChowYunPhat10:19 smitcat
9cRefurbished smart phone or new Consumer Cellular Smart phone?02/14 Myopic squirrel10:01 Myopic squirrel
4hPlease help with 403b02/14 rs300009:54 ruralavalon
1pMortgage vs Invest - Small Business Owner02/14 TheRiverRat09:54 bloom2708
2uETF in Real Estate02/13 FloDubai09:50 FloDubai
3hSHV and tax treatment06/27 mighty7209:47 Startled Cat
34tReal Estate Investment: Yay or Nay?07/12 grayfox09:42 unclescrooge
8hFixed Linked Annuities02/15 skd09:39 Oicuryy
13pEmployer contribution 401k question2015 am09:38 onfo
6hTransitioning to a Target Fund - a dividend question02/15 Cody09:38 texasdiver
0tInternational Historic Long Term Average P/E09:36 Forensicman 
265tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8109:36 willthrill81
19cHigh Mileage Car02/14 dragant09:30 dragant
3hPaychex 401k02/15 jbsmith0509:29 ryman554
10cSerpentine Belt Squeal02/14 Kywildcat09:29 iamblessed
63pIRS Form 8606 (Nondeductible IRAs)2018 John15109:21 KC123
4pHSA, Medicare and Last Month Rule02/14 muskogee2309:21 muskogee23
0tForesight question: did YOU make a killing on NECCO Sweethearts candy?09:08 nisiprius 
10tDoes Asset Allocation include 401k?02/09 alexfoo3908:58 LadyGeek
169tVanguard Total World Stock (VTWAX) and All-World ex-US Small Cap Admiral Shares (VFSAX) now available (February 7)01/17 jhfenton08:51 siamond
4hAsset Allocation and Bonds02/14 Biba08:26 dbr
60pTax filing software01/13 Triple digit go08:23 dodecahedron

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