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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1457 new posts and replies over 199 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
1hIs This a Good Time to Go "All-in" on "10 Year Money" in Our Roth Accounts?15:02 Small Law Survi15:11 mega317
55tRegrets from seniors on aggressive AA?05/19 Youngblood15:10 rockstar
10tBogleheads® Live: Submit ?s on Tax Planning for Early Retirees05/15 JonL15:09 JonL
77tBeware the Fed's balance sheet unwinding - latest from Larry Swedroe05/17 Kevin K15:09 Northern Flicke
16hVTAPX vs VIPSX05:47 bpkasl15:09 jeffyscott
27hMIL Portfolio- safe as possible?06:36 Oak&Elm15:08 Wrench
33pParking cash in Treasuries05/15 stocknoob411115:08 HeelaMonster
1557tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz15:07 vineviz
21hVanguard Muni funds - can anyone explain the strange price behavior?05/18 ksed2515:07 grok87
34744tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill15:06 Pelerus
4pHealthcare plan benefit limit (annual)?14:16 imbogled15:05 Diluted Waters
11tStock or Active Fund?02:43 chris31915:05 DesertDiva
13tWhere is stock sell-off $ going ?12:44 RIMDBogle15:03 Marseille07
13hDoes it make sense to do any TLH with this meager taxable account?05/19 afr15:02 afr
6hUsing Vanguard automated RMD service09:33 jpohio15:02 colodane
26tHas Vanguard Lost Its Way? [White Coat Investor]20:34 eonny15:02 HomeStretch
503tVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX [0.03%]2018 Bimmer15:00 gmaynardkrebs
3hVanguard Target Retirement 2015 to Retire - VTXVX09:56 SweetPotato1214:59 dbr
16tMomentum and frequency of rebalancing07:45 martincmartin14:59 vineviz
3tAre stock prices predictive of future profitability of a company?14:40 lomiras28514:56 Impatience
13pReceiving "windfall from work"06:26 Freddobbs14:52 Watty
460tJeremy Grantham (Jan 26, 2022) being asked a lot of tough questions about his super bubble call...01/27 CraigTester14:51 Harmanic
10hWhy is this a wash sale (31 days) - tax loss harvest error?17:17 kxl1914:47 kxl19
62cBeing Frugal05/15 BHInvestor14:46 Bud
56pLosing sleep over our debt vs. assets07:01 pepperjack1314:45 CyclingDuo
12621tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE14:45 comeinvest
4h401K fee expense question13:50 Investing Newbi14:42 exodusNH
76cStone patio really costs $15K?05/12 PhillyBird14:39 mecht3ach
10hElderly Parent's Private Company Stock - Sell or Keep?05/20 gnr14:36 gnr
26cMoving to Vancouver, Canada17:41 evelynmanley14:35 evelynmanley
10tBogle on Grantham13:02 Harmanic14:22 Harmanic
9pBest CC for Australia/New Zealand vacay10:23 GenawithanE14:21 oldcomputerguy
7pMoving from one house to another18:17 swedish_finance14:18 HomeStretch
0pUpdate on Vanguard mobile app security14:18 conundrum 
3hTLH RSUs Question08:35 Thrifty Femme14:16 Jack FFR1846
552tex-US Stocks Continue to Soar!2020 sabhen14:15 Nathan Drake
2tBond Market Valuation Metric Similar to CAPE?12:38 D-Dog14:14 imak
9cAccessible minivan - where to buy used?20:47 nyclon14:14 SeaDog
16pThoughts on SofI - Money/Credit/Invest2021 makeminemichael14:11 longlife
12hWhat Qualifies as an RMD?09:51 morsetaper214:10 Ron
30hQs about inheriting taxable brokerage account from parent16:41 island14:09 Lee_WSP
222lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei14:06 digarei
48cFlight Connection Time05/18 Moose197214:06 flyingaway
279pWhat is the Worst Financial Decision/Mistake You Have Made?2020 JiggsJazzCar14:05 iraconfused
132cWhat (if anything) are you reducing in your monthly spending?05/17 A44014:01 LilyFleur
60cHow much do you give?05/19 broadstone14:00 flyingaway
15hFidelity Wealth Advisors Solutions05/20 HoosierDude13:58 Jack FFR1846
12pOverpaying estimated taxes to earn IRS interest12:30 sofarsogood13:58 HeelaMonster
29hDid a rollover IRA now it’s sitting in cash05/16 goldfinger2213:55 goldfinger22
2952tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7613:52 HueyLD
23cCPAP backup battery options and ideas?05/17 texasdiver13:29 texasdiver
5pAmazon Prime Rewards cc: 5% back on non-Amazon purchases?11:27 mookie13:29 JoeRetire
14hPortfolio Review Requested for Newly Retired Couple05/18 Sammy12313:23 JoeRetire
15pPersonal Loan10:40 nittanytbone13:21 tashnewbie
21pFor estate planning, what constitutes high net worth?16:37 RevFran13:18 RevFran
1082tTSLA: What Changed?2021 Kookaburra13:14 impatientInv
8hWife's 403B/457 options vs traditional IRAs05/19 BobStrauss13:08 ruralavalon
81cExperience buying a new car recently?04/28 Fremdon Ferndoc13:06 CletusCaddy
22hTLH Bonds today... Suggestions for where to move please?05/20 longview13:03 jseagull
3946tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab12:55 LadyGeek
3nPlease review my assetallocation, bonds?05/20 Bogle198412:51 Khan
2nConcerns starting to invest in index fund in Indonesia06:39 Farry12:44 Khan
6hI'm confused. Should I be maxing out a Traditional IRA each year?17:27 manlymatt8312:41 ruralavalon
33pNot Taking My 2022 RMD: Consequences05/19 stargazer12:41 ResearchMed
56tAre Vanguard’s IT Systems At The Breaking Point?05/18 bobcat212:40 LadyGeek
3tMorningstar interactive chart (part of "growth of 10k") is gone?11:06 justbpatient12:30 Hebell
16pHow to compare COL between 2 locations?05/19 gogreen12:30 somewhatenterta
12cCovid test 8 per mo question - Insurance declined?05/19 elderwise12:26 Gadget
52tWhat's the Largest Percentage of Your Portfolio You'd Have in An Active Fund??05/17 Samuel Glover12:25 gmaynardkrebs
3pMedicaid Look Back Scenario10:41 spartanap12:16 Nate79
41hSafe high dividend stock20:18 miamivice12:09 WhatsIRR
0tRevolving Line of Credit for Real Estate Investments12:00 newplot 
69sEffective tax rate on a $180k/yr retirement income for a US expat couple in Spain: 21 %?2021 wineandplaya11:55 gt4715b
14pSecond Career for a Stay-at-Home Parent05/19 virginiabirdie11:52 FOGU
6hrobo-advisor (Betterment) tax loss harvesting vs. manual10:32 mookie11:45 NYCaviator
38cSeeding new lawn tomorrow in weedy area, what do to?05/20 coalcracker11:42 jebmke
30n[Australia] Am I making a mistake by renting and investing instead of buying?04/16 JimboMutumbo11:39 gougou
71cCar safety after age 67 or so2020 BarbBrooklyn11:35 quietseas
115cDebating an electric zero turn mower05/17 corn1811:33 corn18
33pBudget 1% (or 2%) per year for home maintenance — what counts?05/18 Jags418611:32 exodusNH
209hI Bonds- 7.12%- no brainer to buy? Use emergency fund ?11/05 Jimsad11:31 dbr
23cITALY Vacation this October.. Any GUIDED Travel Tours Suggestions??05/16 mholdi154011:31 btenny
246tLessons from this crash05/12 jay2211:26 HeelaMonster
19hBear market AA thoughts05/20 momsense11:16 momsense
9hHow to move fmr emp retirement to Vanguard?05/19 peterwantstosav11:15 backpacker61
146tAre we officially in Bear Market now?05/18 firefox11:11 S4C5
41INew Bahrain Bogleheads® Local Chapter Established2020 boglehooligan11:03 boglehooligan
409pUSAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card [Update]2016 SurferLife10:56 WolfgangPauli
14cAnyone subscribe to Apple News +?07:43 NYCaviator10:46 WolfgangPauli
38t30 Year Stocks Forecast05/20 lp61310:44 rich126
6pMortgage rate question - should I lock?04/09 ss9810:42 mars_rover
21hFor a Retiree: Best equity ETF which isn’t VTI, VOO, or VT?18:42 cegibbs10:41 mega317
19tBrokered CDs vs. Bank CD Rates04/17 LMK510:40 02nz
7tUnderstanding the benefit (and if it is lost) of TLH when retired05/20 SunRainSnow10:35 shess
9hGive me my first Portfolio Review, please!21:17 britcoal10:32 ruralavalon
148cC8 Corvette - who is buying?2019 strafe10:29 smitcat
11pLease renewal optimal choice - 12/14/15 months?16:03 LazyNihilist10:24 THY4373
1hWash sale issue question09:36 Varsh10:20 rkhusky
16pBuying a home with areas of concern.05/20 LateStarterDad10:18 LateStarterDad vs. hotel website, number of guests16:31 28fe610:14 awg90
55tNYTimes article: Is it normalizing amateur trading?05/18 MrJones10:11 investorpeter
8hS&P 500 ETF Index Fund07:42 Prudence09:58 dbr
57pRental real estate in inflationary times05/08 slbnoob09:46 ge1
44cCritique my summer Hawaii vacation plan (plus camera?).05/19 new2bogle09:45 heyyou
79tDon't pay off a mortgage, annuitize04/18 ScubaHogg09:42 Sandtrap
7pTransferring assets for divorce via joint account20:02 Beverage09:41 THY4373
18pIn-Network orthodontist billing more than Allowed Amount05/16 Turtlemilk09:38 valleyrock
99hanyone else tax loss harvesting like crazy?05/10 LeeAtlantica20209:32 longview
15pHold off home replacement projects in anticipation of recession?05/09 SerenityBlue09:21 JackoC
22019tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar09:16 m@ver1ck
8pCD Interest After Acceptance17:33 sport09:15 HueyLD
221hPoor Publix employee seeking 401k investment advice2020 ralphboy09:15 ralphboy
1htax ramifications of receiving a bonus into Roth account08:58 CenTexan09:03 livesoft
15hSeeking Portfolio Feedback - Lots of Kids, Rental Property, TLH?, Neck Deep in VASGX05/17 letahl08:50 harikaried
132pDo you trust the current value of your portfolio?2021 flyingaway08:50 JackoC
7hHome sale proceeds and portfolio advice05/19 mx9308:36 GMCZ71
51hConsidering Berkshire Hathaway Stock05/16 tcb100508:07 ClevrChico
130cPassport renewal time - what’s the current time frame?07/13 Planner0107:48 stilllurking
17pYour experience working for an IT Consulting Firm05/19 ThankYouJack07:48 InvestorHowie
11tTax loss harvesting by manually recreating indices05/19 tomekmcc07:43 grabiner
65tHow often are you rebalancing these days?02/24 galepoggi07:37 martincmartin
1078pHigh Earners - What's Your Profession?2014 Hawkeye_Saver07:26 mervinj7
25cAnyone recently get a US Passport for Minors?03/18 angelescrest07:23 stilllurking
45hPrivate Equity: Silver Lake Partners - Fund VII05/12 James12307:13 LFS1234
8cBuying contacts online - lots of huge fees + price increases05/20 michaeljc7007:12 JediMisty
15pDual Health Insurance for Wife? Is it allowed?05/20 carmonkie07:01 stoptothink
339tTLH for absolute dummies [Tax Loss Harvesting]2015 Roothy06:42 Scuttlebutt
28tTIPs: The final year in the life of a 5 year TIP04/15 grok8706:30 grok87
49pBringing to the US more than $10k in cash - declare in advance or at airport?05/18 vveat06:20 refurb
543cOddly Difficult to Find Items During the Pandemic2020 alfaspider06:12 rich126
17cAnyone have/had pinball machines in your house?05/20 oyster9906:04 rich126
1hAnnuity Access Period Expiry Option18:07 LifesABeach04:48 Stinky
5pBuilding Simple Robustness18:31 slippinsurlies03:41 pseudoiterative
32nHolding ETFs in USD instead of EUR?04/24 helloyou03:17 Balance1
71pRent vs Buy in Bay Area: (my) number-driven approach05/17 deanmoriarty02:32 corpgator
28hWith my cash, Y not 6mo T-bills?05/19 rosalee02:29 mary1492
65tI Bond Sales Figures05/11 Mel Lindauer02:00 JBTX
8cquark expedition, SilverSea or Lindblad(National Geographic)05/20 sil201701:58 Cruise
2hTax Loss Harvest/ Wash Sale20:21 mikeyzito2201:02 placeholder
1420tWhy not 100% PSLDX?2020 TeeDee00:39 HomerJ
4c1 week UK vacation, parents with mobility issues. England? Scotland?05/11 coalcracker00:28 halfnine
4nTax implications of using a US broker?05/19 dreambig00:07 dreambig
11pSocial Security Filing Planning vs Inflation05/17 SpideyIndexer00:05 SpideyIndexer
28hPortfolio review (I am thinking of hiring an advisor)05/17 Calico23:51 Calico
55tPeople who backed up the truck on I bonds in 200105/17 HenryPorter23:44 Mel Lindauer
9nShould I dump my bonds?05/19 MrCurious22:56 andrew99999
53hBank accounts or Vanguard/Fidelity cash accounts?05/19 kvdecide22:49 JoMoney
18cHousing Market - Full steam ahead or running out of steam?05/20 fishandgolf22:35 Alex Frakt
60hVanguard used FIFO cost basis when I specified SpecID2019 2sls22:12 sperry8
134hAfter Tax Contributions / Mega Backdoor Roth - Etrade Solo 401k08/21 aray21:10 mul
17p4% rule quesiton - pre tax or post tax05/18 solaris1720:55 02nz
5pTax advisor in Honolulu?05/17 Rupert Dacat20:49 Rupert Dacat
227tVanguard Brokerage versus Mutual Fund Account Decision thread2020 SmileyFace20:33 beyou
5hCollege America 529 Virginia plan18:27 Jobseeker201320:27 Jobseeker2013
4pAdvice on tax situation for spouse income in another state05/19 rusticshack20:21 rusticshack
6hallocation for inherited Roth account05/20 afstravel20:09 chemocean
1nHelp me understand this HK Govt bond.19:28 rosalee19:48 fabdog
245hAny experience with Toyota Income Driver Notes?2021 grayparrot19:46 smihaila
9hPortfolio, retirement plan, cash flow07/08 SSM119:13 SSM1
47tWhat's the big deal on TLH05/12 boater0719:07 marcopolo
22tDry Powder Holders05/20 rascott19:03 rockstar
640cPull-ups and Push-ups2013 Jazztonight19:02 dogbones
12cHealth Plan conversion05/20 sil201718:56 mkc
10hVUSXX (Treasury Money Market Fund)02/19 ADAMNOGGI18:41 Kevin M
8hRebalance now or?17:38 Tavistock118:29 Tavistock1
49pMarcus High-Yield Savings Account rate now 0.6%04/22 Marseille0718:27 Boatguy
28tVanguard Corporate Bond (VCIT) quality05/17 NoRoboGuy18:23 McQ
10hTiming Roth Conversions05/20 afstravel18:13 afstravel
1025pCD discussion thread2019 indexfundfan18:10 jeffyscott
9pPaying off ARM (4.5%) or not?05/19 LeslieSmiley18:01 harikaried
8161cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36817:36 RJC
0cExperience with heat pumps with high velocity air?17:25 exodusNH 
94lRichmond, VA Area Local Chapter2014 PocketChangePen17:20 egri
9pCombining distributions on one 1099-R05/19 bsquared17:11 Alan S.
147pEvaluating private school05/17 keith601417:10 sawhorse
64cGardening 202203/14 ray.james17:01 likegarden
143tEugene Fama (Fama–French 3-factor model; EMH): Americans don't need to bother w/ international investing05/14 VTI16:55 Fremdon Ferndoc
23tBerkshire vs S&P 50005/19 smooth_rough16:54 gtrplayer
2tDid you miss Bogleheads® Live? There's a podcast for that!04/26 JonL16:49 JonL
147tWhy is Vanguard Treasury Money Market yield so high?2019 Kevin M16:39 Munir
372tVanguard Customer Service Mega-thread06/18 PinotGris16:36 JDave
253p2021 Refund Times02/16 dink2win16:31 MP173
5cTiming of booking travel with recession looming?05/20 SavinMaven16:20 yules
5tWashPo: Inflation-linked U.S. bonds crashed the TreasuryDirect website05/20 Ben Ploni16:10 nisiprius
3854c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir16:07 moshe
22pRadon mitigation home purchase05/18 indexfunds15:59 skis4hire
43hIs Vanguard Short-Term Treasury Index a good choice?03/23 Addy15:56 tobyy
10hNaming a Trust for the sole purpose of scoring additional I-bonds05/19 samsoes15:54 Shortsellforfun
18pBuying empty land for tax domicile purposes (foreign service officer)05/19 zegopis15:52 Statch
21hThoughts on MKL?05/20 diabelli15:47 andypanda
9pSurvivor Social Security Benefits?05/20 Wading Ashore15:40 Kenkat
2tWhere online to see Drawdowns?05/20 randyharris15:37 randyharris
503tSchwab Information Thread with FAQ, Links, Tips and Q&A08/05 galawdawg15:35 LazyNihilist
3tZvi Bodie on I-bonds, RMDs, & real life annuities05/17 bobcat215:28 VictoriaF
255t2022 Hedge Fund contest01/02 Tanelorn15:27 Tanelorn
33hReal estate syndication04/16 Cramerica15:24 Cramerica
14hTax loss harvesting Mega Backdoor05/19 southbogle15:18 southbogle
18pSolo401k transfer2020 TXGator15:14 LazyNihilist
10hHow can I rollover Vanguard Trad. Solo 401(k) to Trad. IRA?04/15 LazyNihilist15:13 LazyNihilist

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