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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1455 new posts and replies over 200 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
20hRoth Conversions: Spouses Both Have Traditional IRAs17:50 delamer12:06 delamer
17hIs using HM Bradley for savings legit?13:35 Stillwater197112:05 SnowBog
166tRoth Conversions - McQuarrie study06/17 indexlover12:04 McQ
12pIRS tax penalties: underpayment, late payment, and all that06/18 mrscatterbrain12:04 chemocean
33tWhat pitfalls do even smart people make when buying a home?22:11 JustGotScammed12:04 mr_brightside
5hInvestment advisor question06/19 Yellowjacket112:02 zlandar
0cAnyone used Avail Car sharing recently?12:01 
22tcreating balanced portfolio with individual stock heavy taxable account06/14 gtg970g12:01 iceport
12pAlly suddently asking to input new password04/17 radiowave12:00 anon_investor
1881cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger12:00 iceport
0cWhat are good wineries near Saratoga?11:59 Stumptowngal 
3hnational realty investment advisors06/19 longshoreman11:59 Raymond
234hVTSAX or VTWAX over the next 35 years?2019 guyesmith11:59 pokebowl
9hTransferring Roth IRA's to another brokerage06/18 lgb11:56 ruralavalon
23cBest reasonable price eye glass store06/18 atlanta_dad11:56 marc in merrima
4pTaxing social security11:12 AlohaBill11:55 oldcomputerguy
1pcar accident advice11:51 Olds3311:54 miamivice
7cMore comfortable eyeglass nose pads?20:03 goshenBogle11:53 mhalley
8hMy wife's first RMD12:26 exoilman11:53 RyeBourbon
34tWhy do stocks always fall faster than they rise ?00:21 skor9911:51 exodusNH
14pConverting to Roth by Isolating Basis - Downside?06/18 SweetTooth11:51 delamer
6hMajor life change, need to reverse AA distribution in tIRA vs taxable06/18 DebiT11:50 goingup
28cHow to best experience the Florida Keys?15:03 rocket35411:50 wabbott
5hWould you consider this market timing?06/19 Fisherman811:49 livesoft
24pHelp with game plan06/18 Coachrhino1111:48 bradpevans
123tIs the secret to long term wealth as simple as living below your means and investing in a low cost index fund06/19 tvubpwcisla11:47 ClevrChico
6hIs the strategy explained in these videos about Mega Backdoor Roth Coversion the most efficient?15:14 investmax11:45 investmax
17hPortfolio Overhaul Advice Please16:32 kristin73511:42 retiredjg
83pPrivate School - Elementary vs Middle/High (bang for the buck)06/15 sdsu0411:42 edudad
109pSo now you're dead -- how does your executor find all your accounts & bills?06/08 miket2911:41 Doom&Gloom
4cDrinking Distilled Water?11:09 EMDW11:39 RickBoglehead
99hIdeas to get 5-6%06/18 ryanbohle11:32 ryanbohle
0hTexas TRS and early retirement11:28 joetro29 
9cHealdsburg - what to do with 2 teenagers for a few days?15:16 fogalog11:27 nisiprius
1304cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL11:27 JAZZISCOOL
80hHow do you handle "fun money"?11/12 CurlyDave11:27 investuntilimri
49cCost of owning older vehicle01/10 nerd8611:25 Californiastate
145pDad wants Wife to live in house left to me and sister after he passes06/15 mouth11:18 Freetime76
6ciMac replacement -- purchase decision14:38 rjbraun11:15 rjbraun
47pmedicare without supplement11/30 niagara_guy11:15 Artsdoctor
27tWhy are LTT rallying now? Vineviz??06/18 guppyguy11:14 anon_investor
4hGreat grandmother, $2MM excess funds, seeking advice09:10 morphos11:12 Gill
6cTire Selection Advice Requested09:00 TheNightsToCome11:01 motorider
12cMedical alert device19:55 reisner10:58 runninginvestor
51cFlorida State University06/18 bstevlin10:57 bstevlin
144cFavorite Movies - Name Five06/17 OpenMinded110:56 Herekittykitty
1h3 fund portfolio exchange to target date question.10:01 FeederB10:55 retired@50
56cFavorite Westerns - Name 1006/18 Grt2bOutdoors10:52 RuralLivin
10hHelp, investment advice...please...12:18 Helpmebogle10:43 Helpmebogle
15748tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar10:41 kellykline
11pAdvice Wanted: Dream Home Dilemma21:57 Hermey10:40 finster869
1hVanguard personal advisor services10:28 samarathoner10:39 retired@50
5pModifying 70% flippers rule for when you also plan to live there17:54 B4Xt3r10:39 oyster99
0coutdoor hot tub in PA--buying advice10:29 mookie 
187tVanguard Brokerage versus Mutual Fund Account Decision thread10/31 SmileyFace10:27 Cheez-It Guy
23tDecided To Move Towards Dr. Bernstein's If You Can Portfolio06/18 invest2bfree10:23 invest2bfree
36hUtility of Financial Advisor12:47 wije10:22 nedsaid
17c(Updated - hidden expenses) Budgets and treatment of cash back06/19 RubyTuesday10:21 delamer
8tBorrowing from 401k to reduce RMD06/18 wshang10:17 delamer
3nWhat method does Vang LS funds use ?04:24 Spgold10:16 Spgold
3pContacting Vanguard to fix MY Error?16:29 gutrageous10:15 Cheez-It Guy
23n[Europe] Help on bonds06/16 boffum10:13 tre3sori
483tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5810:07 bling
22cPotentially foregoing raffle that was won06/04 stilllurking10:07 teCh0010
11pNew Construction Custom Home: What Constitutes Under-Developing a Lot?01:03 Kookaburra10:03 quantAndHold
1hGifting mutual fund from Vanguard to Fidelity09:51 loklav10:00 HueyLD
0h401k investment selection help10:00 Bluemnatra 
51tIgnoring RMDs completely in early retirement?05/23 Helium09:51 crefwatch
0nUS expat SIPP [UK]09:48 scion 
66cAcoustic Guitar Help06/09 RRJeff09:48 Strummer
91tHow much cash do you hold in your investment account?12/31 corygehr09:47 Robot Monster
5cRemailing service (virtual mailing address). Costs and other details20:35 miamivice09:32 Marseille07
7hInvestment advisor question [investing house proceeds for retirement]15:07 jayv22209:29 billfromct
8hPut some money in commodities?21:36 Gaston09:29 nisiprius
229hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread12/31 Stinky09:27 indexfundfan
4pNew York Last Will in Nevada06/19 Goodman6009:27 bsteiner
47cCharlotte Area vs Dallas Area (C vs D)06/19 deltakappa09:27 stoptothink
12pWhat should I do with extra overtime money?22:39 hustler09:27 celia
145tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline09:26 Fxmove88
4pSchwab PAL minimum loan size?14:38 tcw09:24 tcw
18tHow much Small Cap is the Total Stock Market fund?13:39 Webfoot09:17 NiceUnparticula
2cLawn fertilizer & weed eradication service09:01 bluegill09:11 Flyer24
116hWish to retire in 7 yrs. and request financial advice07/16 afr09:11 afr
27pPreferred risk insurance company will not underwrite my home because "trees too close"06/16 coalcracker09:00 coalcracker
4hWhat is the cheapest stock in the market right now?02:21 JustGotScammed08:59 grok87
0pStart up CFO compensation08:58 Bb073084 
471p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc2018 ObliviousInvest08:53 IzItBo
64tRic Edelman retiring in the fall06/14 BeachPerson08:50 Ed 2
33hDo fractional ETF shares really matter?06/18 TimRCM08:49 Cope
6808cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:36 CardinalRule
28cDo I really need a new A/C unit??16:39 fmhealth08:31 tibbitts
21pCan I get a mortgage based on my investments instead of salary?06/18 1030danielle08:30 desconhecido
15pLoan vs capital gains tax06/18 suewolf08:27 suewolf
14pDebt averse but took 0% car financing over cash rebate. Need advice.22:36 indx08:26 firebirdparts
4hInvesting in Retirement Question21:58 gouldnm08:09 devopscoder
7cBuilt-in microwave replacement12:26 steadyhand08:06 steadyhand
14cOffice Desk06/19 raveon07:56 siker
46pRoth conversions plans via RPM -- help me compare06/16 DebiT07:56 Sahara
89cAmazon Sidewalk, Use Your Neighbor's Internet for Free05/30 Kagord07:55 scifilover
1cDIY planter window box06/19 BashDash07:50 Sandtrap
22tWhat Constitutes "Long term" Investing?06/17 Nowizard07:42 Ron
14hStruggling to precisely estimate 2021 estimated tax payments for a high amount of capital gains18:14 VartAndelay07:39 Starfox
8pGuidance on Max Car Price01:19 ilikeshreddingm07:36 GMCZ71
14pGo or stay and grind it out? Employment question13:06 Remster07:28 drzzzzz
12tVTSAX Weight17:44 tvubpwcisla07:21 alex_686
10n[Germany] Advice for my first Portfolio06/16 CaMKII07:02 XtremePWN
55pWhy do many people owe the IRS taxes?06/17 userwithconcern06:59 SQRT
2pEasy Knock Sell & Stay05:18 delrinson06:52 bob60014
409tGold continues to soar!08/04 00006:45 Always passive
42cGuidance for Mid-Price Electric Guitar06/17 lawman396605:42 radiokurt
52pHail damage on roof; what to do with Insurance Providers' $9,950 check2016 BogleMe05:01 Slb91
13hABLE accounts06/15 dave_504:16 Wiggums
1nShifting Gears00:12 alurker04:13 oldcomputerguy
12tMarginal tax rate of Roth conversions12:57 billthecat01:09 milktoast
41pBodily injury claim - Lawyer or DIY?06/18 TierArtz00:50 Jablean
14pOpen Social Security Calc - appropriate discount rate03/29 MNJim00:19 Ben Mathew
17hWash Sale custodial account?06/18 drramey00:14 TropikThunder
12pBuying a home in San Francisco17:10 riskitforthetri23:41 William Million
14hNew BH Investor After Windfall...Please Help!06/18 Aunt_Minnie23:37 Aunt_Minnie
43cDo I Actually Need New Windows, or Am I Being Sold?06/17 CoastLawyer203023:22 Trader Joe
13cQuick road trip salt lake to vegas early October06/17 hoops77723:06 HawkeyePierce
86hWorking on Planning RMDs - Should I stop Contributing06/13 WolfgangPauli23:04 WolfgangPauli
26hSetting up first DAF - A Few Questions06/16 fpt198822:37 mffl
2492lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1622:31 WhatsIRR
3nAustralia: Recommended financial advisors?06/18 Aa_ron22:13 Aa_ron
96cWhen did cars start good safety features?06/07 Cody21:32 Morgan Dollar 1
20pTravelers Intellidrive safe driving discount: security concerns?06/18 coalcracker21:26 Gaston
6pAmended return refund different than expected06/19 MnD21:19 dodecahedron
5pImpact Of IRA Contributions On Social Security Taxabilty06/19 Arby21:19 FiveK
46tWhat [investing] fun things have you done with your 80% stock market gains in the past year?06/18 JustGotScammed21:16 chuckb84
1pHow much should I expect to have my wristwatch mineral glass to be polished?06/19 workingovertime21:00 TexasPE
24pMentorship - Engineering to Business06/13 mooudn20:54 Tracker968
1cOven with foot pedal or similar.20:15 shess20:38 Teague
10hAny thoughts on QYLD?06/12 relativeratio20:33 howdy007
9h25 years old - Portfolio/Life checkup06/16 rickyj20:26 Wedemeyer
27cWhole House Surge Protector11/16 sport20:25 tibbitts
282hTime to reach 1M and 2M milestones2015 sanfran201520:09 Just_For_Jenna
544pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm20:03 BruDude
28hShould I buy house from father in law06/19 pharming201719:51 pharming2017
18cNew gas stove - minimum requirements?06/19 TSR19:39 Lee_WSP
8pAny hints regarding 1099 income in Retirement?06/18 David Jay19:31 fyre4ce
102nso many issues for US expats ... would forming an investing LLC in the US help?2019 DouroBound18:40 Marseille07
11pForm 709 gift tax return question06/17 Sairam218818:39 Lee_WSP
4cFord Fusion Transmission issue and how to resolve06/19 Gardener18:07 talzara
59tCritical view of index investing06/02 NostraHistoria17:30 FrugalInvestor
12cHow to escalate Amazon customer service13:09 28fe617:29 Katietsu
9cBest, Longest-Lasting Composition Roof06/18 Kookaburra17:28 BIGal
22hHow do you TLH(tax loss harvest) in reality?06/19 nrkv17:23 placeholder
33pAre Credit Locks More Secure Than Freezes Now?06/04 keepitgoing17:07 Snezz1e
2253tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36817:05 Marseille07
60cHow to save on water costs?06/18 sabhen17:01 quantAndHold
1168t[Fidelity Health Savings Account Mega-Thread]2018 liberty5316:57 Barefootgirl
2hIBond Tax Purchase - How to fund15:58 buyMyBogle16:37 BrokerageZelda
9hDoes Transfer of ETFs from Fidelity to Vanguard close account?06/10 Tex16:34 placeholder
28hInvest in Separately Managed Bond Account?06/16 drummer16:31 drummer
3pQuestions about Crummey trust06/18 fm304016:29 bsteiner
18tWhy is the price of VIPSX constant many days?06/19 ApeAttack16:17 ApeAttack
3tMid/Small Tilt. Tax cost ratio (VTI, VO, VB)06/18 spencydub16:14 grabiner
3nSudden windfall, what should I do? [Australia ex-pat in US]12:15 spsbo116:10 TedSwippet
17hRoth Conversions at age 7706/18 Murv247915:56 retiredjg
11pDo I need to get back to the grind?04/20 IzItBo15:50 IzItBo
5hHelp me understand current Vanguard bond fund prices06/19 motodoc4215:46 mr_brightside
2cHelp me do justice to our netflix account - need movie suggestions06/18 an_asker15:40 HopHead
9hWindfall and Capital Gains tax planning06/18 craftywiley15:33 reader79
3pChase Bonvoy Card- Do I need to "link" it with my Marriott account?14:08 mrmass15:29 mrmass
22lJuneteenth06/19 FoolStreet15:24 Flyer24
3tAll Lifestrategy Funds at Vanguard or ?12:27 URSnshn15:18 123
7hHelp me to choose 401k/403b vs. Roth IRA06/19 Tendies_scraper15:12 Duckie
70hDo you have a "survival" retirement number?06/17 etfan15:07 lws
49tOptimal Investment Withdrawl Rate for very early retirement (<50 years old)06/13 mathwhiz15:03 seajay
5pSetting up scholarships06/19 jodhpur15:01 DoTheMath
72hRetiring in 6 months (off TSLA options); Plan Review & Questions02/11 roguewarrior015:00 random_walker_7
14hToo much cash- Prudential FlexGuard Indexed Variable Annuity as an option?06/18 Sam Clemens14:58 HomerJ
9089tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE14:49 firebirdparts
15hDoes it make sense to hold an individual stock that is already in an index fund you hold?06/18 Jesteroftheswam14:49 MJS
11p[I’m looking to educate myself about passive real estate investing]13:22 ryanbohle14:37 Flyer24
2cbest way to shop and compare auto + home + umbrella policies13:59 atlanta_dad14:36 TexasPE
4pSubstantial Medical deductions, ACA subsidies and Roth Conversions.06/19 Rdytoretire14:32 nalor511
118pJust got ~50 insurance quotes, thought I'd share my results for posterity08/12 2tall4economy14:31 michaeljc70
41hFunding Fidelity solo 401k in person rather than ACH2020 eltron14:27 sgm7091
8cMammoth Lakes & HWY 395 - What to do?06/19 bogledogle14:22 Wilderness Libr
82tWhat Is Your Longest-Held Investment?06/17 chris31914:19 chem6022
4pTook QCD from wrong IRA06/18 SuzBanyan14:16 SuzBanyan
102cWhole Home Generator Advice06/04 aburntoutcase14:16 aquaman
82tHow Not to View Current Inflation06/10 SimpleGift14:11 Whakamole
3pBuying computer for college using ESA account.12:20 Ed 214:10 Jablean
29tUpdating Outside Investments on Web Site [Vanguard]2019 Beckeresq14:05 beyou
2cRAV4 (2007) VSC/4WD lights on13:27 rich12614:05 Kagord
6cIs there a service to test & teach reading comprehension?06/19 kuttolas14:01 kuttolas
29pCan we afford a $650k house?06/17 davos892313:34 ram
11pEstablishing Credit06/19 geocache5913:20 LittleMaggieMae
5288pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy13:16 atl2005
12cWashing machine with "hand wash" cycle?06/19 jeffyscott13:12 baritone
2nDiversfication / Asset allocation [UK]06/19 Andreakob13:04 Andreakob
22cUpdated:Provia Patio Doors (Steel or Fiberglass)??06/11 September13:04 September
0nTax questions any help appreciated!13:04 whiterabbit87 
28hRSUs-sell or keep (FAANG)06/18 narmada13:02 etfan
77cSecuring a VPN (Virtual Private Network)06/10 bhwabeck353312:54 Oregano
5plong term health care06/19 capen246812:44 capen2468
164pEarly retirement2018 skime12:34 Sand101

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