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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1471 new posts and replies over 215 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
82hUninterested Spouse12/02 Mr. Potter04:44 Mr. Potter
0tHow to Hedge Against Political Risk?04:44 scienceguy 
11hBuying bond etfs11/30 gelobee04:36 gelobee
16nPersonal finances while unemployed [Canadian in Hong Kong]11/27 hereon704:35 Valuethinker
166cT5 engineering school or in-state T35 with full-ride?12/01 acegolfer04:34 acegolfer
7pWise Currency Exchange Service Impressions USD->JPY11:08 pc9504:32 VictorStarr
72nMoney Market Funds04/14 michoco91104:32 daviddem
20tIs anyone concerned about missing out on long-term bonds, besides me?18:35 InvestInPasta04:31 invest4
6pSuspending Social Security15:44 Tom_T04:29 Tom_T
6nCDs+Intermediate treasuries as opposed to a total bond market fund (EU citizen with residence+settled status in the UK)12/01 Francesco04:24 Valuethinker
45IValuethinker has 48,000 posts11/26 nedsaid04:17 Valuethinker
4pProtection Against Lawsuits20:30 TeacherInCa04:11 ROIGuy
0tForeign Spouse Holding Equities04:08 jchurnit7 
37cGym is not honoring the contract.12/02 Turbo2904:02 snackdog
24pTax Reporting of Stock Options: Revived Thread for 202301/22 Leesbro6303:50 Leesbro63
13cOdd Truck Issue22:19 LotsaGray03:46 shmidds
13hWithdrawal from Brokerage Account - 1st time18:59 Hullmet03:45 gotoparks
22pCan you give stock to younger kid who has no income to save taxes16:43 rm03:39 HappyGuy
14cZion National park - tours12/01 Andymoler5803:29 Cruise
9cMS Defender vs Bitdefender09:39 Colorado Guy03:24 gotoparks
2tDAF: Anyone with experience with CharityVest or Daffy vs VG/Fido/Schwabor19:15 harmeet03:11 harmeet
14pMassive tax bill, is it worth it to keep working?20:13 Archimedes03:10 Prairiestorm
19pMedicare Part D: One thing to check when comparing prices12/02 LookinAround02:38 ClaycordJCA
162pWould you incur debt to move from an HCOL area to a VHCOL area to improve your family’s quality of life?2021 Electrified02:20 22twain
4hAre Bonds/Cash Better in Taxable in Some Cases?22:16 Vivbet02:03 bonesly
5hSocial security undo after a year as an investment strategy?17:43 climbingFool01:37 Vivbet
17hPortfolio for retired family member12/02 Woot!01:30 bonesly
3n£40 commission at II?12/01 transport239101:19 transport2391
60tSCHD Poor Performance06/02 POINT3R01:18 the_wiki
4057cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman00:43 cheesepep
17tDoes efficient market hypothesis mean if a stock has a 10% odds, it give you 10X if you win?09:21 andysnp00:42 BogleFan510
1198tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 2021 [and later]2021 kellykline00:41 imak
1hPortfolio Review18:17 timwong2cats00:30 bonesly
7hBond Fund and Fed Interest Rate12/03 guoxiaotian00:28 yules
1cOdd Macbook Desktop Issue23:40 MrWasabi6500:23 tetractys
3pTransferring mutual funds from VG to Schwab DAF11/21 NorCalHiker00:20 NorCalHiker
23tValue vs Growth divergence is at all time high14:29 Elysium00:17 the_wiki
3355lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1600:10 NorCalHiker
21hPaper I bonds from the IRS15:18 nabakovfan100:03 tibbitts
12cWe want a new hot tub / spa — in ground?13:28 TomatoTomahto23:57 Hebell
3hCould someone clarify Vanguard's "funds available to trade"?2022 Rollo Tomasi23:48 beyou
41pAnxious for retirement12:15 2BRetiredsn23:47 Hebell
5606c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir23:47 roamingzebra
28cNeed advice on cleaning fungus and mold from crawl space...12/01 mtwhmemn23:46 Saving$
3tDid anyone regretfully save a lot of cash before investing?20:49 Yaris-351623:35 whodidntante
14hTo VOO or not to VOO?...12/01 investment guy23:31 bonesly
5hPortfolio review and planning15:03 LuckyInTech23:26 bonesly
4hInvestment priority for new grad21:28 flyfishers8323:26 FiveK
140pTurboTax 2023 offer11/03 idenbglhd23:16 anoop
49hThere is No Good Account to Hold TIPS12/02 WhitePuma22:57 JBTX
7pIRS underpayment penalty - 8% interest rate - Need Help17:38 grtwallchina7522:49 cheese_breath
8pGnucash Tracking Bond and Ibond11/13 gavinsiu22:44 gavinsiu
18hPlease help with Bond Fund Question11/17 investment guy22:39 dbr
7pFed Employees/Annuitants using GEHA, quick question11:26 MrWasabi6522:29 tj
4cNY 529 for non-resident and parttime17:44 realclemsongrad22:07 MarkNYC
15pWould love input on our finances12:27 2019istheyear22:06 WhitePuma
33tRoth conversions in early retirement09:32 leftcoaster21:57 FiveK
6hNew to Tax Loss Harvesting12/02 tcal51121:53 rkhusky
21tI'm seeing wild SEC yield vs YTM discrepancies in bond funds12/02 countmein21:49 grabiner
3849tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore21:47 Stephen_Crane
6223pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly21:45 ChillingChinchi
49pproblems with "post-dated" checks?12/01 Sloane Stetti21:45 rkhusky
32hRoth conversion now or in 3 weeks?11/25 jasmino21:43 WhitePuma
7hBond fund in taxable12/01 milktoast21:40 grabiner
2hTSP partial rollover to Vanguard IRA in NY08:21 Grill21:39 rkhusky
163pH&R Block 2023 software offer10/24 runner2621:36 SB1234
94tHas your portfolio recovered since Q1 2022?12/01 tetractys21:32 Xrayman69
45cCar Prices Flat Since 1996?12/02 LISD21:32 David76
3hRoth 403B18:59 ibt2321:32 peteyboy
37pHow to predict if my MAGI will be too high for Traditional IRA in 2024?12/02 Rom21:28 tibbitts
2hAvantis Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity ETF12/02 ramink21:18 grabiner
30hShould I pay cash for a house or keep funds in the market?11/30 yosemite_mounta21:14 grabiner
11pFiling for retroactive SS benefits at age 7012/02 joyandjerry21:07 Chip Munk
28pBest Free / cheap software for Small business ledger11/28 saagar_is_cool21:06 LotsaGray
47cAre newer Kindles any faster?11/25 NYCaviator20:59 robertm389
31hPrivate equity being prioritized by ultra wealthy, but is that the right allocation for a couple w a net worth of 1.5m?11/30 firefam20:54 calmaniac
12pDo they run credit reports when you create a bank account11/28 gavinsiu20:53 nisiprius - What is acceptable percentage?11/28 bg520:51 zaboomafoozarg
6pQuestion about distribution from trust on different dates: how to value11:46 cadreamer201520:49 LotsaGray
35hAdvice for early retirement to take care of sick partner11/28 toosunneo20:45 aristotelian
87hLower bond percentage after you won the game?2021 lobsterman211220:44 watchnerd
3522tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester20:20 SB1234
1p'Kiddie Tax' and Tribal Per Capita (Unearned Income)18:44 LFT_PFT20:18 Patrick584
7hWhat should I do with my ibonds?13:54 abs998620:13 fizzle2000
13hEmpower Pull on Fidelity / Yodlee11/20 RetireGood20:07 fetch5482
31pBest Withdrawal Strategy for Early Retirement?12/02 fizzle200019:50 David Jay
2tCritical review request for yield-based stock-percentage formula07:49 eschen4219:46 eschen42
7041pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy19:42 tj
35pDoesn’t move the needle much? 5-10k extra savings annually.10:29 TarHeel200219:40 MathWizard
4pVeterans: Being enrolled in VA Healthcare means you get no ACA subsidy14:09 motiv8ed19:39 bartbill
5pAggregation of IRAs for RMD17:45 spencer9919:31 spencer99
30cClosed loop Mexico cruise with birth certificate12/03 johnwardon19:30 ResearchMed
13pThinking about a 5 year interest-only ARM - rent or buy?12/02 Raraculus19:24 Archimedes
5pSocial Security calculation16:04 nyejos1119:22 Navillus1968
25cSigning Out Of Websites - How Important?2022 daehelgob4819:21 AspirationalBH
54pZero Fee Donor Advised Funds (DAF) Offered by New Company2020 MrBrainwash19:09 harmeet
9h401k - Trying to Understand Admin Fees15:47 maxutil18:57 maxutil
76cDoes this car exist? Sexy convertible with a backseat - NOV 2023 UPDATE2019 SRenaeP18:57 edge
4hNeed help in 401K bonds/fixed funds selection14:06 dstdka18:52 lakpr
6pSafe harbor laws12:53 I-Know-Nothing18:50 ThankYouJack
5038tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb18:50 placeholder
3pBuilding a New Dermatology Practice07:06 throw12311218:48 SevenBridgesRoa
6127tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7618:40 CyclingDuo
43cDo you know anyone unhappy in a CCRC?2018 Dan99918:36 henry
4cROKU TV now missing numbers and a question16:37 EagertoLearnMor18:29 EagertoLearnMor
11cTrip to Japan Package Airfare & Hotel, but not a Tourgroup.12/02 windaar18:19 bh3fpinv
43cWhich down jackets are better/comparable to REI?11/21 huzaing18:18 puravida
39pWhen to move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)12/02 Hillview18:16 nonnie
5hTIPS Ladder Purchasing Strategy10:27 Dufus18:16 Call_Me_Op
16pWho is using DAFFY for your charitable contributions?11/26 A44018:14 zonester
9cChina (Yantai Shandong) for a week?12/02 jplee318:14 quantAndHold
19pInherited ira RMD12/02 Pocket Cruiser18:12 MarkNYC
1190c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco18:11 RetiredCSProf
38tQuestion on How the Stock Market Actually Works12/02 abs998618:09 bertilak
46tFixed index annuities for income in retirement2022 Petefalk18:07 Stinky
5hSanity Check on VTIAX composition11/26 alkibiades1917:59 alkibiades19
77tHas surviving stock market crash made you more resilient12/02 gavinsiu17:32 Richard1580
237pWhat does Schwab do better than Fidelity?03/25 FromAto401k17:07 PatrickA5
9hJust starting out12/02 breakfastinbed17:07 breakfastinbed
16pDental and vision insurance plan12/02 LoopMan116:57 tj
3pRoth conversion, NIIT and QBI12:32 Ret201816:54 FiveK
21pVanguard 529 web page-terrible12/01 ThisTimeItsDiff16:54 Cheez-It Guy
41pFunding college late12/02 YeahBuddy16:52 Pdxnative
38pAdvice for nephew, 25, raking in that Silicon Valley pay11/30 McQ16:50 GAAP
6pInherited IRA distributions confused08:21 Paullmas16:45 Alan S.
47pSECURE ACT 2.0 Roll over 529 to Roth07/22 realclemsongrad16:45 verbose
6tArgentina S&P MERVAL Index up 330%12/01 sunnywindy16:44 pseudoiterative
507pWhat is the Worst Financial Decision/Mistake You Have Made?2020 JiggsJazzCar16:39 SteadyOne
53cVent over an oven range11/29 Finot316:27 Finot3
4hBackdoor Roth and 401K in plan conversion to ROTH12:52 skywalkerninja016:26 SWYK
23cSafely selling stuff12/02 stocknoob411116:15 lthenderson
14hFidelity MM - Retail vs Institutional12/01 LoveTheBogle16:12 billaster
12hNeed help with portfolio11/27 fortuna16:11 fortuna
40tSafe withdrawal rate for portfolios composed of SP500 only12/01 matthewmatt16:09 ee_guy Having Problems?15:01 dvjduck16:06 Wiggums
30hMy annual “should I get out of REITs” question?09/25 Iorek15:58 Wiggums
16hReady to retire - Build 5-year TIPS ladder?12/02 sunnyatcmu15:53 Call_Me_Op
2hibonds redemption timing15:06 Gash15:48 nalor511
26cQuestions Re New Gmail, GV#(+Yubikey?) for fin.account protection11/24 DolphinYay15:41 tj
7t'Bogleheads® Live' #45 podcast is out: Factor Investing w/ DFA's Wes Crill11/27 Jon Luskin15:19 bikechuck
193pEstimating Life Expectancy Accurately - Defying the Lake Wobegon Effect11/13 MrCheapo15:18 GAAP
3pTax filing for IDGT, Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust12/03 ee22bee15:16 bsteiner
41pPOV on term life insurance approach11/26 AG11215:00 simplesimon
3pAdvice sought on potential home purchase13:54 vagandprof14:59 vagandprof
4tDividends not tax friendly12:44 Tatala14:57 dbr
1cRoborock - S8 Pro Ultra OR S7 Max Ultra14:29 Theseus14:50 Walobolo
14hUnexpected Allocation in Optum HSA: Seeking Insights on Fund Availability and VUSXX Investment11/22 hova14:48 hova
14tIndividual Bond (Rolling ladder) vs Bond Fund - the new Dividend/no dividend argument?12/02 coachd5014:40 coachd50
4tHow to hedge cash?13:58 myrongains14:37 Wrench
6pBeneficiary designation at Vanguard11/29 dave105414:35 dave1054
3pTax Planning DIY14:17 jmsaway14:33 SnowBog
12pRoth conversion started in 2022 but not completed until 202312/01 Pocket Cruiser14:17 tj
13hRequest for investment analysis/advice11/30 specialk202314:13 ruralavalon
10hIndex fund market cap allocation11:20 ottoman_javier14:02 bonesly
6pPost retirement planning12/02 DividendDuke14:02 DividendDuke
5278cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger13:49 roamingzebra
12pTax treatment of Schwab cash bonus award11/29 A44013:46 Freefun
8pPension Risk Transfer Deals and Annuity Risk12/02 Ishmael113:42 Stinky
16pSEP-IRA v. individual 401(k)11/25 bsteiner13:25 jamacq
39cTrouble logging in to Vanguard?07/12 bertilak13:17 clip651
39pWisdom of owning house after retirement12/01 Ichthyo20023sau13:15 Tib
1698pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4813:12 BigFoot48
32hTIAA Real Estate down 1.27 percent in a day11/30 steve r13:10 grok87
20tLargest brokerages and banks - am I seeing this correctly?12/02 chassis13:08 LadyGeek
22hAsking Portfolio Questions - Help Needed!2022 ebeb12:56 ebeb
2hDivorced FERS Retirees…08:51 SquawkIdent12:54 PoppyA
24h403b and 457b questions11/29 krafty8112:40 Ron Ronnerson
20hHelp me invest $500,00012/01 AlmstRtrd202412:39 the_wiki
183tWilliam Bernstein on TIPS, asset allocation, and four deep risks10/29 Rick Ferri12:38 dcabler
18hYet another portfolio review request - sorry11/27 musicislife12:27 musicislife
14pPersonal Capital: You Index vs Performance2020 MMLC312:22 Admiral Fun
668lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz12:04 LadyGeek
38hVPAS [is adding] fees [for smaller accounts] should I downgrade to robo?12/02 Blue45612:03 pizzy
78c2024 Honda Civic or Corolla hybrid?11/30 neowiser11:58 Sandi_k
7cMedicare Plan D question10:29 Zoey11:54 jebmke
30hAsset transfer fraud protection11/30 rks11:51 money2churn
17tA thought about tax efficient funds12/01 bertilak11:42 Cocoa Beach Bum
0lMinnesota Bogleheads Winter Meeting: Jan 27, 202411:37 Peter Foley 
99lRichmond, VA Area Local Chapter2014 PocketChangePen11:21 alanlnixon
10pRoth Conversion - form #’s for tax payment12/01 Sunshine5111:14 CuriousGeorgeTx
71pUPDATE Debating quitting with no new job lined up - possible FIRE?09/30 AtlantaP11:12 HomeStretch
127tWhat non-index fund investment made you a lot of money?11/25 TipsQuestions11:11 teacher
14cTarget gift cards: 10% off on December 2-3, 202311/29 Colorado1411:03 dukeblue219
5578pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon11:00 Lyrrad
1pExpense Secure Tracking Phone App10:40 Rajsx10:58 runner3081
6pInformed rent vs buy podcast discussion12/01 FreddyC10:54 pizzy
1pValue of FERS annuity10:02 Jeepguy10:30 tj
4tSpend ANTICIPATED Treasury Proceeds Before Maturity? (Settlement Date of New Purchase Matches Maturity Date of Treasury)12/03 zero_coupon10:28 orangeandwhite
12fWhy are PM messages stuck in the Outbox ?2021 RIMDBogle10:26 Ping Pong
10hFinancial health checkup2021 DreamsOfRetirin10:18 DreamsOfRetirin
395pIntuit's Mint App Shutting Down...Replacement Recommendations?11/01 cascadian10:01 pizzy
13tDistribution Yield vs SEC Yield11/24 WhitePuma09:57 bberris
3hBest current HSA for investing in Vanguard ETF/funds09:34 SemiRetire09:56 dukeblue219
3hInvestment Accounts for Children12/02 Cashking09:20 CyclingDuo
8pCorporate pension calculation deducting estimated social security benefit question05:29 Muri08:57 Muri
4pCapital One rewards decisions12/02 CletusCaddy08:39 fullham
74lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2024!05/28 Miriam208:39 jelaGS
5pOregon Estate Tax Planning12/02 orestate908:20 zeegr8one
5pRetired Fed/not yet 65/moving from HDHP to Regular HP?11/22 MrWasabi6508:12 grabiner
81l"Zoom" Bogleheads local chapter [Formerly Birmingham, Alabama]2019 Stinky08:11 Stinky
423tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid08:02 nedsaid
1pHow to Finance Change of Houses, 100% Equity07:56 R700008:02 watchnerd
21hInvesting $800K in Equity ETFs - Need Suggestion12/02 karagg08:01 retiredjg
15cSalt Free Water Softener versus Salt Based Systems11/19 LoveTheBogle07:54 smitcat
8cDid Jason Zweig stop writing for WSJ?11/30 tommy8507:47 Jason Zweig
128cMy Hondas wont die...they just keep running11/27 bg507:29 pizzy
1hFidelity, brokerage link and NAV funds vrs ETFs12/02 aero899107:19 feh
21pImplications of Formulating a New S Corp11/28 SteffanW07:19 HappyPappy
13pRounding error on HR Block Tax software12/02 gavinsiu07:16 rkhusky
21pSaddlebrooke Ranch in Oracle, Arizona2020 fredflinstone06:53 Sandtrap
16pRenting out your place to someone overseas12/01 tcrez06:52 LadyGeek
115tFidelity introducing automatic ETF investing11/07 acegolfer06:30 LiveSimple
2hHelp me decide which EE and I Bonds to sell and when12/02 SoupShop05:55 HomeStretch
4hPortfolio Review...Retirement in the next 3-7 years - thoughts welcome12/02 Nyc196705:14 Nyc1967
42cPersonal print and use of laptop at work11/28 mander7505:12 mrmass

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