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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2334 new posts and replies over 255 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
428tCryptocurrency in Free Fall03/15 MinnGuyInvestin23:13 langlands
11hFinally getting our finances in order and would love any help with how to proceed05/03 Grassisgreen23:12 Sam_78
40tFZROX vs VTSAX2019 raveon23:11 nalor511
0hself directed brokerage from tiaa-cref in 403b23:11 manuvns 
86pLosing Motivation in Work - 5 Years To Go - Suggestions?05/10 MrCheapo23:10 qwertyjazz
8pBest/tax-efficient sources for getting down payment together for a first-time house purchase11:23 cormacthecelt23:08 grabiner
11h10 million dollar dilemma19:46 powercherry523:07 cacophony
0pCashing in a whole life policy23:07 napercity 
41pMother is looking to refinance and asking me to co-sign11:05 max7923:04 ArtsyProf
4hPractical Application of TLH for my Index Spread?11:54 Strifey23:01 lucha
3tCLM Dividend18:50 boogiehead23:00 ChinchillaWhipl
526tCrypto mania !05/08 JohnDindex22:59 HanSolo
1h200K where to invest?22:56 m@ver1ck22:59 FiveK
12hnew to investing00:25 okiedokie22:58 okiedokie
115pWhat prompted you to pull the plug and retire?05/10 namajones22:58 livelovelaugh00
16hPlease review early retirement plan15:03 fullplay202422:53 gips
18h$5M Construction Project :confused20:06 FD23422:51 Sandtrap
11pbest order of withdrawal of retirement accounts.13:58 dred pirate22:51 RetiredCSProf
7hHow to go about selling stocks to buy an index fund?05/11 Koby112322:50 Gaston
38tInteresting interview with Nouriel Roubini05/11 fingoals22:49 Californiastate
13hVanguard Intl Funds/Baillie Gifford05/11 FlyEaglesFly5222:40 Gaston
15193tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar22:39 Stinky
814pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek22:37 grkmec
43cMoving with 2 cats05/11 Cookiegirl22:36 hi_there
5nRetail Investors make up [largest group] of local market volume currently. Implications for local market efficiency.08:23 Anon900122:32 asset_chaos
13cZero Turn Mower (Toro vs Ariens)05/11 fishnhunt22:32 GO-UK
53cWeight lifting question. Machine vs free weight05/11 retire1422:32 Pdxnative
41cDoes it make financial sense to buy a "beater" for a long distance commute?15:08 Maverick332022:31 almostretired19
9p'foreign income', tax credit etc05/09 stvyreb22:30 stvyreb
9cMoving-YouTube Tv vs. Directv17:44 psteveo22:29 psteveo
36pHousing Decision. Help appreciated.05/07 Gardener22:28 Gardener
202tRefinements to Hedgefundie's excellent approach2019 Hydromod22:26 ScaledWheel
16pCar Loan Refinance - What can I do to get a better offer?05/11 HappyPeaceful22:26 Watty
2pDoes Georgia (USA) tax income and CG that was earned during months where the taxpayer was in a different state?21:50 wuschelbeutel22:25 Katietsu
3tAQR Style Premia Update; Certainly Low Correlations20:29 Random Walker22:22 Jebediah
250t10-20% Bonds? What’s the point?05/09 Johnathon Livin22:18 imak
94tKen Moraif must be getting nervous2015 Bogle_Feet22:13 frogtrader
35pHow did you figure out what to Retire TO?10:50 TallBoy29er22:10 sailaway
77pThe Biggest Mistakes People Make With Social Security05/11 RickBoglehead22:07 StealthRabbit
119hWhy foreign stocks?05/10 Gaston22:03 TropikThunder
90cWindows 10 + Chrome = Slow and Sluggish05/09 chris31922:00 SnowBog
86cHOA Advantage2019 sport22:00 SmokeyAbe
60tTaking risk on equity side.05/07 ChinchillaWhipl21:59 CZjc1330
113hWhen would you buy cryptocurrency?02:55 TheLaughingCow21:55 asset_chaos
93lJoin the Wiki!2010 Barry Barnitz21:54 JBTX
8pAdding Medicare Part B (already have Part A)12:54 radiowave21:52 GerryL
12cCostco Ghostbed vs. Casper vs. Novaform08:42 jeffyscott21:50 rich126
1pSchedule C sales tax and deducting it17:25 schrute21:49 FiveK
60pHouse appraisal in insane market04/14 BarbBrooklyn21:44 regularguy455
8cHearing Aids09:30 pedsEDdoc21:43 RickBoglehead
122hWhat Are You Doing Given Record Stock Market Highs and What Is Your Situation?04/02 MrCheapo21:42 BoglePablo
11pwho notifies Vanguard beneficiaries?23:23 miket2921:38 joe8d
17hSell SPY to buy VOO advice12:08 DLAKE21:36 Duckie
14pHSAs and Medicare Part B Premium Rebates05/09 Tdubs21:31 ChrisC
23274tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill21:27 MishkaWorries
35pHow much would you budget for a typical wedding?17:35 carloslando21:25 stan1
2p457B Plan plus Solo 401k Plan plus Defined Benefit Plan19:22 ssgbloghead21:20 ssgbloghead
54pHow much do you target for a 529 plan?05/10 dred pirate21:19 sc9182
149hAny experience with Toyota Income Driver Notes?02/14 grayparrot21:18 smihaila
10328pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1121:16 adestefan
7pGifting appreciated mutual fund05/10 kate123421:14 nyone
539pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion21:03 Da5id
87hI sold off all my (modest) crypto holdings this morning05/03 JonnyDVM20:56 SnowBog
10hAll Growth funds in portfolio - Sell or stay in?05/10 arminshivazad20:55 raiderjkwong
16tRebalancing Bonus15:26 Adam Mundorf20:53 Jaymover
231tWhence inflation?10/08 willthrill8120:51 willthrill81
13pDon't Ever Doubt Yourself...A Story To Encourage Those Who Have Hit Rock Bottom.08:15 bg520:50 latesaver
9hU.S. Expat investing questions (beginner investor)05/11 mrmcgillicuddy20:44 typical.investo
41hMother is 64 & decided it might be worth trying to save for retirement...05/09 SmokeyAbe20:41 PartIrish
20hExtreme Roth IRA contribution penalty08:46 BrokerageZelda20:30 MarkNYC
26hinflation rate over next 5 years09/30 averagedude20:29 willthrill81
4tWatch out for inflation numbers - Redux16:51 #Cruncher20:28 Flyer24
116tWhat Ever Happened to "Your Age In Bonds"?05/08 LMK520:27 abuss368
25hTaxable Account - VTSAX vs. VTI07/06 Investor131920:26 abuss368
102cPhoenix, AZ as an early retirement location? Advice please05/10 cbr shadow20:26 rockstar
6hHow to view more than 90 days at a time in Fidelity?14:48 userwithconcern20:22 retired@50
19h[Maxifi Users] What rate of return are you using for simulations?08:59 jjunk20:10 Wiggums
10cSubterranean Termites - Suggestions?04/23 crystalbank20:04 RetiredCSProf
267tNon-fungible tokens (NFTs): anyone investing in those?03/02 steve32120:04 Northern Flicke
2hAll investments in 401K. Should we open a Roth/backdoor?14:35 Dek1719:51 Dek17
12hRoth Penalty Question08:04 OpenMinded119:51 RCL
13tInflation, banking and real estate01/14 SmallCityDave19:48 SmallCityDave
151cAny Boglehead powerlifters?2018 corn1819:41 stevedub
8931tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE19:40 taojaxx
11hHow to protect against "Transitory" Inflation16:57 jaxinvestor19:34 index245
37pSeller wants to back out contract11:46 nigel_ht19:34 ResearchMed
25nFIRE in Europe: Qualifying for both US Social Security and EU state pension(s) and how to estimate benefits?05/09 wineandplaya19:33 international00
473c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco19:21 RetiredAL
18nTell an inexperienced investor ETF or Dividend? [Ukraine]09:40 platfsholding19:21 Astones
31pwhat to do if USPS lost my certified mailing of IRS return?05/11 capran19:09 hachiko
36chow to get rid of junk mail for my mother05/11 lomarica0119:07 TexasPE
2hTypical ADR Fee18:25 DTalos19:06 DetroitRick
590pIf your net worth is over $3 million, how did you do it?2014 ahmadcpa19:03 abuss368
12tVanguard short term inflation protected bonds (TIPS)15:58 happysteward19:03 Astones
4hIs it considered a Wash Sale to sell VWITX for a loss and buy VBTLX?15:25 firefighter97318:58 SquawkIdent
5149cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:55 ResearchMed
5tGuideline 401k adds 0.08% aum fee05/11 z0r18:52 z0r
16hBeginner's Guide to Investing Book05/11 Seahawks75418:52 abuss368
459tCryptocurrency - Bitcoin Continues to Soar!03/13 MinnGuyInvestin18:49 Kookaburra
3tDifference between Portfolio income and Annual return on Portfoliovisualizer23:17 ilan1h18:49 ilan1h
2p1095-B : tax deduction17:17 viewer018:47 viewer0
17tnot contributing to IRA, even if you have the money available08:38 yules18:46 yules
65pMedicare - just A + B?04/13 hicabob18:46 PowderDay9
9hForced Liquidation of Invested HSA11:39 Sasha18:40 Raspberry-503
8tWhen to buy a house13:34 TwoIdenticalInd18:38 Garco
0pSolo 401k After-Tax Limit and Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction18:36 SoloWriter 
150cElectric car in evacuation situation2017 artibug18:36 ncbill
2848c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:33 wabbott
1tHow to know mutual fund shares bought / sold each day?17:36 goshenBogle18:16 alex_686
16tBank error in my favor13:43 hicabob18:11 LadyGeek
122hSocial Security as Part of Bond Allocation05/11 scguy61318:09 grobertj
89pI See no Path Forward Financially05/11 PlasmatronSeven18:08 Superleaf444
8hRecommendations for custodian of new taxable account?14:01 delamer18:07 pkcrafter
668cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo18:06 d0gerz
6pTransitioning from Obamacare (marketplace) to Medicare15:04 jaytrain5218:01 cyclist
8pFidelity Brokerage -> Credit card payment BKM/ issue05/08 Dirghatamas17:58 Nate79
55hVanguard Vs Fidelity Index funds2020 johnpau17:55 grok87
123pGEICO Umbrella: Significant Increase in Premium08/06 creant17:53 TimeRunner
2cSelling on eBay with Paypal as payout method15:46 Freefun17:43 Superleaf444
9pMaryland Pension Exclusion and Private Pension14:56 Faith2087917:37 jebmke
27tCommodities? Inflation hedge05/09 banook17:34 corp_sharecropp
57pShould I tear down my house?05/10 Outer Marker17:31 randomguy
0pMedicaid and family in MN17:26 schrute 
13hVTI vs. SCHB05/09 nrkv17:14 nrkv
506cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman17:14 shawndoggy
71pTransferWise versus Interactive Brokers - thread?06/15 fogalog17:01 Marseille07
20hMerrill Lynch to Edge11/24 DTalos16:57 DTalos
5n[UK ex-pat in France - please advise on investment accounts]11:29 Paddarazi16:50 assyadh
2pSituational advice14:42 pokerfun16:47 David Jay
4hResidential REIT Index ETF?05/10 nura16:47 grok87
9hTreasuryDirect I Bond general question15:34 guppyguy16:43 HueyLD
23tCan A Stock Go To Zero?12:02 SunshineSuperma16:39 Independent Geo
3cSolar Power Bank for an iPhone?12:08 Barefootgirl16:33 willthrill81
35pCheaper house and private school or more expensive house and public school?05/10 justsomeguy201816:30 Wannaretireearl
5cIf you qualify, the FCC subsidizes $50 per month towards internet costs04/30 LadyGeek16:28 iamlucky13
34hDilemma: what to do with a large amount of cash at the age of 75?05/10 Always passive16:26 Iorek
1nUS expat looking for lower priced world etf14:29 Boog16:10 ivk5
5cDay & Night Shade2019 raveon16:03 raveon
29t35/65 portfolio during stock market crashes, 1871-202105/11 Ben Mathew16:01 Kevin K
521tThe Power of Working Longer02/03 bobcat215:54 Independent Geo
2pRent part of my one-family home; depreciation, recapture and taxes upon selling.05/01 Roly15:53 clydewolf
4hAdvice for investing in taxable account05/09 ChefOdy15:52 dbr
2398lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1615:48 vgc303
43pIRS not answering the phone05/06 dual15:45 HootingSloth
7hMega Backdoor (paid tax at withdrawal/rollover):Did not receive 1099-R12:14 Abk91115:43 retiredjg
3pSelling Condo - Max Interest Rate on Offer10:32 DarkHelmetII15:34 David Jay
60tMomentum Heads Rejoice !!!05/09 tradri15:11 Wade Garrett
1hInterest rate changes retroactively on savings account?13:59 johnanglemen15:09 Stinky
232lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam214:58 Miriam2
6tHelp me understand current I-Bond and TIPS yields05/11 danielc14:50 #Cruncher
13pInsurance - cost to see doctor09:01 stocknoob411114:44 Artful Dodger
8tVanguard Value Factor Fund factor regression surprise05/11 Kelly14:27 Northern Flicke
1hRetirement for 3?13:38 deweybogle13:59 Orange_Philosop
1hPortfolio review: 49 y.o. former lurker, $1+MM, a few questions11:31 Bertha199013:51 Nebraska_Drough
7cBed frame with legs/base that do NOT extend beyond mattress09:38 coalcracker13:46 MM1130
4tInterest rate increase and treasury bonds08:34 VartAndelay13:45 namajones
6pACA Subsidy Issue05/11 toasty13:42 GTBuzz
2pTax and Medicare impacts from a JT-WROS account transition05/10 RetiredMule13:42 RetiredMule
45cDo You Insist that Contractors Itemize?2015 Call_Me_Op13:41 sk.dolcevita
4pHome Renovation Process12:34 samta0913:37 Wilderness Libr
1803tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36813:33 midareff
5cyearly cost increases for retirement homes11:34 lomarica0113:24 WillRetire
12hRolling over a 403(b) while still employed?05/10 itsmeagain13:05 Sahara
2tMargin Loans, Portfolio Loans, and tax deferral05/11 MNS CA13:00 gtwhitegold
34pWhat are some places where I can work 1-day per week on the weekends?05/10 workingovertime12:58 Lazareth
4cIs Amica Dwelling Coverage too Low???05/11 need403bhelp12:54 need403bhelp
20hWhat to do with extra cash after maxing out all retirement vehicles?03:32 NuBogleHead12:47 NuBogleHead
135tThe new and bigger irrational exuberance01/10 jhsu80270112:42 scout1
22tVanguard PRIMECAP Opening?2020 PRMECP12:34 Mmh266
1tManagement Conference '21: Keynote Conversation with Cliff Asness, David Booth, and Eugene F. Fama12:13 matjen12:31 YRT70
12pHSA Contribution Question - Spouse on Different Insurance05/11 ddurrett89612:23 ddurrett896
15nPopular retirement/savings products in France & Germany?2020 corp_sharecropp12:20 LadyGeek
14h401(k) transfer questions05/03 statsman12:16 retired@50
13tannuities05/11 Dennisl12:13 Wrench
16p[Got mysterious letter from the IRS]05/11 Johm22112212:11 fabdog
24pDiminished Value Car Accident Claim05/05 Leesbro6312:10 RickBoglehead
38hHow to transition my portfolio towards a more efficient portfolio?04/29 steamer12:08 retiredjg
13hSetting up a trust - should I make it my beneficiary?05/11 EdB12:08 bsteiner
23hAsset Allocation - I need a new plan!05/04 cshell211:54 cshell2
51csony a7c full frame camera05/10 RJ201011:52 TN_Boy
36cUSPS Delivery issues04/11 Cousin Eddie11:50 talzara
24cSchool districts and reassignments01:39 jedin11:45 8foot7
300pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm11:38 Whakamole
53pThoughts About Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement - Class Action Antitrust Lawsuit04/16 SQ7N3mvB11:38 talzara
11tCrypto criticism: "The Rules of the Alternate Reality Game that is Crypto"05/11 YRT7011:34 YRT70
6cCredit card/change of address06:17 brandy11:34 kaudrey
68hCritique my dividend stock strategy05/08 nbseer11:32 Boglegrappler
176tVanguard Portfolio Watch has a new look [Calculations may be incorrect]04/07 livesoft11:26 bbrock
7pBackdoor Roth - existing Traditional account conversion timing for 2020/202105/11 Scatterbrain11:25 retiredjg
64hSelling RSU05/11 t24b35011:20 AnEngineer
183tI Bonds variable rate @ 3.54% in May04/13 tomsense7611:19 Broken Man 1999
938tWhy the disdain for managed funds like ARKK that destroy total market funds?02/13 Bwlonge11:16 hi_there
13pEmergency Funds and Inflation08:07 BergeronsBuddie11:05 mbasherp
15cChromebook 101. Please help! [RESOLVED]05/06 Faith2087911:03 Faith20879
1tTell me about your equities ramp up strategy09:51 revhappy10:56 secondopinion
0pHandling HSA prior year excess contribution & 1099-SA10:53 bluebolt 
374tAre we in a housing bubble?03/12 SuperTrooper8710:52 willthrill81
36nany experience with these US bank accounts for [US] ex-pat living abroad2019 asset_chaos10:49 Marseille07
8pDonating Car (Tax Deduction)09:04 XtremeSki200110:38 calwatch
2pAttempted fraudulent CC application in my name...lock your credit reports people00:15 eye.surgeon10:38 JD2775
40pTrying to Decide on Inheritance Allocation: Who gets What?05/11 Cruise10:34 Flyer24
5pHelp Comparing two Refi Quotes05/11 jason112210:25 Big Dog
8cTransfer SiriusXM Lifetime Account for $3505/11 TexasPE10:09 bloom2708
59hMarket Timing Change04/15 peddler1210:08 PDX_Traveler
432pLong Term Care Insurance02/25 Buster6509:53 willthrill81
8pWorking at the CDC05/11 Jchatlanta09:51 delamer
39hLow-earning 30 year old behind on investing. Need some guidance.05/07 CuriousNimbus09:50 retired@50
21pHome warranty instead of home inspection contingency05/11 B4Xt3r09:49 grogu
5nShort Term Euro Storage05/11 Hyperborea09:44 Stork
10h"No Transaction Fee" Mutual Funds at TD Ameritrade05/10 bene109:42 hnd
38hNew Schwab Portfolio Advice04/27 emmagator09:24 emmagator
233tHow to Invest in Crypto like a Boglehead?02/15 Impatience09:15 SlowMovingInves
7pPSA: Filing Weekly Unemployment Claim in Virginia on gov2go08:01 KlangFool09:14 KlangFool
48p39 y/o, Decision Making As Financial Independence Approaches05/08 k1dpsu09:14 lawrun21
41hWhat do people actually mean when they say "buy land" to build wealth?05/10 BeanCity08:49 SlowMovingInves
29hVTI or AVUS For My US Allocation?03/27 BigDGB08:47 BigDGB
3tIncreasing equity allocation using gains from fixed income+ new savings04/28 revhappy08:40 revhappy
3559tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb08:37 revhappy
3pHow to get a human being at the IRS06:06 cricket4908:36 Brianmcg321
37cCeramic Pro Car Coatings: (other car coatings by detailing shops) Legit or waste of $$$$ ????05/02 Sandtrap08:36 Sandtrap
1tIBKR making changes to their client agreement.04:06 rickyfris08:32 stormcrow
9c[Looking For Activities In Charleston, SC]23:23 Goblue9708:31 OnceARunner
149tBlockFi Interest Account (8.6% APY) with Stablecoin12/03 snailderby08:27 MBB_Boy
31cBuying books online - Amazon alternative?05/10 guppyguy08:22 guppyguy
13hWindfall - Immediate Steps05/11 apple23408:19 mr_brightside
15pHow would your life change if you were suddenly worth $50MM?07:47 Njm884508:18 Flyer24
2tShorting bond ETFs vs shorting bond futures05/11 traderlmd08:17 JackoC
1pForm 8606 incorrect by CPA - how hard to pushback?05:05 MechEngOSU08:10 EdNorton
1195cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL07:58 JAZZISCOOL
19cMoving companies05/08 Cookiegirl07:50 smitcat
7pPlease check my math - selling rental property vs S&P 50005/11 SRenaeP07:46 SRenaeP
9cMoto One Action phone issue04/21 BashDash07:40 squirm
20cLarge, shaded garden area - simple ideas?05/10 psteinx07:38 Ramjet
36pEarthquake Insurance04/17 DrDexter07:37 snackdog
9tNTSX(90/60) corresponds to SPY and BND conversion03:30 HolyGrill07:32 matjen
371p[Third stimulus payment - mega-thread]03/12 Flannelbeard07:08 techiegirl
4hMega Backdoor Roth Help05/11 BajaMig07:05 sgm7091
9hHelp: Schwab MFs to Vanguard ETFs05/11 bennettg06:58 typical.investo
25hDoes anybody actually rebalance across bond holdings?05/11 guppyguy06:54 dziuniek
47tThe Unusual Retirement Math of Homeownership05/10 Patzer06:46 ajcp
106tHow big is the risk of sustained huge stock market decline?05/05 VartAndelay06:32 ensign
2cAnchor New Basketball System to Old Concrete2017 aude06:20 gforce95
1pAdditional Tax Payment for 2020?05:28 Barefootgirl05:42 spectec
0cAlternative Investment?05:20 Cigarman 
14hYour Honest Opinion On This SCV Portfolio05/11 FIREGuy8805:07 FIREGuy88
7hDomestic vs Foreign Oil Stocks03/08 DTalos04:00 DTalos
4nAdvice Needed - Portfolio has serious home bias (Poland)05/10 Amangeldy03:17 Laurizas
3pDoes HSA have to be in name of primary healthcare beneficiary?05/11 arsenalfan02:01 Metsfan91
66tCollective thoughts [investing mini-reference]2007 Robert T01:39 StoneFeeler
0uAustralian expat looking for low-effort strategy01:37 futurefocus 
9hFunds to make tax harvesting actually work05/11 Loyalnine01:17 okwriter
1694cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger01:00 JamalJones
0pexcess contribution to 403b23:45 notmakingmoney 
9pClosing company, Final Form 1120S05/09 Hayden23:28 hachiko
6694cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36823:15 jginseattle

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