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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2442 new posts and replies over 296 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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19nWhat makes iShares so popular? How much does that matter?01/22 glorat21:03 andrew99999
29tGold vs TIPS vs Inflation01/26 Blue45621:03 Silence Dogood
21hVT Total World Stock ETF and the Foreign Tax Credit Pinch Out2018 Risk seeker21:02 isotherm
122tHow do Dividends Benefit an Investor?01/27 bck6321:01 fortyofforty
109tWhy do you hold bonds in your portfolio?11/30 tomwood21:00 tomwood
8hTEY calculation check05:22 alohamike21:00 Dottie57
64p$3 million the new rule of thumb?11:48 Amadis_of_Gaul20:59 Pierre Delecto
5hConvoluted Portfolio and am I getting my $$ Worth?17:38 RWebb7620:58 Dottie57
21cPrescription Drug Pricing: Good Rx Coupon vs. Medicare Part D insurance01/25 Strider20:58 tm3
1pTax Questions: Selling part of my land to the county20:13 NoblesvilleIN20:58 psteinx
15cBuying a new-construction home11:23 rocket35420:57 PoppyA
21pAdvice Please: Easy Negotiations Just Turned Hairy21:35 AdmiralAdama20:55 TallBoy29er
2408tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE20:55 Hydromod
71cBenefits of buying things secondhand?01/21 masterchief20:54 Chris001122
25pDaughter's Boston Job Offer13:44 gobucks465720:54 stoptothink
20hCan I Dump My Emergency Fund?19:13 bck6320:53 BogleMelon
2hTreasury Direct Gift Box Transfer & Taxes2008 Opponent Proces20:53 tunerunner
22hVangaurd PAS - fiduciary or not ?03:29 shobfamily20:51 sergeant
113tThe Demise of the 4 Percent Rule? -- Wade Pfau01/27 prioritarian20:50 prioritarian
14hS corp with solo 401k- does your 401k contribution have to come from your 'paycheck'? & q about cost basis23:23 novice11120:47 ef11
2tBond ETF YTM and real yield (I am going to lose money?)15:54 doorwindows20:47 jeffyscott
40hBackdoor Roth - should I convert or rollover my Trad IRA?01/14 NewbieBogle00720:47 NewbieBogle007
36cIs it worth it to jump on the TurboTax bandwagon?09:35 knightrider20:41 BogleMelon
9tDave Ramsey: Foundations In Personal Finance (High School)01/27 GCD20:41 Nate79
0pAlliant Visa now limiting cash back20:39 Value52 
56tDesigning a Portfolio for an Investor Who Wishes to Avoid "Paper Assets"01/27 Benjamin Buffet20:38 sergeant
5067cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:36 Nicolas
0tNightly Business Report (NBR) Viewers ?20:36 RIMDBogle 
19hAre index investors investing in QQQ by accident?09:33 jvini20:35 1789
835pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4820:33 RangeleyLake
34pWhat is the best path to get into MED School for a high school senior?10:02 Indexfan8920:32 chmcnm
8hAhh... PSECU CD Rates - I miss you.15:55 JSparks20:32 JSparks
0pConservatorship? Not sure what to do...20:30 LITeacher 
2pIRMAA Confusion19:58 dak20:30 Big Dog
36cTell me where I'm wrong -- leasing a new car to replace our high-miler01/25 CascadiaSoonish20:29 Sandi_k
6pHSA Bank Charging Monthly Account Maintenance Fees - GEHA HDHP01/23 craimund20:25 stormswami
4cScreen sharing program11:29 clemrick20:23 CRC301
1362cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman20:23 abuss368
4cBosch Crystal Dry - any personal experiences with this witchcraft?13:17 Millennial20:23 Millennial
27tTIPS Negative Real Yield - SOLD!10:16 grayfox20:22 jeffyscott
3204tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar20:22 Stinky
19tActive for International, Passive for U.S.?01/27 sbrooks3220:21 YearTrader
1pUnemployment Benefits in CA15:05 AzleaHeights20:17 bankle
26pHow to save BIG in a HCOLA08:48 Streptococcus20:17 Quercus Palustr
31hMy mom's entire 401k balance did not transfer when her 401k administrator changed. Need help recovering her funds!01/26 arcticpineapple20:17 Saving$
65pIs roth conversion worth it in all cases?02/02 McDougal20:17 wrongfunds
10hdonation tax deduction without (personally) itemizing10:57 nj4220:15 abuss368
9cHow to send form with personal info securely?15:52 URSnshn20:14 CRC301
52cCheap Cell Phone Plan10/10 NavyIC320:13 abuss368
5hAsset Allocation - put all bonds in my 401k?19:12 renegade0620:10 renegade06
20pSelling house without realtor - cash offer01/26 burgrat20:09 Sandi_k
34pDon't Get Escheated! (Planet Money on Escheatment)01/27 bryanm20:08 FlyerJack
2hMega Backdoor Roth IRA-after tax match questions16:07 jbills20:04 jbills
7hBest way into Muni Money Market funds?11:43 NorCalExpat20:03 The Man with th
56cAmount of cash wedding gift?01/24 gd20:02 stoptothink
5tStupid mistake leads to even more stupid leverage idea19:48 bogglizer20:00 bogglizer
70cToy overload alternatives for grandparents06:53 obgynkenobi20:00 Triple digit go
47pHow much money can I spend on a car?01/21 GrayS2619:57 Unladen_Swallow
106cNot allowed to board American Airlines flight - Forced to buy second ticket for same flight - Help requested01/27 TylerS19:49 JBTX
1pMedicaid and Earnings09:02 Diver424219:49 cheese_breath
11tFidelity Tax Forms start to be available2019 12319:44 hirlaw
26hWhat is the most aggressive Boglehead allocation for a Roth IRA?10:45 PackersFan1219:44 SemiRetire
2pIs using a mortgage broker a no brainer?19:26 rage_phish19:43 livesoft
2pPhysician assistant salary?19:35 SemiRetire19:43 Katietsu
4cFirst time coffee roasting18:01 Theseus19:41 MichaelRpdx
20tWhat to pair with NTSX?01/27 siriusblack19:40 dru808
29tCrashes and Crises all seem to have one thing in common16:57 PluckyDucky19:37 LadyGeek
50pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan19:35 bling
5hA framework for short-term investing18:37 aparan19:34 nisiprius
6cBackyard Fountain For Noise Mitigation13:05 alfaspider19:32 Lalamimi
28hAsset Allocation within a few years of retirement01/25 spartyfanaa19:31 vipertom1970
24pI have a question for those in early FIRE or planning on early FIRE12:29 TheTimeLord19:31 Unladen_Swallow
34hEmergency Fund In Taxable Account?2016 rattlenap19:28 mikeyzito22
2hAllocations----get back in the market...16:36 SecureRetiremen19:27 SecureRetiremen
17hDeciding between 2 fund vs Vanguar Balance fund09:58 Julyguy75419:21 Julyguy754
12tIn kind transfer from TIAA01/24 radiowave19:20 radiowave
8husing multiple cost-basis methods08:44 classicjazzfan19:17 the way
16cRenting a Car in Croatia01/27 mc219:09 willthrill81
662pWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"2018 CnC19:08 wrongfunds
151cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger19:07 JAZZISCOOL
2cBoracare treatment- spilt 1 1/2 cups and droplets17:53 sil201719:06 sil2017
3pIs state income tax paid a small business deductible expense?15:49 Mangas Colorada19:01 abuss368
39hSuper Lazy portfolio, just VSMGX? [Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Growth]02/21 phxjcc18:59 tman9999
41tDisadvantages of post-tax 401k ?01/26 WarAdmiral18:52 sco
18pNot understanding RMD divisor change01/05 JohnML18:50 Alan S.
2nInvesting for non-US citizen, Who work in US14:13 Svetlana18:50 tananaev
5h401k Allocation Options15:51 teejels18:49 Wiggums
142t2020 Hedge Fund contest01/10 Tanelorn18:48 cb474
11tMy Most Hated - and Favorite - IPS Rule01/27 Steadfast18:48 danielc
10pNew to NYC, ideas where to live just outside the city10:53 JHU ALmuni18:35 AerialP
7hInvesting for Someone Else11:35 djpeteski18:31 boomer_techie
6hESPP tax spreadsheet?07:27 dsmclone18:30 FiveK
163pJPM Chase Reserve Card gets more expensive01/08 WhiteMaxima18:29 palanzo
115pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1118:26 AerialWombat
6hemergency fund in 401k for high tax bracket?09:51 SciurusVulgaris18:25 SciurusVulgaris
71lJoin the Wiki!2010 Barry Barnitz18:24 Pegasus_RPG
8hetrade promotion to manage vanguard funds12:10 Aguilar18:24 abuss368
16pEscrow account skipped property taxes for 201909:40 oldfatguy18:24 mortfree
1nLow cost index funds in India18:19 rams18:21 mr.masku
137lHappy Birthday Taylor! 96 years young!01/24 Miriam218:13 hicabob
22cAccounting software for Mac2014 EnjoyIt18:12 novice111
87tEquity returns over the next 40 years01/26 Olemiss54018:12 JoeRetire
6hHelp with IRC Section 83(b) election15:18 AZAttorney1118:11 AZAttorney11
4hTax Rate, Stocks Versus Regular Savings Accounts09:17 timewarp18:09 FiveK
13pRoth 401k vs Traditional 401k09:25 an_asker18:09 KlangFool
625t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund2018 hdas18:06 305pelusa
37cTipping advice01/26 AAA18:01 tennisplyr
5nNRA newbie with no tax treaty (Paraguay)01/15 RFontes17:59 RFontes
430pIf your net worth is over $3 million, how did you do it?2014 ahmadcpa17:59 Wanderingwheelz
3hContribute to Roth or Convert07:51 Edsel17:59 FiveK
5pChallenging a Fraudulent Credit Card Charge16:32 Small Law Survi17:57 H-Town
2hRe-invest my RMD: Up 401K % or open ROTH IRA?01/27 easye41817:51 FiveK
1pCOLA calculation for pension12:04 RubyTuesday17:45 FiveK
8hSECURE Act and shifting to taxable savings?12:52 Admiral17:43 Admiral
1hNeed some input to straighten things out07:39 Joe Nathan17:41 FiveK
14hhow to sell shares tax-smart?01/24 retirap17:40 powermega
23cPermanent Address for banking2018 LuigiLikesPizza17:40 lisaneedsbraces
10pAnyone here paid college tuition w/ i Bonds AND still claim AOTC?01/25 Megamill17:33 happymob
7tFundamental Index Superior To S&P 500?11:46 TShipley17:31 Ferdinand2014
12pReverse Rollover to 401K - Help with Roth Conversion01/08 newbee117:24 newbee1
13hCash Vs Short term bonds08:39 Seas17:15 mervinj7
1tApple quarterly earnings - impressive16:05 MMLC317:08 veggivet
22pChase Credit Cards - Transaction Activity2019 SonnyDMB17:05 sss2009
9pDoes High Income Ever Effect Possible 401k Contributions11:53 patrickscott17:05 retiredjg
8pWhole Life Insurance11:52 alexcr17:04 grog
2hLarge portfolio - how to maximize charitable giving and minimize loss over long time horizon?14:47 joeschmo17:00 joeschmo
4hOne account for frontloading 529 ok for 2 parents ?13:20 wrysys16:59 fabdog
8pable to retire?15:50 bagel16:57 bagel
51pHow to get out cash01/26 lexor16:51 Unladen_Swallow
16tWhy dividends are useful12:17 ukbogler16:39 FIREmeup
2tComparing bond funds01/27 Seasonal16:36 colodane
5h"Relinquish" my index fund portfolio when moving to hedge fund?16:11 deanmoriarty16:36 SDLinguist
78tTotal Stock Market Index - Section 199A dividends this year01/21 Makefile16:35 Global100
5pDo I qualify for QBI deduction?15:31 Anon123416:34 Random Poster
6hSafe Equity fund for Trad IRA01/27 rondebbs16:27 dbr
16n[Canada] Vanguard VAB returns do not match Morningstar?01/02 siamond16:26 longinvest
8p1099-R code 8J for returning excess Roth IRA contribution01/28 teamDE16:22 Katietsu
28pWarning: Solo K and 5500 EZ01/23 Alan S.16:13 harvestbook
12hInvest in JP Morgan Smart Retirement in 401k or others?01/25 bxgeev16:02 bxgeev
4pWhy do we need a will or a trust?21:56 Tonygis16:01 senex
38cApple iMac 2013? Replace with Fusion? Or all SSD? Security? Questions12/31 URSnshn15:53 fyre4ce
10h401k planning if switching jobs?01/13 cpan00b15:49 lakpr
8pSocial Security Retirement Process Time01/26 Danielle89615:48 GerryL
9hHow to account for inflation?01/27 deewano71315:45 dbr
148lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei15:38 digarei
17cRecommend me a good duffel bag for traveling? Checked luggage01/27 doss15:36 Designairohio
1hFund for taxable account14:34 Lovey15:33 pkcrafter
95pUmbrella insurance cost01/23 Zetorman15:32 smitcat
12cNeed railing for steps to front porch11:54 dm20015:26 Dottie57
4tQuestion re target date or balanced index funds10:06 bikechuck15:17 firebirdparts
7pTax on State Tax Refunds when SALT Deduction Limited?10:38 lkar15:17 the way
109cWhen to Change Car Battery?01/23 capitalhockey15:11 willthrill81
3cphone oddity - can't connect to one business number21:19 fru-gal14:52 TheDDC
9cMedicare for Non-Working Spouse - Info & Warning01/27 jkrm14:49 jkrm
58pTorn Between Aggressive Home Payoff or Investing01/24 Shael_AT14:44 abuss368
26tBig Data and Market Forecasting01/22 NearlyRetired14:32 Uncorrelated
16pIs There a Tax Basis on These Stocks?01/18 SurfCityBill14:30 Tarheelstrummer
7hRoth recharacterization/Conversion mistake13:05 justinpmhnp14:29 justinpmhnp
2pInherited IRA just prior to SECURE act, need advice14:17 romainiac6614:24 ChicagoBear7
0p8915B Qualified 2017 Disaster Retirement Plan Distributions and Repayments---Repayment Questions14:15 MikeZ 
13tIdeal Withdrawal Rate01/25 rockthisworld14:11 willthrill81
1nVancouver, B.C., Canada - Bogleheads Chapter2018 permport14:10 mequel
4pMFJ tax basics - withholding, etc01/27 Boatsboatsboats14:09 Boatsboatsboats
15hLatest policy at Merrill?10:41 aiyuanuc14:09 Blue456
9hInvestment Planning12/24 invest810414:07 invest8104
1153cBest watch for around $5,000?2008 Petrocelli14:07 TSR
53cOptimizing Costco Tire Purchases12/26 dm20014:03 dm200
1nNew to non-US investing [Mongolia]07:19 Cd669613:57 TedSwippet
0pAnother Turbotax question -- bonus repayment13:54 ScubaHogg 
4nUS expat in UK: looking to invest01/27 Sad24813:49 Sad248
9pconsidering buying a condo in scottsdale09:38 vasu10013:49 FlyAF
6hBest Way to Fund a Roth IRA11:43 riles4613:47 lakpr
5hAnother TIPS-for-recent-retirees question from a 3 fund guy01/27 cyclist13:32 Phineas J. Whoo
26cAmazon customers...01/05 PoppyA13:26 Broken Man 1999
56hInherited IRA or Traditional. ex advisor not helpful01/24 teacher216313:21 teacher2163
20cFirst Visit to Keys and Marathon, FL01/26 Retiredron13:20 jsaver
3hOne Mutual Fund Company or two?10:45 RazzleNugent60113:19 ruralavalon
8pBuying a house instead of renting11:21 Need_help_pleas13:18 dm200
55cCybersecurity and passwords01/26 Cpadave13:15 brianH
10tSynthetic Roth via leverage?01/26 Dioremius13:13 firebirdparts
64pRMD: I know I need a Tax Advisor but.....01/14 M.Lee13:08 wrongfunds
11pPBGC pension survivor benefits?01/26 Seasonal13:04 busdriver
30hTSM vs. S&P 500 fund01/27 WW918212:56 1789
4hVTSAX vs S&P500 in RIRA12:28 Abk91112:55 anon_investor
132hIs the Vanguard Balanced Index Fund all you need?2017 rattlenap12:55 lexor
21tDo analyst forecasts have any value?01/26 international0012:52 GAAP
4pIRS PIN 201912/27 student12:47 dual
19pLiability Claims and retirement accounts01/27 7BeachbUm012:45 NavyIC3
48tTail Risk Protection2018 hdas12:45 Forester
0hVTMFX - Quarterly Distribution Breakdown12:44 garkster 
12tHelp me reproduce the Stdev from PortfolioVisualizer02:05 danielc12:43 danielc
71pLong Term Care Insurance Data01/26 ifish10012:34 WoW2012
51hExecutor of an estate01/26 tom194412:30 dm200
12t5 reasons to avoid dividend investing(says professional) what say you?01/27 cap'n crunch12:23 junior
22cPickleball Shoes / tennis shoes01/14 LoveTheBogle12:14 nalor511
11pRefinance [15 year or 30 year?]10:12 invest810412:12 niceguy7376
79pHospice and Medicare Advantage Plans - a little known Catch2204/09 CULater12:08 BogleFanGal
19pSigning bonus not on W207:17 jeam313112:03 niceguy7376
4hRoth IRA11:29 alphabet12:02 Wiggums
12pSocial security benefits if you retire early23:48 manatee200512:01 michaeljc70
81pTIRA => ROTH Conversion Strategies and SS Taxes01/24 BillyV00111:59 #Cruncher
0pLending tree 20 year refinance quotes11:55 manatee2005 
6hIrrevocable Trust - Tax Exempt Bond Questions01/26 ConcreteMan11:54 Wiggums
14pPension beneficiary01/25 akron197711:41 Broken Man 1999
0pAsset Protection Question11:39 guwop 
4hThoughts on current Allocation09:44 polarbear2211:35 polarbear22
15hVanguard free RMD service2018 tadamsmar11:31 Alan S.
17hCan't figure out how to take a distribution from a Vanguard individual 401K01/27 tadamsmar11:30 BolderBoy
1pTax and health care thoughts with ER11:14 cudavid11:22 Flobes
2pAdjust Cost Basis for RSU? (H&R Block non-covered)10:51 Beatrix11:22 Beatrix
8tCurrent favorite play money stocks.09:16 TheTimeLord11:21 theorist
3tAre there historic data for S&P 500 factor indices?01/27 MaxLeo11:15 Forester
50tMore diversification in my US Equities needed?01/25 shellycoat11:14 Forester
37tTIPS as part of fixed income allocation01/24 corner55911:09 gmaynardkrebs
10hMortgage Payoff vs Bonds01/27 Hogan77311:06 Hogan773
35cCars for kids upon college graduation01/27 psteinx11:06 LawEgr1
22hNeed help selecting Investment in HSA01/25 shellycoat11:01 snailderby
7hAssessing Fees for HSA Bank Investments01/17 Invest_Wisely11:00 marty18
78pChase Sapphire checking 1000$ offer09/30 BashDash10:57 02nz
14tPeter Thiel: "But the mood is not like late '99"23:41 grog10:48 grog
22pSell home or keep as rental?01/27 TSR10:40 snackdog
27hUsing 100% Muni-Bonds for Bond AA?01/26 greco1210:38 joeschmo
12802tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill10:35 ruralavalon
2tMorningstar: "The Best Fund Companies And Their Ratings"10:14 Taylor Larimore10:35 abuss368
31hAlly vs Treasury Direct01/26 Blue45610:31 Blue456
10pSocial Security and S-Corp Income05:52 Diver424210:23 Diver4242
63cDog repellent when biking21:17 178910:07 Flyer24
18cShopping for car insurance anonymously and privately01/27 psteinx09:57 michaeljc70
18pSwapping a lease and buying used car?12/28 kaeltor09:53 TheGreyingDuke
7pGifting appreciated mutual fund to parents01/27 semperlux09:52 FiveK
7hPortfolio Review01/27 faero1309:46 faero13
23hIs ETF bid-ask spread a concern for long-term investing?01/26 zsaber09:45 lazyday
17cBeijing in April - how would travel ins. help?01/27 Carson09:41 Deblog
4hSell stocks if I need the money this year?06:19 acr9309:41 Watty
255tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon09:38 watchnerd
6hI know we dont buy individual stocks....08:49 Thegame1409:16 Wiggums
7hValue based investing:VFVA VS VTV01/27 annu09:06 annu
39cNice/upscale pens and pencils01/27 psteinx09:00 Kenkat
3cVanguard 1099-DIV - Discrepancy?08:41 JohnFiscal08:47 JohnFiscal
5hPortfolio Review01/27 Eyeski08:43 lakpr
5hSocial Security for spouse01/27 dave105408:42 dave1054
62pSimple Bank - Bonus for New Funds in Individual and Protected Goals Account07/18 tj08:34 Elena
10hAdding Bonds to portfolio01/27 BoggledHead208:26 dbr
25hTime of the day to buy vanguard/VTSAX01/27 bogle00508:15 jb1
2cRead your medicare advantage documents01/27 dm20008:15 dm200
26hFISVX: Fidelity Small Cap Value Index Fund01/26 prk08:07 financeperchanc
3hSelling Vanguard High-Yield Admiral (VWEAX) Fund before the record date07:33 LookinAround07:57 Kenkat
13cGift of appreciation for the office manager at my dentist01/27 JCFjr07:46 Trism
9tPermanent Insurance vs Term + Systematic Investing01/24 Paisley07:42 petulant
12pBudget with high standard deviation—yet another party I to which I have arrived late!!01/25 cresive07:42 MikeG62
46hVOO PLUS VTI01/13 hope2507:41 abuss368
2049tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab07:36 SlowMovingInves
12hInvestment Checkup and Mega Backdoor Roth Question01/27 OSUmountaineer07:36 sailaway
34lBirmingham, Alabama local chapter07/17 Stinky07:32 Stinky
2tMonte Carlo simulation and taking early social security06:33 PedsMD9907:30 Silk McCue
3hRoth conversion01/27 bmhcta07:26 Stinky
21nAussie Bogleheads! What is your ETF Asset Allocation?2015 pekingduck07:23 andrew99999
4hRetirement Planning01/25 2Dog07:20 2Dog
13pBackdoor ROTH planning, 401k Roll-overs and Solo 401K01/20 zagurit07:19 niceguy7376
14hIs BP considered a foreign investment?01/27 miamivice07:14 keithintx
3hDeferred Annuity01/27 tundratoy07:10 Stinky
38cBrother printer still recommended for small business?01/12 Infomom206:49 ARoseByAnyOther
1t1099-DIV Section 199A High % for Small Cap01/27 GoPackGo06:44 rkhusky
75hHow much do I need to retire early?01/26 southwest_stack06:41 FoolMeOnce
12hShould I change 401 K to Bonds?01/27 palciparum06:38 whodidntante
12pAuto-pay from settlement fund?01/26 2commaBH06:08 Cheez-It Guy
15pYet another thread on fixed vs ARM01/27 bbwall05:37 international00
1pMedical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebate check10/06 nomas05:30 Conch55
12nInvesting ETF01/15 Aleksok05:19 bluemdusa
1pSplitting personal assets into business venture funds01:18 octreotide04:48 LFS1234
18nStarting again in the U.S.A. [UK]2018 Forster02:42 jjface
19hLooking for Portfolio Guidance01/24 twr02:09 Wiggums
25nDalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio [Europe]2019 FabrizioC02:00 amrap
5hChase 6-month CDs at 1.75% APY23:48 Huygens01:55 Wiggums
4nIRA - ROTH IRA conversion NRA01/27 Philyeah01:48 Philyeah
19hJust starting out - what to invest in?01/12 john202001:05 Wiggums
6pWhat proof does the IRS need that I rolled over retirement accounts?01/27 Infomom200:59 Eagle33
28pBird Leaving The Nest01/26 mikael12200:46 Katietsu
39hDoe anyone make money with bonds?01/21 Bankroll00:45 Wiggums
9tWhite Coat Investor: How To Tell if Your Investment Plan is Reasonable01/27 willthrill8100:40 Cubicle
7hNeed advice on diversification, sell stock and pay mortgage?01/26 purewater00:38 Wiggums
2tLarry Swedroe is on the New Retirement Podcast01/27 arcticpineapple00:32 Cubicle
4nThe non-EU and UK person cannot trade LSE ETFs01/27 Jing00:19 Jing
33p15yr vs 30yr mortgage01/26 Unknown3323:12 Financologist
2pSocial security survivor benefits questionn01/27 statsguy23:12 David Jay
259pEngineers - What are you making? ($$$)01/16 sapper137123:11 Dude2
2pWhich Legal Documents to Keep, and for How Long?22:15 Strider23:06 elvisimprsntr
35nHow much do you invest in Emerging Markets?01/06 Anon900122:34 watchnerd
41cHow to deal with Amazon purchases with Dave-H22:31 jeffprouty
20hShould I bother with tax exempt bond01/26 vchiu2522:20 joeschmo
1pTravel Insurance company based on Claim recovery21:53 advice78922:02 ResearchMed
4pcan't import W-201/27 montanagirl21:31 Katietsu
14nUK SIPP investor questions01/26 Gemini196221:30 glorat
438lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls21:19 abuss368
2pTotal World index fund has zero foreign tax paid in 201901/23 asset_chaos21:18 asset_chaos
62tWellington & Wellesley2015 sport21:03 Jerry55

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