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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1467 new posts and replies over 199 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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1513tNow that long TIPS have surged past 2.25% I will…2022 McQ16:41 aj76er
16hwe may be close to a bottom16:03 MattB16:41 MattB
6hBond Performance, paper losses?15:53 Jim V16:38 MattB
10pFatal NUA error - possible to reverse withdrawal?10/02 peratio16:38 LotsaGray
125cMy Elderly Parents Can't Resist Answering the Phone09/24 PescadorPete16:38 krafty81
59tStocks are sinking, bonds are sinking.. where is the benefit of diversification ?10:25 sjar16:37 invest2bfree
4818cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger16:37 roamingzebra
24cMove to City or stay in Suburb10/02 NYGiantsFan16:35 flarf
113hBND exceeding my patience - need something different10/02 daacrusher200116:35 mall0c
59cMedicare Part D Choices for 2024 available09/29 EagertoLearnMor16:35 RobbieT
41pFamily Will Be Uninsured in 30 days, Advice Appreciated10/02 tacobellcow16:32 LotsaGray
1964tWhy not 100% PSLDX? [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]2020 TeeDee16:31 Harmanic
1hRebalancing my 401(k) against my tIRA14:28 Raspberry-50316:31 telemark
14pI have enough money, but I want a little bit more.22:25 2ball16:29 marcopolo
49pHow much do you spend a month on food?12:56 southwest_stack16:26 Gnirk
10cInduction cooktop for indian cooking22:58 Bunty16:25 rockstar
26tWhy are Utilities Dropping So Fast?2020 Scooter5716:24 burritoLover
29hJust move Bond allocation to STRIPs?10/19 the_wiki16:23 ScubaHogg
54cHome Security Cameras - Worth it?10/02 ThankYouJack16:18 NYGiantsFan
0hbackdoor ira16:16 Sid1975 
26hQuestions on rebalancing 401(k) and temporarily moving to sidelines20:05 fingoals16:15 fingoals
115tWere you nervous when you retired?2020 4nursebee16:15 Pinotage
38tHow lower can TLT drop from here? [iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF]11:35 dimbmw16:10 mark_in_denver
10h529 Plan14:59 OutdoorED16:08 bligh
661tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius16:08 OuterBanks
59cConsidering Tesla model y long range, what do I need to know?10/01 tommy8516:06 4nursebee
101pHeads up - says they've flubbed their 1099's [made a mistake]02/23 robertvax15:58 bbrock
1hSelling EE Bonds purchased in the last few years15:44 bligh15:55 Chuck
3pHealth insurance for globally mobile folks ? UK India etc11:02 bluejeansman15:53 otinkyad
31tAren't bonds basically guaranteed to appreciate in the short/medium term?03:29 Seot15:43 rockstar
9cCell phone plans11:34 4thand1115:42 Doctor Rhythm
29pWho is using a personal finance app?10/02 moneygirl315:42 tyros
62pNegotiating jobs in the current market - 30% lower offer09/19 chenzi15:34 invest2bfree
19hIs it worth it to have small/mid cap index funds in Retirement portfolio?17:51 tig115:31 er999
167cTesla savings vs used ICE cars09/16 jplee315:30 harrychan
85pPassive Income Streams09/24 dunk123415:29 simas
7pQuestion on $750k vs $1M cap on mortgage interest deduction10:47 LFKB15:29 Cash is King
3pVirginia income tax: Can I deduct out of state property taxes?18:46 Grogs15:26 Grogs
5cVegas 2023, December21:46 keith601415:26 colejr
2048tNew fee for Vanguard mutual [and brokerage accounts - July 2023 updates]2022 CABob15:25 telemark
8pNew York Charitable Gift Fund as SALT workaround11:31 sophie115:19 Joey Jo Jo Jr
42hVMSXX vs. VUSXX for higher tax brackets12/11 fingoals15:14 boglebites
11pWhy did my SS Estimate go down?19:42 windaar15:13 Grogs
90pIRS Now Requiring again?07/06 Leesbro6315:12 Eno Deb
20pAnyone trade with their Fidelity Cash Management Account?2016 harikaried15:12 whohasaquestion
1222tVanguard Customer Service Mega-thread2021 PinotGris15:08 FeeFighter
13hAre these investment options worth the annual fee to keep my old 401k?09/27 firedrnka15:06 Wiggums
21pChanging bank acct at Treasury Direct08/11 CuriousJoe14:58 lstone19
3pSuggest jobs that can provide enough pension so you do not have to depend on investments14:35 av11114:58 Misenplace
3466tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)2022 Kevin M14:54 Kevin M
5883pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly14:48 Lastrun
12hTax loss harvest (TLH) partner for VXUS, IXUS, VEU09/26 muel8714:45 Raspberry-503
3hIs it possible to estimate Dec 2023 TIPS fund dividend?10/02 Retiredron14:44 colejr
109pHow much do you pay for healthcare (50-65 year olds)2020 EnjoyIt14:44 afr
4hCash out AARP Whole Life Policy?09/30 BizarroJerry14:41 Rex66
10pFEHB Retirees can now delay Medicare B w/o Penalty?09:14 Faith2087914:38 Asyouwish
5pRecommendations for low interest car loan lease buy out13:17 cppoly14:37 cppoly
38cHybrid or non-hybrid vehicle?10/02 mymoneyresearch14:35 anoop
90pWash sale if bought AND sold in Roth within 30 days prior to buying/selling in taxable?09/28 Spumonip14:34 rkhusky
77tSwedroe (9/27/23 Morningstar): “It’s Too Soon to Say the Value Premium Is Dead”09/29 apex8414:29 donaldfair71
12hCan't realize capital losses from pre 2008 Lehman Brothers Investment08/26 rationalist_ps14:24 rationalist_ps
9cTaxi,Uber or Careem in Dubai and Istanbul?10/01 hoops77714:23 numerica
1tLongest periods of zero real returns on typical portfolios13:52 Phyneas14:22 rkhusky
25tWho holds individual TIPS in taxable accounts?09/24 RedJunglefowl14:20 watchnerd
11hConsidering Employee Stock Purchase Plan21:39 FunnelCakeBob14:17 FunnelCakeBob
31tThe unloved 20-year Treasury bond (now over 5%)09/14 MnD14:11 mary1969
7037cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt14:06 Chv396
8cTravel agent specializing in European river cruises.22:43 Myopic squirrel14:00 TNWoods
46pBurial insurance policy with cash value (Medicaid question)09/23 MacktheKnife13:54 MacktheKnife
3hHelp with length of dollar cost averaging lump sum13:26 dcarste13:49 Tamalak
0pLong Term Care - would you recommend this policy?13:47 lostinjersey 
18pSpouse is expecting...and has been offered a big new job09/24 PNWpilot13:45 Onlineid3089
87tIT’S TIME: REGISTER FOR THE 2023 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE04/12 Bogle Center13:35 Taylor Larimore
83pAre we seat warmers? [Change from public to private sector employer]09/30 Invictus00213:33 Keenobserver
34tDoes a Bond Fund Yield Equal Its Perpetual Withdrawal Rate?10/01 Random Poster13:33 firebirdparts
111tHow long does a bond fund take to recover after an increase in yields?09/23 StillGoing13:29 mark_in_denver
22pTransfer on Death TOD documents instead of a Will10/01 SwissCoffee13:26 cchrissyy
40hLocked-out of Treasury Direct07/22 Call_Me_Op13:17 KRP
6pIRMAA vs Roth Conv Value, Small Potatoes??08:21 R700013:16 smitcat
31pCredit cards for the kids2021 CoatHanger13:14 cchrissyy
1pMedicare web site13:12 boater0713:14 Evergreen2022
13pSaving vs spending10:42 Finot313:07 unwitting_gulag
178tWith rising yields, owning a home looks less attractive09/28 tcrez12:59 wwhan
5704tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7612:57 sailaway
52pIs owning a condo worth the risk?09/29 investor99712:55 nonnie
41tTarget Retirement Date (TRD) funds - glide path?09/26 Wannaretireearl12:50 Wannaretireearl
17cTD bank as all in one bank?09/27 Blue45612:38 patrick
6cRaven scanner09/30 obgraham12:38 obgraham
107hI decided to put about 24% of my equity holdings into top "tech" stocks09/01 livesoft12:34 Capster1
0tHSA tax loss harvesting TIPS in California12:31 mikep 
263lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2023!2022 Miriam212:22 mrb09
13hI have about 8 years left until my retirement.09/30 jyun12:21 Tamalak
36cBrand New Washer is tripping the GFCI2022 Sammy0112:14 billaster
13hI might be overdoing the Mega Backdoor Roth08:52 brew12:08 sailaway
10hVUSXX: Received less dividend in September vs August?07:38 whohasaquestion12:06 celia
19pDealing with “Gray Areas” in Tax Law09/29 Pennywise Pound12:01 Ranunculus
50tHelp poke holes? Roger Ibbotson recommends a Fixed Index Annuity as a partial bond alternative.2018 Edward Joseph11:49 bertilak
9cFeather Pillows07:43 LaurenRose11:46 bloom2708
11pSocial Security question - older spouse - how does spousal benefit work?10:23 longlife24511:45 twh
13pIs Your Continuing Care Retirement Community Entrance Fee Safe?10/01 Cruise11:44 L84SUPR
3t5 year Treasury nominal…higher or lower coupon in Roth10:50 hoops77711:43 hoops777
8nFund choices for UK pension investment10/02 marvis47211:42 Valuethinker
0tsubmit ?s for Wes Crill [Bogleheads® Live]11:39 Jon Luskin 
3550cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman11:38 Chv396
4hShould I sell these I Bonds?08/11 David_w11:36 BCNR
5hReorganizing Taxable10/02 lmldm11:26 Silverado
5nIreland domiciled ETFs and IBKR Stock Yield Enhancement Program09/21 hkung11:23 helloyou
8texplain 'Capital Gains Tax for People Over 65'10/02 sunsetting10111:20 bertilak
3117tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester11:18 CraigTester
20h20 - 25 times annual income retirement planning10/02 conservativeX211:01 wolf359
9cExperiences of buying used Teslas from Tesla themselves?10/01 Toboso_Boy10:59 alfaspider
5nAre global all cap higher fees worth it?09/27 lechoixsupreme10:57 helloyou
8hSelecting a new brokerage and would like to know if these ETFs are equivilant.08:37 Workinprogress10:47 SmileyFace
213h[Safe Withdrawal Rate] Are you 3% and why/why not?09/27 Heian10:41 Leesbro63
44pGifting with a Warm Hand09/13 jj10:38 RadAudit
3nDo you pay tax when a T-Bill matures (foreign investor)?10/02 Love121210:37 helloyou
5hLeaving managed account question09/28 picollo10:36 exodusNH
5hBND vs Money Market SCOXX Short-Term Experiment01:37 prh8810:34 dbr
74pQuestion for Retired Members--life mistakes2017 cresive10:34 PhoebeCoco
7cCRV 2018 Tires10/02 retire112310:28 RationalWalk
20hLum sum payment of pension plan21:28 positive10:07 invest4
30cDental Insurance09/28 tines10:06 eddot98
43pDebating quitting with no new job lined up - possible FIRE?09/30 AtlantaP10:05 MrBobcat
4pManaging Token Earnings from 3D Rendering Project07:32 Young_Jimmy10:01 eigenperson
13hVTI & Vanguard Bond Index -- Good for taxable brokerage?10/02 ccincis8809:58 ccincis88
2pUpcoming life milestones and talking to a financial / tax planner21:48 NYInvestor1509:50 dbr
2hPortfolio glance - and seeking input for retirement planning07:08 Whakamole09:47 Whakamole
2pTIPS ladder to finance retirement community costs?22:22 esetter09:37 esetter
16hportfolio questions07/29 travelinglight09:34 HomeStretch
39cBest Noise cancelling buds09/12 stocknoob411109:33 michaeljc70
102hDr. William Bernstein on Bonds2022 BigDGB09:24 er999
6437tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab09:15 EnjoyIt
18cApple Trade-In Values08/24 Horologium09:13 jnw
143hChocolatebar's Portfolio04/20 Chocolatebar09:10 Chocolatebar
8uW-8BEN03/21 merryweather09:06 id_afstand
6hTotal Basis - Nondeductible Contributions to Traditional IRAs21:22 Sasha09:04 muddgirl
2hRetirement portfolio - on track?07:13 vb_techie08:32 soccerrules
2pInheritance Tax Preparer01:47 SpideyIndexer08:27 Fortitude
59tMy stock has lost 17% in 5 days without any announcement: what to do?09/29 Lauretta08:21 rkhusky
6tThree fund portfolio - Moderate risk HIGHER return than high risk?10/02 second_grader08:18 muffins14
10nPaying tax on accumulating ETF’s09/20 CqpedVulture08:16 TedSwippet
5hCombining TIAA Traditional and TIPS ladder10/02 mcgarrett08:03 mcgarrett
11hPortfolio Help for rookie10/01 MNrookie07:58 HipCoyote
3pCost Basis step up question06:38 Steady5907:56 Fortitude
43hWhen should I convert to Roth, if at all?09/30 MoreTaxes07:28 FiveK
10pBig News For Those On FEHB BCBS And Other Plans10/01 tallguy389107:13 mbres60
7pDoes a POA expire?17:38 Tracker96807:13 alex_686
6hMunicipal bonds10/02 Yvy07:05 Fpdesignco
29hDollar Cost Averaging and Tax Loss Harvesting09/12 mander7507:03 rkhusky
12pDoes bumping severance into next year help with taxes?10/01 McCharley06:08 London
9hHSA10/02 Yvy05:41 AllMostThere
2762tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado05:28 comeinvest
20pPlease Help Me Understand What Happens When One Spouse Transitions to Medicare when Using the ACA10/02 Carefreeap05:22 Conch55
13pIs this a direct or indirect rollover?10/02 vtMaps05:11 vtMaps
495lSearching for Lost Contributors2021 RovenSkyfall04:55 AllMostThere
0tExchanging bond funds for Treasuries - part 204:21 OverseasBH 
18tProjecting the nominal return on your TIPS purchase09/30 McQ03:19 Derpalator
5pPublic vs private sector compensation comparison10/02 Finot303:13 Valuethinker
26pTax planning around ACA subsidies10/01 trirod02:31 trirod
403tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew02:14 Ben Mathew
5pCapital Gains when Selling Home: Seller Credits to Buyer2021 boredmember8702:13 cparke
137pLarge Auto Insurance Increases Coming2022 3feetpete01:41 the_wiki
5358c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir00:59 nonnie
48cHusband cracked his iPhone screen08/26 desigirl00:53 the_wiki
18cStaunton, VA09/29 protagonist23:53 jlawrence01
34hI Bond cash out timing, just checking my math10/01 aaaaaa11111123:43 abc132
338tRiding HEDGEFUNDIE’s excellent adventure2020 CanaBogle2422:55 corpgator
9hCan I still go fire?10/02 fireornot22:46 Dottie57
7hExchange similar funds without tax implication09/30 java22:42 erp
4hUpdate on TIAA Income Illustrator: Loyalty bonus & payout comparison 2023 v 202208/12 McQ22:36 McQ
5hSwitching from municipals to TIPS09/30 Praye21:35 grabiner
9tSell IBonds with untaxed gains to buy TIPs in taxable account?10/01 gasman21:34 dcabler
120hBest money market fund on Merrill Edge for Bank of America Preferred Rewards11/20 gobsmacked21:31 anon_investor
35ciPhone 13 Mini - Any User Feedback?09/30 ruanddu21:14 Normchad
0pAny site offering complete daily municipal bond trade activities?21:02 Carno 
227tTSP G Fund rate 3.00% (June 2022)2021 mokaThought20:33 nps
12855pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1120:29 zrzhu111
13pIs health insurance cheap in CA?17:03 lecithar20:07 quantAndHold
1hibonds or treasuries or cds?17:44 livingalmostlar20:00 whodidntante
11hRoth IRA Restructuring Advice10/01 naquoae19:59 Eagle33
3pIncorrect Backdoor Roth IRA Triggers MA Assessment Notice10/01 NewtonsApple19:14 fabdog
21pRent or Own Math09/29 eri19:13 unwitting_gulag
12pVanguard QCD Checks08/08 sport19:11 minesweep
33hPersonal Investment Advice09/24 Natalie2019:09 Natalie20
12hPlease review my investments and help me retire early10/02 Bean Boglin18:51 windaar
82c4 runner or Outback or Passport: help me decide new car09/30 frugaltigris18:44 rockstar
30cNew car- four kids09/30 bdylan18:32 Arboecars
17hFidelity Brokerage-link worth it for diversification?10/01 rayne18:17 dcabler
3pSocial Security / Medicare / Medicaid TIPS17:29 mander7518:08 TravelforFun
3pMedicaid eligibility lumpy income2021 Patrick58417:55 Hebell
2hSchwab/Fidelity/Vanguard for German Stock10/02 25millz17:45 25millz
21tthe last "double" prior to retirement10/01 sambb17:30 Grogs
16pGnucash - how do you setup brokerage accounts and houses09/22 gavinsiu17:16 gavinsiu
35pDoes the salary I report to credit card companies matter?10/01 Grogs17:09 Grogs
6pHow to redeem paper EE savings bonds?2021 v1rtus17:08 #Cruncher
13cPre-emptive replacement of ceiling CFLs10/01 12317:03 CAsage
24cNeed help with replacing noisy AC unit in new house.09/30 Gort17:02 Watty
39cAny benefits for downloading McDonald's Phone App?09/28 teelainen16:54 Nate79
2h401k contributions after job change10/02 StayTheCourse1916:49 Nate79

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