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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1454 new posts and replies over 205 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
4pAdvice on changing car registration and insurance to young adult07:43 Planner0109:32 mhc
4tESG investors: how to start, pitfalls, and best options?08:15 MCST09:32 bombcar
11440cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36809:32 KBR
47cBilled for services I declined06/14 PNWpilot09:31 exodusing
38cIs it worth moving to Florida for tax purposes20:04 waterfall09:31 bberris
20hHow much cash in checking account in retirement00:29 drspine09:31 stocknoob4111
4pCoastFIRE at 5507:54 rcmx09:30 upwind
10tWhat will Bogle's "Common Sense" books help me with?06/15 unchly09:30 unchly
22tIm 73 and confused about AA06/16 Tatala09:30 mrsbetsy
14pRoth IRA Conversion18:49 svho09:28 tibbitts
35hWill NVidia continue to climb?... sold half so I'm already ahead!06/16 swong09:27 rockstar
2tA skeptical take on the Deferred Income Annuity22:00 McQ09:27 ScubaHogg
132cThinking of Getting a Mac06/07 LaramieWind09:26 exodusing
59tNew Retirement02/08 tarheel7909:26 gavinsiu
28h[Differences between ETFs and mutual funds?]06/14 Bayareadoc09:26 muffins14
3hAsset transfer: legacy to brokerage08:54 jebmke09:26 retired@50
2960cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL09:25 mhadden1
11pOne more year or four more year - Motivation to retire08:00 LiveSimple09:23 pasadena
8pUniversity Room&Board vs Condo07:52 Colorado Guy09:23 rogue_economist
7tAre there unique characteristics for investing the funds of a 501(c)3 ?21:47 Kumsajack09:23 Elric
3hStrategies for hedging a single stock position08:06 socraticbogler09:23 aristotelian
11hHelp me understand VBTLX19:02 Jagman34509:23 KBR
6h401K investment elections17:03 MCSFT89009:21 retired@50
10cNeed Replacement for FitBit07:09 bhwabeck353309:18 bobn60014
286tWhy (or at what YTM) does it make sense to buy a 20+ year TIPS...? "Draft" Conclusion page 506/05 CraigTester09:15 avalpert1
13pNeed help balancing price, quality of life, and commute when buying home23:43 JustGotScammed09:14 Bogle-007
70tRamit Sethi on the usefulness of advisors2023 hnd09:14 deltaneutral83
4pWeBull Transfer to Fidelity, Cost Basis Issue08:36 throw12311209:13 observe_and_jud
70p[Credit Card reward strategies at Costco]04/02 madbrain09:12 tj
57cTexas - How can I negotiate my rent increase?20:17 Vanguard User09:12 rogue_economist
2pOptimal Strategy to Pay down IO Mortgage w/Refi21:09 Goldie5009:11 Admiral
0tUsing a collar option strategy - to mitigate single stock exposure09:04 long-term-inves 
38hAre there actually any good financial advisers? Wondering about what my FA said.06/15 Cyath09:02 student
6199cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger09:01 Broken Man 1999
10cRemodeling contractor recomendation [Seattle area]05/07 slbnoob09:01 Coco nuts
117tFidelity introducing fees on ETFs from 9 firms03/29 Gaston08:59 retiringwhen
58hSwitching from actively managed funds to Vanguard/Schwab06/14 realnurseRN08:59 HeelaMonster
4pSocial Security in Gray Divorce04:55 MKCP508:57 fuddbogle
71tCan deferred income annuities (DIA) actually provide longevity insurance?06/05 StillGoing08:55 IDpilot
4hFund choices in Fidelity Personal Retirement Annuity (FPRA)06/15 musicislife08:48 musicislife
17hWhy can't I make mutual funds exchange?06/15 jjgaucho08:46 exodusNH
3hBond question08:06 newbie00308:45 newbie003
38cBoglehead toiletries for men06/11 Chan_va08:45 gamboolman
26pIf Fidelity CMA allows SPAXX, what’s the difference from a standard brokerage?04/12 NYCaviator08:42 Lastrun
132pHSA transfer: Health Equity to Fidelity2021 FIREchief08:39 retiringwhen
28pHow to think about taking a pension option in mid/late career?06/15 DoTheMath08:38 dorster
6h5 years from retirement; help me rebalance/optimize11:32 brian201308:35 brian2013
94pZelle at fidelity2019 bogleboy08:24 madbrain
7tGetting out of single stock position23:04 long-term-inves08:15 retiredjg
39pESPP Participation (Yay or Nay?)06/14 IslandBobsled08:14 ryman554
24cFavorite day trips from Florence Italy11:53 atl200508:10 jaMichael
28pLoaning daughter $$ for house; mortgage or personal loan?06/13 bwatts84908:09 DSBH
23fSite Migration - 2024-06-1506/15 mingstar08:06 ee_guy
48pCoastfire opinion.11/26 am07:53 SpaghettiLegs
12hPortfolio and Retire Early Advice06/14 m&m203507:51 m&m2035
47cWeighing credit card/lounge access options06/03 MoonOrb07:45 lazydavid
2453tPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky07:44 Stinky
108tThe Deferred Annuity (DIA), Not the SPIA, Should Be the Default06/12 GoWithTheCashFl07:41 Rex66
48tDo you diversify beyond stocks and bonds?06/15 hsklos07:39 balbrec2
186pLow Expenses, How?05/20 rich12607:38 smitcat
6161tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester07:37 CraigTester
22popportunity cost killing our vacation home?06/14 gips07:35 Valuethinker
81cAt what point do you replace your HVAC system?2022 CobraKai07:27 Colorado14
433tDot.Com Era/AI Era?02/26 LaurenRose07:20 ClevrChico
73tHow retirees actually withdraw06/14 exodusing07:16 GaryA505
27pSeeking Advice on Home Buying vs. Building: Balancing Finances and Future Plans06/15 original_coffee07:03 daleddm
7891cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt07:02 nisiprius
53pWhere do I get a loan for $200k06/14 Starbase07:01 dukeblue219
145tHoarding cash05/01 adave06:38 Johnnie
56cMicrosoft Office 2021 for Home03/13 jt2115006:37 madbrain
21hAsset Allocation Calculations across Portfolio16:02 SASbogle06:30 SASbogle
24pExpense drop 1% per year on retirement?06/13 gavinsiu06:24 Parkinglotracer
53tWealthfront Savings and the Yotta Debacle [Fintech banking concerns]06/14 MrM106:02 nisiprius
39tWes Gray is my "Bogleheads on Investing" guest where we discuss BOXX, ETFs, and other interesting items05/30 Rick Ferri05:52 oldcomputerguy
25cVacation in UK - using my US smart phone eSIM/SIM02/13 SunRainSnow05:21 Itzapi
56hThoughts on mid caps?2022 meadowrue04:49 observe_and_jud
24nIndia Tax on residents on US 401K / IRA / Roth IRA UK Pensions / ISA ?05/14 bluejeansman04:18 bluejeansman
23cOxford UK and region - rent a car for vacation?03/22 Second Round04:09 Valuethinker
1nAre Pfandbriefe [German private debt bonds] callable?09:53 Stork03:33 Valuethinker
4nUK based new investor06/15 planid03:31 Valuethinker
18pSecuring Accts 2fa11:48 harvestmoon02:09 rossington
99pCutting Expenses06/11 harvestmoon02:05 Ivygirl
4hQuantifying the downside of staying in a HYSA instead of BND14:06 investor38935101:58 cme
27tWhat individual stock has produced the greatest amount of cumulative dividends for you?06/14 JustGotScammed01:51 Stryker
8433tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab01:26 nalor511
0nUK pension investment advice01:19 Hopeful25 
134hFixed Income and BND06/13 sellspacecoast00:56 placeholder
36lThe C Word By Jonathan Clements (Jonathan has cancer)06/15 ReadyOne00:46 JBTX
2pTax on Deferred Compensation from another state - Payout in 2024 for vacation pay earned in 202322:47 Hebell00:44 Hebell
12pDuluth Minnesota real estate purchase06/15 RevFran00:28 123
14pMoney market for core position in Fidelity CMA, as of June 2024?04/21 syc00:22 Northern Flicke
20cReplacing Hub caps06/14 gavinsiu23:39 gavinsiu
39tRetirees: what motivated your AA?06/14 hsklos23:34 Tib
11hStarting investing at 55 years old06/12 PamPeru23:29 PamPeru
39cThinking of Switching to Linux Mint06/16 LaramieWind23:28 gavinsiu
3hHow to best adjust international allocation across acounts06/15 Deighve23:05 grabiner
20pCo-sign a Mortgage for Relative06/14 Gatewood22:58 rgs92
14hFund Placement advice06/12 vinny200522:44 grabiner
816tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest22:41 longinvest
2hWash Sale and Stock Options20:24 TravelforFun22:29 TravelforFun
5pCreated Account But Cannot Put In Address or Anything Else17:58 keyfort22:27 Eno Deb
175pProposed new wiki page: Retirement draw-down priority2023 fyre4ce22:19 FiveK
23hDivorcing my SCV fund - A few questions17:00 RetiOpening22:12 CyclingDuo
1tHow does NVDA impact XLK?06/05 adave22:08 Electron
2hSGOV [Selling before dividend then buying back after]20:15 corvo194522:08 MrJedi
0tRolling deep ITM LEAPS calls on SPY - are there any backtests for a passive strategy?22:02 afoolwithmoney 
0nWhere Should a Bolivian hold ETFs?21:55 tj 
18cMichigan early sept need help06/14 lomarica0121:54 cheese_breath
34pSuggestions on Budgeting (Spending) Method?06/15 awg7521:46 Sandtrap
13cTankless water heater: moths destroying the fan, options?06/15 NYCaviator21:42 vnatale
2ttime value of money: discount rate, SSA, and portfolio growth06/15 ryman55421:40 Ben Mathew
288tVanguard Notice - Update to Brokerage Agreement, Commission and Fee Schedules05/03 LadyGeek21:29 rkhusky
14hHow to safely reinvest cash funds in "Rollover IRA"10:25 hmDpnVpDY21:17 Eagle33
2hPV Backtest Results Question21:07 Syner0121:15 Syner01
9hQuestions about 529 plan06/15 ssn21:08 ssn
59cFountain Pens, Typewriters, Handwriting, and snail mail corresponding.05/02 Sandtrap21:00 Sandtrap
4tQuestion regarding high TIPs coupon14:14 RationalWalk20:58 Johnnie
8hClarification of Vanguard fees for partial account transfers06/15 WhitePuma20:54 rkhusky
9hVanguard's "Tax-Efficient Retirement Strategy" modeling service05/21 3rdcoaster20:47 msiddappa
63cFidelity Credit Card for Best All Around Card?04/04 ruanddu20:37 ArtMan
60tExtreme Concentration in the S&P 50006/10 Econberkeley20:33 ivgrivchuck
0tconsensus revenue growth for etf20:26 babystep 
15hRoth Allocation02/12 Rockaway20:16 TravelforFun
18pSorry, another wash sale question13:33 kiwiinvest20:15 bongo
3hBeneficiary requirements for new account06/15 260chrisb20:11 ehh
20nDo US brokerages demand an IRS Transfer Certificate before releasing funds from an estate?01/25 SimchaE20:07 Usernumber9
109hPre-tax vs Roth for HNW06/07 neopsych1219:49 smitcat
54cCarry on luggage: wheeled vs. backpack vs. duffle vs. combo? Best price range?06/13 MCST19:45 Woodshark
42pDaughter wants to pay Grandparents for childcare10:41 MGBMartin19:44 MGBMartin
430cWho's up for pickleball? Zero-zero-two. Game On!2022 LadyGeek19:36 TN_Boy
4hDeciding what to do with a parent's annuity15:01 Hherna0119:34 Stinky
97pIs Del Mar, CA worth the cost?05/18 JustGotScammed19:17 mjg
10cLAX transportation options to Garden Grove, CA14:07 Opalmanta19:15 bd7
0cBordeaux and Basque region (France and Spain) travel19:13 blackburnian 
831tVanguard to Exit Individual 401(k), Multi-SEP, and SIMPLE IRA Plans With Ascensus Deal04/16 foolio9719:06 keyfort
6pBackdoor Roth for 2023 & 202417:09 HereToLearn19:06 HereToLearn
6hWithdraw from Traditional IRA, Roth Convert, or Spend from Taxable18:02 drzzzzz18:45 bradpevans
2pTreasury Direct Trust account mess---advice?14:53 camden18:35 Ranunculus
0tBrokerage / ETF / custodian risks when you hold a single ETF18:33 swiss_pokemon 
3hHow much of mega backdoor Roth conversion is considered a 'contribution'?14:08 SRenaeP18:31 Clever_Username
2hHow Many EINs for Sole Proprietor Solo 401k18:20 keyfort18:27 keyfort
13pEmployer update13:04 investor65618:10 KlangFool
44chow to know if our wifi is safe?06/14 schmitz18:07 Point
34pBank Fees06/12 harvestmoon18:03 Broken Man 1999
4hCan You Search For Your 5500-EZ on EFAST?17:26 keyfort17:45 keyfort
127tWith interest rates this high are you increasing your equity return expectations?10/29 CletusCaddy16:51 slondr
2hHow Do You Trust Your Solo 401k Non Prototype Plan Provider?16:34 keyfort16:47 toddthebod
162pAs a percent of your career, how much time did you spend unemployed not by choice?06/11 B4Xt3r16:30 twh
20pCPA recommendation for SF Bay Area06/06 aidan516:30 aidan5
6tCalculating burn rate11:47 PaulWilliams16:24 mhc
13pRoth IRA conversion planning06/10 redwine16:13 EricGold
2cRoller shades for windows14:13 AAA16:08 SeekingAPlan
5hPut income in 401k or Roth IRA12:40 InvestmentNewb16:04 mhadden1
140tFilling the TIPS gap years with bracket year duration matching05/22 Kevin M16:04 Kevin M
40tRobinhood 1% DEPOSIT Match06/11 MillionaireMent15:59 aristotelian
34cBest bath towels06/02 Andymoler5815:43 JakeyLee
1tEmotional detachment from investments15:24 adave15:43 Sandtrap
4hVOO or more VTSAX06/15 Pjm717115:39 Mel Lindauer
297lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec15:37 cheryly279
8hOther Tax Advantaged Accounts - Need Insights and Experience06/15 mander7515:33 mander75
127pAnyone wished they had worked a few more years before retiring?01/25 MrCheapo15:31 LilyFleur
18hAsset Allocation after 20+ Years at Edward Jones05/18 SASbogle15:26 SASbogle
6pRegular or Trust Under Agreement Brokerage06/15 1095tofi15:21 bsteiner
7hDoes 'in plan' Roth conversion make sense in my case?13:39 dundee15:19 FiveK
16hInvestment options for BUSINESS MONEY?06/09 mutuAL BUNDY15:06 mutuAL BUNDY
56hSo I fired my financial advisor …06/05 coffeeandcats14:57 coffeeandcats
24hJust Transferred from Ed Jones- Portfolio Review06/15 mbpbo202614:56 yogesh
7hVanguard to Ascensus for small business SIMPLE IRA04/23 Ladeedaw14:33 Snert
30cData/Voice Plans for International Vacation06/15 Grt2bOutdoors14:31 TheHiker
2tDo direct indexers get 500 proxy mailings? If not, why not?11:26 nisiprius14:27 CletusCaddy
36hWhat should I do with $1.5 million immediately?06/12 Rockbottomdwell14:26 MikeG62
4472tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)2022 Kevin M14:13 RyeBourbon
265tHas investing conservatively ever paid off over a career?06/30 abc13214:12 pascalwager
27cBest source for general consumer news/info- Clark Howard?05/28 buckeye798314:11 ScubaHogg
17pWould you buy? Opportunity for us to buy our rental06/13 optimize_daily14:05 LeftCoast
87hCash at Fidelity10/16 Da5id13:55 Soobs
23nUK passive wealth manager recommendation request05/15 bluejeansman13:42 bluejeansman
20hAn exercise in early retirement goal setting and implementation06/15 NightowlTX13:42 DSBH
16hLarry's asset allocation06/14 aaaxl13:37 exodusing
4pTurbo Tax Question12:53 HoneyBee13:32 retired@50
1cItalian agriturismo recommendations (Umbria or Tuscany)12:28 RJ198213:23 mrb09
5hPortfolio Review: Retired with 20 year horizon06/14 valleypeach13:19 bonesly
117tIs your long-term goal to stay "Relatively" Wealthy; or Die Broke?06/14 CraigTester12:59 Call_Me_Op
13hPortfolio Review Request06/11 rovergirl12:53 rovergirl
6750pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon12:48 bbrock
84tExpectancy of selling options05/31 y198012:47 JackoC
42pBetter without Roth conversions?06/15 tothetune85412:44 ichee_marone
14hIreland domiciled ETFs: how can a G4 visa holder in the US buy them?05/27 Jellyfish_197912:42 Jellyfish_1979
29cBest way to replace windshield with OEM glass?06/15 Teague12:42 iceport
106hMoney Market Funds vs US equities right now?04/08 msterrr12:10 KBR
7624pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly11:54 Lyrrad
6pPaying for a large necessary purchase06/15 binvesting11:38 Sandtrap
2pone time offer for individual disability insurance via employer10:49 Boogiebogle11:27 BruDude
8hHow big is risk of having entire stock allocation in one ETF?06/16 Wrench11:16 nisiprius
16tValue premium - use a small cap value fund or a broad index?06/14 tcrez11:06 avalpert1
24hVanguard's new CA muni ETF05/09 frankc2910:58 Hacksawdave
697tSchwab Information Thread with FAQ, Links, Tips and Q&A2021 galawdawg10:46 jeffyscott
6hvanguard money market funds06/16 roccodean10:39 retired@50
43cWhat iPad & MacBook to purchase for a student? First time Apple customer!06/02 DolphinYay10:24 Outer Marker
4tQuestion about Calculating Estimated Savings for Retirement06/13 cheryly27910:23 cheryly279
12pRevised Budget06/15 BizarroJerry10:21 MOBugeater
9pAnyone doing their own S-corp qtrly payroll taxes?06/15 Stereofun10:18 fullham
13hNeed advice on a new investment06/15 arim10:15 retiredjg
44hVanguard is threatening forced transition within 30 days.06/14 XB7009:55 jebmke
74pWhich Midwestern markets have "coastal style" real estate appreciation?06/01 JustGotScammed09:40 vinhodoporto

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