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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1569 new posts and replies over 214 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
28hVanguard federal money market vs total bond index07/15 TarHeel200206:12 NYCwriter
103pApple Pay: value vs. chip credit card2021 jebmke06:11 abner kravitz
74hAre we done saving for college?07/14 topofthebellcur06:10 NiceUnparticula
4428pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium06:09 Andy12345
12cCheap family trip to Portugal or Spain07/15 Berean06:08 TheGreyingDuke
2tSmall caps in the press04:35 Francesco06:01 dogagility
35pTree Fell on my property17:00 Mitchell77705:59 wilked
3pwhen to stop accumlating money and stuff? and start to use them and give them away?00:20 WhiteMaxima05:52 chassis
2cBest Way To Lend Money to Sister05:03 Mian05:50 Kagord
5pWould you change jobs?22:53 62caster05:49 chassis
27pAssisted living situation for a relative10:23 Jeepguy05:43 CaptainT
2cDatabase App For A Mac04:13 LifeIsGood05:40 Gradient Descen
3hIs 1.6x after 10 years inflation adjusted a reasonable return?19:29 Needsomehelp05:37 chassis
1hIs there a sweet spot for Roth conversions?03:00 idc05:18 trueblueky
44cAnyone else have problems with appliances from Home Depot?2016 Lindrobe05:16 JCW1157
22pPurchasing a home in proximity of powerlines?18:50 Gardener05:10 shapeshifter
206cCalifornia weather in a lower cost of living area07/12 wunwun104:48 Valuethinker
5cRefrigerator experiment to do at home16:35 protagonist04:48 halfnine
3nNetherlands choosing bonds using ABN AMRO11:27 alejandro04:35 Valuethinker
0hVSMAX into VTWAX04:31 IndexFundGuy 
48cWhere to fly from Paris in March 2025?08:23 CloudNine3304:30 Valuethinker
281tWealthfront Savings and the Yotta Debacle [Fintech banking concerns]06/14 MrM104:28 lazyday
23pMost secure and most private way to buy gold07/07 2qtornot2qt04:22 hoofaman
46hIs there such a thing as diversifying your portfolio too much?07/16 Ben Kelly04:12 DIYtrixie
54hRoth conversion or not?06:48 josephny04:09 josephny
113hConverting small cap & value to healthcare?07/15 duffer04:02 junior
11pBest way to introduce personal finance to kids?07/16 BizMike02:51 bltn
33c1 month in California, Hawaii, Greece or ____?07/12 ThankYouJack02:24 runswithscissor
0hVanguard Target Retirement 20YY exchanged out to Vanguard Target Retirement 20YY02:19 sirsa 
13pKeeping US number while on extended travel06:15 TheGreyingDuke01:59 toddthebod
104lHas anyone heard from Mr. Larimore?05/01 AlwaysLearningM01:58 momopi
1200tVanguard Cash Plus Account01/12 stan101:54 Feldman
46cLiving to 10007/13 id0ntkn0wjack01:49 doobiedoo
6cAnyone using SageSure for Home Insurance in CA?07/13 doobiedoo01:24 doobiedoo
46t(Market Cap) Rotation to Small Cap?07/15 like2read01:23 DonIce
27hIs Charles Schwab strong ?16:03 goldfinger2201:22 anagram
38pWhat does your setup using Fidelity CMA and Brokerage accounts look like?07/15 rich1day01:14 zero_coupon
10cWow I just found Kansai - KIX [Kansai International Airport - Japan]12:24 ekid00:59 ReadyOne
4cAmazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 32GB or 64GB RAM21:01 DTalos00:35 DTalos
9hConsolidate 401k's into IRA?15:04 idc00:34 idc
62cYour Amazon Prime Day purchases, please!09:42 yankees6000:33 DavidW
39cUtah (Moab) National Park Vacation in Summer06/17 Johnny Thinwall00:28 jlawrence01
3nTreasury/cash-like ETF holdings for non-US investors2023 rainpath00:24 sweet123
33hAvuv up, VTI down07/11 josephny00:24 WhitePuma
1tOTC stock at Fidelity?07/14 runner900:17 rogue_economist
16tTax efficient withdrawals and the need to do Roth conversions (Mike Piper comment)14:31 TomP1000:05 heyyou
169hWorried about vanguard05/04 Mjd121000:04 Beehave
2998pTales from this insane real estate market [Home sales]2021 ASpenderInRecov23:56 Hebell
9hFor those of you in the financial industry, what does your personal portfolio look like?21:45 Ben Kelly23:53 rogue_economist
4hLow income for no monthly premiums OR pay some $ & do more Roth conversions20:46 midwestyank23:52 Watty
588t2024 BOGLEHEAD CONTEST REGISTRATION01/01 Taylor Larimore23:47 Miriam2
0tETF fee revenue for providers23:34 Dead Man Walkin 
21prestaurant partnership -LLC question07/09 Panam@201623:34 IfIOnlyKnew
7lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2025!07/05 Miriam223:32 Miriam2
107tHow do you think about longevity?07/15 rockstar23:30 BalancedJCB19
1hCan a minor contribute to his own UTMA?21:19 AJ 32123:22 toddthebod
50cDr.Peter Atia's book...Outlive07/15 ocean23:21 JBTX
29cWorkbench build plywood alternatives?07/15 jplee323:17 one_speed
13cMac duplicate file finder software and its security07/15 Speckles23:14 Speckles
1pSeeking reassurance on convos with IRS re: missing 2020 return22:29 MGA160023:13 Outer Marker
72cHow did you learn to play music? What resources and teachers/coaching did you use? What instruments do you own/play?07/02 Sandtrap23:11 CuriousGeorgeTx
1hBest ETF for International REITs? HAUZ, IFGL, RWX, VNQI21:26 AssetClassJunki23:04 typical.investo
0pDid anyone here retire in 2007?23:04 TresCasas 
6pestate planning for mentally challenged daughter17:38 bikenfool23:01 CRC_Volunteer
32hInvestment lesson learned06/28 prettybogle23:00 CyclingDuo
8tNew [increased] Fidelity fees for Brokeragelink05/03 RogerRabbit22:47 biscuit5
0hPortfolio Plans for Early Career "Sabbatical"22:26 arcturus4766 
62pSome banks now using Paze2023 idenbglhd22:24 PersonalFinance
8hWhy does market value drop on CD07/12 bethanybeachrea22:22 bethanybeachrea
4pMega backdoor with money in 401K from a prior company11:46 SomeGuy22:21 Alan S.
1cCheapest check delivery option via third party22:06 Joey Jo Jo Jr22:20 123
5pNew HELOC recommendations05/14 RMO8722:08 4th and Inches
15pRMD Year-End Tax Withholding Strategy Using Vanguard (hopefully)14:04 FrugalInvestor21:59 ResearchMed
20pLaid off - advice and a few questions07/14 renegade0621:56 ctfish
12hREITs 2024 for Trad IRA07/13 Karolus21:47 Retiredrocketbu
5pAnnuity with Long Term Care Rider?07/15 RationalWalk21:39 Rex66
4tRoth IRA options for tax arbitrage?2018 ThrustVectoring21:37 grabiner
14384tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE21:34 Kbg
7pACA, poverty levels, Roth conversion for MAGI14:34 Augustivus21:33 FiveK
13pWells Fargo Attune Credit Card - 4% Cashback in Unique Categories06/11 safari21:30 zero_coupon
2pHow to Estimate Alternative Minimum Tax for 2024?16:19 URSnshn21:26 FiveK
87cHow Often Is Your Credit Card Compromised?07/12 Small Law Survi21:23 Lynn2024
89tWhy did Vanguard choose 40% international stocks for their default portfolios?07/10 TrustTheMarket21:20 Kbg
42pBack Door AOTC [American Opportunity Tax Credit]09/03 986racer21:13 just_learning
22hWhich Roth should I invest in first?07/13 Lynn202421:11 Lynn2024
5hPortfolio review for CA resident07/14 div21:02 stan1
11584cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:01 yankees60
8638tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab20:56 DTalos
56cPower Outage and Food Spoilage?07/13 Shawn1020:55 yankees60
105cJoin a gym? Is it worth it?07/12 tman994020:52 yankees60
5cRecommendation for Carbon Monoxide Detector....19:38 atwnsw20:52 Spring garden
72cAmazon - from Prime to UnPrime07/13 LaurenRose20:48 bogles the mind
28hAny value in adding gold or TIPS06/27 glacierbob20:45 protagonist
81cUnexpected hard credit inquiry05/27 anoop20:44 cubs1999
7pMom diagnosed with PD, wondering about future care and finances14:39 nanunanu20:42 Tribonian
13pReturn of gift back to a friend14:00 Shershaah20:18 LotsaGray
12hRobinhood Securities Lending05/14 johnanglemen20:11 RetireGood
32pRoth Conversion Analysis--Incremental Rate vs. Cumulative Rate07/15 cowdogman20:09 AnEngineer
3052cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL20:04 JAZZISCOOL
3hHSA accounts, couple >5519:33 MikeR28920:04 sailaway
7cReceiving texts on a landline?14:39 psteinx20:02 random_walker_7
20tMoving from Vanguard PAS to Fidelity07/14 jmac31219:53 jmac312
67t400 Years of Global Stock & Bond Returns, 1602-202307/12 SimpleGift19:37 HootingSloth
45cblind spot warning/avoidance?07/15 Chuckles96018:56 upwind
5cTravel to the Azores next May....07/13 Lemonaid5618:55 stan1
5361tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb18:53 Julieta7
5hPortfolio check up request07/15 taaray18:49 taaray
21hWhen is the right time to exercise employee stock options?07/15 CletusCaddy18:45 ososnilknarf
13hPortfolio Analysis Tools07/13 oakbluffs18:44 Hebell
147pRoth conversions in the 22 & 24% tax brackets.01/25 scooter10118:38 LadyGeek
52hWhat do you do when you hit your number earlier than expected because of the market?08:23 privateID18:34 jaqenhghar
9pWhat is best way to accept rent payments from tenants?12:44 teelainen18:29 llin
39pAsset allocation for 78 year old with $10M+ net worth?07/15 OmniaProPatria18:22 Dregob
26pObtaining Estate Executor After 6 years (no will)07/15 Grum21018:21 LadyGeek
682tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius18:14 ddbtoth
0hPortfolio Review with high % of TIAA CREF18:09 Tara 
7hGovernment 457b Conversion12:02 Ben1101618:04 Ben11016
3hPlanning for the next two years13:11 breakfastinbed18:00 jimkinny
6tHow to match Bond fund duration to projected disbursements?13:48 Badgered17:52 Badgered
0cHelp with Focus/Do Not Disturb on iPhone 1517:48 delamer 
16cSurprised by an online privacy failure10:04 stlrick17:45 Fclevz
61hWhy I am thinking of not doing Roth conversions...let me hear your feedback07/13 mahanska17:16 Northern Flicke
17nNew all world fund: Invesco FTSE All-World UCITS ETF2023 pennywiser17:14 xxd091
21cLye products for metal pipes?07/14 roamingzebra17:09 roamingzebra
69tBuy, sell, or hold my Microsoft shares? [Hypothetical situation]2020 Broken Man 199917:07 etfan
11hVanguard 529 drops TIPS07/14 oldnewb17:03 jackholloway
167tWhat's up (or down) with TIPS?05/28 Kevin M17:01 CuriousGeorgeTx
2hRetirement Portfolio Thoughts, Please16:14 Resteasy17:00 Resteasy
2hVanguard Fully Paid Lending Program15:48 GmanJeff16:58 GmanJeff
13hSeeking opinions on my plan when I turn 70, 1/2025.07/13 robhdds16:46 delamer
14pWhen is it appropriate to update your will?07/15 Workinprogress16:46 bsteiner
7662pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly16:44 zero_coupon
10hRetirement cash reserve15:54 chrismckay16:37 MathWizard
127pMedicare, IRMAA and the like07/04 josephny16:30 tallguy3891
16hEarly Retirement Asset Allocation - Too Much Cash?08:21 WhalleyJr16:24 rogue_economist
35pWhat's good at USAA?07/13 gavinsiu16:05 David_Cary
15pSelling Mineral Rights?07/15 West of Chicago15:55 Mattman25
5fPsychology of money: acceptable topic?14:40 unwitting_gulag15:55 LadyGeek
166t2024 Hedge Fund contest01/01 Tanelorn15:44 Tanelorn
29pI financed a sports car.. next steps paying off2023 aerosurfer15:38 Barefoot
6562tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester15:33 Beensabu
2371tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest15:31 Raspberry-503
34cSump pump backup - suggestions07/11 Fortune15:29 FoolMeOnce
0tIRS letter to solo 401k administrators July 2024 who filed 5500ez in 202315:18 Hebell 
3hShould I keep my paycheck/liquid assets in my Mega Backdoor Roth IRA?09:09 sl4215:07 bonesly
415tCash is a terrible long-term investment08/31 gammalaser15:07 alluringreality
39hNewly Retired - Nervous Now07/11 baseballfan1!14:52 trueson1
1038tVanguard to Exit Individual 401(k), Multi-SEP, and SIMPLE IRA Plans With Ascensus Deal04/16 foolio9714:50 HomeStretch
562cWhat video games are you currently playing?2014 kenyan14:48 johnegonpdx
6pSimplify accounts08:01 papiper14:44 NiceUnparticula
292tFilling the TIPS gap years with bracket year duration matching05/22 Kevin M14:43 MtnBiker
17hLocking in VTSAX market gain?07/15 jcnnnghm14:39 CycloRista
10pCategorize Medical Insurance separately from Medical13:03 gavinsiu14:37 yankees60
118hCash at Fidelity10/16 Da5id14:20 aj76er
0nSwitching address through Schwab14:16 illianus 
12hRoth IRA conversion or Roth 401K- Trying to prevent a hefty tax bill in retirement11:04 Ccthealias14:15 steadyosmosis
20pMega backdoor roth with Liberty Mutual?2017 basearebelongto14:09 Rebalance8472
0hDoing both Roth and 529a (ABLE) income-related contribution?14:05 Veiled 
11tComparison of asset allocations06/27 long-term-inves14:04 Padlin
1tExcel formula for VPW12:17 woodstockga214:01 woodstockga2
6hSelling rental property #207/16 dmk39514:00 David_Cary
5pGetting back on the saddle - Portfolio Guidance07/15 marchingon13:49 marchingon
11tSavings rate smoothing? Or, minimizing risk when savings rate is tied to equity valuations07/15 brightlightston13:25 brightlightston
224pLaid off at 40 and ready to retire07/12 lecithar13:23 LadyGeek
20pSupplimental Needs Trust07/08 ASPIEMike13:23 Sandtrap
2pOut of Cycle Tax Refund?08:46 LaurenRose13:17 talzara
3hLoan Interest Arbitrage/Payoff07/16 Artic77713:11 rogue_economist
1tRobinhood 1% deposit bonus conundrum12:32 tcrez13:08 sycamore
9pIdentity monitoring OR identity-theft insurance07/15 Berean12:45 FelixTheCat
19cWashing machine crapped out (Samsung)...07/13 jplee312:13 rogue_economist
3cVA Hearing Aids07:03 NavyIC312:12 3rdShotDrop
6hPortfolio Advise09:39 RETIRE ONE DAY11:57 Jack FFR1846
23hRetirement Planning Sanity Check Request07/15 techthedj11:53 techthedj
2640tPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky11:34 Wrench
63hIndex Universal Life product01/13 prettybogle11:33 Stinky
6946pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon11:28 zero_coupon
3cTowns near Barcelona in October with small kids09:34 Sic Vis Pacem11:10 MGBMartin
20cFire Safety with Lithium Battery Power Tools?07:53 windaar10:57 cmr79
25p2nd Letter from the IRS-Dear Taxpayer05/25 Skeeter110:50 Skeeter1
286pHow to count a pension in net worth calculations2023 Back Dr10:48 rkhusky
12pEmpower - Personal Capital (Sync/Connection Issues)02/18 mander7510:45 KyleAAA
8h26 y.o. looking for advice07/15 gracchi10:31 gracchi Question09:22 Hawksfanjohn10:29 Hawksfanjohn
24sCheck my portfolio/strategy (First time ever entering the market)2020 0AdamReith010:20 jg12345
5hGoogle vs. JP Morgan discrepancy on JLGMX data07/13 fire203110:11 fire2031
16tSafe bond allocation by age in retirement07/14 CWRadio10:04 dbr
37cO'Hare,AA,JAL short connection07/15 ekid09:58 ekid
23cLemon Law07/15 EnjoyIt09:55 thatme
12cTechnivorm Moccamaster on sale06:25 lazydavid09:49 delamer
5tHow does VT decide the US vs international asset allocation?07:14 long-term-inves09:37 Scorpion Stare
10nNon-US Citizen Estate tax, Ireland domiciled and Inheritance advice needed06/13 allen6309:35 TedSwippet
6cHow to minimize medical billing issues?07/15 AQ09:32 PNWpilot
44cThings to do in Minnesota02/29 jaj227609:09 jaj2276
132hWas too conservative at 50/50. How to transition back to 80/20?06/25 cuher09:04 cuher
10pQuestion on 5500 ez filing01/09 vtrn_va09:00 Hebell
3107tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado08:55 DMoogle
24pMinor's social security benefits while parent still working01/15 Roly08:46 rkhusky
14hNeeding advise on how to redistribute RSU/ESPP allocation06/24 aim-high-202408:46 SnowBog
4hCalculating Capital Gains Taxes07:22 CarsOutOfNoodle08:30 CarsOutOfNoodle
16tVPW and TPAW models for couples07/15 Badgered08:29 SnowBog
211tUninterested Spouse [Spouse not interested in investing]12/02 Mr. Potter08:04 ruralavalon
22pHow to compensate for not owning a home the past 5 years?07/16 JustGotScammed07:58 Kendall
52cUpdate: Minivans and "Mobility" setups: Suggestions? Experiences? Tips?07/03 Sandtrap07:51 Sandtrap
1hLinking different brokerages – how to limit risks?07/11 ThriftyInvestor07:45 lazyday
8pConsolidating Accounts to One-Stop2017 peterwantstosav07:42 peterwantstosav
2p[Medicare Part A when] Filing for retroactive SS benefits at age 7007/15 SandiaMan07:37 ehh
6hSelling Business - What would you do06/29 UTSNOWBIRD07:34 Watty
46hRetirement is imminent - are we ready?2022 CarsOutOfNoodle07:33 student
31hChoosing accounts - Schwab, Victory Capital, Vanguard, Fidelity?07/13 SooooMuchToLear07:27 ruralavalon
224cRetiring to Upstate NY2022 Que199906:59 Parkinglotracer
0nAre NRA's actually not subject to capital gains or dividend taxes on Irish ETFs?-looking beyond simple internet articles06:24 Bishop69 
9hPlan termination / Backdoor Roth07/14 Sammy_M06:22 HomeStretch
20pHighest priced Medigap High Deductible F or G07/14 jim77906:21 goaties
17hFixing investment mistakes - seeking advice07/14 Denizen06:21 retiredjg

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