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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1222 new posts and replies over 185 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
37nWhy emerging market bonds?10/07 Schlabba02:54 Robert T
9hFidelity - Funding another parties Roth21:54 MotoTrojan02:51 MathIsMyWayr
11hWorth the hassle to open an HSA in California?19:29 yosemite_mounta02:49 FiveK
20pRetired Empty Nester Move from House to Apartment10/16 BGeste02:49 LeeMKE
68pI bought a STOLEN vehicle!!!06:45 futurewealthy02:41 dratkinson
4hPriotized Investments wiki - for a Microsoft Employee19:56 Bogletechs02:41 FiveK
128pWhat percent of net worth should a persons house be?10/17 masonstone02:33 MathIsMyWayr
21pHomebuyer wants me to do a 1031 exchange. Um, what?18:35 fredflinstone02:20 LeeMKE
5pDisbursing Funds From Account After Death of Grandparent10/17 saveyour02:15 saveyour
8hConsidering Foregoing Medicare Part B to Make Roth Conversions08:06 MichDad02:13 beanie
6tGraphic of Index Investing10/05 LeeMKE01:48 LeeMKE
4hBuy Limit Order Filling Question00:49 pc9501:38 pc95
8pHow to evaluate a land/property resort development?10/17 malujerry01:30 IMO
29cMoving my home landline phone number to MagicJack - good idea?10/17 teelainen01:29 invest4
3pExcess HSA contributions for the prior tax years15:04 uma01:26 Spirit Rider
68tComposition and safety of TIAA traditional annuity05/11 Nittany_Lion01:25 Gabriel A. Loza
33hRetiring and Getting Over The Fear of Quitting?10:11 Random Poster01:25 SevenBridgesRoa
8hLeveraging Investment with Pledged Asset Loan15:08 Doug00701:23 MotoTrojan
93pShould I take the job in OKC or Orlando?10/17 Streptococcus01:12 SevenBridgesRoa
11pFed Workers Prep for Budget Delays10:03 Ybsybs01:10 IMO
63lMaster Thread for Baltimore/Southern PA Bogleheads2014 steve.s01:05 Jazzman
24cAre Really Large Battery Brands Fungible?10/17 Messner800000:57 Dude2
9hGot tricked into a VUL, $40K already in - Need advice with my options22:33 confused0_000:46 123
6cPhoto Scanner (Recommendations Please)19:42 TallBoy29er00:44 shiftleft
6hWhere To Park My Money While Saving Up For New Fund12:20 Aeiouoiea00:42 venkman
4750cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36800:28 jjunk
26pHandling a substantial salary increase - suggestions?10/17 BigMoneyNoWhamm23:52 Nathan Drake
22cselling house, should we put in sod to replace ugly lawn?13:54 bwatts84923:49 LittleMaggieMae
16pSocial Security Claiming08/11 Ana-Maria5723:41 smectym
11t3 fund vs target date09:34 Fishing2retire23:39 Jerry55
33hSaving for medium/indefinite term - advice?10/14 Jacobi23:23 KlangFool
121tIs the 60/40 portfolio allocation strategy being killed?09/16 CULater23:21 sf_tech_saver
37tEdward Jones presentation at the senior center10/15 tc10123:18 InMyDreams
17tInvesting for the "great sag" - Dalio09:55 CULater23:13 HomerJ
119cWhy so many iPhones??? Why did you pick it? Why do you upgrade it?10/16 LoveTheBogle23:05 3-20Characters
14cOne thing to check when buying a used car privately [wheel locks]10:24 dm20023:04 6miths
96cWhen is private (elementary) school worth it?10/11 financial.freed23:04 Balefire
175tJohn Bogle’s formula says 1% real stock returns likely over next decade10/09 ukbogler23:01 HomerJ
118tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest22:59 smectym
64tArtificial Intelligence and the stock market10/09 masonstone22:44 jibantik
8pTaking a short career break in silicon valley10:17 Wannaretireearl22:25 mrspock
5hAnother TSP issue...10/18 SquawkIdent22:23 Jerry55
1095pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon22:17 bostondan
0pRefinancing $160k Law School Student Loan22:09 waterlily0924 
32tBuying after PR Crisis [Public Relations Crisis (Boeing 737 Max)]10/10 memic22:06 criticalmass
8pPay off Mortgage Before Retiring vs. Taxable Investing09:46 Bassman21:57 delamer
24cHiring an Interior Decorator06:41 A-Commoner21:50 sk2101
8tPensions - Why Isn't Time In the Market a Part of the Formula?14:14 billy26921:44 mnnice
8hpartial 401(k) rollover?16:15 kellyf21:43 kellyf
6hPortfolio suggestions10:45 stevebert271421:38 Duckie
10pTax Question - RMD on Inherited IRA18:27 SurfCityBill21:36 MarkNYC
7hAny reason not to take tax-free profits and reinvest10/17 LIGuy8221:34 Stinky
11cKey Ring11:08 rich12621:33 kevinf
1pHow much able to contribute to Solo 401k or SEP for a small side-hustle?19:05 CoastalWinds21:24 Duckie
28t529 and FIRE10/10 hungrywave21:23 hungrywave
24tUnique withdrawal method14:37 tennisplyr21:13 SevenBridgesRoa
4psibling and revocable living trust10:07 Klaxton21:12 Dottie57
59tA gentle alternative to HEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure with 2-Year Treasury Futures09/20 jt420:50 rhe
12hTarget Date Fund Conundrum10/17 bck6320:43 texasdiver
58cInvited to join HOA board. Pros/cons?10/15 miamivice20:33 ARoseByAnyOther
1pLiving trust questions19:52 student20:22 Gill
8c2019 year end car buying experience16:56 Skeeter120:21 CurlyDave
11hRecommend specific bond to buy instead of paying student loan10/17 T20three20:20 Big Dog
32hGetting up in age, too stock heavy10/17 barbarabuzz20:11 HomeStretch
2hRolling Treasury Futures and Money Market funds for Margin requirements16:30 caklim0019:58 caklim00
8tWhatever happened to the commodities miracle?15:07 CULater19:50 Nicolas
35tthoughts on GS Momentum Builder® Multi-Asset 5S ER Index-Linked CDs due 20242016 15202guy19:43 mary1492
3hStudent confused about Roth IRA limits19:08 fung19:42 HomeStretch
6pHas anyone used,, or jt419:26 jacoavlu
88tBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan19:24 MikeG62
58pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1119:19 AZAttorney11
17pMedicare Part D provider help-Wellcare Wellness10/16 Skeeter119:14 cheese_breath
51tAdjusting AA based on equity risk premium10/13 bluquark19:01 305pelusa
10pFed w/ non-fed working spouse - HDHP ?10/17 FreddyC18:55 Tdubs
12cPurchasing a Pre-Owned iPhone16:29 JoeChick1018:44 Trader Joe
68cWhy are Mazda CX-5’s sales so much less than other brands?10/14 FinIndyGal18:17 JAZZISCOOL
42hI'm an indexer, but should I be buying my companies discounted stock?10/17 TheBogleWay18:10 Gronnie
98pRoth Conversion Conundrum08/09 GeekGal18:06 retiredjg
18pNYT: Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working?14:43 LeftCoastIV18:06 Flyer24
0pBest way to structure owning multiple businesses?18:06 financial.freed 
8hTrad IRA & Mega Back Door Roth?07:54 UnLearnYourself17:57 Duckie
7pClosing costs on a refinance. Negotiable and how?11:03 comehither2k1817:47 dm200
37pAre there HSA matches for Federal employees?10/11 tomwood17:44 motorcyclesarec
53ccar battery change or not? 2 year old battery10/16 Jonezez17:24 Helo80
59tBank of America declares 'the end of the 60-40' standard portfolio10/15 indexlover17:18 FIREchief
1266tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE17:14 Diego_Quant
145tAre TIPS really a good inflation hedge? Pros and Cons09/15 CULater17:12 Northern Flicke
959tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8117:10 BlueEars
73pAt wits end with mortgage company issues10/04 michaeljc7017:02 LiterallyIronic
9hDoes ADP/ACP testing apply to a Safe Harbor 401k Plan for HCE?09:15 CoastalWinds16:51 Spirit Rider
4tWhat exactly happens at the back end when I buy a mutual fund or ETF?10/18 Plz16:47 alex_686
13hTransfer ETF's in-kind from Vanguard to Schwab?13:15 JAZZISCOOL16:43 JAZZISCOOL
60tIsn't lack of transparency in China a huge risk for international stock index?10/15 Vision16:31 alex_686
9hIndex Outperforms Actively Managed?? BASIC Q10/16 ksoangxhc16:19 ksoangxhc
0t2019 Bogleheads Conference Notes16:19 LadyGeek 
85hHow to handle 5M capital gain (post-IPO)10/15 fluter16:18 Valuethinker
17pFAFSA - tips for filling out10/15 biker203516:15 biker2035
7hSelling muni bonds now or later?10/17 dumbhead199016:10 MikeG62
1020cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman16:05 dm200
53htIRA to backdoor Roth but missed 60 day conversion10/09 rippler16:04 rippler
48pGap Year, Sabbatical, Leave of Absence - Questioning My Sanity2017 2Birds1Stone16:02 WhyNotUs
60pHumana Part D - ILLINOIS - premiums up up up09/28 LadyIJ16:02 JAZZISCOOL
5pvacation home10/17 whaler0816:01 dm200
38cPreparing for 25% tariff on Scotch10/05 marathonwmn15:54 JoeRetire
91tBond Investing when Yield Curve is Flat10/05 Doc15:48 Doc
94cHow to help niece improve her driving08/31 bestplans15:41 deikel
8pWhen to buy Fed. Long Term Care Ins. (FLTCIP)?06:27 tomwood15:37 Iorek
9hHelp me create a 3-Fund ESG Portfolio10/04 CommitmentDevic15:34 Northern Flicke
19hTo retire or not to retire,,,,10/17 Christopher5515:31 tennisplyr
33pMedicare Part D advise10/03 Skeeter115:30 Munir
18cOld bourbon whisky10/13 mtmingus15:26 Theseus
9hUse of tax advantaged accounts10/17 oakbluffs15:25 aristotelian
50pLegacy/Inheritance10/17 justind76915:23 RooseveltG
429tI don't understand the case for EE bonds2017 sometimesinvest15:21 Grt2bOutdoors
72pHow to avoid Medicare IRMAA Surcharge10/06 Small Law Survi15:19 hsmith
9pGE Buyout "Bonanza" - Options10/14 invest415:11 Bummels
7pExpatriation Tax : How to value gain on Angel Investments?10/03 bagpuss15:06 TedSwippet
4hBerkshire Hathaway Stock in Taxable account13:19 mathguy302115:01 BogleGreatHuman
42cHelp me find some high quality cargo pants.10/15 MrJones14:54 Socrates
5tWhere should HSA Contributions go? Wife is 10 years younger.10/14 drgenefish14:35 Silk McCue
133tEx DFA CIO launches competitor which will also have ETFs06/26 larryswedroe14:31 lazyday
3hVPAS Client Load09:32 rbslos3614:28 GmanJeff
52cIf we visit Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Parkway, do we "need" to see Great Smoky Mtns. NP, too?10/12 nisiprius14:27 willinghamt19
11pHome and car damage from storm10/17 RobLyons14:20 delamer
35hDoes Fidelity have a performance view?10/11 hap_ca14:18 MilburnJr
1tWhy the bull market won’t end with a typical crash, says hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio12:05 GaryA50514:17 David Jay
0pTSP video breakdown of changes14:13 Bronko 
8hRollover 401k into Current Vanguard plan11:48 N10sive13:40 retired@50
6pCheap or Free Prepaid Credit Cards10/17 Ceejj13:27 softwaregeek
19hDoes anyone know what the AXA 403(b) fees are?2017 tchasteen13:19 krow36
140t"Vanguard Patented a Way to Avoid Taxes on Mutual Funds"03/29 retiringwhen13:10 randomguy
4tInteresting new Morningstar research on Fund Perfromance09:05 hdas13:09 Dottie57
75pFEHB Open Season 201910/08 motorcyclesarec13:08 UALflyer
12tBond Investor's Dilemma10/17 garlandwhizzer13:08 garlandwhizzer
9hRetirement Portfolio Help (ROTH with Vanguard and TSP)10/14 jamesmath13:05 retired@50
16pDeed fraud (on your home)- anyone have insight?10:47 F150HD13:04 Bruce T
16cSodaStream: a good replacement for Costco Kirkland sparkling water?10/17 Kennedy12:59 Reamus294
20cHow do I store a boat this winter?10/16 Teague12:49 nydoc
6pNew Car: Cash or Loan09:01 MishkaWorries12:47 MishkaWorries
8hDo I pay taxes on capital gains for mutual fund transfers within Vanguard?10:29 jakerubynyc12:28 RickBoglehead
483pSelling home- Demanding Buyer (Repairs)05/16 Gardener12:23 Gardener
101ccan't logon to vanguard account [Website Down]2017 chipperd12:22 VeganBH
14hFidelity Target or John Bogle advice?10/17 Blue45612:03 Grt2bOutdoors
2cCoordinating a retirement move/shipment of belongings09:38 LuigiLikesPizza11:59 btenny
5pPiers Needed for Home Foundation Support10/03 CaptainMarvel11:55 Mr. Rumples
6nPortfolio for retirement at 40 - advice please! [SPAIN]06:05 bogleeuro11:49 Valuethinker
15tA real world answer. What happens to a stock when a company goes bankrupt?10/16 Brofessor11:43 Brofessor
21hMore than one Investment Company10/15 Tjb11:31 UpperNwGuy
4019cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt11:27 Dave55
9hIs a 6 month T-Bill a bond for AA purposes?10/17 nesdog11:23 vineviz
8cTurks & Caicos on a budget??08:45 UnLearnYourself11:21 supersharpie
3tInteractive Brokers Cost Basis10/14 spefactor11:19 spefactor
24hsocial security 'extra security' feature?10/16 F150HD11:11 bradinsky
0hBest Brokerage for Equity ETF/Treasury Futures combo10:39 robertmcd 
21tInteresting new factor exposure tool08/19 HippoSir10:24 YRT70
44pControlling Discretionary Spending10/07 packet10:19 packet
3cAmerican Express Gift Cheques10/15 Opalmanta10:09 Opalmanta
23pCompany being acquired - severance strategy?10/16 renegade0610:05 dm200
7hSwitching to K-1 income: need help understanding Retirement account savings options10/17 CoastalWinds10:02 reddison
18pFidelity DAF--how to minimize fees10/15 mookie09:59 exoilman
6cBuying new iPhone from: locked or unlocked?10/16 newbie00309:57 DaftInvestor
21pHSA family contribution08/27 Goblue9709:56 RubyTuesday
3hSelling Condo, tax question?10/16 ad200709:36 DarkHelmetII
27cHVAC fan ON or auto?10/16 dalbright09:29 bloom2708
16hTaxable Account Strategy10/15 crazy11alpha08:56 aristotelian
67hResponding to a CP2000 Notice07/07 veeceeone08:53 RickBoglehead
11hFidelity's default tax lot selection10/17 indexfundfan08:45 SDLinguist
118tIndexing beats Wellington and Wellesley right?03/15 teelainen08:27 dbr
7tLiability matching, duration, and rebalancing10/16 Amadis_of_Gaul08:18 Dandy
5h403b Roll over10/17 Eye On the Priz08:15 lakpr
5tPV experts: Help me align M1 Finance10/16 get_g0ing08:09 get_g0ing
7tVanguard Research: Aging demographics10/15 garlandwhizzer08:08 Amadis_of_Gaul
23cCar waxing/sealant for a newb (not for high level detailing)2017 lightheir08:07 itsgot8
12hInvestment Choices in Fidelity 401(k)10/14 elhamn08:06 ruralavalon
109pFAFSA - is it worth filling out?12/28 BlackStrat07:52 Harry Livermore
259pIT compensation comparison09/19 skor9907:06 ARoseByAnyOther
5hSacrifice AA in Short Term to Reduce Expenses?04:28 delrinson06:56 Tamarind
16pWant to buy a new Tesla 3. Best auto loan rates??10/17 wikiradio06:51 greenbldg2
32tTreasury auction of 5 year TIPS coming up....10/09 Ykcor06:47 Dudley
13nInteractive Brokers alternative for Swiss10/16 Stef06:47 saver007
12hSaver's Tax Credit2017 restingonmylaur06:39 teen persuasion
8tOSAM 3Q 2019 letter - 'valuation spread is widest in two decades'10/16 Forester06:38 whodidntante
43cCheap Cell Phone Plan10/10 NavyIC306:30 levelride
89tSpike in Repo Rates [Fed Overnight Repurchase agreement]09/17 skepticalobserv06:25 Chicken Little
1ppretax option for paying for relative's rehab10/17 leeks05:07 RickBoglehead

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