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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2441 new posts and replies over 296 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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9pBiggest expenses in life19:05 WarAdmiral19:33 Normchad
25pPower of a personal real estate offer letter16:35 protagonist19:33 JoeRetire
4cDo you tip your hibachi chef?19:14 Pete1219:33 shunkman
18pParkinson's: How to Mitigate Possible Financial Hemorrhage?04/13 RollWithTheChan19:30 LadyGeek
4hShould I start contributing to 529 / UTMA?11:58 dmash19:30 lakpr
39pDoes it make sense that a car dealer needs to do a hard pull if you pay in full by check (cash)?12:29 piton19:30 watchnerd
3hWhen to take Social Security18:48 Dkells419:30 ruralavalon
4549t[GameStop GME trading mega-thread]01/21 Prettyfrtnt19:29 health teacher
0hWashington state 457 plan vs taxable19:29 money_walks 
0hPortfolio Review - Consolidated Accounts and Too Many funds!19:29 557880yvi 
39tYour bond fund should have barely enough for reasonable rebalancing. The rest of your fixed income should be in MYGAs.04/13 VTI19:27 Stinky
8hVanguard Federal Money Market Fund17:05 rgar9819:27 rgar98
29hthinking about adding some REIT13:53 sidwin51619:26 sidwin516
11hBond fund in taxable accounts (CA resident)16:17 dumb_lucky_2019:25 retired@50
30pHow foolish is this? [Buying waterfront apartment in Florida]11:18 protagonist19:24 protagonist
0hEmployer Plan Switching to New Fund Lineup (for the better)19:23 radeon962 
6552cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:23 tooluser
129p"Nobody's ever regretted paying off the mortgage."11:49 Triple digit go19:22 saveinvestbecom
9t"Mortage is a negative bond" - please help me understand13:28 USAFperio19:21 LongRoad
5pI wish I Knew Then What I Know Now18:47 tvubpwcisla19:20 raamakoti
5pMoron of the year award goes to me: need help with rechar/pro rata Roth stuff18:22 AlienGrrrl19:20 txhill
23hWhere to invest 6k in Roth?23:47 jack2219:19 ruralavalon
89tCoinbase IPO - anyone tempted?04/13 Yesterdaysnews19:17 Oak&Elm
1hDo margin loans generally not show up on credit reports?17:33 corp_sharecropp19:16 alex_686
22pUsing only Fidelity for Retirement04/11 Pax19:14 sailaway
2cFood label question18:46 Norton75019:14 Murgatroyd
22pProof of Funds when House Hunting04/12 A-Commoner19:13 dukeblue219
14tare inflation fears driving the housing market13:06 SashaWalpole19:10 watchnerd
53pHow close to retirement age would you start to coast instead of grinding it out?00:09 carloslando19:10 N.Y.Cab
1563cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger19:04 GG1273
26pSelling a Time Share04/13 Fat-Tailed Cont19:03 FIREchief
18hFired Financial Adviser - need advice for 70 yo mother09:36 LetsTalkMoney19:02 miket29
10pVanguard poor service vs actual errors10:56 tc10119:02 Gort
29pOfficial HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) thread12/23 JohnSmith12319:01 lemonPepper
50cOral surgeon said we were legally required to give SS#, then they got hacked04/12 CygX119:00 criticalmass
18pIrrevocable trust proposed for parent with early dementia03/26 rcjchicity19:00 Lee_WSP
10hHELP! Mega Backdoor Roth04/09 FunnelCakeBob18:57 placeholder
1pTemplate for financial life for spouse if I’m dead?18:46 bigtex18:56 Mike Scott
17pCalling all CPA's04/13 Griswold18:56 Griswold
10203pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1118:56 chelsea
3pHSA catch up contribution16:01 LadyDay1818:55 FiveK
6hFunding Early Retirement20:31 Cyclist218:54 Newby61
2751c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:52 cheese_breath
10hIs there any basis step up in a 1035 annuity exchange?13:23 tominsc18:51 placeholder
243tAnother 2.8% SWR Article Quoting Wade Pfau04/11 Leesbro6318:51 Thesaints
43hAlternative to Total Bond?04/12 calliecake4718:49 SlowPoke
19h401K investment help17:31 mariocarrillo18:47 fwellimort
33cDIY recessed lighting installation?04/12 softmax18:46 mmmodem
29hETF For Cybercurrency If Asset Class04/12 Leesbro6318:46 Moondawg
55pBuying a Home in SoCal04/13 cowbman18:46 cowbman
205lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam218:37 GeraniumLover
107p[Spouse recently passed away. Please help me handle his financial matters]04/08 Bennie18:37 MakesCents
18tI Bonds variable rate @ 3.54% in May22:39 tomsense7618:36 2Dog
3tMutual Fund historical data for long term and short term capital gains09:19 mettleurgist18:34 alex_686
0nAustralian living in Canada18:29 westcoastcammee 
21hWill Inflation pay off my home?21:28 m@ver1ck18:27 Carguy85
8pUnknown phone numbers on credit reports?12:05 JS-Elcano18:17 SquawkIdent
2279lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1618:17 Grt2bOutdoors
11cSummerizing Florida House07:25 plannerman18:13 Gill
251tAnyone else hoarding cash right now?08/05 JustinR18:12 manuvns
22c2021 Wrangler Rubicon unlimited21:05 klondike18:07 RXfiles
10cattic insulation and recessed (can) lights04/13 HoberMallow18:06 HoberMallow
104tBeginning to evaluate the holdings of Vanguard Target Retirement Funds04/13 Flashes118:05 Grt2bOutdoors
2tQuestion about very long expected returns16:20 Kelly18:04 Kelly
48c10+ year old used cars?04/13 jco18:02 inbox788
1cPermanent Life Policy17:18 P&C actuary17:57 David Jay
122tHere's my portfolio2019 vineviz17:55 vineviz
7fWhy PM messages are stuck in outbox ?04/13 RIMDBogle17:53 livesoft
6pSuperfunding 529 plan: What should I know?20:45 theRoCK17:51 DIFAR31
10hAsking for portfolio feedback04/12 Katoswims17:51 Katoswims
89pAny happy lawyers out there?04/12 lgs8817:50 financiallycuri
4cDIY Pest Control16:49 an00j17:49 livesoft
45hThoughts on VNQ? [Vanguard Real Estate ETF]2019 PurpleArc17:48 grok87
9hLooking for a place to put cash14:45 ultraviolet17:44 aj76er
1hRoth In-Plan Conversion to Roth IRA17:12 ilikeshreddingm17:43 Alan S.
255cHigh spenders what do you spend on?03/29 Tingting101317:36 runningshoes
34cCox Retention Department2019 DTalos17:34 index2max
92pFirst child entering college in the fall... need some advice04/13 dschwarz17:31 chipperd
43pHow much does your employer sponsered health insurance cost you?04/12 lamdan17:31 mmmmbrisket
41tIs AGG considered a "safe" bond etf?2020 matonplayer17:31 secondopinion
246cNon-fungible tokens (NFTs): anyone investing in those?03/02 steve32117:30 decapod10
7hBlackRock LifePath Index 2050 Fund to 70/30 FSKAX/FTIHX04:49 ilikeshreddingm17:29 anil686
9cNavy Federal CU Online Site Down12/30 tomd3717:28 wander
27pWhich is more forward-looking? Solar panels or Roth investment?04/01 Bammerman17:28 Bammerman
2pTax Filing Help17:22 raamakoti17:27 raamakoti
9cHow much time in Costa Rica?13:48 fortfun17:26 Boulder92
14449tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar17:21 Robot Monster
18tThe First 100k04/11 FrankTheViking17:20 FrankTheViking
11pEmployee covers 90% of Medical Insurance How Does It Work And Worth Getting to 100%?04/12 MrCheapo17:20 mkc
3hRoth Conversion - CT withholding - Etrade08:18 pop7717:15 pop77
1pReducing Stimulus Payment on Tax Return16:28 vzgeekgirl17:10 Katietsu
14pHow to estimate how much you can spend?10:29 heerekj117:09 59Gibson
24cLawn care question11:07 JS72717:06 Somethingwitty9
27pMortgage application denied due to large 401k contribution?s04/13 rudeboy17:01 ajcp
27pCredit Card that lists running balance online2017 msj1616:55 rwood3
20pevents that require unfreezing credit04/13 dual16:55 pahkcah
7tIndex fund ETFs15:35 shahshr16:51 secondopinion
18tBuying Coinbase is more diversified than buying Bitcoin?11:24 teelainen16:51 watchnerd
2hBackdoor Roth conversions (Multiple accounts)14:44 Gui050716:45 Alan S.
44tWhat's your definition of "Family Money"?04/12 revsk16:41 Tingting1013
21cC8 Corvette?04/13 OldBallCoach16:34 Workaholic
258cThe $2000-$4000 Car :) This made me wealthy so jump on board04/07 bg516:32 Tingting1013
44tWatch out for inflation numbers04/13 Seasonal16:31 Seasonal
11cHelp, anyone else use OneDrive?04/13 montanagirl16:30 montanagirl
16cGoing from TSA PreCheck to Global Entry04/10 CardinalRule16:29 seawolf21
11pShould I refinance my mortgage?21:42 SmokeyAbe16:25 NabSh
23cAny Acura TLX or RDX owners?11:22 MDfan16:25 gizzard
420pTales from this insane real estate market03/23 ASpenderInRecov16:21 anoop
216tCryptocurrency - Bitcoin Continues to Soar!03/13 MinnGuyInvestin16:21 GR8FUL-D
1hReview my Retirement Plan - Health Care, Taxes, Pension, SS12:05 Whitefalcon16:20 David Jay
6hPortfolio Asset Allocation04/13 CloserEveryDay16:17 557880yvi
3hHelp diversifying 401k + personal investment account13:26 dappermuis16:10 ruralavalon
2pCost of Goods Sold ( reseller)12:24 johnpau16:08 johnpau
2pE-filed turbotax waiting for return10:45 jackoak16:04 Katietsu
5p529 savings plan vs. 529 Pre Paid Tuition10:00 NabSh16:04 NabSh
55pHow would you handle this? -- big utility company problem!04/13 brian9148016:03 brian91480
1cNew versus CPO Hybrid SUV Cost Effectiveness15:26 RTalk15:57 02nz
16hTax deferred balance, keep it at 403b or move it to IRA?21:03 leviathan15:53 retiredjg
10pHouse appraisal in insane market12:17 BarbBrooklyn15:42 vanbogle59
12pwalking the last mile - selling our family home04/13 gips15:41 gips
58nGolden Visa Programs01/05 Tjb15:38 WhiteMaxima
3hValue ETF14:48 al1905915:31 asif408
35pMedical Group wants me to be CFO -- advice?04/12 financial.freed15:31 Onlineid3089
10pLoaning $15K / IRS form implications08:25 Calico15:28 HootingSloth
12p403b and 457b roll over to single IRA11:56 sofarsogood15:25 Katietsu
10hRoth Conversion Pro-rata Question04/03 Analgesia15:21 Alan S.
1051cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL15:16 JAZZISCOOL
41pGood HSA accounts?04/13 SemiRetire15:15 eukonomos
86tInvestment strategies for high net worth individuals08/18 abhi76415:04 afan
8n[Wiki: Shariah-compliant investing]04/13 MrCurious15:03 TedSwippet
7pPhysician Jobs: Private Equity or Industry?04/11 dwade110915:01 goodenyou
8708tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE14:53 OohLaLa
5hPortfolio Review - Need help extracting from Ameriprise04/11 PurpleTiger14:46 Duckie
7tRebalance time for retiree- If I buy VBTLX now what do I get?04/13 jdamo14:44 nisiprius
8pMatching IB Margin Rates04/12 Count of Notre 14:44 Count of Notre
6pW-4 error, had single filing status not married08:53 tiburblium14:38 hightechburrito
8hBeginner: Vanguard Roth IRA questions04/11 mariocarrillo14:37 mariocarrillo
4hHow is your IRA held?04/13 restingonmylaur14:37 Alan S.
12tGold and correlations04/13 LTCM14:33 Beensabu
53cComfortable Men's Flip Flops?04/10 waltman30014:31 gerntz
5pTax implications11:59 alwayswondering14:27 DIFAR31
51tS&P 500 High Dividend ETF - SPYD04/06 abuss36814:26 patrick013
4hHow to find reinvested share price for ETF00:50 urban14:25 livesoft
79tPost your Investment Policy Statement IPS here2010 LH14:23 Horton
6cAdvice on where to stay Kiawah Island, SC04/13 gotomv14:21 Lastrun
28pVanguard cash reserve check writing12/29 bengal2214:20 Broken Man 1999
8hSuggestions for 70 year old Retiree09:52 go2run14:20 go2run
22cOffering position to candidate interviewed 7 months ago12:53 Triple digit go14:16 Flyer24
3tRetirement Rebalancing13:43 Buddtholomew14:12 arcticpineapple
6pRoth conversion vs Cap Gain Harveting10:28 Steve74714:10 Steve747
409tInternational is in meltdown2020 stocknoob411114:10 Robot Monster
20panyone know why the answers are so different between taxcaster and turbo taxes cap gains tax calcuator?11:05 arcticpineapple14:06 arcticpineapple
4hIs my former Vang annuity money secure at Transamerica?13:13 tominsc14:04 DarkHelmetII
15pI mailed in my taxes not knowing about the big backlog... Is there anything I can do to cancel that and e-file instead?04/12 curiouscat9013:58 Nyc10036
4pS-Corp 1120S ERC reporting for 2020 filing ?04/11 RIMDBogle13:55 MP123
5cHouse Ventilation: Fresh Air04/13 creant13:50 WhyNotUs
153cDid you move for better weather? Did you regret it?2020 phositadc13:46 iamblessed
3hPlanning a MAJOR rebalance of a Rollover 401(k)12:37 Grant112013:35 miket29
4pSD question - Solo 401(k) to Roth Conversion10:56 fcb13:35 fcb
35pHMBradley users: help me understand optimal deposit/withdrawal02/21 cat_guy13:23 Juno2222
3hMost secure Two factor authentication out of Fidelity, Vanguard, Charles Schwab?11:50 slamfire13:20 illumination
71cCarvana or Vroom- ever use it?06/18 Frugalbear13:18 delamer
11hSingle, 32, 1M stock in Taxable/ROTH, should 350k bond in T-IRA be moved to 2040 Target Date?03/29 DSBH13:13 DSBH
14hAsset Allocation for 75 year old mom04/13 tcibound13:11 Stinky
22922tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill13:11 Marseille07
129tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline13:09 jarjarM
2pNot sure how to answer this tax software question relating to 401k rollover04/13 knightrider13:06 Eagle33
10pPost House Purchase Finances Check In06:56 socialforums20113:06 esteen
3hSeries EE Bonds12:36 jes5813:02 masteraleph
190hVanguard Annuity Transition to Transamerica12/07 Broken Man 199912:58 pascalwager
4pHow to settle on a fee with a Tax Preparer11:53 dave41512:58 pshonore
20nVanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF03/26 White Wolf12:56 vstariradev
34tOption Trading Rolling Question04/12 newbee112:54 alex_686
23cCicadas04/13 gerntz12:53 ckelly78z
97tCons of i bonds?2020 justsomeguy201812:47 pshonore
12hPortfolio update/re-balance, 33 yo female04/11 scommander712:47 scommander7
3hcost basis for a covered call08:45 viewer012:44 livesoft
9cshiplap for bathroom accent wall (what type of board?)04/12 A44012:43 A440
0pLosing HSA eligibility mid-year, how to proceed?12:39 Brewo 
2pBorrowing money for nearly free12:21 Hugh Prolly-Wri12:39 redmaw
3hPost Purchase Taxable Strategy08:21 socialforums20112:29 aristotelian
45hEmergency (oh my God fund)04/12 NabSh12:29 SanAntionetta
94pSkip $10.5k Dependent Care FSA to get $8k Child Care Tax Credit @ 50% daycare expenses in 2021?03/11 harikaried12:29 tl24
207pHas anyone had a TurboTax return that included a form 1116 accepted?02/19 palanzo12:25 talzara
7pTransfer of funds from a joint account to an individual account09:34 Prudence12:19 cheese_breath
45hWhich would you do with a small windfall? Pay remaining mortgage or 3-fund it?04/12 Orange_Philosop12:17 Orange_Philosop
5pShould I refinance my rental?04/13 Jimmy2112:15 Abe
19tHow to Compare Active Managed fund to Passive04/12 jbsmith0512:15 vineviz
10hThe portfolio of a young mind02:34 Always passive12:14 Always passive
3h529 plans and individual stock picking09:40 WarAdmiral12:12 gobel
2pSecond Economic Stimulus Payment09:18 an_asker12:11 an_asker
11cAny arborists or people with green thumbs?04:38 RobLyons11:59 lthenderson
36pZelle/Venmo/Cashapp?04/13 waltman30011:58 englishgirl
16hShould I roll old 401k or not04/12 stocknoob411111:50 LadyGeek
17pLooking for a crypto friendly bank02/14 Swymer11:47 jeffh19
4hMonte Carlo Simulation Clarification08:42 dfin11:42 Seasonal
48cwalking shoes with wide toes?04/08 Carousel11:39 Shallowpockets
1pEtrade Solo 401k - Multiple Businesses/Controlled Group04/13 moto11223311:35 moto112233
22cMedicare Claims Processing Question04/11 gregwils11:34 Eagle33
115pPrenuptial arrangements04/10 throwaway153511:31 Luckywon
7pBeneficiary IRA (Inherited IRA) Process/ Financial Advisor22:06 armoosead11:09 Alan S.
701tAre 3x leveraged ETFs the long-term winning strategy?03/24 tradri11:06 tradri
5hPrioritizing investments04/13 Jlac201611:02 ruralavalon
1nwhat are some good small-cap ETFs for European investors ?09:35 Astones11:02 galeno
1t"Residual" investing in cryptocurrency market - is VTSAX still good enough?10:52 withrye10:56 gwe67
2p2nd Roth IRA for Mega Backdoor Roth?10:21 jfmiii10:51 MrJedi
248cWho is your favorite fiction author and what is your favorite book of theirs?07/10 beernutz10:47 heartwood
5tHow to get MoneyGuidePro (full) access04/08 cstoner10:42 Lazareth
1hBackdoor Roth - additional forms needed other than 8606?09:16 eltron10:39 Alan S.
771pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek10:32 sharx
8pTransferring stocks from Joint account to Individual account04/13 palciparum10:30 Katietsu
12hTaxes: withdrawing from my Bond ETF fund??09:16 albireo1310:30 livesoft
70cBest 4 wheel drive vehicle04/11 MrsO10:28 Soon2BXProgramm
1tCovered Call Impact on underlying stock01:01 newbee110:24 newbee1
6cmortgage application for my widowed mother04/13 Nyc1003610:24 michaeljc70
1091tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz10:22 watchnerd
37cWater Heater: Rheem vs AO Smith06/07 September10:16 Admiral Class
0nDividend and capital gains tax optimization10:01 MrCurious 
26hHELOC on investment property not allowed??03/26 jack2209:57 manuvns
14cMouse Help04/13 Turkishcoffee09:51 iamlucky13
15pTurbotax "Date of Withdrawal" - electronic paymet of Federal04/11 mike_in_ny09:50 cadreamer2015
17hHelp with advising sister who's husband just passed.19:54 jsm170809:48 billfromct
27pFirst time homebuying in this environment...04/11 B4Xt3r09:29 rage_phish
7pMortgage Shopping04/12 civility09:24 criticalmass
17p52902/13 Thomas9309:15 Thomas93
363p[Third stimulus payment - mega-thread]03/12 Flannelbeard08:57 brainstorming
3pParent's 3 unit property after move to nursing home04/13 jason112208:56 Sandtrap
82phow to deal with it [regret over past investing choices]2015 fvaldes08:51 LadyGeek
1nBelgium, 37, seeking advice asset allocation & portfolio07:25 Wim_vdb08:49 BeBH65
14tFor a 40/60 Allocation, what would you choose ?04/13 sixtyforty08:32 EfficientInvest
6hGetting Rid of Old Investments04/13 Samcdonough08:31 Samcdonough
60pHSA advice Jane Quinn How to Make Your Money Last04/09 LadyDay1808:18 michaeljc70
13p1099-INT from the IRS03/02 SlowMovingInves08:17 cas
4tWhen can you put bonds in a taxable account?04/13 ilan1h08:09 goodenyou
0pAnyone else a retiree from the University of California - Need Help Navigating Health Retirement Benefits08:09 MrCheapo 
196t2021 I Bonds: what's your plan?12/22 CardinalRule08:07 tipswatcher
5hETFs / mutual funds for crypto currency?04/13 ShaftoesSpreads07:53 Nate79
4hAsset Allocation for 28 year old medical resident04/12 OKsooners2807:53 lakpr
6pDazed and Confused: IRA Re-characterizations and Taxes04/13 skc210407:46 lostdog
10pACH Deposit received without routing and account number04/13 lstone1907:37 lstone19
47pInternal salary negotiation with significantly appreciated RSUs03/07 Tingting101307:25 ScaledWheel
1pPenalty for distributing IRA to a trust07:02 restingonmylaur07:24 David Jay
0pState Foreign Tax Credit07:07 SlowMovingInves 
944t“New Bitcoin Investors Explain Why They’re Buying at Record Prices“01/21 BogleBuddy1207:05 Enganerd
82hMultiple years of expenses in cash when starting retirement04/13 2Scoops06:55 mptfan
12pMedicare - just A + B?04/13 hicabob06:51 Chris K Jones
2hWith Vanguard, is it possible to find foreign tax credit information on a month-to-month basis?21:11 alexcr06:44 livesoft
12hpay off 165k business property loan?04/08 TarHeel200206:32 TarHeel2002
26nBuying US-domiciled ETFs from Europe (Austria)04/05 tradri06:23 tradri
5tWhat important truth do very few people agree with you on?04:30 QuestioningWand06:19 Flyer24
58tnew Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF01/19 sunnywindy06:19 chem
164pThe primary factor for picking a College/University is out of pocket cost04/11 nigel_ht06:04 TomatoTomahto
6hTaxable account - tell me if my thinking is right on this.04/13 GaryA50505:28 sycamore
47hPortfolio Advice Please! - First Time Poster03/23 Emmitt04:32 Sahara
0nTrad US IRA to Roth IRA - UK Tax Opinion04:14 nr8209 
2nBrokerage Choice for US Citizen moving to UK00:02 klaus1404:09 Valuethinker
131pAny expats retired in europe? How much needed to retire?02/23 jayk23804:04 TedSwippet
1nCNDX spread19:37 HKRiver03:36 BeBH65
7pMake $126K tax free and optimize ACA PTC & Standard Deduction04/13 erishera03:32 marcopolo
20pI just became a victim of identity theft - What to do now?04/13 teelainen02:21 celia
10nTransparency of accumulating ETFs - How do I check? [Netherlands]04/12 Betelgeuse7902:02 Betelgeuse79
17hThinking of investing in VGHCX and/or Biotech - good or bad?2020 Jesteroftheswam01:06 carloslando
63t[Is it a good time to buy I bonds?]04/11 BlueOrange1000:58 Lyrrad
8hNY Saves 529 AA for teens04/11 csei2100:57 Scotttheking
1pFinally convinced to get out of TSP, mostly04/13 chemocean00:09 Fat Tails
7hToday VTI closed +ve 214.20 +0.06 (+0.03%) but VTSAX was -ve 104.23 -0.02 (-0.02%)04/12 investmax23:55 investmax
4hVanguard vs brokerage for rollover04/13 FlyerBlue23:14 FlyerBlue
7pCan finally invest a ton, but am I buying high?21:06 jrdn7723:09 khangaroo
12h$1m to Invest - Self-managed NEWB04/12 skivestor22:57 czr
3pLosing Down Payment Money when under Contract21:27 SovereignInvest22:53 quantAndHold
5pAnyone know about co-signing car leases?22:11 unstoppable22:51 unstoppable
7hI need a checkwriting fund - help04/13 discgolfplayer22:36 discgolfplayer
73tIs this the single worst time to be a passive investor04/11 tvubpwcisla22:35 telemark
2497pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium22:11 5280Tim
2pVenmo/Cashapp/Applepay Signup Bonus?04/13 waltman30022:11 waltman300
9pDeductible traditional ira limits19:58 bugleheadd22:05 FiveK
52pAnyone contemplating OLY (One Less Year)?04/10 Whatyear?22:03 beernutz
2pTraditional vs. ROTH [29% ETR]21:49 csm1421:56 Jacotus
168pFor those retired or FI, how much do you spend annually?01/04 MyBrothersAdvis21:47 kelway
11cBOA Premium Rewards vs. United Explorer -- which to keep?04/12 28fe621:25 humblecoder
15pBuying a House in Today’s Market04/13 golfnut120921:21 z06ray
32tWhy is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust trading at a negative premium?03/03 matt188221:19 Eschew_Obfuscat
141hEmployee Fiduciary Solo 401(k) with MegaBackdoor Roth and TPA - Discussion2020 ICMoney20:52 crystalbank
3hInvest Employer contribution to AMZN stock04/13 sylph20:51 sylph
0pGood online leadership courses?20:51 gogreen 
1psection 1256 options contracts04/13 bugleheadd20:43 bugleheadd
6hMarket timing RE purchase, lots of savings in HYSA04/13 rawbeef20:37 retired@50
22pGross Income Definition04/11 arf141020:33 grabiner
13pFormer employer won't change my employment status with 401k provider04/13 profet20:23 niagara_guy
10tFTC and 1116: How to do it with TurboTax04/11 international0020:20 typical.investo
10pTax Refund applied to next year's taxes04/12 SlowMovingInves20:19 SlowMovingInves
15hSimplifying portfolio04/09 mikeyzito2220:13 mikeyzito22
19hHigh expense ratio vs. high tax consequences?04/02 CtScrtDsse20:02 edge
657tBonds in free fall02/16 00019:45 Beensabu
18hWhat is EDV distributing?04/13 whereskyle19:38 luckyducky99
36pVanguard solo 401k to allow incoming rollovers?!02/11 neurosphere19:36 paramenace

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