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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1161 new posts and replies over 165 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
3tLong real recovery periods for stocks00:19 txaggie04:46 Sandtrap
9pTOD on VG Joint Accounts09/22 vgletdown04:15 artgerst
10pHealth Insurance Basic Question21:24 blackbird03:38 Wanderingwheelz
96pQuitting a high paying job and retiring early09/22 what_to_do03:23 thedaybeforetod
9tLate Dividends: What's the Max Possible Delay? (Spend dividends before they're actually paid?)19:11 zero_coupon03:14 Longdog
3510cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman03:10 TheRoundHeadedK
8pAssumptions for SS when planning15:14 privateID03:08 Rager1
16tHow long does a bond fund take to recover after an increase in yields?09/23 StillGoing03:04 Random Musings
3018tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester02:39 Billy C
17cSaving on Seafoood! Suggestions15:00 Pinaforecaptain02:32 LongMoney
16pBasic Social Security Question09/18 Call_Me_Op02:16 neurosphere
3pTax credit for heat pump water heater?09:58 adamsdp02:15 THY4373
50lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2024!05/28 Miriam202:12 Miriam2
8cCell ohone and landline00:33 placeholder02:08 placeholder
16tCompany Ghost-Writing Books and Articles for Financial Advisors, How Common?10:43 Tdubs01:47 Beensabu
7pCalifornia real estate - planning ahead16:05 gurusw01:33 cacophony
72hWho has the LOWEST Stock Allocation??09/21 Charles Joseph01:16 ApeAttack
4hMaintaining asset allocation across many accounts?18:04 MindBogledInves01:08 placeholder
150hWhy Not a Bank CD Instead of a Bond Fund?09/21 Drewski0400:55 Johm221122
38pPart D Charges Far More Than What Analyses Said09/22 JonRon00:44 JonRon
6hIs there a wash sale here?17:18 nrkv00:28 Kinkajou82
5nAvoiding tax on dividends while building passive income portfolio05:03 zombiehead00:27 unclescrooge
40cFull solar ECLIPSE April 2024!07/03 ResearchMed00:23 Bfwolf
133tAren't you an above-average investor?09/21 simpleisbest00:23 gavinsiu
250lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2023!2022 Miriam200:08 Miriam2
5657tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7600:06 WhitePuma
25hMy Long-Term Strategy09/22 Darkened23:49 ReadyOrNot
1315tNow that long TIPS have surged past 2.25% I will…2022 McQ23:41 Trance
3hHow do you bridge medical insurance gap?20:49 javabean23:31 javabean
3pMinimums for QCD?17:36 Raybo23:27 celia
4hHow to Maintain Asset Allocation?09/04 TellMeMore23:15 darius42
20cClothes Dryer Lint Screen17:40 eddot9823:04 quantAndHold
9cSwitching from Xfinity to ATT for internet service11:23 Barkingsparrow22:56 quantAndHold
10hTIAA Traditional Loyalty Bonus Sustainability13:14 TomBH22:52 JayB
3hInvestments for higher oil prices09/22 Zarro22:49 DurangoWino
13pExperience with In-service Rollovers to a Roth IRA09/21 abw22:46 123
22pHow much to target in 529 for covering full tuition?13:46 berg22:41 marcopolo
484cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet22:41 Chv396
36hThe AMD/NVDA chip stocks are driving me crazy09/21 cutebean22:35 er999
3hAdvice on portfolio and general investing09/21 Alvin22:21 DIYtrixie
23pShould I sell? - inherited house09/22 LucysDad22:04 muffins14
8hTrad to Roth Conversion?14:47 peterwantstosav21:51 heyyou
11pFERS loss of purchasing power over time15:27 Claudia Whitten21:48 clobber88
10314cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:44 ResearchMed
344pMillionaire by 40 and How you Did it?2019 bigtex21:42 arf1410
40c$500 for HOA documents09/20 michaeljc7021:41 arf1410
68pCredit Unions Stray Far From Their Mission09/14 cooperdog21:38 billaster
38tSafe Withdrawal Rates: Does it matter if the bond component is short, intermediate, or long?09/16 StillGoing21:36 McQ
7tMath Help: Dividend Yield v. Interest Earned Calculation09:50 Random Poster21:28 grabiner
7pHome rental and capital gains exclusion09/22 frisbeeaddict21:20 frisbeeaddict
14hPortfolio tune-up?09/20 cornfarmer21:06 Stinky
61l"BogleDocs" Chapter for Physicians & Healthcare Professionals - Please Respond if Interested!09/19 thebogledoc21:05 thebogledoc
4tOtar's Perpetual Withdrawal Rates09/15 unbiased21:01 unbiased
8hIncreasing allocation to Vanguard S&P Index?13:45 militarypsych20:50 Wiggums
2hMultiple 529s or one 529 for two children?13:57 Invest_Wisely20:50 snowday2022
0pRental Property - Insurance & Interest Rate Impact20:49 LasRamblas 
34hconvert iBonds from paper --- how long is too long?06/28 TomP1020:48 DavidC
2hUnderstanding Yield Before Buying T-Bills20:32 disastrousrecon20:47 Geologist
79hTax Efficient Strategy using Tax-deferred, Roth, and Taxable accounts08/05 smartinvestor2020:36 tj
68cHow to evict skunk family living under shed?08/08 snackdog20:34 tunafish
6pRecasting or paying towards principal13:15 Sho20:33 cchrissyy
6817pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy20:17 Pu239
5cAmazon Clinic/Pharmacy Review13:46 stan120:14 pizzy
21hTIAA Traditional Transfer Payout Annuity Rates and Secure Act 2.009/21 brennanportfoli20:14 student
85tRetirement dreams and reality2022 Genuinesarcasm19:54 LeslieSmiley
94hAnnuity if you don’t need it.09/13 Wricha19:32 loghound
9hAsset Allocation Question14:31 oddskunk19:29 gavinsiu
17hindex/actively managed/individual stocks split?09/22 topper129619:11 SmileyFace
11hNUA question for a friend09/22 CookieDough19:07 Alan S.
8tiShares adds TIPS to iBonds Defined Maturity ETF Offerings09/21 Charles Joseph19:00 AndyAndTheTuna
10pUnderpaid federal estimated taxes09/22 psteinx18:59 tunafish
4744cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger18:47 roamingzebra
10tAccess Vanguard Bond Desk in iPadOS?2021 Bagels18:27 Cooltips3
2cHelp with split screen view on Samsung Galaxy Tab S616:44 nonnie18:27 nonnie
42tBill Ackman: "Long-term rates will rise further"09/22 Sleepless18:14 Beensabu
11hConsolidate Financial Platforms?08:50 stats9917:58 placeholder
133tTIPS Ladder Spreadsheets in General & Two in Particular2012 #Cruncher17:52 Kevin M
35hSeeking Solo 401K Advice09/20 WoodSprite17:50 gfirero
33pCredit Card Debt at the Time of Death09/20 Carefreeap17:41 nonnie
28p$6k annual grocery limit on AMEX blue cash card09/21 grogu17:40 torso2500
580tLet's Talk SPX Box Spreads2022 GeraniumLover17:39 magicd1xx
7hthe value of consolidation09/22 peterwantstosav17:36 placeholder
35pBurial insurance policy with cash value (Medicaid question)11:14 MacktheKnife17:34 Lee_WSP
0hPortfolio Review: when and how to ramp down risk, and other questions17:31 orklc 
289hVUSXX taxable for state and local now03/10 mktwizard17:15 RetireGood
6321tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab17:14 tj
4nIreland domiciled ETFs and IBKR Stock Yield Enhancement Program09/21 hkung17:06 hkung
425fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb17:04 orklc
32t"Retire Secure for Professors and TIAA Participants" -- a Gem09/19 Taylor Larimore16:48 livesoft
0cBitwarden - making it fully automated on iPhone16:40 JD2775 
9cAirport parking in Philly08:52 dougger516:35 cutterinnj
27cBest Noise cancelling buds09/12 stocknoob411116:26 Claudia Whitten
2nfirst time for USA citizen filing taxes on IRA income while residing in Portugal09/15 exile_from_emin16:24 IntlRetiree
11cProperty Theft From Friends Car09/22 dadjunk16:23 RudyS
38tThe TSP’s G Fund04/20 Hamster195916:19 Kbg
11tTax loss harvesting a stock and then trading an option?2021 hiddenpower16:05 erp
14cSlightly bloated chicken broth carton (tetra pak) - safe to consume?13:31 rjbraun15:57 Misenplace
23tLooking for Worst Historical Real Return on 30/70 AA09/17 Cheego15:51 Cheego
56cTell Me About Your Fabulous Stove09/19 stargazerlily0315:45 KneeReplacement
23pHow to prevent spouse from giving away our money?09/22 IsabellaH55515:35 H-Town
24cVehicle self-storage09/19 psteinx15:20 johnegonpdx
2cVisiting Bentonville AR11:52 stlrick15:18 Random Poster
4hAm I a good candidate for a TIPS ladder?08:35 privateID15:09 dfrohman
3pwhat credit report to unfreeze for amex credit card application?14:34 bogleboy15:07 bd7
6hInvestment in Gold12:44 militarypsych15:01 suemarkp
90cCrock Pot Corner!09/16 PeninsulaPerson15:01 Shackleton
48cLazy workout routines: what to add to rowing?09/21 LaniK115:00 beardsicles
10pSell 0% fixed rate I bonds held >5 years?09/22 need403bhelp14:35 need403bhelp
11hWays to take advantage of unemployment09/21 acejacksingh14:31 rich126
21cJob workload completely unmanageable09/21 nimo95614:20 Ivygirl
14pTax preparation and tips | Married Filing Jointly09/22 mander7514:19 RudyS
26p[Revised] Delta Skymiles Program09/15 bhwabeck353314:17 talzara
31hNo Roth funds; am I on the right track?04/09 TravellingTechO14:12 placeholder
74pWhat's Your View Of the Fidelity 2% Cash Back Visa Credit Card2021 makeminemichael14:12 Munir
35tAnnuities09/22 benjaminikuta14:04 AlwaysLearningM
135cretirement laptop?09/11 gips13:51 gips
17pAllstate sold their life ins. business, now wants me to buy new policies to replace the prev. ones?09/22 Kinkajou8213:44 Rex66
42hSTRIPS vs. TIPS vs. Treasuries2022 DesertInvestor13:38 exodusNH
41hArchival of Statements09/22 Call_Me_Op13:33 BolderBoy
178tBob Brinker's newsletter Market Timer is shutting down06/21 wwhan13:33 Kimchi2
3804pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium13:31 goodenyou
7pAlly - Changes to Transaction Limits09/21 safari13:30 anagram
42cTaking a Lyft / Uber ride to a neighboring state?09/19 indexfundfan13:25 HawkeyePierce
8hYTD investment income12:28 Sdgh5613:24 JonFund
5hAnyway to get Text Alerts when Money is Transferred on Schwab?09/17 Booogle13:11 MrPolpetteConSu
2phome title12:42 whaler0813:06 LotsaGray
3pCar insurance12:15 Andymoler5813:06 MrPolpetteConSu
1951tWhy not 100% PSLDX? [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]2020 TeeDee12:40 manlymatt83
49tTD Ameritrade to Schwab transition - how was it for you?09/05 whodiini12:36 FedGuy
754tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion2019 longinvest12:33 zie
724tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest12:22 longinvest
15pUsing Mint to Track your parent's spending09/22 gavinsiu12:18 gavinsiu
8pCan I reimburse grown child's kiddie tax?09/19 FrankTheFlower12:10 FrankTheFlower
6hBackdoor Roth with 401k and sIRA?10:35 cals400ex12:06 FiveK
575tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio2017 Quark11:53 longinvest
7hMoving From Dividend Growth To a 'Lazy Portfolio'06:02 fuzzyhippo11:53 fuzzyhippo
20pVanguard - locked out [Resolved]09/20 JBTX11:49 vnatale
1148c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco11:47 Horologium
16hVTSAX and VBTLX09/21 OutdoorED11:44 Vanguard User
1hTax Questions and 401k Contributions Guidance for Two-Member LLC in a Community Property State09/23 ill10:41 MP123
27pEmergency Fund09/04 naturewalker42010:27 Tom_T
6pCan I retire? Ok to "Pull the Trigger", I think its time!09/22 RetirementTime10:18 RetirementTime
13hAdvice on portfolio, rollovers, and general investing09/20 kirbybrik10:07 Wannaretireearl
32tJack Bogle personal portfolio09/19 nyejos1110:03 dbr
23cHow do I install a pane of glass into an opening in the wall ?09/22 RJ198210:03 pizzy
2751tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado09:57 sharukh
81tHow are you self-insuring for long-term care?09/20 RationalWalk09:52 Wannaretireearl
56t"3 Of the Best Robo-Advisors--and One of the Worst"09/16 Taylor Larimore09:41 nedsaid
17hWhere to get a signature guarantee09/21 metalworking09:05 dbr
6hFixed income/Bond portion09/22 kapiltj08:52 Dandy
12ctree company bonded? licensed? insured?09/22 tunafish08:41 jebmke
5cXfinity landline number -> Google Voice transfer09/21 Theseus08:28 1955Chevy
6pVanguard and Trust brokerage account question09/22 wadesh08:11 TheGreyingDuke
17hClarification on Bond Funds09/22 dcw21308:10 dbr
18hBad 401(k) options09/22 boston1008:07 boston10
2hAnnuitize TIAA Traditional or ?07:55 winski5808:02 Harmanic
3hPersonal Investment Help!09/22 ccincis8807:59 Sandtrap
12hTransitioning from Debt to Retirement09/22 myartman07:55 VanGar+Goyle
11pFidelity log-in page different09/22 511east07:39 dcabler
30pCan an heir assume a reverse mortgage?09/20 RetiredCSProf07:23 Sandtrap
6pEmployer supplemental savings programs - when to stop09/22 Auro07:19 jebmke
8thow can I get world stock market data going back as far as possible?09/22 tcrez07:01 burritoLover
37cCostco - Executive Membership for big purchases09/21 michaeljc7006:59 bombcar
4pRoth IRA withdrawal - outside the USA09/22 CCD06:57 CCD
6cGovernment shutdown?09/23 pgs5905:37 prudent

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