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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2142 new posts and replies over 274 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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112cThinking of buying myself a luxury item.. Is LV wallet a legit purchase?07/06 bo10595402709:59 JEC
21hAm I oversaving?01:48 dropdx09:59 22twain
88pLandlords: How are you doing this year?07/01 tomtoms09:58 whoshighpitch
3hPortfolio and career change advice07:25 Frugalworrier09:58 freeform0
12pWhat is the best way to finance this house+land?07/06 femur09:58 tagius
10cBrooks Brothers Bankruptcy - Quality Issues22:13 CaliforniaInves09:57 Watty
39c1st Car Purchase - Volvo XC90 vs. Lexus RX35007/06 steadyeddie809:56 runswithscissor
11cWalk or taxi to bus stop to get to the airport?09:27 atikovi09:56 tibbitts
216t4% rule - confidence poll07/01 stocknoob411109:55 HomerJ
19tDelaying SSi: is the wisdom still relevant20:46 Tejfyy09:54 petulant
16c$20,000 solar investment in PA worth it?18:42 WaffleCone09:54 arsenalfan
29hWhy no Admiral Shares in my Target Date fund?07/06 Money_Badger09:54 abuss368
24tTIPS: As Percentage of Bond or Overall Portfolio2009 Blues09:53 happysteward
533pCollege in fall03/29 Calhoon09:53 stoptothink
59cHow would permanent WFH reshape Silicon Valley?07/07 Ciel09:52 Elsebet
6511tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar09:52 Robot Monster
22tScott Burns on how COVID-19 blew up the life of Riley Index12:50 CyclingDuo09:51 aristotelian
15hRoth Advice, Military Related12:45 m224409:51 MrJedi
184pWhat to do with all this MONEY ?07/03 Rajsx09:51 afan
1783tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas09:50 MotoTrojan
32tReaching for Yield: Is It Really Different This Time?07/05 Leesbro6309:49 MotoTrojan
14cGlobal Entry Interview conditional approval (365 day clock)...07/06 cheapskate09:49 sco
75cCar Issues - No Oil05/28 SC Anteater09:49 DeskJumper
4pRounding in IRS Free File Fillable Forms09:21 boomer_techie09:49 AlohaJoe
2745pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1109:46 WhyRWeHere
0cExcess payment from HSA09:45 Incognito 
1cBest way to stream live golf06:23 BashDash09:43 David Jay
5327tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE09:42 Meaty
23pH&R Block software bug: tax-exempt interest with bond premium and accrued interest2019 Kevin M09:42 Kevin M
3hFidelity zero-expense international index fund (FZILX) a good bargain?19:29 rgs9209:38 OhioGozaimas
15tBond Bubble Proofing the Robbins/Dalio All Seasons Portfolio06/03 DesertMan09:38 BJJ_GUY
31p1099 rates for Engineering Consultant07/03 Colorado Guy09:38 AB609
6hHow to invest $500K?07/06 morse09:36 Robot Monster
5tReality check: why would anyone buy a Stone Ridge Longevity fund?07:43 nisiprius09:36 cheezit
22hCOVID Portfolio15:51 omeletpants09:35 Elsebet
30hAlly CD maturing12:58 tibbitts09:35 MathIsMyWayr
10pHow to sell my car in these times07:04 TheGreyingDuke09:35 barnaclebob
122cNeighborhood Noise07/05 Call_Me_Op09:34 CycloRista
42pLexus 0% financing or $3000 cash rebate?07/07 worthit09:34 worthit
113tThinking Fast and Slow2012 larryswedroe09:32 VictoriaF
8hHelp Needed on Understanding Negative Tips Yield13:21 antiqueman09:31 dodecahedron
10pAlly drops savings rate again17:10 indexfund5609:30 jmanter
0hDoes anyone own Health, Consumer Staples, Utility?09:29 Always passive 
1pHome Build - What to do with current house?17:55 obaxter210709:29 dunkmachine
35cHyundai Palisade - A good option?12/03 Thorsbane09:28 BuckyBadger
21hBusiness Valuation and Retirement07/07 sauce087109:27 sauce0871
2csafety thing for stairs?09:00 egrets09:24 crefwatch
26pAttorney needed?07/05 amosobadiah09:21 oldfort
2pClosing Marcus No Penalty CD - Logistics07:52 Gertrude09:20 go_mets
54cLeast Expensive Way to Have a Cellphone for emergency use only?07/02 LuigiLikesPizza09:18 ncbill
27preturning PPP loan10:38 go_mets09:17 go_mets
2hFidelity Dividend Distribution Schedule?06:50 bck6309:16 bck63
29pSchwab Customer Service Experience07/07 beebee500409:15 beernutz
10pRefinance w/ CrossCountry Mortgage20:48 nwa-non09:14 Ryzen
10hSplitting bonds15:27 Seasonal09:12 Starfox
99tYou have a second chance to reduce your stock holdIng06/08 yules09:10 midareff
0hSearching For An Emergency Fund09:10 Munir 
85pActions at end of life to benefit heirs07/05 southwest_stack09:10 PaunchyPirate
10p457b (non-governmental) account question11:50 2Dog09:09 2Dog
40pHelp choosing federal health insurance07/01 Cruz09:07 tj
99cPassword vault or generator?05/10 OldBallCoach09:07 CycloRista
2hCalculating business expenses18:11 The PA Investor09:01 casualflower
0pMove from Bay Area?09:01 socialforums201 
15pFound a $10,000 Bond from 1987 sitting in my moms paperwork17:33 Skeeter108:58 alex_686
9hPortfolio and Future investing plans review03:15 Cyanide12308:55 Cyanide123
5pManaging Cash Flow21:32 NYCaviator08:53 BolderBoy
37tBernstein’s Deep Risk: Global Equities Hedge for Inflation06/30 Enganerd08:48 Robot Monster
30tVanguard will be moving their mail operations to El Paso in the future04/30 Sheepdog08:43 stan1
9cPre-fab (modular) home building experience21:31 PoppyA08:43 Ricky12
289tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee08:42 RocketShipTech
4cFSAFEDS Dependent Care FSA: Coverage Ended?07:19 daheld08:41 Mako
1pLooking to negotiate a price reduction for a vitamin D test invoiced about triple or quadruple the going rate08:29 EnjoyTheJourney08:39 runner3081
5hShould we keep this Variable Annuity?17:09 UberGrub08:32 Stinky
200cSome possible luxury SUV choices to buy: Opinions?01/17 CULater08:29 CycloRista
6hWhat happens to fractional shares after a stock split?06:43 LookinAround08:27 LookinAround
12cToyota OEM parts20:16 sambb08:27 tibbitts
18cVerizon may be giving me money that is not mine06/09 Calico08:27 Calico
5pHome Projects - Contractors Price Matching Experience21:50 pmr201708:24 moorso
24t"Are You Questioning Your Foreign Stock Funds?"07/03 Taylor Larimore08:23 Peculiar_Invest
5nShould I take out a Home Equity Loan?18:28 JamesUK08:15 Valuethinker
149tWhy [was] QSPIX steadily declining?2016 taojaxx08:14 cheezit
10hSeeking advice for parents situation07/07 hrb08:14 hrb
60cPilot, Highlander or CX-906/23 felzy508:12 michaeljc70
15hAsset allocation for very early retirement?12:49 deanmoriarty08:12 deanmoriarty
24closing ability to ensure good computer hygiene- what to do21:48 forkhorn08:11 gtd98765
4cWhat do you refuse to pay for?07:58 tvubpwcisla08:10 Flyer24
4tVanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF (MGK) tilt22:59 Dead Man Walkin08:08 Steve Reading
27hHow to invest 6,000 in a 3 fund portfolio when admiral shares have a minimal balance of 3,000?07/06 JackieChanFan08:08 KingRiggs
27cCar choice help10/23 doon08:04 queso
6tMistaken 10 times bigger SPAB dividend, 25% yield!07/07 livesoft08:02 nisiprius
16hGood treasury bond fund at Fidelity?07/06 VartAndelay08:02 17outs
57tDoes minimum volatility give better returns?2019 jokuvuan08:00 tvubpwcisla
1953c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir07:58 ResearchMed
113pWho has long term care insurance?07/02 LXEX5507:56 ncbill
309tWho here is buying stocks today and how much?03/09 LFKB07:55 LadyGeek
80cBuying house without realtors07/01 bdylan07:54 CycloRista
357pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan07:54 dukeblue219
13tBonds x Alternatives10:09 FKUS07:31 BJJ_GUY
40tSimple retirement plan. Crazy idea?07/05 GaryA50507:29 ByThePond
5hThoughts on GNMA bond funds16:26 annu07:29 nix4me
16nHow would you invest in my situation? [Brazil]07/05 joao55283307:25 TedSwippet
0nInternational SP500 investment: Amundi vs Vanguard07:24 international00 
20tHelp me understand this on real estate investing07/06 Tylenol Jones07:08 Sandtrap
91cBoglehead Way to buy an Audi07/05 OldSport07:07 lazydavid
15tfidelity or vanguard14:20 user19907:00 lostdog
171cYoutubeTV subscription now $64.99/month06/30 pcsrini06:53 acegolfer
24hMega backdoor exit strategy question07/06 DoubleClick06:52 DoubleClick
27hRetirement plan change . . .am I about to do something stupid??07/05 CRTR06:51 Chip
17hCD vs. Deferred Fixed Annuity2018 hirlaw06:46 kleiner
8pEstimated Taxes on Unemployment?14:28 azianbob06:46 susa
559cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo06:45 hudson
27cDeck on setback- violation?19:32 Ani06:44 Ani
42tExpectations of factor investing from a factor regression2018 GammaPoint06:40 acegolfer
2hHouse sale proceeds - what to do06:17 Curious106:39 rkhusky
86hHave muni bonds become too dangerous?06/19 retiringtype06:35 hudson
18pLongevity Annuity Purchase Timing w/ Today's Rates07/06 4gnpf446y06:33 jimkinny
5566cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36806:31 LadyGeek
15hVanguard Solo 401k problem -- can't find answers07/02 throwaway_401ka06:20 Ralph Furley
52pMerrill Edge $900 preferred rewards brokerage bonus01/24 Figuring_it_out06:19 MikeG62
2nBritish expat in China selling US stock - whopping 45% tax rate07/07 joobbz06:10 joobbz
75cShould I spend 5k annually on travel?2016 Kayyy12305:57 Kayyy123
60p15 year or 30 year mortgage?07/06 tomwood05:53 nps
140pManager vs. Direct report salary issues07/04 Wannaretireearl04:37 hunoraut
21cFireproof & waterproof folders or safes for important documents?14:26 totallynotsure04:21 hunoraut
25tWirecard and the Boglehead Philosophy06/28 bck6303:19 tre3sori
21pHelp with some job changes please!05/15 redrum02:06 pseudoiterative
6cTruck Rental Alternative Vendors?19:25 rvflyer01:25 bikesandbeers
2hNew to Bogleheads - looking for advice17:29 GilbertStuart00:26 FiveK
185pPodcast - Wade Pfau: The 4% Rule Is No Longer Safe04/29 Stinky00:25 marcopolo
8pSole Proprietor Use of PPP Loan Proceeds07/06 Hilltop00:22 Cubicle
72cSolar with battery/tesla wall06/27 Wannaretireearl00:10 softwaregeek
6hEarly-ish retirement portfolio review16:50 mjsmith223:48 Watty
8pStreamlining my estate - HELOC?14:15 LilyFleur23:47 FIREchief
47tVanguard Prime Money Market Fund10:49 abuss36823:37 TheDDC
80pAlly Bank savings interest rate dropping from 1.25% to 1.10%06/11 anon_investor23:34 azianbob
363tSelling all equities, discuss why I'm wrong. :)2015 Calais22:59 joao552833
10pRental property sale taxation16:52 LBB4222:58 LBB42
2pHow To File An Amended Return for 2018 & 2019 Extension?18:03 Fat-Tailed Cont22:53 Katietsu
13pCharitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) as beneficiary of traditional IRA assets16:56 FIREchief22:50 bsteiner
5nVxus is not tax-efficient for me07/06 joao55283322:48 joao552833
8hReallocation and Inheritance Advice Requested07/05 appleloon22:19 J G Bankerton
7tAlmost Half of BRK is AAPL19:08 pcsrini22:11 aristotelian
21pExpenses used for PPP loan forgiveness not deductible05/01 Davistax22:01 MP123
138hAm I crazy to do this? [Equity Allocation 50/50 TSM/NASDAQ]07/04 avsh2121:55 wackerdr
14c8 seater SUV questions17:50 Blue45621:53 28fe6
87hDo you ever feel you've missed out due to the 3-fund portfolio?07/06 Zillions21:50 Hustlinghustlin
22pNew Grad's Budget16:49 scarletngrey21:48 tashnewbie
10psmall upgrades to rental property?12:36 RevFran21:43 bighatnohorse
301p30 year mortgage under 3%02/25 1130Super21:33 FiscallyRespons
3tVanguard foreign stock Fund behavior if USD drops 50 percent07/06 SemiRetire21:32 SemiRetire
7hHow do I find spec ID history for sold lots?11:37 l1am21:31 Cheez-It Guy
0cMini Fridge / Freezer for Office21:29 tvubpwcisla 
4hCARES TSP Withdrawal - Mega Backdoor Roth06/17 LIGuy8221:10 motorcyclesarec
8hTIAA 403b bond choice.2017 Inv3st0r21:05 SlowlySaving
5hSell my house, buy 2 condos, travel and see what I want to do in my life.11:45 burntwood20:54 burntwood
25cBradford White vs Rheem Gas Water Heater07/05 DTalos20:50 Grt2bOutdoors
16hTaxable Account - VTSAX vs. VTI07/06 Investor131920:49 RCL
9hPlease review my portfolio again.07/05 topaz31820:46 topaz318
101cThinking I should go car shopping amidst the panic03/16 CULater20:36 sambb
6hThe Journey Begins...18:23 pedalman70120:27 bluexray
3pSome Qs about Reverse Mortgages17:50 Lynx31065020:25 Nate79
6hHow to Invest and Avoid Wash Sale17:21 Investor131920:20 rkhusky
8hConsolidating Retirement Accounts07/06 CaptainMMW20:20 CaptainMMW
25hPortfolio Simplification and Help, Please and Thank You07/03 Tea4Two20:19 Tea4Two
31hReady to Pull the Trigger on Small Cap Value07/06 tommyt20:14 JamesDean44
20cReplacing odd-depth washer/dryer07/06 TSR20:11 BogleTails
1pMeaning of columns in California other state tax credit19:36 newacct20:05 grabiner
3h$200k windfall from sale of house19:08 steelerfan20:04 steelerfan
11tDoes Rebalancing Payoff?10:24 Eagle3320:02 TropikThunder
4h457b, fees and past employers18:50 loklav19:47 BruinBones
20hCA tax treatment of HSA05/25 div19:45 div
22hVYM and getting killed [Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF]16:52 chet9619:44 RocketShipTech
8hReal Estate Investing with Fidelity03/09 brett4119:42 StrangePenguin
113pFEHB Open Season 201910/08 motorcyclesarec19:36 tj
1hAsset Allocation for short term?19:04 alex12371119:31 David Jay
253tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest19:25 longinvest
0hExcel lookup of CUSIP?19:24 guppyguy 
4hVWEAX High-Yield Corporate - Question10:41 BoulderTrojan19:20 grabiner
3tMoney markets breaking the buck19:00 Jeff Albertson19:18 Geologist
40cTime for a new car?07/06 anthonyphamy19:15 BolderBoy
14hHow much bid/ask spread on ETF is too much?11:58 TechFI19:14 grabiner
28hEligible for Traditional IRA?07/07 aszend19:14 lakpr
10hAlternative to VXUS?07/06 joao55283319:08 RocketShipTech
39lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam219:02 trueson1
9pturbo tax for iPad?07/06 Babakhani18:57 Babakhani
5pForm 1116: Where can I find foreign taxes, amount used and disallowed from previous year for adjustment?13:16 jackk18:57 jackk
12pUSPS Lost Taxes. Refile?10:26 outlookcapital18:53 Broken Man 1999
1pCash Balance Pension Withdrawal16:45 sofarsogood18:51 Rat_Race
2tSchwab DAF question18:15 FoolMeOnce18:48 aristotelian
30hTIAA CREF Monte Carlo Simulations07/06 MathWizard18:48 abc132
341tWill ex-US ever revert to good performance? Or is it just a high-risk, low-reward investment?06/30 LongTermEtfHold18:39 abuss368
1487lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1618:23 LadyGeek
865tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries08/07 vineviz18:11 caklim00
7nOwning rentals in the UK?07/01 BeanCity18:09 JamesUK
36pPlease suggest a Credit Card07/02 abat.rama18:05 azanon
52tLarry Swedroe: Patience And Diversification Crucial2018 Random Walker17:58 calcada
3hHelp with Stock AA for an employer account in Fidelity12:53 Pikachu055017:40 Pikachu0550
10pChase IHG - pay $49 annual fee or cancel?07/05 rjbraun17:38 BeneIRA
18pMoving out of California: is a tax attorney worth it?07/02 polylily17:36 Kookaburra
20pAnother refinance question - pls advise!07/01 frugalNY17:22 frugalNY
16pShould I look at mortgage refinance? (I suspect no)07/06 kiddoc17:22 VCC
5hBuying and selling within an ira16:48 owenmia17:21 FiveK
16hAlternatives to Bond Index Funds12:55 grobertj17:13 NYCPete
18hNeed Advice for 401k07/05 Bassman17:12 02nz
17hPortfolio Analysis for 2-36 year olds.07/06 101carrots17:12 Duckie
80hLooking for verification on Annuity pitch...06/28 ArchStanton6717:11 Mr.BB
760tWhy Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a mental accounting bias and should never be used [vs. lump sum]06/01 adherenceEnergy17:06 sean.mcgrath
14cCan I use dishwasher if no hot water?07/07 hmw16:51 ralph124cf
1pIs disability pay from private insurance taxable to NY?15:35 Aguilar16:43 123
2hMutual Fund to ETF16:30 movingon16:42 02nz
1610cCoronavirus (Consumer Issues) How you are preparing?02/12 TomCat9616:38 batpot
7h[Three-Fund Portfolio - Asset Allocation?]10:17 chubbles16:33 ruralavalon
1pWhat's up with Vanguard?16:10 J G Bankerton16:30 Broken Man 1999
44hNew to Vanguard!05/13 Gui050716:26 ruralavalon
7pBackdoor IRA for 2019 without 1099R form07/04 owen.bailey7316:20 Duckie
3pQ re: JPM Chase Mortgage Interest Rate Reduction15:11 KNMLHD16:16 BrandonBogle
17hVanguard Personal Advisor07/05 grobertj16:16 grobertj
237t2020 Hedge Fund contest01/10 Tanelorn16:07 JBTX
13tWho still invests in load funds?12:35 Tellurius16:04 Misenplace
29tThe perfect retirement portfolio...07/01 Wrench16:00 Wrench
4tmadsinger monthly report (June 2020)07/06 madsinger15:32 madsinger
303cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude15:22 neilpilot
19pEstate planning; Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)05/17 egghead15:08 afan
19269tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill15:05 J G Bankerton
51cNew Vehicle Suggestions - need more utility07/01 Mr.Chlorine15:04 Mr.Chlorine
6pNJ Tax on IRA Withdrawal07/02 dfin14:47 Alan S.
20pErroneous Urgent Care keeps coming!07/06 RamblinDoc14:44 Lee_WSP
13pSemi-Retirement Withdrawal Strategy07/05 Flyguy14:35 MJS
20cVerizon Wireless hassle!07/05 novembre14:33 LilyFleur
8hWithdraw patterns in retirement13:36 Triple digit go14:31 Triple digit go
2pLong Term Disability for Early Career07/07 inverter14:29 BruDude
5pTax question - VUL "Overloan Lapse Protection Rider"07/06 Stinky14:19 Stinky
3pHouse sale - where to park the money13:53 Marmot14:18 tashnewbie
20cRecommendations for customizing a new HP desktop tower purchase07/06 texasgal4714:04 mmmodem
161cGardening 202003/19 kacang13:55 Conch55
0pProtective Claim for Tax Refund Regarding ACA SC Review13:52 Gwusmc 
3hCondo sale in 2019.07/06 edvest13:47 celia
20cPassport Renewal06/06 anonsdca13:33 anonsdca
9hNot understanding AA and re-balancing07/07 yosim13:29 bertilak
50cDevice for men's haircuts04/16 crazychris13:27 mkc
75tDoes it really matter when you claim Social Security07/06 tvubpwcisla13:22 daacrusher2001
18cRetiring to FLA, villa home vs. MH? cost comparison07/06 TresBelle6513:19 smitcat
5hCan you roll a 403b into the TSP?10:15 [Square]13:07 02nz
2hDividends after ACAT transfer12:56 JustinR13:02 bogle520
6nUS expat (US->DE) feeling overwhelmed, seeking general advice07/05 prophet6009112:58 1789
4pS-Corp 2020 Q2 941/7200 flow thru ?07/04 RIMDBogle12:43 MP123
34tWhat is your contrarian/alternative play?07/05 P410035412:32 langlands
43hChanged AA07/06 rockthisworld12:30 RTF
506cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL12:23 batpot
3pWhy Did I Receive This Check From Medicare?07/06 JPH12:13 cheese_breath
4cHD DVR Purchasing Advice10:39 dumbbunny12:12 dumbbunny
26cI killed my washer --- Solved and working! thanks07/05 clemrick12:10 clemrick
18cLED lights tripping circuit breaker?07/07 Goal3311:46 Goal33
19hShould I be doing ROTH conversions?06/22 steelhorse11:42 jbinpa59
713pBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan11:35 hudson
10hRetirement plan: Roth or Pre tax07/06 Carnut11:28 02nz
2877tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore11:26 LadyGeek
5hPRILX vs FXAIX07/07 jasuus11:26 hnd
2hUMTA and cost basis of gifted stocks10:45 babystep11:24 SnowBog
20tFidelity Active ETFs07/06 tj11:21 inbox788
5hOld 401(k)07/07 erdo11:20 Katietsu
1616pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon11:12 Leif
9hSupplementing Total Bond as I Approach Retirement07/04 happysteward11:10 aristotelian
20hKeep on buying rentals? Home price is up 4.8%07/07 tomtoms11:08 LadyGeek
1174tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba11:04 siamond
10cAnyone know where to buy Natto soybeans?07/01 get_g0ing11:01 get_g0ing
19pE-file with turbotax and pay with credit card07/03 international0010:54 international00
93pShare your budget07/02 novemberrain10:50 Count of Notre
40hMy entire portfolio, per your review, be gentle!06/23 barliss210:44 sycamore
7hPortfolio Advice Please07/05 Russelljk9110:36 Russelljk91
19h401 K rollover from Fidelity to Vanguard or Schwab? Looking for advice!07/03 FamaIgnorata10:34 lakpr
3hFund Transfer to IB Account Wrong Recipient Bank07/06 brisingr10:33 brisingr
5hGreater NYC: House Hack next year or BRRRR now?07/07 scrub10:14 Watty
6hPortfolio question.07/07 KT195910:07 k3vb0t

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