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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1315 new posts and replies over 175 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
38tDo bond funds ever recover from losses? - part 201:24 restingonmylaur22:42 AnnetteLouisan
13hMoving shares from Computershare to Vanguard09:01 Laundry_Service22:38 Big Dog
6hShould I use TLH for Roth conversion?20:39 Raspberry-50322:36 FiveK
19tLASER "fund" (universal life insurance strategy). Opinions?2021 Wannaretireearl22:35 Wannaretireearl
18pAt what amount would you bequeath IN TRUST instead of OUTRIGHT?13:20 nyc21222:35 Luckywon
14pCan I afford to buy a house in the Bay Area ?00:29 allopathy22:35 Watty
46pMove to California?09:38 Bigt314222:27 BernardShakey
41pAbout to close on house - did not notice several dead trees need that will need removal. Any thing i can do?16:31 burgrat22:24 burgrat
15tInvesting Amid Low Expected Returns by Antti Ilmanen05:16 Booogle22:18 ramram22
1hFiling form 5500-EZ - Loan counted?22:12 sgilmarti8922:17 Luckywon
206tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew22:16 Ben Mathew
221pShare your Net Worth Regression05/06 Little_Carmine22:13 Little_Carmine
29cBuying plane tickets right 28fe622:12 grabiner
6003cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt22:06 Fallible
26cTell me about the CRV Hybrid06/24 Fremdon Ferndoc22:04 nura
229pAnyone have any luck with new TSP login?06/01 gopackers22:00 Poor Rod
27tHow high would interest rates have to go before you'd switch your (retirement) AA?06/25 Phyneas21:59 JackoC
9hWhere to keep cash reserves / operating acct presently?06/23 hoptastic_voyag21:58 dbr
21pEvaluating Two Job Offers06/25 michaelscott21:53 michaelscott
55pCan I splurge on a Tesla model Y?06/25 scx12321:49 hoops777
37cWhat are your experiences with Banks06/25 gavinsiu21:41 whodidntante
11tFixed income: Brokerage CDs, bonds, or stable value fund?10:51 mtmingus21:38 FoundingFather
8307cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:37 Mother Biggles
24pSPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuities) vs SWR (Safe Withdrawal Rates) with no motive for legacy11:07 YererMeda21:36 grabiner
37cWhat foods have you given up this year?13:32 tvubpwcisla21:29 Marseille07
45cNew England Trip need advice06/25 JBTX21:23 JBTX
65tBridgewater shorting European Stocks and saying stocks and bonds have terrible prospects06/18 steve32121:22 pascalwager
1444tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading21:21 comeinvest
48pPaying for Dad's Roth Conversion06/23 Ophiuchus21:20 Dottie57
18pFederal Retirees and Medicare vis a vis FEHB?06/23 MrWasabi6521:17 chalet
65cHow did you feel after giving notice to retire?2020 fsrph21:15 Dottie57
30pClose old credit cards06/23 investor231i21:15 anon_investor
33cUpper Peninsula in October?06/21 marti03821:14 segfault
17hDeciding the order of accounts to pull from in retirement06/25 Marmot21:14 FiveK
3pChanging full time work hours- any concerns?16:37 nydoc21:12 FoundingFather
51pChild’s surviving spouse as trust beneficiary?06/23 DougieJones21:09 DougieJones
104cSolar Installation - 3 Years Later (Updated)2019 mervinj720:58 fogalog
24pIn House Tech Attorney Comp06/23 diydocwifejd20:55 crumbgrabber
1616tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest20:55 Marseille07
34cCleaning Corners on the Floor03/19 Mr. Rumples20:46 Almost there
33cCan you recommend a good financial account program for Mac?06/25 Fremdon Ferndoc20:36 WoodSpinner
12pShould I elect a buy-up for group disability insurance? And buy a private supplemental policy?06/24 Aguilar20:32 BruDude
5pcrowd researching Medicare Part D (and other) drug costs by source17:58 DustyDebris20:31 diy60
18cBookcase - how to tear it apart06/23 RealSunset20:28 chemocean
237pCapital One is at it again2020 JD277520:10 mortfree
7hstrategies for deriving retirement income during bear market?16:33 zaj200020:09 Exchme
34tfavorite investing books??2021 albireo1320:08 Jack56
103cLonger cycling prep04/30 Wannaretireearl20:06 Wannaretireearl
134cAny Boglehead musicians out there?06/19 Jazztonight20:04 Sandtrap
3cSelling Car-First Dealer Offered Over KBB/CarMax18:47 tnhooper4520:03 runner3081
1n[Bahrain] Saving Account Interest Rates05/17 Ahmed19:54 boglehooligan
75cPeople are FOMO flocking to Portugal06/12 stocknoob411119:53 WestCoastPhan
196cUndergrad Engineering GPA to aim for06/22 atlanta_dad19:49 srt7
12pDo you lose passive income loss?2020 bac57319:47 MarkNYC
145tBonds don't seem to hedge against downturns anymore06/20 K8ya19:42 AlwaysLearningM
41pTrust for kids 100k each06/24 samz1046119:41 Chadnudj
86nAt least -50% in next 2 years - Michael Burry and David Wright06/23 Isabela19:37 Chadnudj
14cAny runners/triathletes considering the new Garmin 255 or 955?06/25 NYCaviator19:13 blastoff
3hBackdoor Roth IRA + Bonds Investment17:05 Asclepius19:05 DIYtrixie
785tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5818:55 international00
9tiBonds in multiple entities13:55 Ralph Furley18:54 Ralph Furley
3108cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger18:52 Marseille07
23pNew Job Offer06/24 BV327318:31 NabSh
43tIn general, why do stocks go up/down so much/drastically?06/15 newbie00318:29 WhyNotUs
22cAurora Borealis Viewing Vacation06/18 Cruise18:23 Cruise
33pHiring managers, at what frequency do job changes become a red flag?11:44 B4Xt3r17:54 LadyGeek
5cPuerto Rico in December12:54 d0gerz17:48 fatima526
4pMint accounts are not updating…17:37 Vanguard User17:47 Vanguard User
40cRecommend toaster2019 montanagirl17:39 shunkman
34tI erroneously thought Vanguard had responded quickly to a website design issue reported via message center06/23 nisiprius17:38 Fallible
2pDo I need a trust for my primary residence/rental?17:21 BundyBundy17:31 123
45pSolo Seniors: what are you doing to plan for the possibility of dementia/alzheimer's?06/21 Fremdon Ferndoc17:28 delamer
14pEntering passwords to Accounts with a CFP firm08:57 Goldilocks17:26 nisiprius
2378pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon17:10 JoMoney
216cPantry Inventory and Grocery Shopping in Time of Inflation06/18 Ivygirl17:09 Ivygirl
19hShould I put cash holding in T-bills?06/24 acejacksingh17:06 acejacksingh
700cLet's play chess2021 LadyGeek17:02 Marseille07
21hHow to handle dividends with brokerage account06/25 solarcub17:00 grabiner
35pNeed a new HYSA06/19 rage_phish16:52 wbarabas
159cBest examples of rock 'n roll music genre ?06/21 BernardShakey16:48 Steve723
7hRoth In-Plan conversion vs Roth IRA rollover07:59 BG22_124816:47 OpenMinded1
6pRefinance Student Loans During Loan Pause While Rates are Still Low?13:28 CoastLawyer203016:43 Bud
73tReally bad days (RBDs) and porfolio performance2016 slickwillbo16:42 PinotGris
3hTIPS Ladder Spreadsheet help, please06/25 Iconicus16:42 Iconicus
26pLump sum withdrawal from taxable or Roth?06/22 Ozonewanderer16:41 suemarkp
0hTIPS Ladder Question about pre-ladder interest16:40 Iconicus 
10cwindfall. buy house in AZ14:28 mary196916:29 oldcomputerguy
53tWhen to buy NTSX relative to interest rates?09/11 duffer16:07 firebirdparts
3pRequesting help on figuring out financing for moving to a CCRC13:17 cjonblanchard16:03 RudyS
2pShared branches experiences?15:49 jco15:55 Jack FFR1846
6hGeneral investment review/advice at 3713:01 pringle915:45 todaysBob
9cBad accountant question13:21 idc15:34 celia
15tTIPS yield curve and seasonal adjustment update2020 Kevin M15:25 #Cruncher
10hChanging houses to take advantage of $500k capital gain exclusion in planning home sale06/24 er99915:13 misterjohnny
14tMargin Rates are rising - Are you still using margin to leverage?06/24 RayKeynes15:11 calwatch
6hqualified dividends on Vanguard's monthly/quarterly statements?06/25 hudson435115:05 rkhusky
290tVanguard Portfolio Watch has a new look [Calculations may be incorrect]2021 livesoft15:02 LadyGeek
10hAugmented VG Approach06/25 myartman15:01 livesoft
2122cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman15:01 Surfcaster
18hwhat's in your bond allocation? and how will you use it?06/25 birdbard14:59 pascalwager
5tHow to read expected inflation term structure?08:51 Kelly14:54 grabiner
3979c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir14:53 heartwood
522tVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX [0.03%]2018 Bimmer14:52 anon_investor
218tLet's Talk SPX Box Spreads02/21 GeraniumLover14:44 unemployed_pysi
65tDo you agree that the 110 or 120 rebalancing strategy is outmoded?06/18 jubal14:41 pascalwager
8hAsset placement and rebalancing bonus06:54 markcoop14:41 grabiner
13hTiming the CD Market06/25 anonenigma14:37 anonenigma
30hVanguard Target Fund Conundrum/Debacle06/23 Curlyhead14:35 grabiner
17hWhere to buy T-Bill; Treasury Direct or Fidelity?06/22 darkarma14:30 evelynmanley
15cDuty free wine in European airport with connection in US06/24 coalcracker14:26 firebirdparts
17cDiscount Business Class Travel Agent Experience - Skylux06/19 JazzTime14:25 JazzTime
3hPortfolio check and 3 questions - tax efficiency when rebalancing, iBonds, Roth conversion10:50 Aguilar14:21 grabiner
10hBuy VTI?????09:58 sokk5514:12 grabiner
43pEstimating Healthcare Expense at Age 65 (Retirement)06/17 iim7V7IM714:11 jebmke
238tUpdates: 60/40 VS 30/70 Allocation for Retirees: Bernstein VS Ferri ? What Did You Do Post Pandemic 3/2020? or YTD 2022?2019 Sandtrap14:10 bertilak
18cPhone spam blocking06/25 gavinsiu13:58 wriley4409
439tWhat's the deal with dividend funds?06/19 martincmartin13:50 LadyGeek
361tThe Day the 4% Rule Died06/13 McQ13:48 Marseille07
7hBond ETF for a Taxable Brokerage Account11:39 trismegistos13:47 grabiner
29tThe "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast takes on ESG05/29 Rick Ferri13:45 LadyGeek
22hPortfolio Review: Long Term Strategy, Near Term Challenge06/23 HeelaMonster13:22 HeelaMonster
38pAdjunct Prof for $12k? Worth it?06/24 YererMeda12:53 JoeRetire
17hInvestments for Kids - samz1046112:41 yules
33c3 monitors and a laptop - how do & recommendations06/23 miamivice12:40 Lou Sevens
31tDoes 'time in the market beats timing the market' apply to real estate estate aswell?06/24 alex12371112:28 Logan Roy
10hEarly withdrawal of brokered CDs06/25 LookinAround12:23 Northern Flicke
8hShare your thoughts on Vanguard Digital Advisor10:30 DPEMD12:11 Cheez-It Guy
29pBarclays Savings Account pays 0.7%05/06 student12:07 exodusNH
315t"experienced" investors: is this time different?05/21 latesaver12:01 ejb
4hTreasury bonds with same YTM but differing coupon rates06/24 Lecture11:57 Kevin M
24hIRMAA after last Roth conversion06/23 Horsefly11:42 Chip Munk
2hQuestions Regarding Treasury Notes Purchased in Secondary Market08:18 Blues11:31 Blues
9hBond question: DODIX (Dodge & Cox Income) or PARRX (PIMCO Real Return)06/24 Horse Badorties11:20 Horse Badorties
19cPossible Relo to Irving TX06/21 Gil Gunderson11:12 Goldwater85
2hRebalancing dilemma11:06 McDougal11:10 Marseille07
112n[AT/Austria] clarification on ETF taxes2020 ellaellela11:06 ZumZabo
17pUPDATE: Moving from USAA/GEICO to Farmer's, Travelers, or TX Farm Bureau06/22 BobStrauss10:52 tj
5pPaying from a Vanguard self-managed irrevocable trust account05/08 jemichel10:46 tj
35pPartner dilemma - help a Dentist out!06/22 YoungDentist10:38 pharming2017
13hTwo Treasury positions just vanished from E*Trade/Morgan Stanley06/24 Turbo2910:27 student
5tHigher Withdrawal Rate with Direct Indexing07:32 tvubpwcisla10:23 livesoft
191pLong Term Care Insurance01/27 martincmartin10:18 Chardo
9hI Bond mechanics—Interest Accrual06/25 cdc10:10 mosilaby
12hPortfolio, retirement plan, cash flow07/08 SSM109:52 retired@50
12hAA - Capitalized Value of An Investors Social Security06/24 framus09:45 yog
3nUK Investor - Portfolio Advice03:41 GeorgeFarlaine09:39 GeorgeFarlaine
27pHelp me decide which job to pick06/07 nature76209:26 oilrig
9cinterior decor06/12 SSM109:25 SSM1
24hhow would you invest money in fixed income now?06/22 luk09:14 ruralavalon
49pmortgage paid off - extra monthly cash03/14 greenskeeper09:12 greenskeeper
13hBeginner questions, getting ready to move away from "managed" to DIY06/13 newboglehead31009:08 retiredjg
4hVanguard & SIPC insurance06/25 mchlfnd08:55 100factorial
9hI-Bonds vs Bond funds in 401k06/25 Goldilocks08:54 dbr
8tBrokered CD Vanguard06/25 mikeyzito2208:44 sport
5cInternational travel - eSIM mechanics Q07:05 KNMLHD08:40 michaeljc70
12hAfter-tax 401(k) fund question06/25 sndb08:34 goodenyou
8cPortable travel routers06/11 28fe608:31 KNMLHD
36pRetired w/ no dental insurance - ideas?06/20 Parkinglotracer08:30 AnnetteLouisan
3990tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab07:49 sc9182
623cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman07:21 Dude2
6pI want to buy a Multi-family (3 unit) is this the right time?06/24 GingerU07:02 Sandtrap
2071cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL06:12 jebmke
8tSSA Actuarial Life Table and Bond funds duration06/25 CWRadio06:11 CWRadio
63pHow much to give adult children while being safe for unknowing health issues?06/08 thenow05:28 TomatoTomahto
58cHVAC Issue: Upstairs is significantly warmer. Will a 2-stage A/C make this worse?06/23 The Critic05:17 RandomPointer
9hAdvice Beginner Portfolio late to the dance06/25 SCpsumlnk04:48 invest4
1697tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory09/03 skierincolorado02:56 LazyOverthinker
7hConfused about required savings estimate tables in BH Guide06/25 jadela02:53 jadela
0nSkewness consideration for Sharpe Ratio00:58 Anon9001 
19hPrivate debt investing06/25 Jeff T00:43 Weathering
24thas morningstar legacy functionality (comparing funds) ceased?2021 arcticpineapple00:18 pascalwager
16pAny doctors out there renegotiating their contracts?06/25 reimann00:06 DoctorTiger99
8cDrip irrigation: reducing pressure06/25 unclescrooge23:50 LISD
2tMMF Question06/25 mickeyd23:48 Unhandled
24cAm I too paranoid of potentially phishing emails?06/25 4nursebee22:59 Dregob

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