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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1662 new posts and replies over 229 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
11h529 - 2 years until High School Graduation - How Risky should I be?11:50 OHWantToRetire00:55 Wannaretireearl
9tDo cap-weighted funds strictly align with BH philosophy?23:35 thatbrian00:46 SnowBog
51pWhen did your Net Worth surpass your lifetime earnings?02/26 britcoal00:42 Mr. Buzzkill
7tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW) vs. Total Portfololio Allocation and Withdrawal (TPAW)11:41 Ben Mathew00:30 SnowBog
90tDot.Com Era/AI Era?02/26 LaurenRose00:27 gavinsiu
36pCancer Diagnosis Hubby15:06 joelly00:21 Wannaretireearl
61cAnyone consider retiring to Vancouver, Washington?2014 Hiker-Biker00:15 shinzilla
25t30 yr TIPS = 2.2% real!02/22 Always passive00:09 #Cruncher
2hBalance funds - what are the good ones?22:42 gavinsiu00:08 HanSolo
4cWired mouse22:51 gavinsiu00:07 RetiredAL
1088tRobinhood 3% IRA Match08/07 BobbleyBob00:07 placeholder
42cBMW named top pick in CR overall brand rankings12:16 Cash is King00:03 tetractys
1364tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba23:49 siamond
11tQuantify the Value of Military Retirement - Methodology Questions02/26 sunrider623:37 RetiredAL
6pPay Over Time Plan22:20 InvestDaily23:36 SnowBog
3cSNOW blower Toro Vs Arien (24")20:41 vsk23:33 upstate90
79cPinot Noir on the lower end?06/11 LaurenRose23:29 soretired
5pOnline Savings Account Recommendation Needed09:29 OldTown23:29 Ryder37
4pPossible to automate ETF investing in HSA at Schwab?02/25 corp_sharecropp23:29 tj
11hQuality Factor ETFs: QUAL vs. VFQY10:17 TheTimeLord23:27 HanSolo
11fHow do I change username2019 moving on23:26 ClaycordJCA
22hBoxx by Matt Levine02/24 camillus2423:20 dan23
7pHow to adjust cost basis for wash sales disallowed16:06 financejourney23:20 FactualFran
23pHandling Potential Job Offer Negotiation02/17 mtwistercapital23:17 mtwistercapital
9pCan I make this retirement work?16:21 lzq23:17 Mjl714
2t"How much should I have in my 401k" article for various ages - thoughts?22:46 gunny223:17 gotoparks
95pFIRE-ing In, Quitting versus Getting FIRE-d - Talking to Boss Tomorrow02/25 Meg7723:16 tj
34h12% Bracket-Roth vs. Traditional02/26 A Random Fellow23:15 grabiner
38pRMD Tax Withholding01/14 bucky622523:12 sport
123lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2024!05/28 Miriam223:11 Miriam2
43tStocks for the Long Run? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.11/16 McQ23:06 ckangas
33pZelle Questions: safety, speed, uses?07:22 NYCaviator23:06 beyou
3hdeducting tax on dividents by brokerage house22:25 Boron191323:06 toast0
30pWhy not convert all my funds to ETFs?02/26 thethinker23:03 SnowBog
40cMight need to replace car: are used Tesla's the value play right now?02/22 MikeZ23:01 Northern Flicke
232pHigh Salary (>$500,000) careers02/22 sunset22:59 SnowBog
4tFor cash equivalent, T-Bills or Short-Term Bond Funds?19:15 duffer22:57 Charles Joseph
63pWho keeps original will?02/21 Eurookat22:53 LotsaGray
86pHow to deal with/spend too much money?05:24 4nursebee22:53 Yvy
0cJeep Grand Cherokee problem with starting and quits22:45 RationalWalk 
106panother 5500ez penalty tale - $210,0002022 sunrisevalley22:39 hvaclorax
45p24 year old- money problems02/25 Ryder3722:39 Ryder37
2hFloating an Unusual 529 Strategy21:52 Therapist Inves22:36 cjcerny
17pNY State tax treatment of Accrued Market Discount for US Treasury Note02/26 Ryan122:23 FactualFran
8hPre-tax and post tax in an (traditional) IRA account?02/26 PassiveIncomeBy22:12 toddthebod
58hFinancial advisor recommendation--beyond the usual suspects?02/24 prof dave22:10 gavinsiu
118hQuestions about Whole Life02/24 medicineman69422:08 medicineman694
14341tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE22:04 er999
60tRetirees apparently tend to maintain assets - lessons for BH investors?07:27 HeavyChevy21:55 rockstar
11tPIMCO bond fund: what is the percentage of ordinary dividends from US government obligatiions2023 international0021:54 international00
46cBest water heater with solar02/26 TSR21:51 furiouschads
32pTech forward bank recommendations: instant transfers and decent bill pay02/26 MCST21:51 stan1
31pUPDATE -Social Security - Delayed Retirement Credits Question01/20 antwerp21:49 Chip Munk
20cCar brake lights won't turn off after install of new battery15:52 bookgirl21:46 RetiredAL
1767pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4821:40 sandramjet
11cSwim Mask14:51 Bigfish21:39 Watty
15pMega Thread on Speed of 2023 Tax Refunds02/10 djmbob21:27 p1db
4nBig saver starting to invest02/26 gal621:25 gal6
10cHelp me choose: Garmin watch or Apple Watch Ultra 2?02/26 NYCaviator21:23 NYCaviator
48cDental crowns02/24 pgs5921:18 crefwatch
16hAsset Allocation help2019 vajg21:15 Beensabu
9hWhich (of the bigger) brokerages offer .ofx or .qfx exports?10:32 newbie00321:05 mmse
41pUnderpayment Penalties IRA to ROTH Conversion02/22 patrickscott21:05 ChrisC
66pWhat's the best way to have federal taxes withheld so I don't have to pay the dreaded estimated taxes?02/15 FinIndyGal20:59 investorpeter
7tStill trying to understand TIPS18:05 jayars3520:59 JBTX
14pIRA distribution and re deposit problem12:31 PeterA00720:55 RetiredAL
7cLexus Hybrid (Sedan or SUV)08:37 oysterboy20:51 MH2
19hQuestions for Mel or any one else..i bond questions02/21 ocean20:46 Mel Lindauer
4nAustralian, seeking feedback and sanity check02/26 jberlyn20:42 jberlyn
26hTrying to figure out investing next steps18:07 Elizabeth46720:29 WeakOldGuy
27cinsights on living in the Blue Ridge Mountain region?02/23 spacemanspif20:26 finite_differen
3579lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1620:25 Stinky
2232tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest20:22 shmidds
120hEarly Retirement Plan - Age 38 w/over $2 million01/02 MaxSave20:20 topofthebellcur
6hIn-Kind Transfers of Vanguard Mutual Funds at Schwab16:58 stuper120:19 ResearchMed
161cWhat is your favorite book?02/08 protagonist20:18 BrooklynInvest
4pTurbotax, Sale of (sort of) inherited ETF shares, weird situation03:11 cb47420:14 cb474
51pAdvice on Paying for Care of Elderly Uncle02/26 Call_Me_Op20:14 BarbBrooklyn
82pHappily retired but seriously considering going back to work2020 shavenyak20:13 rich126
11pSecurity concern [Vanguard proxy email]02/20 ABS20:12 tibbitts
34cHow is U-Haul for getting a trailer hitch?2017 CULater20:08 Dwayne
11crider mower club cadet or john deere14:45 lomarica0119:52 RootSki
114tHas passive investing broken the market?02/22 Gaston19:49 Northern Flicke
4hRetirement in the market17:18 newbienyc19:47 bonesly
19hWhy there is no mutual fund tracking international growth indexes02/18 henryphseven19:42 yolointopants
19hRollover Roth 401K to Roth IRA while currently employed and contributing?01/07 Gash19:37 placeholder
39hconverting VTSAX to VTI inside of a traditional IRA at Vanguard02/23 critterdude31119:37 rkhusky
3pForm 8606 - 2023 tIRA Contribution, 2024 Roth Conversion17:28 compy19:29 retiredjg
680lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz19:28 LadyGeek
2102tWhy not 100% PSLDX? [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]2020 TeeDee19:26 manlymatt83
11cGE Dryer Stopped Mid-Cycle and Leaked Water02/24 DarkHelmetII19:24 billaster
11hWhere to find franchise opportunities?14:39 Chai12319:24 smitcat
1lToledo, OH Chapter12:07 SpartanRocket2119:23 ekosco
12tPurpose of Settlement funds for Vanguard Brokerage accounts?09:33 goshenBogle19:07 rkhusky
16hFeel like I won the "game" at 41---Thoughts on Future Asset Allocation12:53 archiehr19:05 ge1
16cAuto insurance suddenly cancelled: typical of this huge company?02/25 AlaskaTeach19:04 yolointopants
109cBest & Worst "Mid-Life Crisis" expenditures02/01 JayDee3719:04 KBR
96pWhat got you out of poverty?02/25 physics91118:48 jayars35
10pGifting stock, MEDICAID qualification and head of household06:51 WillyMcG18:40 arcticpineapple
5930c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:40 TomatoTomahto
14pExperiences So Far With New FEHB MPDP Part D Options01/27 tallguy389118:39 tallguy3891
15pClosing a Sole Proprietorship02/26 marklar1318:30 vnatale
0tReporter doing story - "What have your investments allowed you to do?"18:22 LadyGeek 
3c60K Auto Service17:24 LaurenRose18:21 Parkinglotracer
3pDeferred Compensation Taxation07:56 Seoulseeker18:18 cspitzer
0tHow vanguard reports market discount of treasury notes18:17 hghysm21 
1pAMT credit confusion14:31 berg18:14 vnatale
138tAt what point does BND become attractive?10/07 Yesterdaysnews18:13 stocknoob4111
165tJust for fun, what single stock do you think will see huge growth08/26 anthonypals18:05 LadyGeek
6hDo Traditional IRA and Roth IRA transfer "In kind"?15:07 passive10118:05 toddthebod
5742cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger17:57 vnatale
420pFidelity free Turbotax 202312/01 chinchin17:56 single2019
272cBest < $100 purchase?2020 LunaLauren17:53 vnatale
0cRewiring America Personal Electrification Guide17:49 id0ntkn0wjack 
24pMega Backdoor Roth Issues02/25 VandelayArt17:46 artgerst
89hVanguard Wellesley02/16 jasperhobbs17:44 HanSolo
11pFile Amended Return?02/26 Sammmy17:23 Sammmy
8pSocial Security Divorced Spouse Survivor Benefits16:28 solaris1717:19 solaris17
6tAny Ideas on Future CD Rates?02/26 brainstorming17:18 brainstorming
38cNorth East Heat pump + oil backup feedback01/21 vsk17:10 vsk
5hRecharacterizing a 2024 contribution to Roth IRA to a different Roth IRA13:27 bmola17:02 bmola
883tTaxation of Treasury bills, notes and bonds2022 Kevin M16:57 Bogle Learner
15pTax return - Grantor irrevocable trust02/26 Theseus16:53 typical.investo
7nMoved out of the US - Vanguard requires USCIS form I-407 for IRA01/17 basil16:43 assyadh
6pMega Backdoor Roth and Tax filing02/25 lifebeckonss16:41 Alan S.
43p0% 60 month Car loan in todays 5% Savings Environment02/23 cpumechanic16:40 cpumechanic
19cPressure Treated Decking Lumber05:58 LifeIsGood16:38 JayB
9pVanguard conversion to brokerage account and RMD02/25 Nyc1003616:31 Nyc10036
37tApril and July 2024 TIPS02/14 Kevin M16:30 protagonist
5pRecreational Land Management in Ohio14:08 clin34116:09 Nebraska_Drough
8pHelp with 2024 Fed and NJ tax projections02/22 fatima52616:06 fatima526
19hPortfolio Review request: I am a fumbling beginner02/25 Mochiwochi16:03 mhadden1
21hPortfolio Review Request02/22 dayfornight16:00 dayfornight
11pbest method to pay taxes balance due02/25 longlife24515:54 Raycpact
13pTrust Protectors, how common?02/26 Ranunculus15:54 White Coat Inve
0nHelp with pension and portfolio15:51 zenagu 
73hHow to invest cash at Schwab?02/05 CFmartin15:46 urban
4018tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)2022 Kevin M15:33 gavinsiu
2pWhen to draw pension?02/23 DIVDRIPPER15:26 DIVDRIPPER
60hGeneral retirement questions...need advice02/20 hacksaw202515:24 LilyanaCantrell
16pDelayed Social Security - Resumed Payments ?02/22 framistat15:23 framistat
2091tNew fee for Vanguard mutual [and brokerage accounts - July 2023 updates]2022 CABob15:18 jebmke
25hUNC System Fidleity to TIAA Conversion11/26 guyfromct15:11 Geologist
5cDental or medical tourism disappointments or near misses13:47 ekid15:09 Misenplace
3hAfter moving from TDA Solo 401(k) to Schwab with Roth IRA?14:12 RIMDBogle15:08 livesoft
29cTalk me out of buying a Nissan Armada!09:10 bendix14:59 mike@jb
0hPortfolio Review Request: Majority Taxable14:58 Underscore 
14pOpening a 529 solely to pay off student loans?04:32 Ambassador Spoc14:47 cmr79
3hPortifolio Review02/26 BMC14:45 HomeStretch
3pGoofed on HSA contributions in 2018 - can we fix?14:07 FishTaco14:41 greybus
12pFeedback Request on providing a saving incentive02/24 Dufus14:40 WeakOldGuy
218cWhat are some of the things that improved YOUR quality of life?01/23 Borqa4514:39 Tib
5hAsset Allocation questions after a windfall...02/26 Johnsson14:34 bonesly
936cFlaunt Your High-Mileage Car2015 Teague14:30 CoAndy
29hNeed to choose a new brokerage firm: Vanguard vs. Fidelity02/26 pvavarou14:29 scotchbriar
10950cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36814:27 jjunk
5hInternational Value - fund or ETF selection02/26 OldSport14:26 rushrocker
5095tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester14:26 id_afstand
9pMedicare: Medicare Advantage to Medicare Original02/26 Zonian5914:09 cashmoney
7pTime and Place for HYSA over MMF?12:07 getmoneygetpaid14:08 mhadden1
3pTaxes Form 2210 and Late Estimated Payments09:32 duntknowmuch14:03 toddthebod
75pWhy Emergency Fund?02/25 JSPECO913:58 Sax32
25hHow to transfer from Janus to Fidelity without paying capital gains?2019 DJRPinvestor13:50 kasram#U
41pStruggling with appropriate level of financial help for an aging parent01/23 Immelmann13:46 WeakOldGuy
29pIs anyone here in proofreading or critiquing my resume, please02/26 Swmi867530913:42 KlangFool
263tCan you do better than BND?02/12 McQ13:38 GAAP
15p1099-NEC payment timing issue02/26 MisterMister13:17 MisterMister
3pCost basis for overseas investment property02/26 oko13:13 oko
21pDivorce and co mingling asset question07:32 teacher216313:11 Tamalak
7hPortfolio Help please02/26 CindyM13:10 CindyM
26cOlder, clean title vehicle or newer rebuilt vehicle?02/19 jco13:07 srt7
10cchanging PCP just for 1 year?02/12 Nyc1003613:01 Softballer
11cAdvice/ideas on how to navigate spending/distributing significant net worth/income02/23 spindrift10312:59 spindrift103
70hTreasury Direct - The Eternal Wait and No Way To Track Transfer04/16 Arctic Fox12:54 FellsGuy
712pIntuit's Mint App Shutting Down...Replacement Recommendations?11/01 cascadian12:51 mmusic27
15pExplanatory Statement for 2023 Return02/26 BuckeyeAaron12:47 dratkinson
2hBest Timing For I-Bond Redemptions For Managing Taxes02/12 dagsboro12:32 Money_Badger
2194hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky12:22 indexfundfan
50cBest place to buy personal domain? Best place to host it? (for email)02/20 NYCaviator12:12 Hebell
6hHelp me understand/untangle my parent's variable annuity02/23 texasdiver12:10 Stinky
37hTIAA 403b brokerage window transaction fee for contributions (Update)02/06 student11:58 Retired1809
13pHSA Contribution02/25 goblue10011:56 torso2500
19pTax Advice - Partial Inservice Rollover - Oh My! [Turbo Tax]02/26 shelterinplace11:29 shelterinplace
5867pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon11:26 czaj
7607tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab11:09 Keliot
12pMedical condition: Guaranteed Issue term Life insurance02/26 OCDinvestor11:02 Stinky
83h[Updated question re: Retirement Education Foundation]07/21 cobra91110:54 Stinky
3hBonds with Fixed Percentage Withdrawals02/24 Kaione10:51 Kaione
27hI am not seeing how bonds have mitigated losses during downturns02/26 thermo8610:49 gavinsiu
6629tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7610:45 bligh
0uNew UAE Corporate 9% tax10:42 Sparti 
252lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte10:40 boglattle
16pSGOV Dividends - qualified or not?11/23 opus36010:37 jvini
0pTalk to me about Crummey Trusts10:22 bdylan 
10hWhat to buy if you had 0% capital gains tax?08:05 FunTimes10:21 FunTimes
11hAdvice Requested on Re-Balance of Retirement Portfolio02/24 estrellamts10:00 estrellamts
20nUK Investor - portfolio review02/25 ProfitMaker09:47 Valuethinker
5hCan I simultaneously exchange VFIAX for VOO?02/26 thethinker09:40 ruralavalon
15nUsing up wife's ISA allowance02/26 alwaysonit09:36 TedSwippet
31tNewbie friendly NPR article summarizing Swensen and Boglehead approach02/19 ObiQuiet09:32 alluringreality
18pProtecting Roth Assets From the Owner of the Roth02/24 cgrinst109:30 Lee_WSP
1hFund company notorious for publishing tax information late?02/26 henryphseven09:25 jebmke
1nDual UK USA citizen - Tax Efficient Savings from UK rental income?04:37 dougfir09:18 ohit1
320cAny audiophiles on this forum?2019 m@ver1ck09:10 SubPar
1nHow to invest in Lifetime ISA - UK02/26 alwaysonit09:10 ohit1
6pLife Annuity through TSP (fed employees/retirees)02/26 LaurenRose09:08 retiredjg
7pCan I take Capital loss02/11 Tooth08:12 Tooth
18hMax out 401k pre-tax or post-tax02/25 BogleAlltheWay08:00 mikep
2nCheapest SIPP provider UK03:56 alwaysonit07:57 ohit1
129tVanguard: "Important: We've been unable to reach you by email"2017 Angst07:56 exodusing
5cGood time to buy airline tickets to Australia for December02/26 stuper107:54 realclemsongrad
5hWhere can I see a chart of 7-day SEC yields on SWVXX?02/26 CenTexan07:47 CenTexan
6nInterest on cash balance vs. short term bonds02/22 The Planner07:44 The Planner
12tUseful biases to remember when investing02/26 Robin123407:41 dcabler
76cAdvice caring for new black car?01/03 new2bogle207:31 montanagirl
13nRefining my Bogleheads approach - which ETFs to buy? (longish post)02/06 Cyath07:23 Cyath
122hVanguard Information Technology - VGT or VITAX2017 TheTimeLord07:23 nura
221hHeavy Value Tilt Away from Mag 7 stocks02/23 smartinvestor2007:20 LadyGeek
71pHome Self Insure or Not02/12 Iphone506:49 smitcat
20pLine16 & Line17 from Form 860602/23 Swiss Chard06:45 retiredjg
12pNJ taxes and TSP withdrawal02/26 Polo22506:34 rkhusky
3cAuto Insurance claim days before cancelling policy02/26 corduroysuit06:27 Chardo
24pFind it confusing to leverage AOTC - 52902/25 realclemsongrad05:43 oldcomputerguy
2pSpousal Inherited 401k Advice02/26 StepByStep0505:27 Carl53
38cAdvice for buying a car in 202402/21 ETK51704:17 Valuethinker
33pHow is income from U.S. obligations handled by state tax software?2023 tadamsmar03:52 Grogs
21hRetiring at 55 / Feedback requested02/24 icLadyBug03:40 DIYtrixie
24pHow to report HealthEquity HSA to CA tax12/27 chr03:06 Finridge
2hSeeking Tax Strategy Advice for Stock Options of Startup Sale02/26 tiger_lily01:32 jarjarM

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