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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1874 new posts and replies over 217 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
18tThe W’s [Wellesley or Wellington] over a bond fund?08/18 Starchild00:28 rkhusky
73tTax cost stopping move to indexing07/13 restingonmylaur00:28 restingonmylaur
16pRealizing option value granted as part of compensation08/15 chasely00:25 kevinpet
64pAre we financially okay?08/17 takeabiteoflife00:20 NoFred
19cDSL Advice08/19 CurlyDave00:18 CurlyDave
1hInverted Yield Curve - Anyone making portfolio changes?23:52 tommy2punch00:16 whodidntante
1hShould I stay or get out of Index Universal Life Insurance23:40 staticchair0400:13 mhalley
235pSelective Colleges08/16 psteinx00:12 UpsetRaptor
47cChicago - What to see, do & eat in two days06:54 stilllurking00:04 whodidntante
0hPortfolio Review00:04 Classof2023 
23tTotal index funds are “crowded”17:08 hungrywave00:00 rkhusky
2padvice for new grad daughter getting first apartment23:28 vasu10023:58 Lee_WSP
4hWhen to use Municipal Bonds over Total Bond Market investments?15:13 tommy2punch23:52 tommy2punch
36p529 beneficiary change08/19 tk514423:48 Leesbro63
7p91% of retirees are happy, regardless of financial insecurity. -Forbes19:57 protagonist23:43 bstewie
34hHow much does your employer 401k plan charge?08/19 TheEleven23:35 TheEleven
31pWhat are your thoughts on USAA for checking? Insurance? Banking in general?07:55 Gardener23:33 BGeste
6hhelp understanding how mortgage prepayments affect overall interest20:58 fognyc23:26 fognyc
5hHow can I back out a 7K tIra contribution > conversion to ROTH - I shouldn't have done it...13:14 rebellovw23:18 FiveK
463t[Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung (Prime Harvesting)]2016 siamond23:13 heyyou
24hInvest vs pay off student loan in 1 year period08/19 wbadbada23:12 SDLinguist
6hQuestion about a particular individual bond10:33 owenmia23:11 venkman
98pMoving from Bay area, CA to Knoxville, TN08/18 lastklim23:10 lastklim
27cFront load washer mold08/18 airahcaz23:10 whodidntante
16hPay down mortgage or begin investing?19:21 Chris91823:09 stm
26cFallen Tree clearing08/19 SlowMovingInves23:07 retire2022
30hI'm signing up for Vanguard PAS...08/19 ljr23:06 nedsaid
18hCd instead of bonds16:01 Dobie23:05 Tyler Aspect
6n[wiki] Draft non-US 'Asking portfolio questions' template page08/19 TedSwippet23:03 glorat
1hNew on Bogleheads and Seeking Portfolio Advice20:48 TallDrink23:00 venkman
22cHouse flooding due to heavy rains, injury and landlord's response12:43 ybdam22:50 ybdam
1pTechnical Question on Stock Power22:00 AlmostRetiredNY22:50 mcraepat9
84cHow to read (and retain)?08/18 kurious22:47 KlangFool
29tVanguard's "Bogle Site" gone? Hopefully just a glitch.08/19 nisiprius22:41 edgeagg
2hAdvice for asset allocation for IRA funds with 5 year withdrawal timeframe17:47 Gelsomina22:41 Tyler Aspect
77pAre there advantages to being married to a teacher?09:12 Bob Sacamano22:31 Small Savanna
103cPonder this, BH's... is Ben & Jerry's worth it?08/09 catdude22:31 Whakamole
30pIs my advice to my cousin correct ?08/19 shell92122:30 ralph124cf
124pAre you a "solo ager?"08/09 CULater22:29 GR8FUL-D
1hNewbie with excessively complicated portfolio22:11 Null4222:27 HawkeyePierce
163cDo you buy new or used cars?2018 Hulk22:25 Vulcan721
51pVanguard vs. Fidelity??08/19 Doug00722:23 BUBear29
4hPortfolio Review and Inheritance12:16 Beaker1222:23 Beaker12
9tLooking at investment asset allocation in more detail than stocks/bonds08/19 Plz22:16 Plz
11696tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill22:15 stocknoob4111
228cAnyone disenchanted with retirement?2018 tennisplyr22:14 White Coat Inve
16hSafe retirement income now08/19 Leb412322:13 Watty
20cIdea for a basic drawing book for granddaughter...08/19 Broken Man 199922:12 caffeperfavore
0tIs Vanguard BROKEN? Will they fix it?21:59 Bronco Billy 
29cReplacing brake pads in a Honda CRV 125,000 miles08/19 worthit21:58 SmallCityDave
10tUS Stocks in Free Fall thread10:42 260chrisb21:53 fortfun
9pWhich job to take: Advice requested08:23 twinDad21:53 twinDad
17hUsing TSP versus non-government funds in retirement08/19 cresive21:50 HeelaMonster
21pRe: Applying for Medicare / Any Problems Submitting Requested Documents?04/13 wm63121:40 wm631
1827tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab21:35 Bronco Billy
11tParking money12:22 Mike1121:35 student
9tThirty Year TIPS Auction Thursday August 22 201908/19 #Cruncher21:34 glorat
1051tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th [2018]11/11 liberty5321:33 LadyGeek
10hFinally ready to start a taxable account - Need some advice16:40 djeayzonne21:33 dardeninvestor
903lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt21:32 student
145tNegative Interest Rates in U.S.08/10 susa21:32 index2max
22pHSA investing fee (PayFlex)08/11 Sabet12321:28 moneywise3
68tMinimization of maximum regret: Supportive of balanced AAs for some long-term investors?08/17 willthrill8121:19 TomCat96
32cMoving to Houston08/15 siker21:18 essbeer
7pShould my S Corp pay my health insurance15:14 Hayden21:14 MP123
27hFisher Investment solicitation08/07 dettom21:11 HawkeyePierce
932pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon21:01 mervinj7
3914cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:01 7eight9
15t"The Best Diversifiers For Your Equity Portfolio"09:25 Taylor Larimore20:56 fortyofforty
342tBonds - Throw it all on the table!!!2014 abuss36820:48 BuddyJet
13pEmployee Fiduciary 401k - WWYD? [What Would You Do]03/11 Seeker40120:43 JollyAbby65
4cTrip to Costa Rica08/19 veena911120:43 Starfish
22hKeep VWIUX (muni bonds) or switch to VBLTX (total bond)?08/15 ishkadetto20:37 bluquark
2h401(k) ER dilemma20:25 bck6320:37 Silk McCue
6tStaying Updated on the Market/Current Events08:51 jmswtc20:36 snackdog
27hAnyone else more aggressive in retirement than required?10:39 Nowizard20:32 Sandtrap
22hHelp getting out from under Northwestern and onto my own08/19 slopetider20:30 abuss368
264pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets05/08 softwaregeek20:28 DH0
17hUnderstanding capital gains tax08/19 Zoey20:28 grabiner
16tInteresting new factor exposure tool08/19 HippoSir20:27 stan1
72cRecommendations for home paper shredder2017 Swansea20:27 abuss368
12preactivating credit card11:46 polaris0120:26 LadyGeek
4000pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy20:25 nps
36pDiscover cash back Credit Card - Interest charges08/19 jello_nailer20:17 nps
1hHow do bond ratings degrade during recession?19:30 Carbonate2420:10 grabiner
7hShould I go 100% index funds17:01 KirklandCoug20:06 ruralavalon
185tWhy do dividends still exist?08/09 hungrywave20:05 trueblueky
3cPersuasion and Hypnosis2017 raamakoti19:58 cbeck
13hBoglehead Baby08:08 Skeeter119:54 Skeeter1
93hWhen Did You Ease Up On Saving Aggressively?08/19 RJC19:40 ruralavalon
42cHotel recommendation for Cambridge / Boston08/15 rjbraun19:38 wilked
176t60/40 VS 30/70 "Center Of Gravity"@@ Allocation for Retirees ??? Bernstein VS Ferri ?? -- What Would You Do?07/19 Sandtrap19:32 Sandtrap
1380c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir19:30 rj342
63cBuying an older used car - any new/different ideas?08/16 dm20019:27 Kenkat
17tSavings Bonds - how to keep track of them03/15 ps56k19:18 Dandy
52cNeighbor's FIOS cable running over my yard08/15 WaffleCone19:14 criticalmass
43cRV purchase ?08/19 novemberrain19:13 tibbitts
17pCredit card annual fee coming up - what to do?08/19 henra19:09 jeffyscott
5hSeeking Lower Expense Ratios in a 401K16:32 MaryO19:03 anon_investor
2pWhen to "follow up" with colleague about job prospect18:23 ryuns19:00 Trader Joe
17pCheck the restrictions on the out-of-pocket maximum on your health insurance policy08/19 willthrill8118:58 willthrill81
12pamending tax form08/17 financenoob02118:53 kaneohe
3hReallocation Help15:13 greenback18:38 greenback
1hGood investment, or bad business16:33 uclalee18:35 HomeStretch
18pPay cut to take a federal job?08:20 SailorJack0218:34 stoptothink
8pForeign tax credit / Form 111611:04 Hope12318:33 Alan S.
13cRadio for seniors13:43 ThankYouJack18:32 ThankYouJack
11hwhere does kids college funds come into play in my plan?15:16 dred pirate18:26 Wiggums
10pMegabackdoor Roth IRA double check10:42 erikill18:21 986racer
8pShould you buy less life insurance if you qualify for Social Security Death benefits?16:28 Ddd765118:17 Kenkat
0hKeep rollover out of market 2days for access to higher rate mm fund?18:10 jbinpa59 
9pfree money from NCUA 6years after CU failure?09:40 shawn_lad18:07 Northern Flicke
7pPension or Hybrid LTC?12:36 Wenonah17:48 Dottie57
5hPension and Planning for retirement help08/20 90degreeturns17:28 90degreeturns
74tConfused, bummed, and concerned08/14 typicalmillenia17:20 White Coat Inve
21tInvesting with ballooning us debt levels?04:27 YoungSisyphus17:18 LadyGeek
12cShould I paint dark brown wainscotting?13:48 SimonJester17:14 Dottie57
269pDoes it matter what type of college one goes to?2016 Five17:12 LadyGeek
20pRetirement benefit Choice: Rule of 85 vs Age 6510:14 fulltilt17:12 Brudha
11hAm I on the Right Track?08/19 stt81617:11 Duckie
156tDiversification Regret Index11/02 vineviz17:10 willthrill81
21cEthernet, MoCA, House Wiring08/18 rich12617:08 audioaxes
3pPay for K-12 pre-tax?12:03 squirm17:07 anon_investor
26h7 years till child attends college...09:39 konoha16:48 smitcat
3h[Newbie] Asking for input on my portfolio allocation15:18 exlgh9116:45 exlgh91
3hTwo different 401k plans with two different timelines (fiscal year vs. calendar year) -- is this an issue?14:46 financial.freed16:27 retiredjg
2hQ. About HSA Contributions14:02 djeayzonne16:19 djeayzonne
13hFidelity REITs08/19 Justafamilydoc16:09 Ice-9
9pRefinance question13:57 hifromsocal15:54 Admiral
18hAccess to Fidelity eMoney07/10 gbronc15:51 gbronc
13pValue of continuing education later in career08/19 miamivice15:50 TexasPE
7h23-Year-Old: Question About Portfolio08/19 markymark2115:46 ruralavalon
9tWhat's the equivalent of the Bogleheads community for value investing?07/28 tristessa7915:38 Scooter57
22cHiking in the PNW (Seattle) next weekend. What do I need?08/19 Bob Sacamano15:34 KyleAAA
6nEU-Italy Portfolio Review08/19 drex2115:24 drex21
10hShould I convert my small IRA accounts to Roth to avoid pro-rata?08/19 kevin9915:22 megabad
6hNewbie IRA question07:26 ruler157715:20 lakpr
5hFidelity SMAs and Local Offices10:05 brewtoo15:16 Murgatroyd
1pDefined benefit pension Section 415 limits14:41 whitemiata15:12 fposte
408tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE15:10 MotoTrojan
11pWhat next in Life? Climb ladder or start a business08/14 B8015:10 B80
7hLooking for opinions on "million in" idea...11:04 extra-terrestri15:10 cherijoh
4pETF or stock taxes14:47 B_F_Skinner_Box15:09 livesoft
14pWould You Refinance Under the Following Circumstances08/19 harrad15:09 barnaclebob
5hUndoing Mega back-door due to failed ADP/ACP test08/19 Xanadu15:03 Xanadu
104tWhy is Vanguard Treasury Money Market yield so high?06/07 Kevin M15:00 Kevin M
6hCost basis for stock grant - original company gone10:58 JookieBrown15:00 JookieBrown
8hOpinion about Eaton Vance ETG tax advantaged Div : 7%07/05 viewer014:55 viewer0
24pQuestion on Chronic Conditions and Wellness Exams08/19 ossipago14:53 Grasshopper
220tLarry Swedroe: Small Value Stocks are Cheap08/13 willthrill8114:41 willthrill81
29cLife Advice: deciding what you want to do.08/18 Piplup199614:39 tennisplyr
7cWhat are these plants?08/17 unclescrooge14:31 unclescrooge
7tBackdoor ROTH strategy08/09 Drock330714:31 Drock3307
50cShould college student major in environmental science?08/08 Wenonah14:12 Wenonah
42tHelp me think through demographic trends change my savings rate and life long investment in human capital08/19 qwertyjazz14:01 KlangFool
81tMy Fido retirement meeting pushing me to SMA07/25 Bronco Billy13:58 itsf8
54cBattery powered lawn mower08/18 JimMolony13:50 gogleheads.orb
11pBest place for Shopping mortgage refi rates?09:17 rage_phish13:50 PDXAussie
16tA "Rule of thumb" variable withdrawal method08/19 Jacklh13:35 Seasonal
9hSIPC protection (or lack thereof?) for 401k accounts08/18 megaroth13:27 megaroth
47tRay Dalio bullish on China (China market cap to overtake US in 2030?)08/12 guyinlaw13:27 guyinlaw
71c(Tall) Buyer Beware: Honda Accord.07/08 kjvmartin13:22 deanbrew
40cAnyonw driving Uber for fun and pocket money in retirement?08/19 flyingaway13:13 Godot
13tWhere are the Brokered CDs?08/02 sport13:12 bryansmile
7hTiming a Roth Conversion08/19 soccerfreak12:59 danielrhall
34pRisk associated with house value declining?08/19 B4Xt3r12:56 runner540
30hAdvice Requested: My Mom's Edward Jones Account07/22 k.a_thorne12:51 DippityDoo
18cHome Office - Main Floor or Basement08/19 JI012412:48 rj342
134cAliens have captured my husband [wants to buy a Porsche]08/17 msrumphius12:46 Typ997S
94pAnyone retire in their 30s?08/17 Nathan Drake12:44 nonfacebookuser
1pInvestment Interest on house flip ?12:30 J29512:43 JGoneRiding
7cSedona and ________ trip In February with 3 and 5 year old08/19 BashDash12:42 alaskantraveler
12n[EU | Belgium] Specific bond taxation and general bond mechanics questions08/18 zarci12:35 BeBH65
39cNew laptop advice08/18 Seasonal12:13 rebellovw
1tDo you think we will ever see Jeffrey Epstein’s trust?11:45 Shaneman12:03 Misenplace
9pFidelity taxable account users: Do you use ETfs or Fidelity index funds?09:08 frugaltigris12:03 marco49
5cBed/frame recommendations01:17 applecart12:01 CyberBob
12pMaryland Living Trust2016 PapaGeek11:50 skepticalobserv
21pChoosing Between Jobs (Career Advice)08:44 ecvol11:44 rbaldini
21hPaging Taylor Larimore one last time!08/16 misterbill41211:15 gregwils
18cHow to remove security system in new home?08:21 angelescrest11:13 GuayaquilEcu
14hSaving for a new car08/19 asj199611:10 Wiggums
61tSwitch AA 10-year to 2-year Treasuries?08/13 TNOA10:25 pascalwager
5tFinally appreciating diversification08/19 owenmia10:21 asif408
12pLooking for a computer coding mentor08/19 My Financial Jo10:11 Hayden
30tBloomberg: U.S. Weighs Selling 50- and 100-Year Bonds08/17 stimulacra10:09 Nate79
45pClose on first home on Wednesday, might not take possession until 30 days... advice please08/17 JJP8810:02 stungerz
52pSchwab as a one stop shop08/04 Jmh04j09:44 typical.investo
18pDistribution of estate to children08/18 defscott62709:38 Steady59
29tTotal market index fund and recency08/19 tc10109:32 rkhusky
4638cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36809:28 JAZZISCOOL
8pBudget for a new professional out of college07:41 LiveSimple09:14 Watty
5cNew Dishwasher Issue - Update05:41 SVariance109:12 lthenderson
101tGE shares tank more than 13% after Madoff whistleblower calls it a ‘bigger fraud than Enron'08/15 PrettyCoolWorks08:47 Stinky
92tWhy Zero (or Negative) Interest Rates Could Someday Make Sense08/14 SimpleGift08:45 Valuethinker
37pPaying credit card "current balance" vs. "statement balance"08/19 Nyarlathotep08:44 scubadiver
70tIf you think oil prices will drop where would you invest?08/10 misterno08:33 Valuethinker
16p2017 ACA subsidies not available if elgible for Cobra?2016 cpumechanic08:28 markgova
10hTransfering of Lincoln Investment retirement account to Vanguard08/18 staticchair0408:03 abuss368
8hVanguard 529 college savings account -- sit tight, change allocation?08/17 l3v3lq4rt07:57 KingRiggs
4hCOBRA and HSA questions08/19 HenryPorter07:56 Spirit Rider
8h529s for kids already in and nearly in college08/19 jsaver07:51 Wiggums
15pMom inheriting variable annuity within IRA from Dad08/10 ldebhaar07:45 ldebhaar
0pHelp with Fidelity quote using ImportXML in Google Sheets07:39 bluebolt 
14hnewish investor driving myself crazy picking a bond fund...08/19 cone77441307:33 linuxizer
23cUp State New York speeding ticket for a non-New York resident.08/06 mmcmonster07:27 Gill
38cPharmacist to Data Analyst Role08/15 RJC07:13 RJC
72tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest07:07 longinvest
126tUnderstanding using treasury futures for leverage to implement risk parity02/21 DonIce06:57 EfficientInvest
26nPortfolio assessment [UK]08/18 becky4706:30 minimalistmarc
8hNot good options for bonds on 401k. Where to put them?08/18 SavingsMug06:04 retiredjg
15nBroker similar to IBKR08/19 bubbasour05:48 glorat
222tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob04:40 Forester
23nBroker Diversification08/08 Curny03:00 glorat
15hP2P lending as a part of port folio08/19 Jimsad02:57 minimalistmarc
20pHow are you finding "no cost" refis?08/17 Texanbybirth01:31 Northern Flicke
0n[Wiki] NEW explanatory page on Complex Portfolios for non-US investors00:46 DJN 

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