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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1564 new posts and replies over 202 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
2hFidelity Account hacked, all stolen funds not replaced15:15 IsabellaH55515:22 livesoft
0hTreasury bill / note ladder: TreasuryDirect of Fidelity Auto-roll15:21 ThisJustIn 
6tA couple of T-Bills Questions17:13 Doc715:21 MikeG62
15tIndex fund companies using ESG to vote for shareholders in its index funds?10:16 AnonLady15:21 LadyGeek
11tAsk Avantis: Investing in Bonds Amidst High Inflation09/18 JonL15:20 JonL
81tVanguard: "more expensive not to get financial advice"09/21 starboi15:20 michaelingp
71tAt this HIGH LEVEL of interest rate, home prices must come down!21:24 kumjan15:20 finite_differen
49pDental insurance worth it?07/29 nerdybynauture15:19 MathWizard
45cNAS (Network Attached Storage) Questions05/04 Valdeselad15:18 crefwatch
493tWhy don't you factor tilt?09/16 Cannibly15:18 Random Walker
3hDividend Reinvestment in Vanguard Roth IRA21:06 splat78915:18 livesoft
1514tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading15:17 skierincolorado
2pIRS IRA Rollover Rule Question14:15 Fremdon Ferndoc15:16 retiredjg
393pThe primary factor for picking a College/University is out of pocket cost2021 nigel_ht15:14 TomatoTomahto
31hManaging my mom's account09/22 LadyGeek15:14 LadyGeek
30hWhere to invest $100k today?09/22 CAPRI15:13 CAPRI
13pLooking for advice on home purchase15:23 DLAKE15:11 MarkerFM
1hBuy-and-holder: What to do in case I have to sell15:07 ThisJustIn15:10 Hyperchicken
53pMortgage @5% : extra payments towards the principal?09/21 aquaman015:09 Minderbinder
1015tWhat is your age and asset allocation ?2020 poppa2315:07 Wanderingwheelz
204pMarcus High-Yield Savings Account rate increases04/22 Marseille0715:06 EricaInvestPink
30pDoes IRA to ROTH Still Make Sense AND How Much to Convert09/22 patrickscott15:05 retiredjg
4pPotential Relocation Nashville Area - Locals Input Helpful !!10:28 mholdi154015:05 beyou
5817pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy15:04 boston10
3342cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger15:03 JAZZISCOOL
8cMattress delivered rolled up in a box - how long can I keep it in there?15:43 DarkHelmetII15:02 cheese_breath
10hBackdoor Roth questions09/23 magima15:01 retiredjg
3hTransfer In-Kind Question12:27 LMK515:00 ResearchMed
20hRoth Conversion and Brokerage Change...optimal order of operations?09/23 HikerJ0y5015:00 HikerJ0y50
10cInstant water boiler (for tea and such)12:33 Kristopher14:58 cchrissyy
0pTransition from Fidelity Corporate 401K to Alternative14:55 R2 
9hCd rates 3 percent for 1 yr22:21 goldfinger2214:55 Kevin M
164hVXUS vs VTI -- why invest in VXUS?09/21 pappupager14:53 goodenyou
32pNew Credit Card - Travel or Cash Back?02/21 Itogliano14:51 MJS
12tSubmit ?s for Annie Duke: Thinking in Bets17:20 JonL14:51 Robot Monster
28cViking Ocean Cruise to Alaska?07/20 cognovimus14:49 spectec
16pHow to do Partial Roth conversion at Vanguard?09/19 TheTimeLord14:43 retiredjg
4hHelp with RMD please12:03 retiredjg14:39 retiredjg
35cDo Not Resuscitate Order - how to ensure that it is valid and will be honored both in and out of a medical facility?18:40 Fremdon Ferndoc14:36 Fremdon Ferndoc
11tTurn This Bear Market "Lemon" Into "Lemonade".13:25 Taylor Larimore14:27 abuss368
4hCashing in Series EE savings bonds12:15 tc10114:27 Mel Lindauer
11hHow long before I can take withdrawals from my Vanguard rollover IRA?12:45 Fremdon Ferndoc14:22 Geologist
950tNew fee for Vanguard mutual accounts08/08 Iorek14:22 sajohnson
10pSense check: refinance house08:46 PolarBearMarket14:19 Goal33
6cHere's how to remove your Personal Information from Google Search13:34 VeryBlessedCali14:18 VeryBlessedCali
17hOne Year Treasury Bill09/23 fi_no_retire14:17 jackholloway
4240c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir14:12 abuss368
949hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky14:08 GaryA505
30pTake social security early in down market and invest?09/20 climbingFool14:02 smitcat
5p401k and employer change mid-year09/15 Yarlonkol1213:59 Yarlonkol12
198tArk Funds2020 Stanczyk13:58 afan
82pWell paying non-desk based career fields09/21 jumbopapa13:58 smitcat
5tMy favorite online SWR calculators01/27 southernlucky13:58 Carbonate24
113t[60 year old - anxiety over market downturn]09/22 doc254713:56 afan
40hHelp my mom- Inheriting $500k+09/22 jt1313:53 Stinky
87c[Retired couple] Thinking about moving to Madison, WI or Minneapolis, MN08/08 Hebell13:53 Hebell
33hRebalancing tips if my AA goes beyond my 5% band in a bull market09/20 Aguilar13:52 DIYtrixie
132pDownsizing life: Family of 4 moving into tiny house05/30 TinyHouse13:52 sailaway
4hTLH and deduction limit09/23 Tommy13:52 Wiggums
878cLet's play chess2021 LadyGeek13:48 LadyGeek
2993pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon13:47 careerdata
21hWhat duration of treasuries for "Cash" needs?09/23 asdfqwerty13:47 goodenyou
57cThose pesky rodents09/23 gavinsiu13:44 livesoft
27hOutlook for VTAPX-Short Term TIPS fund07:31 Chip Shot13:44 elpollo
15hTaleb inspired portfolio07:42 freelanceeer19713:42 SteadyOne
63cClass A motorhomes - aerodynamics of a brick09/22 snackdog13:31 Starfish
29tHow start-date sensitive is factor-tilting?07:54 Phyneas13:28 stan1
13tSo... the best predictor of future bond returns?09/21 HomerJ13:25 HomerJ
0tSwitching 401(k) providers - lower ERs, any other red flags?13:25 Prov227 
6pCondo Special Assessment in a down market10:56 britcoal13:22 exodusNH
48cBuy new car or spend money on my existing one?08/25 SunRainSnow13:19 twh
3pMortgage underwriting with spouse as non occupant co-borrower12:02 fwpam13:19 ResearchMed
538tVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX [0.03%]2018 Bimmer13:19 Kevin M
10pUse sick leave or annual leave when sick, as federal employee?09/18 A Boglehead13:16 chalet
1pForm 5500EZ11:51 spth13:15 livesoft
21pCryptic letter from the IRS.09/20 protagonist13:09 protagonist
9cPlease help a non techie with FIOS installation09/23 swansong13:04 kerplunk
4298tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab13:00 tj
10hDBMF - Managed Futures Strategy ETF09/01 drzzzzz12:55 jolmscheid
17tIntra-day volatility. Why?01/28 ChinchillaWhipl12:52 Logan Roy
8tWhat are analysts that predicted 07/08 crisis saying today?09:56 ElmoHongZito12:51 Tdubs
15t"4 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Retirement Portfolio"09/22 Taylor Larimore12:48 abuss368
1044cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!2020 Independent Geo12:48 Independent Geo
16cHow do you find (original) art to hang on your walls?07:29 Bob Sacamano12:46 jpelder
24tTIPS for Dummies09/04 Kookaburra12:40 Kevin M
39cCancelling a non-refundable hotel room?09/23 psteinx12:35 woody245
13nTreasury IBonds for non-resident US-citizens09/22 occambogle12:19 kramer
13106tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE12:19 Marseille07
534cVanguard website succumbs to "Fisher-Price" UI design01/27 HanSolo12:01 LMK5
24hSell EE bonds and buy 20yr treauries09/09 Pawpatrol11:59 Mel Lindauer
54cSpeaker Question for "semi" Home Theater09/18 tm311:43 Cicero123
0pLegacy Contact for iPhone11:41 SuzBanyan 
24hhelp with 401k options09/22 Soobs11:36 Soobs
154pOfficial HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) thread2020 JohnSmith12311:36 8foot7
15pTransferring large sum of money (and gifting question)09/23 jplee311:34 cchrissyy
337lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2022!2021 Miriam211:26 Barkingsparrow
10pVanguard minnimum for secondary market TIPS 100k09/23 Rob5TCP11:20 Rob5TCP
2cTravel Insurance Needs15:43 Barkingsparrow11:18 Barkingsparrow
2pQuestions about Roth Conversions and Taxes Owed09/23 LaurenRose11:18 retiredjg
1cUnable to add funds to child's Microsoft account10:29 newbie00311:17 gavinsiu
342pAnyone have any luck with new TSP login?06/01 gopackers11:15 delamer
11pMedicare while still employed09/22 Barkingsparrow11:12 Barkingsparrow
24pEmployees want 401k how can I start?09/18 newyorker11:09 ThePensiveInves
305pAlly Online Savings Rate Increase05/10 BogleMelon11:09 slowandsteadywi
7pRetirement income- Better taken from a Traditional IRA or a Trust?09/20 jdamo11:06 jdamo
49hNot sure if I should rebalance? Nearing retirement01/29 catchinup11:05 vineviz
33cAt what point do you replace your HVAC system?09/22 CobraKai11:03 Tubes
3405pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium10:58 Carousel
11hLeftovers from the Pre-Boglehead days21:08 Kanto10:58 retiredjg
40pAlly Bank concerns??? Bankruptcy???17:44 Sunflowerlover10:58 CardinalRule
6ca more leisurely travel experience17:49 Moose197210:57 Grasshopper
1798tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest10:44 Marseille07
547tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest10:38 LadyGeek
20tGuessing CD and Treasury rates going forward09/21 hoops77710:37 JackoC
12tSmall cap vs large cap09/23 boognish10:35 BitTooAggressiv
2hTSP/401K traditional and roth09:07 Stoic910:34 Fishing50
1pDoes Vermont allow capital loss carryovers to subsequent years?09:20 Tourne10:32 EdNorton
99l[New] metro Denver Bogleheads Local Chapter Coordinator]2017 BsmartSM10:27 M22RPCV
13hAre VCIT and SCHI substantially identical?09/23 urban10:23 dbr
23pWhat bloodwork should be covered as part of the free annual physical?09/23 fortfun10:22 ekid
92tForeign stocks are cheaper09/16 Beliavsky10:20 JoMoney
10cDining Room Table Top Material Pros/Cons09/22 GmanJeff10:20 quantAndHold
25hPossible Inheritance. Diversify or wait?09/23 investit10:19 Afty
4nImpact of an ESG screen on expected returns09/23 id_afstand10:17 id_afstand
158hOK, I am calling the bottom of this market cycle09/03 ronno201810:16 BolderBoy
17cFlorence Italy Hotels09/23 cartman10:14 vineviz
111cBest place to get tires? (Disappointed with Costco Tire Center)12/11 Ztx10:10 Afty
6pBusiness Owners - banks and ACH limits or QuickBooks fees?08:57 MtnTravel10:04 Sandtrap
17hManaging a "windfall" after divorce09/22 mzvarner09:57 mzvarner
71cFavorite music from the 60s?09/13 tenkuky09:56 ruralavalon
30cPropane vs Gas New house purchase decision09/22 jgman09:51 Big Dog
3hRetirement Path09:05 amh31309:45 epoche
7pForeign Gift (real estate)09/23 TravelGeek09:36 retired@50
5tLast call for Bogleheads Conference tickets!09/21 Bogle Center09:33 Taylor Larimore
7tHow does the price of gold in USD and EUR depend on EUR/USD exchange rate?06:26 longvista09:27 JackoC
82pNeighbor's overhanging tree: who's responsibility?09/19 CtScrtDsse09:23 Sandtrap
12hVanguard Settlement fund18:50 Anovice09:12 Anovice
567tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion2019 longinvest08:57 longinvest
4t2 Year Treasury Notes - How To?08:38 bmelikia08:50 jebmke
0pHow to analyze new mortgage vs going into higher tax bracket for purchase08:50 MOBugeater 
25pSecurity check: Google Password Manager, 7-zip, Excel with password09/23 privateID08:18 privateID
9hBasics of US Treasury Bonds18:12 Novice202008:18 MikeG62
1pDebt vs HYSA rates07:47 Fizzlefazzle08:13 soxfan10
8hGuesstimating yields for tbill auctions17:53 mongstradamus08:11 MikeG62
114pRetired in a bear market09/20 Ana-Maria5708:02 JoeRetire
3cFidelity Debit Card - International Car Insurance01:01 Always passive07:33 Always passive
149lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite07:33 sleepysurf
7hSIL pension options - survivor benefit?22:19 gips07:26 JoeRetire
116cFavorite music from the 1980s?09/18 tenkuky07:02 AnnetteLouisan
13hInvestment Advice/Home purchase?08/20 andronikus06:46 cbs2002
600tVanguard Customer Service Mega-thread2021 PinotGris06:29 StevieG72
2nI dont really get Inflation Linked Bonds etc20:19 Chinabased05:36 HKexpat
24cFilm through airport security09/03 climber202005:35 Silk McCue
8cDaily contact lenses?09/23 MtnTravel05:09 Mustang8307
29hAre any asset classes up YTD?09/23 okie74504:45 Robert T
141tReally Bad Day - 09/13/202209/13 Fat-Tailed Cont03:50 Forester
3pTSP: ability to re-amortize loan removed with new website08/02 motorcyclesarec03:43 deserat
26nDCA vs. lump-sum, with a high-but-sliding transaction fees twist09/11 artymorty03:18 artymorty
0tPrivate equity: does anyone know these management companies suggested by a Robo-advisor using index funds?02:51 Lauretta 
7nExpatriation Tax Planning Strategies - Gifts to Spouse & 3-Year Rule11/10 AtticusFin02:50 JoMa
45h? Edward Jones cd09/15 goldfinger2201:55 Wiggums
35tInverted Yield Curve ?09/22 Fat-Tailed Cont00:37 Northern Flicke
27cFavorite Music From the 00s18:16 Nicolas00:33 Beensabu
43cFavorite music from the 90s?09/19 RobLyons23:01 treadonme
302cFavorite music from the 70s?08/27 OkieIndexer22:28 Nicolas
1697tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)05/24 Kevin M22:12 Chip Munk
0hHedging strategies21:14 Ebitdaking 
16h~500k for housing and where to put cash....09/21 MrMarket21:10 ebeb
2275cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman20:48 tooluser
9cMaserati Ghibli Q409/23 ChinchillaWhipl20:32 stoptothink
10hWhat happens to money invested for long term as short term approaches?09/23 beth2620:09 Lee_WSP
15hThoughts on Vanguard Global Wellington?2020 m@ver1ck20:09 abuss368
87cTX electricity rates06/09 stocknoob411120:04 TXWill
21tVanguard Brokerage purchase by check question09/21 water235720:01 water2357
5tShort term capital loss as it applies to mutual funds?17:13 Base Hit19:57 FactualFran
14tPeriodically checking balances.... What if? How?09/21 FinishLine19:48 Mike Scott
12pDoes it make sense for me to buy a house in NYC?09/21 Wax396819:33 Wax3968
9cLand line?16:33 InTheMidwest19:13 Watty
1tWhen Bad Things Happen to Good Stocks - By Jason Zweig16:16 Rowan Oak18:58 asset_chaos
9pTrust or estate attorney09/23 holawhatup118:26 FreddieFIRE
13cIdea for protecting important documents/valuables09/22 investor65618:21 MJS
3hTalk to me like I’m clueless18:01 ryanbohle18:12 arcticpineapple
0pRefinancing a 2nd mortgage into a HELOC possible?18:10 ma21n2 
31tTransferring Assets to Schwab or Fidelity09/11 hotajax17:51 nalor511
17hShort term cash Fidelity vs Vanguard vs Marcus vs Capital one09/22 gavinsiu17:39 FellsGuy
4pSalary Negotiation at State Universities17:05 PNWpilot17:32 adamthesmythe
3cTips for Extremely Infrequent Seller on eBay16:52 DTalos17:31 runner3081
1hBackdoor Roth IRA Conversion16:57 MrStuffy17:22 mhalley
2hCan the Treasury sell out of 3month, 6 month bills?16:53 forwhatiknow17:20 forwhatiknow
10hExchanging 401K funds from TDF to BlackRock09/23 johnpau17:16 dcabler
0t'Bogleheads® Live' #21 podcast is out: Ron Lieber, The Price You Pay for College17:12 JonL 
17psocial security question09/19 LadyIJ17:00 oldcomputerguy
19pInput on Family Mortgage09/21 NewMoneyMustBeS16:52 Lee_WSP
6tVanguard used wrong settlement date for T-Bill09/23 msimon16:51 msimon
1pFBAR & FATCA reporting requirements of power of attorney foreign real estate properties09/23 bestisfree16:44 cholan
12punplanned retirement09/22 epilnk16:40 epilnk
2pBudgeting app for iPhone that works with Fidelity's Two factor auth?09/23 SilverGirl16:31 Kewpie
3h401 money15:57 ddiaz39616:24 arcticpineapple
1907tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado16:21 LTCM
5pDoes your Fidelity account end with a "b" in the ssn?09/23 gavinsiu16:09 oldcomputerguy
63p[Locked out of Fidelity account]09/08 GettingComforta16:03 Silk McCue
12hNew Legislation Affecting Inherited IRAs and RMDs09/22 MrMojoRisin15:54 MrMojoRisin

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