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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1376 new posts and replies over 195 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
1194tIt's not enough to mumble "Stay the Course"... INT'L Investing has been a disaster!08/14 HuckFinn16:57 vitaflo
5tIs there a case for Active in fixed income?00:32 hdas16:55 Dandy
5pRoth contribution limits for married filing separately13:41 RustyShacklefor16:55 RustyShacklefor
9tCard/Account churning to prevent investment tinkering?00:44 MotoTrojan16:55 MotoTrojan
11cWhat to do with >$1000 in Amazon credits?10:45 cookymonster16:54 madpunster
3t50 Stocks Enough to Diversify Idiosyncratic Risk?15:39 Park16:54 Ron Scott
15p2 rental car reservations?10:52 JeanMich16:52 Nissanzx1
48cWhen do you need a hearing aid09/25 Rob5TCP16:50 brandy
0hHow to tax loss harvest ETF lots with fractional shares?16:47 am 
5hTime To Reinvest or Time to Hold Cash14:03 dje4msu16:47 Dandy
29pCo-pay accumulators in new health plans10/19 madbrain16:46 Turbo29
0pUSAA homeowner's insurance question16:46 aaflygirl 
6hTLH help requested w/ Munis and International14:09 vieques16:46 grabiner
34hQuestion Regarding Five Year Rule for Roth IRA Withdrawals (Alan S. Please Help!)10/17 NeedSomeAdvice16:44 retiredjg
47p8 reasons why pensions are [good]09:20 calmaniac16:44 bhsince87
637pHow much money do you want to retire?2017 benign_user16:43 BanquetBeer
8hLong Term Bonds for Young Retirement Investors08:52 K2L16:43 megabad
28cWhy are Carbon Offset Credits so cheap?10/20 Cycle16:41 MindBogler
5hDividend Growth Funds11:34 milosz1916:41 Elysium
48t"Retirement age uncertainty increases the savings needed for success"10/07 AlohaJoe16:37 Ron Scott
17pAlly 1% bonus and cashing out muni fund21:53 am16:36 indexfundfan
50cWhy Purchase an Automobile using Premium Gasoline?12:28 Nowizard16:36 vitaflo
21h“The Worst Kind of Bear Market”10/20 ribonucleic16:35 aspirit
16pStealing ID using only name and SSN06:23 Carno16:34 MindBogler
21tPhysicianOnFire blog: "Tax Loss Harvesting with Vanguard: A Step by Step Guide"10/20 Taylor Larimore16:32 JustinR
138cPull kids from school for vacations?10/20 ThankYouJack16:31 gvsucavie03
22hLate Start Retirement Investing -- Fund Advice10/20 Catarino16:29 Catarino
25tSet it and forget it10/19 Rick Ferri16:29 GoldenFinch
42cnoisy generator10/19 mouses16:28 Ron
6pInvesting via LLC or S Corp - is there a self employment tax?12:30 dimbmw16:26 zrail
21pFinal Decision - Housing10/18 MindTheGAAP16:25 MindTheGAAP
4hTransition old gifted stock shares to diversified portfolio while decreasing tax hit06:48 dalbright16:24 sport
13hMunicipal Money Market Fund17:41 Jimsad16:20 Jimsad
587cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater16:16 daren12
42tAre bonds the Maginot Line of Modern Investing?10/19 betablocker16:16 GRP
22tThoughts on 5 year TIPS bonds?10/19 BlueEars16:13 BlueEars
119tBarron's Making the Case for Gold09/30 hdas16:13 permport
36hMy Edward Jones IRA is out performing my Vanguard 401K10/20 CashedOut16:11 suemarkp
52pGive 1 Week Notice: Can Employer Retaliate by Not Paying Vacation?10/19 tjhar16:11 MathIsMyWayr
4hRoth IRA Contribrution - am I stuck?08:30 Iowa David16:10 Duckie
19pCredit card claim for rental car collision?10/20 JeanMich16:09 Leesbro63
3hQuestion on reallocating stocks to bonds12:59 Closer232316:09 grabiner
9cShort trip to Orlando with my parents and children23:05 beserker16:08 smitcat
101tVanguard website problems [Transactions won't go through, 500 error...]10/10 Dak5216:08 grok87
14hAvoiding excess HSA contributions.23:23 EdLaFave16:08 MrBeaver
205t"Safe" Withdrawal Rate for Early Retirees (or any retiree)10/08 Rowan Oak16:06 smitcat
144pWhere would you go for financial guidance if you win the Megamillions?10/17 CULater16:04 KlangFool
4hRollover IRA Questions09:37 bck6316:03 bck63
44tHow do you trade ETFs exactly like mutual funds?10/19 b0B16:03 b0B
6hVanguard Money Market Fund Question09:33 jeam313116:02 jeam3131
14pProblem opening testamentary trust account at Ally10:47 cruisefan16:01 cruisefan
16cNo power in half the house05:41 unclescrooge15:59 mrc
6hShould I TLH/reallocate and take advantage of current market?10/20 SerenityBlue15:58 SerenityBlue
12hRobo or Self managed?17:08 vss15:55 wootwoot
12hMutual funds or ETFs in taxable accounts?10/19 flyingaway15:54 grabiner
4hInvesting a $1.5m windfall [Great Britain]10/20 rivarama15:48 rivarama
8tUS Large Cap Value - valuation?11:29 ge115:45 ge1
23pFirst RMD is due last day of year08:01 praxis15:45 ResearchMed
1hIRA cross over and custodian accounts23:05 Beaumyster15:42 krow36
4cHow to open a sealed up fireplace?14:26 knightrider15:41 123
3hBackdoor Roth IRA for someone who maxes his 401K22:08 BobaTeaGood15:38 suemarkp
2pQuestion about 2018 tax scenario--Roth conversion and capital gain in 201814:33 beautifulsong15:37 kaneohe
20hFidelity or Vanguard [Portfolio help requested]10/08 40Love15:33 LadyGeek
9pHiring a Contract Worker2017 andyandyandy15:28 LadyGeek
4cHelp with reattaching a wooden door knob12:19 hmw15:27 wageoghe
252pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover15:15 Tamales
21p[Starter Home] Sell it or Rent it out?10/20 pepperz15:09 CedarWaxWing
7h401K Fund Selection Advice Needed: New job, poor choices10/19 PurpleLotus15:07 ExitStageLeft
22tStrengths/Weaknesses of Market Cap and Value Strategies05/26 Park15:05 Park
4hBond Funds High Tax Rate10/18 MiamiHeat15:02 Dale_G
6h401 K Advice11:36 lookingforFIRE15:01 lookingforFIRE
12hRoth 403b Roth IRA questions10/02 dknightd14:57 dknightd
27pPut more than 20% down on a house?10/20 gadoc14:56 sergeant
53cTV recommendation for my father10/11 fsrph14:47 TN_Boy
8cGlobus Journeys - tour group09:43 drzzzzz14:44 potto0213
5hAssistance with adjusting portfolio for a US/UK citizen moving to the UK10/19 gweb14:44 TedSwippet
22tProtecting large sums of cash.10/20 airahcaz14:37 whodidntante
113tRich, Broke or Dead: Visualizing probabilities of outcomes in early retirement09/28 EnjoyIt14:37 visualguy
7hroth conversion and other income tax question22:02 mathguy302114:33 Earl Lemongrab
9hBerkshire A Paper stock certificate12:14 Lafder14:27 Lafder
6pBear Market: Invest in Taxable, Bull Market: Pay Down Mortgage?08:15 motorcyclesarec14:24 motorcyclesarec
21hDo Any Annuities Offer a "Free Lunch"?10/20 joer121214:23 Earl Lemongrab
3hWife Left Job - What Do I do with 403(b), 457(b), and Pension Contributions?11:45 Messner800014:23 fulltilt
8h401K and general asset allocation advice10/20 jtav14:18 ruralavalon
6pBuying an apartment in China12:21 Makane14:17 wabbajack
12pYield curve impact on mortgages17:21 28fe614:12 unclescrooge
14pHelp with Health Insurance for 2019 [PPO vs. HSA]10/19 ForeverInvestor14:06 ForeverInvestor
2hTax Loss Harvesting - VTSMX => VFIAX + VEXAX in 4:1 ratio?13:26 m@ver1ck13:51 stan1
33cSelling to CarMax if maintenance light is on?10/19 Messner800013:33 earthlingsoft
470t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M13:29 Happy2BeFree
2hMuni money market and national funds and taxes- basic question12:23 am13:29 am
0cCruise America RV rental experience?13:17 JeanMich 
86tTotal Bond Market Fund - interest rates rising!10/19 HomerJ13:16 vineviz
2tQuestion about the book Bogleheads' Guide to Investing10/20 frotec13:06 Mel Lindauer
4pExperian credit freeze07:51 student12:58 student
5tAvoiding Wash Sale: FSTVX -> ITOT10/19 dbk12:52 Earl Lemongrab
1pBest Large Deposit Banking Sign-up Deals with High Interest Rate12:46 AlphaLess12:50 drk
175tVanguard has switched to brokerage only accounts2017 goshenBogle12:33 Doc
107pDepositing Cash if it was gifted?10/18 LITeacher12:30 dm200
16hQuestions on CDs - FDIC08/22 munemaker12:23 dm200
5pConsumer Price Index and medication etc. Why TIPS?20:59 typical.investo12:17 Phineas J. Whoo
40tDFA small value... acitve management?10/20 privatefarmer12:14 packer16
20tBOGLEHEADS 2018 VIDEOS10/07 VELO724X12:12 Mel Lindauer
4pHealth care prices in Wisconsin10/20 ram12:07 ram
245cHigh End Wrist Watches (Gone Crazy)2016 corn1812:07 Turbo29
20pKitces link: The Spectrum of Financial Dependence and Independence04:58 AtlasShrugged?12:06 RatherBeSailing
43pShould we downgrade our house?10/18 fortysixandtwo12:06 Valuethinker
9hManagement fees10/07 cbarbogle12:05 cbarbogle
5pRatherBeSailing's Law of Home Maintenance Expenses11:21 RatherBeSailing12:04 willthrill81
100hCustomer Service with Vanguard03/31 LilyFleur12:03 fufgirl
18pUsing Mint: Am I correct in having my security concerns allayed?09/03 Counterpoint12:00 inbox788
57cCredit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?03/13 lazylarry12:00 need403bhelp
10pHELOC AS Emergency Fund08:02 drdrgolf11:56 willthrill81
3pSocial Security Amount in .gov portal incorporates future inflation when retirement 27 years away?10:31 crazygrow11:50 crazygrow
19pCan you include this in a will?10/18 PoppyA11:50 bsteiner
2pNew Home Buying Docs11:23 thefoggycity11:50 8foot7
16pWaiving contingencies for co-op purchase?10/19 Citygal11:49 windrose
8hWhat ETF to keep in a Merrill Edge account for Platinum Honors10/11 AHumanInterest11:49 drk
1c2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid11:12 tampaite11:48 cville
28pCA property tax > $10K, any options to deduct all?10/16 a010z11:42 mrspock
0tYet another “Medallion Sig Required” Question (In-kind Transfer)11:41 80125 
24pThank you from a widow09/21 Mintee11:24 shell921
1hItalian Expat - help with taxation10:00 8stef711:23 DJN
10hConstructing a 100% equity diversified Factor portfolio10/19 Daedalu511:14 ruralavalon
3hVTIVX for both 401k & Roth IRA? [Vanguard Target Retirement 2045]10/20 roscoe6711:09 ExitStageLeft
6t'Qualified Opportunity Zones' - are they worthwhile?04/15 bgoodwin092211:00 grabiner
15cBeer - Strong German Style Lagers18:26 Atilla10:57 danielrhall
4hAsset allocation/investment (40ish Fed employee)10/20 lighthouse197210:49 ExitStageLeft
250pWhy pay cash for a car?11/12 RDHlooking4FIRE10:44 willthrill81
102pLong-term Care Insurance10/14 willyd12310:44 smitcat
16pWife Roth IRA10/20 BobaTeaGood10:35 indexonlyplease
2hRebalance 401(k) and Roth22:59 veritas et virt10:32 grabiner
31tMalkiel no longer endorses blind-folded monkeys, likes smart beta10/18 tadamsmar10:23 tadamsmar
1266tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab10:15 Agamede
17cHeadlamp for dog walking22:20 charley10:07 capitalG
3tPOV on Vanguard's Global Wellington Fund Admiral Shares (VGWAX)10/20 timmy10:07 jeffyscott
128tHelp me understand dividends2016 rbaldini10:04 FoolMeOnce
6hBest Investments for an HSA account using TD Ameritrade10/20 beattheodds09:53 grabiner
4pEarly retirement and use of ACA HDHP/HSA?20:39 egghead09:48 curmudgeon
6hWeighing mid-career break and pension decision09/18 AmericaninParis09:36 AmericaninParis
1hThoughts on moving law practice?10/20 Odysseus09:34 GmanJeff
10h529 Question - reversing a superfund in the same calendar year?10/20 grkmec09:27 RickBoglehead
198tAllan Roth doesn't like single premium annuities10/05 CULater09:06 longinvest
29pAAA Insurance is increasing my home insurance premium by 47.8%!!! with no claims filed10/20 xerxes10109:04 shell921
79lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite08:55 tampaite
15hAm I doing it right?17:03 tin36908:39 HEDGEFUNDIE
31pTravelers Checks10/20 sport08:19 Doom&Gloom
12cRecently made a separate account used for spending on fun, entertainment, and things I wouldn’t normally buy02:30 GrayS2608:13 midareff
10tFidelity and Blackrock employees sue over 401k plans10/20 inbox78808:07 student
27tToo Much APPL Stock10/17 Duffydog108:05 BL
7hTaxable Account investing help - portfolio included10/20 AMRose07:58 goingup
3hNew retirement investor seeking advice...20:44 Portfolio4307:52 Dandy
4pis it better to switch houses in a market downturn?22:25 stranger19807:50 Ron Scott
30hFinally ready to start investing in RothIRA (23yrs old)10/16 ynotyese.707:09 BL
6hNeed to simplify portfolio10/20 bnspired05:36 bnspired
23t20 yr review of Mel's Unloved Midcaps2015 Robert T04:40 ignition
36pHas anyone taken out an online mortgage?08/07 CULater03:17 4nursebee
138cShould we move to San Diego from east coast?10/14 tin36903:06 ssquared87
3tHow to take advantage of student loan 401(k) rules10/20 Tabulator02:27 texasdiver
4hHelp! Detailed Asset Allocation Excel Calculator??10/20 Sophia188400:32 krow36
52cCross-country trip via Amtrak10/17 catdude00:30 rockonhumblepie
18hInvesting During Retirement10/16 Helpmebogle23:34 celia
131pShould I keep my financial advisor09/05 tommy8523:32 dwyatt49
3hGetting rid of legacy annuity?10/20 siamond23:17 Dale_G
72tDo Advisers Add $$$ Value?06/30 Rick Ferri23:14 dwyatt49
56cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude22:03 Toons
3761cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:53 jginseattle
13pReceived strange letter from IRS17:44 Hayden21:32 unclescrooge
39cLost Power for 24 hours - what food to toss?10/12 ThankYouJack21:01 willthrill81
5cChase Sapphire Reserve -points for family ?10/20 andyandyandy20:59 andyandyandy
11hself-directed solo 401 k using Vanguard pooled account, etc.06/01 sophiainvests20:59 Rayfinder
59cDIY Home Security: SimpliSafe vs Ooma vs Nest vs Ring vs Other?09/20 Saving$20:49 seawolf21
33hCritique my High-Risk Factor Portfolio09/15 Wataru20:39 Wataru
10hRetirement options?10/16 The-Stig20:34 FiveK
4hNew early retiree, looking to start this off correctly10/20 tntopspin20:31 btenny
44cLufthansa Premium Economy2017 frugalecon20:26 02nz
24hFiduciary using funds with a front load?10/18 GutCheck20:24 AlphaLess
33tThe End of Indexing?10/19 AgentOrange19:46 venkman
51hWhat if your risk tolerance is lower than what's best for your portfolio?10/18 Happy2BeFree19:43 Happy2BeFree
1cAnyone else frequent Solidworks?18:21 Keepcalm19:41 Shadetreeinproc
39cTesla Model 3 Owners: Your experience so far09/05 InvestoGuy19:37 PinZabu
4hVTINX - VG target Retirement Income fund question10/20 mnmac119:23 mnmac1
42tBuying VWIUX Today [Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Muni Bond]09/20 Oak&Elm19:22 ps56k
14hIs my IRA underperforming?10/18 MakingBacon18:40 ExitStageLeft
93pWhat do you consider 'enough'?10/16 intangiblemoney18:25 AerialWombat
19cFairmark Forum (Tax Forum)10/19 Goodman6018:16 tomd37
5hDeferred compensation purchases: No effect on TLH?10/20 TierArtz18:14 TierArtz
4tIs it "naive" to just use Boglehead philosophies with extremely large amounts of money?17:55 ginmqi18:08 LadyGeek
38lmetro Denver Bogleheads?2017 BsmartSM17:59 BolderBoy
94tSharonview FCU 64 month CD - 4%03/02 EvelynTroy17:41 nalor511
6hBackdoor Roth Completed, but ???10/20 bruingent17:30 retiredjg
107lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam217:28 Miriam2
12lMinnesota BH Fall Main Meeting 10/27/1809/10 Fallible17:25 Peter Foley
12hLearning about all this financial stuff10/19 Widdy34pa17:09 arcticpineapple
16hPlease help me simplify my Portfolio07/21 bbwolf17:09 retiredjg

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