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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1953 new posts and replies over 225 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
8nBooks for UK investor09/14 Joshalf199704:20 Joshalf1997
18hTransferring IRAs from American Funds to Vanguard2017 bip210104:20 Brianmcg321
2tRisk of creating bond ladder with few longer term maturity bonds vs typical ladder.11:36 Hector04:20 Uncorrelated
8tStock Market Recent Sell Off Mystery01:21 boogiehead04:15 Sheepdog
18ccancellation fee [event reservation]07/01 Goro04:14 Goro
55cAnyone REGRET retiring too soon?2018 Cleverusername04:03 snowox
3lHampton Roads Chapter08/29 My2Cents03:55 Googliebear
234cWhat is the single best piece of exercise equipment you bought for your home?06/24 tvubpwcisla03:54 Spgold
93pBasic eBay Questions - New to eBay07/09 lhwerdyt*1791c03:50 boomer_techie
19pHow does brand new credit card get compromised?09/22 fast_and_curiou03:43 whodidntante
33cPay Realtor Per Showing07:09 spm30103:34 boglerdude
26cPossible Relocation to Columbus, OH Area09/20 blackwhisker03:32 dwc13
75cA simpler car.09:55 SmallCityDave03:31 Valuethinker
38hLong Suffering VXUS Holder No More19:56 cowdogman03:30 lostdog
5nEU ST Bonds vs US ST Treasuries hedged to EUR05:27 rerombo03:23 Valuethinker
18tA Good Technology Fund or EFT?19:43 abuss36803:19 Valuethinker
3tGold price gap between London and NY+Toronto: why?19:17 steve32103:18 Valuethinker
2tVanguard Global Credit Fund VGCIX - What's the catch?23:26 crystalbank03:16 Valuethinker
24hHigh Dividend for diversification09/22 anaelmasri03:16 000
79tHow I became a 28-year-old millionaire, featuring Taylor Larimore09:31 millennialmilli03:13 rockstar
6tDividends and the 3.8% NII Tax23:00 Kookaburra02:53 MathIsMyWayr
0hCommunity property with right of survivorship02:27 Goro 
379pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1502:24 Tachyon
2h401k rollover to Vanguard15:15 Virginia10602:23 000
2hmultiple buy/sell entries in my Fidelity IRA14:59 JoeyJoeJoe02:21 000
4pDependent care expenses - we're going to lose a ton because of Covid01:30 interwebopinion02:03 000
17hPortfolio Help: Struggling to Pick Emerging Markets and or International13:50 nzahir01:58 nzahir
6889pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1101:55 BrandonBogle
11pDoes it make sense to deliberately underpay the IRS due to low interest rates?17:53 bornloopy01:47 neverpanic
3hGrowthy Investment Portfolio22:57 Htown1801:46 000
18tIncrease in Margin Reqs - IB09/22 perfectuncertai01:43 RayKeynes
31pShould I go for online Will making software?05/16 gurusw01:37 palanzo
26cEmail Management Tips09/22 Horton01:11 15202guy
2hPortfolio Review - questions20:24 invierno12101:00 mega317
34tA mean variance framework for portfolio optimization08/08 Uncorrelated00:49 chillpenguin
4hPay more on 2.49% car loan or invest in taxable?00:24 Boglelicious12300:47 mega317
44hHow Many Brokerage Companies Are Too Many?09/23 GetSmarter00:42 anoop
22cPlanned power outage - any 'must-do's' or 'don'ts'?18:19 doctorfaust00:35 mega317
85tNever Ever Rebalance Bonds into Stocks?09/22 Leesbro6300:21 Bridgebumbob
22pHow to discuss with HR that I live in multiple places...09/21 MikeZ00:20 DesertDiva
195pPhysicians: Should I leave my job?09/22 S4C500:11 Bloomie25
134cPC Build Thread 202009/02 Independent Geo00:08 dwc13
45hAsset Allocation at age 6109/10 GetSmarter00:01 GetSmarter
44pWhat happens if your income comes in below the minimum for the ACA?09/22 7out00:00 beyou
21pFAFSA Simplified Needs Test now that forms 1040A and 1040EZ are gone2018 teen persuasion23:59 grabiner
3pCan I deduct a loss if I cash in a variable annuity?21:31 Nearly A Moose23:59 kaneohe
7pSeverance and Unemployment09/22 HeleneL223:56 Bloomie25
21pShould we pay our 2.75% interest mortgage sooner?09/22 joelly23:53 EnjoyIt
654pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly23:53 VCC
20215tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill23:51 langlands
157pPaying off sub 4% mortgage interest rate early09/11 Frugalbear23:44 EnjoyIt
29hFidelity Zero funds vs Vanguard performance09/21 Brucie23:40 Eric
15tWhat did your accounts look like in your 30's?21:09 Frugalbear23:36 bo105954027
62cYour recent experience of visiting a dentist09/21 sabhen23:35 BogleFan510
13pRetired physicians (but others ok too. ;))10:56 is50xenough23:35 rsgdmd
9hDividend Stocks: Sell now or wait until I formulate my investment plan?12:10 GetSmarter23:33 GetSmarter
2122c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir23:26 jjunk
23pCredit score mystery09/22 softmax23:22 softmax
5hPortfolio Review07/09 BarbBrooklyn23:14 retire2022
19pRoth Conversion - Advice needed08/25 Meme23:13 celia
10pAre employees entitled to a copy of their retirement plan documents?09/22 StrebLab23:11 BestCoast123
8hRoth conversions in this narket16:58 BarbBrooklyn23:07 Peter Foley
20cSell or donate Volvo? (Worth 14k ish)09/21 sksavers322:46 sksavers3
1179pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan22:32 TropikThunder
916cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger22:24 Nicolas
9cPODS or ABF/U-Pack or Similar?15:02 LuigiLikesPizza22:23 mrchen
106tIn which companies do you own a single share, or token amount, of stock?2019 tristessa7922:18 quantAndHold
47cbare-bones phone and cheapest prepaid plan for a kid09/12 BeerTooth22:17 random_walker_7
4pCan an underwriter cancel your life insurance?14:34 boglerocks22:14 Rex66
1cAnyone use the Blueberry Pediatrics subscription or something similar?20:43 notmyhand22:12 123
24pSet my heart on a Navy Federal Credit Union mortgage...anyway I could join?02/17 xerxes10122:10 tj
6380tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE22:02 rchmx1
19pAre you taking 2020 RMD anyhow?13:02 AAA21:56 cheese_breath
13tMorgan Stanley Physical Silver09/14 DTalos21:55 ohboy!
11cCapital One Venture credit card: Is this a good deal?17:39 Ykcor21:53 ohboy!
108cWhy buy medical insurance ?09/21 beyou21:52 random_walker_7
3tWhy IMMU; Immunomedics, Inc.' prices is not almost $88?10:44 Hector21:50 Raraculus
9tDoes an insurance company pay tax on the earnings of its float?19:42 Ben Mathew21:35 Stinky
5hCan I convert a 403b to a 457?19:43 matti21:27 krow36
13pWhich Other Insurance Companies To Get Quotes From?09/12 Mugen21:12 Mugen
58cWhat can I expect from new golf clubs09/20 dodgy5520:50 Bogle7
7tInternational Correlation with the US and Struggling to Pick EM/ International12:02 nzahir20:43 vineviz
1tAfter-Tax Return comparison of similar index funds/etf09/22 DaftInvestor20:40 David Jay
12pCost Basis problem transfer of assets from Vanguard to Schwab15:03 557880yvi20:39 557880yvi
3pWage Tax - New York City and Philadelphia17:19 happysteward20:26 corp_sharecropp
7sFuture Move to Spain: Looking for opinions on approach07/14 globetrottin20:24 ChrisGer
5pBusiness Structure for revenue generating hobbies18:05 Kimota20:23 AnEngineer
12prental property depreciate ?09/21 bog00720:23 phxjcc
192cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?2017 Dead Man Walkin20:23 Jim Profit
17hVanguard Roth Performance09/15 summerof4220:22 MotoTrojan
21tWhat bonds should I look at for the next 15 year period?09/21 zetsui20:18 grabiner
16pDaughter getting job in the UK and tax/IRA implications07/22 artgerst20:10 artgerst
4hPA/Philadelphia/NY/NYC tax Q - states and city09/19 Domadosolo20:10 grabiner
1tUS Investor investing mostly in international19:06 mx020:09 Ferdinand2014
28hPortfolio help - Losing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist19:58 dratkinson
31cNew Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums (which is a must buy?)09/22 tenkuky19:58 Halicar
2789tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas19:57 000
26cCamping Lantern09/21 ThankYouJack19:52 iamlucky13
11hhaving a good year; what to do with the money?09/21 brian201319:52 BestCoast123
13tVanguard Account Upgrade and Dividend Reinvestment09/21 FIby4519:45 Monster99
4hnew physician looking for investment advice?18:59 Physician10119:40 helloeveryone
24pDental practice billing09/22 tenkuky19:36 toofache32
570tVanguard's Wellesley Income fund is incredible2017 willthrill8119:33 S_Track
46tLars Kroijer: If you are not in Total World (VT or VTWAX) you are market timing!09/19 invest2bfree19:33 Big Dog
24hThoughts on GNMA bond funds07/07 annu19:30 Buddy0329
9nSuddenly discovered Estate Tax09/22 domybit19:14 theresearcher
5pWells Fargo Relationship Pricing09/21 rpvsurfer19:12 KMB
927tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz19:11 Tingting1013
1pMortgage, retired11:02 is50xenough19:09 is50xenough
20nEuropeans - whats your net worth and age09/21 batman19:06 that_croatian_g
561tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee19:06 rchmx1
3hquestion about a wash sale18:54 sjhotwings19:05 livesoft
9hPortfolio review - more checking on asset allocation09/20 joetro2919:01 joetro29
15cNew 2020 Acura TLX?08:55 OldSport19:01 Tingting1013
45tGoodwill on a balance sheet = FALSELY categorized as value?2010 bizguy19:00 XacTactX
43pHDHP versus PPO09/21 BV327318:56 FiveK
12pConfused About Life Insurance Policy in My Name09/17 lilblu18:47 SuzBanyan
177lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei18:43 digarei
31hVXUS - Why? [Vanguard Total International Stock ETF]09/22 greek-yogurt18:42 Stick5vw
3t10 SMARTEST THINGS EVER SAID ABOUT INVESTING by JACK BOGLE" "12:47 Taylor Larimore18:39 Eagle33
63cTesla battery day.09/22 4nursebee18:25 iamlucky13
6pBreeze disability insurance?09/22 msi18:03 BruDude
20pUniversal Life Insurance Keep or Cash Out09/14 tj18:01 tj
165cJust Ordered Peloton Bike07/17 RJC17:26 mass_biker
31tI dont understand compound interest.09/22 SinghJapneet117:22 Stef
60ciMac - wait or buy now, if so which one?09/17 NYCaviator17:15 firedup
33p'Wealth Calculator' in Millionaire Next Door09/22 Keith4317:13 KlangFool
4hNo 401K at Work09/22 AndraCmpbl17:10 ruralavalon
11cFinancing Truck for Father, ? regarding Insurance13:14 sg206017:04 sg2060
29pQuestion about moving out of state and in-state tuition for my child in that new state09/20 Calico16:59 neverpanic
19pBad Finance to put 20% down on House09/22 Nissan35016:58 petulant
14hNeed direction_understanding MYGA(multi-year guaranteed annuity09/19 EvelynTroy16:55 indexfundfan
22hTLH question09/21 Mode3216:52 livesoft
2411tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab16:41 slinky$
87t[Professor Jeremy Siegel says 75/25 in retirement]02/08 Seasonal16:30 Wanderingwheelz
2hRetention Effort in Closing/Trasferring Brokerage Companies15:25 DTalos16:27 DTalos
5pCitibank Virtual Account Numbers (VAN) going away?10:26 samsoes16:18 student
236cIs Costco worth the $120 membership?09/19 sabhen16:14 investor4life
19hA Low-Cost Diversified Emergency Fund Strategy09/08 statefan0316:14 aristotelian
12cAdvice: Solar credit when home is sold09/22 interwebopinion16:12 interwebopinion
5htax diversification, desirable contributions moving forward09/22 slicendice16:10 FiveK
20hHalfway to retirement (41), financial goals set, how to improve our prospects for success?09/18 ChipShot16:06 ChipShot
8hBIG portfolio change: What should I do now that I'm, well, "home-free"?09/21 OkanePlease16:03 OkanePlease
19pBad time to build a new house?09/19 misterlucky15:57 nordsteve
7pCorrect Social Security benefit for widow?09/22 lhl1215:55 HueyLD
5hExamples of High Yielding Stocks that did not cut dividend14:44 Escapevelocity15:49 Escapevelocity
34hMYGA: State Insurance Coverage09/21 Van15:47 rich126
5cHow big is the used class B RV bubble?09/22 MikeZ15:43 surfstar
8hRoth IRA12:46 Pebbles55515:41 surfstar
11pMath question calculating RoR on paying mortgage points09:44 Kelly15:40 fyre4ce
79cSmoker next door08:45 Cookiegirl15:37 Flyer24
5pFidelity international wire transfers09/22 J29515:34 tfb
6pdonating effectively to avoid fees?14:38 lazylarry15:25 celia
55hWhy is this portfolio wrong?09/22 gf3026915:22 LadyGeek
6h403b rollover: Vanguard asking earnings & fees split by employer v employee contribution 😕11:27 legionnaire15:15 legionnaire
853pBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan15:08 tomd37
7pReal Estate Investing - First Timer09/21 bfinners2314:54 Tal-
24tBrokerages for Futures Trading in IRA?2019 jt414:43 EfficientInvest
61hThrowing In The Towel on Portfolio Management09/15 investor.saver114:28 inbox788
11pFor new roof, painting, new deck: cash-out refi, or cash-in investments?08/12 Bammerman14:19 MrJedi
6pCompany ST Disability Benefits Limits12:33 rich12614:01 Artful Dodger
16hNeed 529 advice09/21 guppyguy13:40 DaftInvestor
11cSimple (non-slip) case for iphone 11 pro max09/01 newbie00313:39 newbie003
7cPayPal payment pending09/22 surtu13:38 surtu
57hPAS moving from index funds to ETFs08/09 dm529613:31 Barry Barnitz
20nNew to investing (Chile)09/11 andyesm13:25 andyesm
4hTaking the plunge into personal investing - advice requested.12:09 GenXNinja13:24 ruralavalon
18hInteractive Brokers - 1% Lending04/01 Makaveli13:11 ma21n2
19tThe relentless rules of humble arithmetic09/20 Tejfyy13:10 Taylor Larimore
149hLosing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist13:01 mrtwstr
4hPortfolio Review Question(s)09/22 Maat1612:53 ruralavalon
172cIs this guy trying to scam me on a car I'm selling?09/15 atikovi12:49 LadyGeek
2tTax Loss Harvesting Help in Dollar Cost Averaging10:56 Opibus12:49 Opibus
10h403(b) vs 45709:55 bwn12:37 beernutz
19hOverfund a 529 or put some in an UTMA?09/22 Rlew12:37 Thought Is Free
14pBasic Solo 401k to get more $ into Roth09/15 Jablean12:17 Jablean
11hBetter late than never09/13 akom12:15 akom
22tBest Books for Complete Beginners09/20 MissOptimist12:14 Jeff Albertson
74cBike Recommendation09/13 keith601412:00 calmaniac
1hWhich Merrill Edge deposit account (preferred deposit or money market) should I choose?10:12 Elva11:53 NMBob
41tIs the execution of a trade more or less advantageous depending on the broker?09/21 steve32111:31 afan
8pHow to use family HSA09/23 Rocky7711:28 solargod007
4hWhat should I change or keep doing?09:02 bibbsrd11:20 tashnewbie
19h"emergency" fund earning .5%09/22 Indianrock11:14 BL
253cTesla Model Y2019 4nursebee11:09 Boglelicious123
33tSo, you want to tilt to growth09/17 pkcrafter11:09 Semantics
30pRetirement re-planning for 50+09/20 Rovermom11:04 heerekj1
34hIs intermediate treasuries good as fixed income in retirement ?09/21 LiveSimple11:04 palanzo
2hSelling $1.5m rental05:28 onobed10:51 BogleTaxPro
58pReason not to rent out your old house?09/18 justsomeguy201810:48 enclee
86pwhat is your side job and income?09/11 bo10595402710:43 BradJ
12hShould I Add Another Fund to My Roth IRA?09/22 TMO8610:39 ruralavalon
5tWhy the Large Difference in Index Funds?09/22 Slowtraveler10:32 cheezit
21hTrying to figure out my estimated taxes for 2020 is driving me insane!09/21 VartAndelay10:28 Dottie57
1pConflict with 2 Vision plans?10:08 ChessFan10:28 quantAndHold
71hPoor performing portfolio08/27 stocknoob411110:26 ruralavalon
3cHow to deal with underachieving child09:57 BoogieShoe10:19 prudent
3cMicrosoft One Drive Security09:45 Swansea10:15 runninginvestor
32pPersonal Finance App (if you start fresh)?09/22 acegolfer10:14 KlangFool
2pPreparing for Large Sum of Money - Where to Allocate09:02 socialforums20110:01 socialforums201
27pHome Listing Mess-Up09/21 Coltrane7509:57 kaudrey
48pDoctor disclosure and consent09/18 Seasonal09:46 Swansea
8pRetire at 66 , SS at 70 , Funding the Gap09/22 oembogle09:41 fyre4ce
22hUpdated: Personal Finance Advice for New PhD09/22 bwn09:39 bwn
24cAnyone Have A Solo Stove?09/21 RJC09:29 willthrill81
9hInvesting vs Saving for a House09/22 JAD09:28 KlangFool
31cSynology NAS -> DS220J, DS420j, DS41809/22 KlangFool09:17 KlangFool
38cStrategy for replacing faucet/toilet water shutoff valves?09/12 yarnandthread09:01 Helo80
8pSolo 401k for second business09/22 JBTX09:01 JBTX
10pBalloon payment in beginning of mortgage? Don't get it.09/22 workingovertime08:59 Golf maniac
9nAlternatives to cash09/22 boglecard08:53 boglecard
2pMath exercise - loan vs. break CD09/22 AAA08:43 AAA
17hHiring my first employee, so will have to lose my Solo 401(k). What to do now?09/12 dpat08:05 ef11
5cCheapest Way to Ship Car from Denver - Miami FL09/22 Denver_Inv07:43 S4C5
0tThe Economist: The age-old strategy of buying cheap shares is faltering07:32 hackingdragon 
6cHeadphone Functionality2019 vested107:30 vested1
82pChallenging a physician's bill09/20 Godot07:25 LadyGeek
40hMy four plan vanguard portfolio !09/15 anaelmasri07:17 bertilak
1hInitial Investment Allocation (from 7 figs in cash), IRA, & Roth IRA09/22 cockrumg07:10 rkhusky
122pIn-network provider refusing service if we use insurance09/21 alpenglow07:09 prudent
8842tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar07:03 Stinky
27cDo items magically appear in your Amazon cart?09/22 PoppyA06:55 bottlecap
284tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest06:19 longinvest
22cAttend COVID Wedding?09/22 newcollegeman06:08 prudent
6tDeath of 60/40 portfolio and infrastructure as an alternative investment09/22 steve32104:42 sycamore

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