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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1485 new posts and replies over 232 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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1hManaging assets as we age00:15 BWCA65473101:44 Tyler Aspect
11lLocal Chapter census12/23 Barry Barnitz01:34 digarei
7pConsidering adding second level to house [Bay Area]23:04 HEDGEFUNDIE01:31 Goal33
2hRe-evaluating risk tolerance one year later21:50 AerialWombat01:29 Tyler Aspect
13cGoing to Ireland in July06/24 hmw01:28 SC Anteater
763lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt01:28 ClaycordJCA
22tWhy is the risk of loss greater in a concentrated portfolio?07:01 naraicjul01:26 msk
27hRetirement all bond portfolio ???2008 jdrmlr01:20 alexfoo39
21hCould I be financially independent in 4-5 years?14:30 ardrum01:17 Luckywon
9pAre 529 contributions tax deductible in California?06/24 hammond01:07 MMLC3
4pInsurance when loaning car20:52 happysteward01:05 boglerdude
354cWhat lifestyle creep made you happier?01/23 ThankYouJack01:04 josehde
43hRetired: Don't want to outlive my funds08:56 M.Lee00:56 msk
45pSide Hustle courses04/25 Thegame1400:51 josehde
0pGetting Cute? Consolidate 1st and 2nd mortgage at better rate, or pay off 2nd?00:47 OSUperu 
32cFavorite mountain lodge destinations in the west?06/24 texasdiver00:39 ofckrupke
232tCrypto bulls are back. Are you getting in?04/09 newtothiswhat00:28 EnjoyIt
82nNon-US citizen with US Brokers: Estate Tax risk?2014 DXB00:28 olliric
17pTransition to management is stressful17:15 sf9900:24 msk
162hWhat percentage of total portfolio in REIT's do you have? Why?06/17 Sandtrap00:24 Sandtrap
11hIs .7 too high of an admin fee in a 457b?20:05 Coato00:18 Workable Goblin
22pShould I buy a home in a resort community?06/07 catdude00:14 catdude
25tPurpose of Stocks?06/21 Accrual00:14 HomerJ
4hHelp a Boglehead feel comfortable about our portfolio...08:14 DisplacedHoosie00:13 BernardShakey
7tVanguard Small Cap Growth Fund or Info Tech ETF?06/23 Jesteroftheswam00:06 Jesteroftheswam
10cIs this overkill on construction work14:31 dodgy5523:55 Sandtrap
12tAccumulating ETF's why are we (US tax payers) prohibited?14:27 elderwise23:53 bgreat
22hIs VGT ETF pointless if you hold Vanguard Total stock Index?06/21 Jesteroftheswam23:47 Jesteroftheswam
203pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets05/08 softwaregeek23:47 samstar
41pLease vs Buying a Car10:15 cloneman3323:31 crossbow
1cAppliance Replacement20:38 9liner23:27 curmudgeon
26cLife after COBRA - selecting new health insurance06/18 Earl Lemongrab23:27 Pam01
2199tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE23:20 Kbg
9pHelp with Universal Life Insurance Policy14:15 HardPillow23:19 Fintechnick
17pShould I refinance my mortgage?06/22 IamLaura23:11 Big Dog
18tDimensional Funds versus Vanguard06/23 matthewmatt23:10 JoMoney
7hSmall Value Tilt versus Safer Asset Allocation13:30 ERInvestor23:04 rascott
1302c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir23:02 AlwaysaQ
8pA will and someone on disability11:13 Ratdoggy23:01 MrsBDG
745tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8123:01 Forester
0cGV alternatives?--please help22:59 serbeer 
6tHow discount brokerages make money20:10 bac_minus_cab22:59 z0r
4hAny help for a new investor? Vanguard TDF at .15%?06/24 Colt198722:54 Silence Dogood
98cWalking Cities, potential for retirees06/04 LiveSimple22:50 grabiner
38cDental implant... almost done!09:09 investingdad22:47 atdharris
11pTax planning for NJ - transferring assets from parents to children19:41 booradley8322:41 LK2012
7tLarry Swedroe: How Trading Costs Erode Factor Returns09:42 Random Walker22:40 AlphaLess
26tWhen the Conventional Wisdom about Taxes in Retirement is Wrong06/24 southport22:40 FIREchief
27pWhich Fed Employee Health Insurance Plan?06/23 tomwood22:35 Tdubs
75cWhere to Live? N. Orange County, CA or Vancouver, WA or Atlanta06/18 coupleofcents22:35 4nwestsaylng
18cPurchasing Major Appliances from Costco12:47 Swimmer22:33 bikesandbeers
1hQuick check on process for selling bond fund shares21:10 integrity22:30 venkman
35pWife considering returning to work06/22 orenishi22:24 retiredflyboy
0n[Wiki] Bond basics for non-US investors - seeking feedback and contributions22:24 DJN 
60hOpted into the new military retirement system/BRS2018 MilitaryDoc22:23 Nords
28pAnyone knew the answer where the money is06/22 FireHorse22:18 beyou
98c11/28 Today Only, buy a phone on Google FI and get travel gift card of same value11/28 harrychan22:15 JoeJohnson
16cBritish Columbia summer vacation06/24 Goblue9722:05 rjbraun
60cciti discontinuing citi price rewind06/23 anoop22:02 anoop
16pHelp choose COLA Pension or Not11:58 alaskantraveler22:02 #Cruncher
2511tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore22:01 abuss368
3pSalaries at FQHC | Any physicians here?19:12 Demisaba21:59 AkwardDoct@rd
9tI-bonds vs Ally13:18 cjhud3221:59 tindel
2tTax Equivalent Yield for bond funds partially state tax free06/24 sf6421:58 grabiner
6hVanguard CDs vs bank CDs?16:14 Blue45621:55 Sandtrap
11tDonate stock06/24 mchampse21:52 grabiner
4hDoes annuity payout to beneficiary count as income?10:36 1030danielle21:52 Harvard38
12cHelp with Oahu Hotels06/24 boater0721:49 elpollo
6cHow do you sell silver bars?17:50 squirm21:46 mbasherp
10hRE: Retirement Advice for a late starter06/16 cinnamon21:45 HomeStretch
105tExploring SCV diversification with Morningstar category averages, 1968-201806/19 nisiprius21:44 Taylor Larimore
1cBanks that offer automatic withdrawal option for CDs at maturity21:37 TetrisCollider21:42 123
7tPreferred Stocks?06/23 Tatala21:41 grabiner
16hApproximating VTWAX with my employer's 401k fund selections06/23 oldbie21:36 oldbie
46cbare root trees - best place or website to purchase from?05/05 F150HD21:35 jebmke
0hHelp with 401k/investment21:35 OscarMeyer 
30tNet worth and risk tolerance06/21 alexfoo3921:33 grabiner
14hFinancial planning now that retired06/24 Lalamimi21:21 Luckywon
0hAre bonds part of US allocation? (living overseas)21:19 FlyingMoose 
2hstart a new job. what do I do with 401(k) from previous firm?20:59 ventureandy21:12 hogfanboy
26hWhy does AA matter as long as I stick to it?06/24 delrinson21:06 JoMoney
8hMother's Portfolio - Need Help16:52 savoi21:04 02nz
7h60K to invest06/24 OldBallCoach21:01 OldBallCoach
2hWhat Allocation of International for Portfolio19:27 cam24021:01 BWildt
10pEarly wedding funding for my young kids: Great Strategy!!!18:02 capgain2220:59 capgain22
8hPersonal Finance Guidance / Questions06/24 dbthegeneral20:45 hsmith
5hCorporate Bond Fund Advice? STTPRC09:13 Carlsonwebber20:44 grabiner
28tAttention retirement savers: college 529 plans aren't just for kids06/15 hdas20:43 willthrill81
106pFrugal or cheap?06/22 gt555020:40 quantAndHold
22hBonds in a Taxable Account06/20 Aristotle9920:39 Aristotle99
1hAre REIT Tax Penalties Worth The Benefits?16:50 MatthewNYC20:38 grabiner
6hProceeds from house sale10:39 crake20:32 grabiner
11pUmbrella insurance - Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage06/24 unclescrooge20:28 willthrill81
34pShould I buy a condo in Chicago?06/22 jojo91120:24 michaeljc70
2pEmpire Plan while traveling abroad06/24 Godot20:24 Godot
130tare TIPS expensive? or are they cheap?06/01 grok8720:15 vineviz
11tVanguard Research Paper on Inflation06/24 garlandwhizzer20:14 vineviz
46hDIY for UHNW06/13 michaeljmroger20:09 Wiggums
1101cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue2018 CULater20:04 Lugerhead
27hCan you help me clean up my Roth IRA mess?06/23 peterwantstosav20:04 peterwantstosav
2pQuestion on Roth partial rollover09:31 heerekj120:00 heerekj1
4pBackdoor Roth Gone?15:43 jayboss19:55 DecumulatorDoc
8hFNILX (Fidelity ZERO Large Cap Index Fund) vs FXAIX (Fidelity 500 Index Fund)?04/09 paramedic19:54 nedsaid
19tBitcoin Talk06/22 Enganerd19:31 HomerJ
29cAm I falling into the trap of judging everything through cost lens?12:17 RL101319:15 corn18
45tRIP to value investing...06/23 BWildt19:05 dh
2tTIPS bond funds have provided less inflation protection than nominal treasuries recently17:17 CULater19:00 ThriftyPhD
173cwhat was your worst major purchase? mine is a 2019 mazda306/21 lomarica0118:56 JamalJones
134lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte18:56 Elsebet
4pTaxes and Short-term Living Abroad14:51 cresive18:52 AerialWombat
42hRebalancing to Oblivion06/22 Quaestner18:51 Quaestner
84pHow did you lower your annual expenses?06/24 Slinky18:50 TravelforFun
18hAfter Tax 401(k) Rollover06/21 Njm884518:49 TOM1964
12hLiving off IRA in retirement16:17 Martininvest18:45 Martininvest
13hMoving from multiple accounts to Merrill Edge or Premium?06/23 tricon2318:44 tricon23
6pQuestion on using 529 for Room & Board16:15 RetiredCSProf18:35 livesoft
11pOpinions on refinancing...06/23 JSDNJ18:31 JSDNJ
21tFT article: "Pension funds raise concern over index manager stewardship"06/24 tristessa7918:23 palaheel
50lAny interest in a Shelby/Jefferson County AL chapter?2018 Housedoc18:12 Stinky
44fExtremely Short 'Stay Logged In' Time2017 enki18:10 Earl Lemongrab
22hSemi-Early Retirees: 401K to Roth IRA Conversions (Should I or Shouldn't I?)06/23 Triple-Nickels18:07 ExitStageLeft
12hBotched transfer? Security sold instead of transferred08:08 michaeljc7018:07 Earl Lemongrab
4tInvestment Horizon06/24 tomd3717:42 Sandtrap
4hWant to switch from TDFs to 3-fund with taxable account12:58 cabfranc17:40 Wiggums
21hTangled Portfolio Review – Looking to Streamline06/24 maplewang17:35 maplewang
12tFirecalc why/when can you adjust your spending?10:47 rai17:26 Nestegg_User
5pVision Insurance for ONLY (dependent) Spouse14:00 performant17:17 BeneIRA
47cAnyone moved cross country. How did you manage to do it without going nuts??06/21 LesBleus**17:06 mariezzz
23cFacebook reading our minds?06/24 spartanap17:00 mancich
2cExcel Question14:47 ubermax16:57 ubermax
80cSingle cup coffee/espresso options, 201906/19 psteinx16:52 mariezzz
10cWorld Cruise anyone ??13:23 Rajsx16:41 RadAudit
1hMoving from AUM accounts15:26 Badger5516:35 bloom2708
58lRichmond, VA Area Local Chapter2014 PocketChangePen16:28 jervalaw
14pExperience with Better Mortgage04/24 AerialWombat16:28 Seattler123
3tReporter doing story on MM Acct. Checking06/24 Mel Lindauer16:24 Broken Man 1999
13cWhat is this collection device?05/14 asset_chaos16:20 LadyGeek
10hDodge & Cox DODIX06:49 Rudedog16:19 tj
14nAustralian citizen investing in Australian property from the USA06/23 Stezza16:18 asset_chaos
32cClearing undergrowth and bush06/24 SlowMovingInves16:15 quantAndHold
20pWhat does a real estate oil bust look like2016 burt16:11 astrohip
50tExcluding International All Together?06/20 Boxtrap16:08 azanon
9pCHIP eligibility with joint custody?09:59 jeffyscott15:57 jeffyscott
4hNew Investor Seeking Advice06/13 foxtrotwhisky15:57 foxtrotwhisky
249tGreat CD Promo! Andrews FCU 84 mo 3.01%2016 protagonist15:52 nalor511
26tDollar General06/24 renue7415:49 Bluce
6hPortfolio Tracker that keeps track of dividend reinvestment06/18 salilsurendran15:44 DoctorWu
3pPay Off House?14:56 Txsman15:40 Txsman
12hShould I contribute to after-tax 401(a)?06/24 pkay15:37 Ddd7651
20pTwo NWM 65 Life "Gifts" from Parents. I'm Lost!06/24 BogleGEO15:22 Stinky
29hResident Physician06/06 RTQ24815:17 neurosphere
11hWhich Bond Fund to Choose in 401k?06/23 drinkthepoison15:13 telemark
21hIndex fund (voo) returns?06/24 owenmia15:09 newtonc
50tWhy is Vanguard Treasury Money Market yield so high?06/07 Kevin M15:02 Electron
2pCan 529 pay for rental fee?13:07 Da5id15:00 Da5id
11013tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill14:51 ReformedSpender
67tVanguard to offer private equity investments? Thoughts?06/23 Bitzer14:35 ribonucleic
96chybrid or plug-in electric car06/29 maryznp14:27 TomatoTomahto
65tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas14:11 Taylor Larimore
523pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?01/16 tomtoms14:00 transient_acade
6hTax Loss Harvesting and Teaching Your Spouse Investing10:15 LikeYouImagine13:58 ohai
4hRebalancing at Schwab12:00 nc70013:55 vineviz
28pBuying Parent's Home Below Market06/24 amarieboud13:55 Broken Man 1999
156nStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-20152017 SimpleGift13:54 siamond
45hGetting caught up in minutia of investing-How to make things simple06/21 Frugalbear13:54 Frugalbear
9h401(k) Rollover Options Advice06/23 Renche3313:52 ruralavalon
4hProper retirement vehicle for one-person S-Corps?06/24 dpat13:48 BusterMcTaco
4hCan I transfer out of my high cost 401k? [is going on strike a separation of service]08:20 Modest Man13:33 Modest Man
12cChase UR vs AmEx MR for economy flights and inflexible schedules?06/24 decapod1013:29 Jags4186
161tVanguard Announces Plans to Launch Commodities Fund04/04 MFInvestor13:29 hdas
34cUsed Minivan - Recommendations?06/24 Thorsbane13:24 Jon
1n[REITs ETFs] iShares REET (NYSE) or iShares IWDP (LSE) for NRA?06:50 thibaulthib13:16 Schlabba
4pIRA to ROTH convert or not?12:40 Smoke13:08 Smoke
38hRetirement Ready?06/19 Cipro13:07 Cipro
5tHelp me better understand volatility06/25 freyj613:07 ohai
126tAnnuities objectively considered12/28 Realisticinvest12:57 nedsaid
1hShould I cash out I-bonds? (And other questions.)06/24 abyan12:51 #Cruncher
1pAre there any websites like term4sale for home/auto and umbbrella insurance?11:18 tommy8512:49 HomeStretch
24cPickleball Paddle recommendation?06/24 JoeRetire12:31 Mel Lindauer
19cTravel Advice driving through NYC to Long Island06/10 URSnshn12:18 URSnshn
847pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest12:14 longinvest
21tDiscrepancy between Matketwatch and Fidelity06/24 get_g0ing12:13 get_g0ing
11hBest place for temp cash in Fidelity HSA?06/17 4nwestsaylng12:03 emlowe
120cWSJ Digital Subscription - a bargain!2017 Erwin12:01 Rob5TCP
9hFED cutting rates affect on 3 year CD09:30 Bambuk12:00 oldcomputerguy
35tSmall Value vs Multifactor06/22 FlyingMoose11:45 CULater
32pElder care tax question(s)10/09 CRTR11:44 CRTR
24pfor those of you who sold a home...06/19 arcticpineapple11:38 adamthesmythe
9hJust to be clear - Mega Backdoor Roth06/24 Johnny9911:36 lakpr
41pPay Cash for Primary Residence?01/24 Chindsey11:36 Chindsey
6tDefined Contribution Pension vs 401K?06/24 FelixTheCat11:26 Reb Tevye
37cAnyone make their own tortillas?06/15 ThankYouJack11:20 michaeljc70
168tWhy do large personal portfolios include bonds?06/16 kfitz131311:17 CnC
19tDoes investing in US stocks mean investing in US Dollar?06/19 RME11:13 nisiprius
4pSchwab retirement calculator06/18 kmurp11:05 kmurp
31tI'm still young but...06/20 CnC11:05 Valuethinker
28pTenant identity theft issue on lease06/24 NYGiantsFan10:53 dm200
39hWorried about the future/not saving enough06/22 CorradoJr10:43 pkcrafter
14pstop payment on check ?06/23 shell92110:31 quantAndHold
13cGood Volvo dealership for warranty service in Orlando area? Parallel parking malfunction, etc.06/24 synthfan2310:28 spooky105
49cDealer 30K Service for 2017 RAV4--Unusual Items?06/19 klneutral10:14 dknightd
7hInvestment how to start06/24 mpinto09:54 mpinto
1hAnnuity experts ..Asking ur input on Settlement options06/24 Bronco Billy09:53 Stinky
25cBelt sander or disc sander for refinishing decks?06/23 texasdiver09:51 Hanksmoney
15pFederal retirement benefits/ court order06/24 PoppyA09:38 PoppyA
26hRoth IRA all the way?06/19 Rebus09:33 sschoe2
9hVanguard reduced dividends on VTSAX06/24 heliface09:31 UpperNwGuy
182tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon09:31 Coato
14hPortfolio Help06/18 jmaga109:26 ruralavalon
85tGood times: 2008 vs Now06/19 chrismj09:10 KlangFool
29cChrysler Pacifica - Yes or No06/24 FlyEaglesFly20009:08 MI_bogle
10hPortfolio Review06/24 kadisake09:03 Jack FFR1846
17cThank you, Honda - repair story06/24 Triple digit go09:03 prudent
10hWhich way for savings account interest, and what to do?05/24 Tdubs08:50 MikeG62
10tSPY buyback adjusted yield06/24 mac80808:28 lazyday
37cSubaru Ascent vs Toyota Highlander...06/18 Ykcor08:22 dbr
14n[Moving back to India from US - What US income is not taxed?]06/20 odyssey08:20 odyssey
3pSelling a rental property, and trying to calculate the cost-basis06/24 teelainen08:16 teelainen
12cRe Buying a higher miles but higher end used vehicle... where?06/24 rj34207:53 ohai
33hReinvesting Dividends or no06/23 SemperFi7907:48 remomnyc
846cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman07:45 KenBen40
10hCan I fund all 4 tax advantage accounts?06/24 tomwood07:42 retiredjg
5hHow can we do better with our investments?06/24 ah108207:42 Rus In Urbe
15cOrlando area: good , low-pressure discount / clearance furniture stores? IKEA, American Freight, At Home, etc?06/23 synthfan2307:35 synthfan23
60pTriage in ER - charged $79006/24 pivoprussia07:20 prudent
78cPrius vs Prius Prime (plug-in)06/19 runner907:17 TomatoTomahto
6nWhat bond funds do you hold or would you ideally hold as a non-US investor, is global aggregate enough?06/23 DJN06:48 DJN
45pAging Parents & Finances02/21 TRC06:45 clip651
37pOpening a trust for child's annual gifted amount06/22 TomatoTomahto05:14 TomatoTomahto
11pRoth 401K or traditional 401K and ACA subsidy06/23 NewOldGuy04:37 ivk5
5hVWETX vs. VBTLX06/24 rossington03:55 averagedude
13tRare Earth Metals - Investing06/23 outdoorguy03:38 outdoorguy

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