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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1533 new posts and replies over 216 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
162tCan one have too much Roth?11/27 Miriam210:31 teacher
29tPsychologically Prepare for the Bear05:48 tadamsmar10:30 tadamsmar
1hNeed help. Vanguard portfolio for brokerage account10:14 Saver201810:29 retired@50
13cCareer paths & prospects in field of therapy?12/05 texasdiver10:26 scubadiver
16hSuggestions for Roth investments12/06 Human torch10:26 retiredjg
0tSheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network is my guest on "Bogleheads on Investing"10:26 Rick Ferri 
40tWall Street bets international stocks will top US equities in 2020 after a decade-long slump15:32 mathwhiz10:26 am
4hFirst TD Ameritrade Roth conversion procedure08:54 Skeeter110:25 Skeeter1
23pTransition at Vanguard12/07 Leroy Jones10:24 cowdogman
18hInvest in bonds vs. prepay mortgage06:33 Triple digit go10:24 aristotelian
40hPlease help me be smart with my wife's inheritance12/06 smith6la10:24 illumination
54pHow much car can i afford16:28 stt81610:23 jbmitt
5hLarger Emergency Savings vs Bond Allocation01:34 fresh_boglehead10:21 Wiggums
159h"The Wealthy Renter" by Alex Avery.12/03 X52810:20 Grt2bOutdoors
8hVanguard won't fix IRA misclassification18:05 charlesmont10:19 bsteiner
7pIRMA due to one time income bump- do I have an appeal?15:18 musicmom10:17 musicmom
25hEdited: New Boglehead - ? on 401k, IRA, and Brokerage Accts12/05 buellerismyhero10:17 ruralavalon
0tRetail investors selling US stocks at record levels/WSJ article 12/8/1910:17 JAZZISCOOL 
45hGetting about 200k from parents12/05 arnik8310:16 catfish48084
35cTarget gift cards 10% off tomorrow (Sunday Dec. 8)16:40 7eight910:13 02nz
16hMotif 500 direct indexing11:29 HEDGEFUNDIE10:13 Wiggums
54tDoller Cost Averaging vs Asset Allocation11/27 EnjoyIt10:12 livesoft
105pRoth IRA for kids2018 newbie00310:11 Gemini
35cmissing FedEx package12/06 Nyc1003610:10 Gort
1pGEHA HDHP & GEHA Dental - question05:47 LuigiLikesPizza10:09 Silk McCue
3hManaging multiple HSA accounts20:43 Karla10:08 Karla
4hPrioritize After-Tax or Pre-Tax Contributions with shaky job?12/06 JediMisty10:07 chevca
334pRetirement Friendly States11/25 LiveSimple10:06 abuss368
154tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest10:05 longinvest
1hHas anyone else experienced this error with Vanguard?08:16 DDinAZ10:02 ShadowRegent
75tMurphy's Law Of Retirement2017 Random Walker10:00 am
6hReverse rollover 'Non-Deductible IRA' to 401(k)23:38 krisSA10:00 Spirit Rider
12pHow important is it to get your house paid off?07:48 bg509:59 Ron Ronnerson
9pBackdoor Roth Conversion and IRS trying to tax it2017 masrepus09:59 retiredjg
326tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36809:57 Cheez-It Guy
15hMoving Vanguard Mutual Funds to Fidelity Donor Advised Fund12/06 Grogs09:54 masterofinvesti
2cEstate sales, not for just dead people?09:48 atikovi09:54 mrc
89p50 Next Year - Should I Join AARP?12/05 watchnerd09:53 InMyDreams
48pDo annuities have a higher payout than SWR?12/04 kadye09:52 aristotelian
79tI don’t think I am a good Boglehead12/05 1130Super09:51 goblue100
1pUnwinding ineligible HSA contributions (plus employer contribution)07:35 bluebolt09:51 Spirit Rider
37tDo you strictly manage your portfolio percentages of stocks and bonds?12/07 alluringreality09:50 Bluce
168tTax Deferred : Taxable : Tax Free11/10 mtmingus09:48 F14tuna
25hPassively Managed Funds in a Market Downturn a Good Idea?12/04 arca09:42 ruralavalon
13hYoung Investor - 3 Questions About Portfolio15:57 noisyearth09:41 Cheez-It Guy
1pRefi'd House - Ecrow refund - MIA09:13 stockrex09:40 chevca
2tHow to get price history for Collective Investment Trusts (CITs)12:56 masterofinvesti09:40 masterofinvesti
8cClassical Christmas Music Stations on Radio04:22 Caduceus09:40 Nicolas
15pDeduction of stock donation15:43 MN Finance09:38 bluquark
10cSell current home, down size and purchase a vacation condo?07:18 Agon09:35 btenny
13cflip phone for post 3G12/05 fru-gal09:32 RickBoglehead
73tWhy do you hold bonds in your portfolio?11/30 tomwood09:24 am
7cany use for a 3G phone?08:50 fru-gal09:23 retire2022
23pFed Employee Front Loading the TSP for 2020?12/07 LuigiLikesPizza09:19 mrc
7tSecurities lending: are rebates worth it?12/05 privateer7909:18 AlohaJoe
240tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs02/11 EfficientInvest09:15 HEDGEFUNDIE
12tVTI P/E 20.9x vs VIOV 15x, price/book 3.0x vs 1.4x19:45 TikiMan09:13 brademac
13pMegabackdoor Roth - TFB worksheet question and all in Roth?12/04 Gemini09:10 Spirit Rider
29pCredit Card Charge - refund11/06 stockrex09:10 stockrex
65pFederal Blue Cross Standard versus Basic2016 Nearly A Moose09:07 retiredjg
30pBasics of Consulting12/06 eddot9809:04 Elysium
6pPrivate Company - Profit Sharing Plan Expectations18:11 cgsMakaveli08:59 bsteiner
12pWhere to hold cash/emergency fund money?11:29 MickMal08:56 radiowave
65lJoin the Wiki!2010 Barry Barnitz08:54 LadyGeek
31cMobility issues in a 2 story house12/06 psteinx08:46 fru-gal
17cNeed info on wireless charging pads.....12/06 Ykcor08:41 RickBoglehead
4880cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:37 stoptothink
78lMaster Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads2014 gotherelate08:29 rlaustin
11hMy 401k is moving to Vanguard15:09 LiveSoftMike08:22 lakpr
23cThank You Taylor Larimore12/05 StarsandStripes08:18 h82goslw
203tDave Ramsey says 30 years Roth IRA to 1.3 million?11/28 thelateinvestor08:12 Cheez-It Guy
18pShould we move03/03 james354708:10 BarbBrooklyn
915tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest08:08 longinvest
1pTSP Rollover to Brokerage Question03:54 LuigiLikesPizza07:52 MichDad
7hWhat does it mean to have "cash" invested in an account?06:08 thelateinvestor07:41 Wiggums
17nMy porfolio - seeking advice [Hong Kong]11/28 cvc07:35 Valuethinker
46tAnyone Pulled the Trigger on Global Wellington/Wellesley?2018 cinghiale07:32 fortyofforty
73pCar Cost vs Yearly Living Expenses12/05 watchnerd07:25 watchnerd
12pVg Transactions sweep in vs funds received16:04 S_Track07:22 rkhusky
5tQuestion on Open-ended Mutual Funds and ETFs00:12 arca07:05 livesoft
6pConversion of a small tIRA - are we calculating correctly?17:51 Sandi_k07:04 ivk5
3tWellington vs Total Market in Taxable.20:30 Pepper1107:01 digarei
116lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine06:54 RetiredMarine
11pHelp me pick a health plan (PPO vs EPO vs HDHP)15:02 DonIce06:50 Shallowpockets
13t2017 and on - Bond Strategy2017 neomutiny0606:42 watchnerd
129tFavorite stock(s) and why12/02 adamb06:35 Valuethinker
2pRIC-E Trust Alternatives03:49 ryanbohle06:33 Lastrun
4pDoes this HSA long term strategy make sense? (And relative unimportance of keeping receipts before age 65)14:40 Counterpoint06:19 aristotelian
22tVanguard Sales Pitch?12/04 steve roy06:04 othermike27
6hHelp...too much cash in portfolio and where to move18:29 rm05:52 dogagility
8tProcess vs. Results:12/07 Nowizard05:52 Schlabba
204p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 mighty7205:50 watchnerd
3tGentlemen, Drop Your Shorts [Study - Long strategy outperforms short]22:53 james2205:43 nisiprius
18p"Collecting" Social Security Six Times Over Today, Makes Me Wonder12/06 drawpoker05:12 ARoseByAnyOther
6hIs Chase's Commission-free Trade Account Better than Vanguard Fund?01:04 arca03:38 celia
8hREIT - ARR10:54 bugleheadd03:36 AznSaver
10hTax deferred account too small12/06 lvswts03:05 AznSaver
652tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa02:32 Uncorrelated
2h2 Questions about Vanguard Funds01:33 arca02:08 AznSaver
37tUnemployment rate12/06 Mactheriverrat01:59 OnTrack
21cBike Rack Recommendations for 2” Hitch12/06 cloneman3301:35 IMO
466lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz01:24 pepys
40hWhats the Best Investment in for My Needs?11/29 arca01:16 arca
15pRoth TSP transfer mechanics09/15 radioheadt01:11 geobrick
33tDecember 6, 2019--Vanguard Releases 2020 Economic and Market Outlook Report10:31 MFInvestor00:53 jsprag
296pFollow Up: Husband's Surprise Debts11/24 stanford7300:52 Startingover201
3pSelling rental houses12/07 Ninja00:41 Cubicle
28pMoved states and both are claiming that I owe personal property tax for my vehicle.12/06 jumbopapa00:11 Cubicle
30pMost "vanguard like" HSA provider12/02 Dink201800:09 eye.surgeon
2tCalifornia income tax factors for Retiree Portfolio Model (RPM)17:11 baconavocado00:08 FiveK
6pBest investment options with high gross income16:50 Mr.R00:03 FiveK
3hRoth 401K and Mutual Fund question20:24 wilspeak23:55 suemarkp
5pSS benefit ROI for working an extra year12/06 Buzzhead23:53 FiveK
28tInternational Bonds - My Experience15:22 abuss36823:52 retired@50
4pHSA - Child on spouses insurance12/07 ddurrett89623:48 FiveK
3pIRA Double Check15:22 TCP23:30 sport
1211pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon23:28 boston10
2tVanguard "Structured" Index Funds22:11 Chrismax23:16 FiveK
26pShould I do Roth conversions12/07 Jimsad23:09 LilyFleur
63cSimplicity07/27 abuss36823:04 flaccidsteele
1pRecommendation for tax prep/accountant in Virginia?10:59 renegade0623:00 FiveK
68tThings you should know about minimum volatility investing02/17 hdas22:52 no simpler
2119tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar22:46 Nicolas
9t401K | Salary paychecks + Commission Checks?12/06 opticyellow22:44 Taz
13pConsidering Social Security12/07 rockthisworld22:19 IMO
10pFinding a Medigap insurance broker12/04 CULater22:07 wymby
54cTree roots growing into sewer lines2015 protagonist22:02 momvesting
3tConfused about Fama-French 5 Factor Model16:38 Czilla900022:01 pkcrafter
183pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion21:39 The Big Apple
112hCan someone help me purchase my first mutual fund?11/26 thelateinvestor21:30 thelateinvestor
5hAlternatives to Money Market Mutual Funds20:20 Seas21:24 sergeant
27t"The Importance of Simplicity"08/28 Taylor Larimore21:19 Taylor Larimore
55cSomeone stole my wife's phone number (ie. ported to another carrier)09/22 sunny_socal21:12 DiamondplateDav
29cEyeglasses: Warby Parker or Costco?12/06 mtmingus21:06 angelescrest
95t[Wiki article update - Inverse and leveraged ETFs]11/29 pkcrafter20:59 LadyGeek
22tWhat has performed better over the last 20 years? Stocks or long term bonds?12/07 sapphire9620:59 UpperNwGuy
14hCan I contribute to a Trad 401(k), Trad 457(b), and Roth 403(b)12/06 Hypersonic20:57 SVT
14p25% tariff on Scotch - does this apply to tourists bringing back whisky from the EU?12/07 fluellen20:55 NewMoneyMustBeS
6hVTSAX vs VVIAX14:00 rockthisworld20:42 UpperNwGuy
55tUS vs Intl Total Stock Market12/06 tomwood20:25 teacher
7hVDIGX - Avoid high capital gains distributions, or not?12/05 Owl20:21 Owl
18hInheritance in wife’s name or both spouses?12/07 Jules420:17 Jules4
28t10 Year Stock Picking Project, Beginning Dec 5 201912/05 adamb20:15 pkcrafter
14cCar buying - negotiating tips - need sage advice12/05 Socrates20:11 Socrates
27hI want to go ALL VALUE (in my taxable account which is ~11%-12% of my portfolio)!Asking for some recommendations…12/05 Oh. Ok. So now 19:58 305pelusa
1023tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8119:56 Galton's Ghost
5pSurge Protector for New Washer & Dryer?14:58 JPH19:40 Carl53
25pGave all personal info to phone scammer12/05 emdeefive19:30 Trader Joe
24tNational Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day2017 Taylor Larimore19:28 Broken Man 1999
22hNon spouse inherited IRA12/07 tom194419:26 LilyFleur
8pGifting Appreciated Shares to Adult Child12/06 Stormbringer19:24 delamer
94cCable Cord Cutting more complicated than expected12/04 jacksonm19:19 ARoseByAnyOther
151c[Tesla truck]11/22 fareastwarriors19:00 Starfish
2pThird party data violation18:44 Doodadooh19:00 HawkeyePierce
2pCharitable giving and AMT15:53 Ophiuchus18:37 delamer
27cBlue Light Blocking Glasses?12/06 davebo18:33 JoMoney
15hCCRC Move and Cashing-out Portfolio CG – Pros vs Cons!12/06 Vg55Fan18:26 NotWhoYouThink
44h2020 Plan for $45,000,000 in 204512/03 doldrum18:21 smitcat
28cNew passport how long to obtain?12/07 Rdytoretire18:20 darkhorse photos, transfering to PC14:58 runner918:06 wageoghe
19hShould I Fix up a Fixer-Upper or Mutual Funds?12/06 MinorPlayer17:53 David Jay
74tInflation-adjusted SPIAs are extinct. [was: Are Inflation-adjusted SPIAs extinct?]12/04 AlohaJoe17:52 willthrill81
17t"Eight centuries of global real interest rates"12/06 AlohaJoe17:39 cbeck
13tAsset allocation glide paths12/06 Triple digit go17:28 bgf
6pHow do income tax and LTCG tax stack?12/06 stocksurfer17:24 curmudgeon
30pBest card to complement 2% cash back?11/03 28fe617:22 Gertrude
4157pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy17:16 EnjoyIt
22cBest deal for used car11/30 am17:14 Sandi_k
6hVTSAX vs VFIAX12/06 TarHeel200217:09 UpperNwGuy
59pQuantifying the value of employment near retirement12/05 tealeaves16:35 JoeRetire
22hPortfolio review request11/26 ussammy16:33 lakpr
7cHome and auto camera setups?12/06 RobLyons16:21 gtd98765
33pThird party opinion on Tesla Model 3 purchase or lease11/24 boglehat16:17 Point
9hVanguard Money Market Questions12/06 B_F_Skinner_Box16:16 Cheez-It Guy
128pYour credit card debt dies when you die (usually)12/06 mptfan16:07 LadyGeek
96cDoes anyone have a dishwasher they recommend?08/31 Swimmer15:54 JAZZISCOOL
3pFreeTaxUSA 2019 Now Live10:37 Blues15:49 Direwolf14
2tResearching the qualified dividends percentage of funds12/06 stocksurfer15:33 stocksurfer
14tThe 10 biggest new ETFs of 201912/05 AlohaJoe15:28 David Althaus
20hAll munis for fixed income allocation in early retirement for roth conversion?12/07 friendlyfire15:21 Triple-Nickels
36tTotal Stock vs. S&P 50012/06 abuss36815:19 abuss368
7cXfinity mobile seems screwy12/07 CULater15:19 RootSki
51tBonds vs. Bond Fund?12/02 BeanCity15:11 Kevin M
16hROTH at 22% vs Tax defered12/06 AustinBogle15:07 aristotelian
30pTax Torpedo12/06 Sahara14:49 FiveK
8t"What Vanguard thinks about stock investing" ([second] time I've noticed this!)12/07 nisiprius14:41 pascalwager
12413tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill14:24 oldzey
4nquestions on S&P500 ETFs12/07 imbroke214:13 TedSwippet
2h3 fund portfolio with tax advantaged accounts12:17 quinoa13:52 Lazareth
4cChristmas Lights12/07 Bob Sacamano13:48 7eight9
13tRetirement account options for independent contractors11/21 rchmx113:20 Spirit Rider
74phow much to tip the cleaning lady12/04 lomarica0113:15 RetiredArtist
0tClass action settlement ARCP13:10 Cpadave 
14hBackdoor Roth IRA limit this year?12/06 calimero13:05 bugleheadd
116lArizona Chapter2018 mabromovitz13:04 mabromovitz
10hWhy index over etf12/06 annu13:01 ruralavalon
19htaxation when rebalancing??11/07 simpleidiot12:56 retiredjg
60lORLANDO Chapter Bogleheads2012 Rajsx12:49 Clarice
17cWater company damaged driveway while directional boring under (acknowledged damage), how to proceed?09/30 dalbright12:48 dalbright
3pSocial Security deferred credits12/07 Leroy Jones12:36 ObliviousInvest
27tVanguard 2020 outlook: The new age of uncertainty12/04 stephenspapa12:26 tadamsmar
16hTools for analyzing portfolio?12/05 batman202012:25 BroIceCream
13cGood site for crowd-solving mysteries12/05 Caduceus12:22 IowaFarmBoy
8hMy First Investment12/06 MaxBeats9312:03 ruralavalon
7tDo the Target Retirement and LifeStrategy funds have Distributions that are fairly stable from year to year?12/06 iamblessed11:42 iamblessed
6tSchwab' Proprietary Stocks Rating Review12/06 pedritico11:37 DetroitRick
1052lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1611:30 1789
60pManaging money near death of a spouse12/04 AstroJohn11:28 delamer
1974tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab11:24 GTBuzz
3pHelp with life insurance questions12/07 Seoulseeker11:12 Seoulseeker
4hGetting to understand IRA12/06 Pitagoras11:05 mhalley
25cHome Depot and Lowe's product reviews10/22 squirm11:02 squirm
5pHigh Yield Business Savings Account for S-Corp11/30 Eyedoc7610:41 mmonkelton
76pVanguard checking -- Use it or lose it10/22 vg5510:34 sperry8
1pInsurance and selling an out of town rental12/07 Smokey2110:33 IowaFarmBoy
9htIRA rollover to TSP prior to back door Roth IRA conversion2012 seionage10:33 retiredjg

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