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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2343 new posts and replies over 293 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
22426tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill04:10 birdog
8hBond fund in new 401K01/20 nicholas_181304:10 Outer Marker
4uDifference in share price of US ETF vs UCITS ETF tracking the same benchmark01:52 ags04:08 TedSwippet
3hSeeking : Advise by Experienced fellows22:56 abe_t04:06 Outer Marker
212nI took a 10yr loan to buy TSLA shares11/17 herbert_2104:05 Schlabba
38tRay Dalio's All Weather Portfolio is NOT Working in this 2021 Market Correction03/04 teelainen03:56 Tellurius
1nShould I start investing 10K and stop adding to them14:50 SomaPie03:56 Schlabba
257tWere You Around During Dotcom Bubble?07/10 InvestorP03:52 Valuethinker
13tSatisficing in the investment game06:46 Valuethinker03:51 Valuethinker
3tBorrowing to cancel dividend?22:24 dafioram03:44 birdog
1tDow Jones at 1,113,04702:03 AlohaJoe03:42 birdog
4tVG Risk Potential Rating for Bond Funds10:11 restingonmylaur03:40 restingonmylaur
63hAny experience with Toyota Income Driver Notes?02/14 grayparrot03:36 SpaceCowboy
1nNonresident Alien Investing on an F1 Visa19:33 f1_visa_boglehe03:31 TedSwippet
13nAustralian ETF Portfolio Advice03/05 codchops03:21 andrew99999
0t10 Investing Lessons from 202003:20 birdog 
0nValue (equal weight) ETF03:18 Sinsji 
2tJust when I tought I understood why it's better not to pick stocks, I got confused again02:51 steve32103:04 fwellimort
48cWhat are your alternatives to big name brands, like Amazon?03/06 manlymatt8302:59 FireSekr
25cEstate (Home) clean-out after my parents passing - tips and best practices?13:12 NorCal1302:58 phxjcc
16tConfessions Of A Recovering Income Investor08:47 ipdiddly02:55 dboeger1
46tProper Asset Allocation for High Net Worth06:56 Leesbro6302:46 birdog
25cLeather vs Cloth Car Seats20:47 Andymoler5802:07 59Gibson
9pSocial Security Retroactive Strategy03/04 Arby02:05 Arby
24hBuffett on Bonds bleak future03/05 Julyguy75401:32 Simple Simon
6hFather-In-Law Investment Advisor Search Advice19:16 IndexFun01:31 CalPoppy
31cUnloading Massive Collection of Classical Music07:18 gouldnm01:25 grayparrot
1hHelp with Mega Backdoor Roth tax filing00:16 kopite8801:25 FiveK
5nUK resident seeking advice on portfolio + brokers03/06 AlyUK01:20 AlyUK
9cHyundai Kona EV experiences and lease opinions?03/04 grayparrot01:18 grayparrot
29cCast iron cooking tips12:50 Triple digit go01:16 Starfish
212t2021 Hedge Fund Contest01/03 Tanelorn01:08 Vanguard Fan 13
34hWill probably never buy a home. What changes should I make to my investment plan/allocation?09:49 jastevenson01:08 Northern Flicke
32pCoast to retirement jobs late 40s medicine08:35 am01:05 liynus
102cNon-fungible tokens (NFTs): anyone investing in those?03/02 steve32101:03 cacophony
25pFIXED-Check Your 8606 in TurboTax - It May Be Wrong03/03 ipdiddly01:02 Wannaretireearl
20cCosmetic / Plastic surgery - advice please03/05 ualdriver00:54 ualdriver
3pOnline vs In-Person MBA22:31 aggiesammy1800:46 Tejfyy
9hAA & General Investing Advice03/06 Naysayers12300:43 Naysayers123
48cUsing OBD2 scanner to evaluate used car buying03/07 gas_balloon00:38 ballons
106cOil change interval for low-mileage vehicles2018 catdude00:37 IMO
213cHow much do you spend nightly for hotels (leisure/vacation)?02/26 Workaholic00:32 FoolStreet
0hLooking for next steps after early retirement00:32 2021reset 
119hRoast me! ER doctor portfolio12/18 Cucumbers00:29 newyorker
709pAmortization Based Withdrawal (ABW)2019 willthrill8100:16 jmk
2hPlanning on moving to Vanguard20:31 wrenchmaster00:14 pkcrafter
7pInternal salary negotiation with significantly appreciated RSUs20:14 Tingting101300:11 Frogster
2pMechanics of private mortgage payoff19:50 desiderium00:08 Nutmeg
178hVG is nagging about transitioning account12/17 Gatto Bialetti00:02 dru808
185tThe bond market is a mess and there are no solutions!03/03 Always passive00:01 Northern Flicke
20tDuring decumulation, can someone explain why holding VBIAX is the same as holding separate stock&bond funds?15:40 GaryA50523:57 Peaceful
73cDaughter taking a Job in DC - where to live?03/05 Brewman23:57 chazas
32hCash Out Refi to Invest03/06 captainbrad23:46 Glasgow
36pFirst Republic line of credit - 100k @ 2.25%, any concerns?03/04 cogito23:46 MetaPhysician
26pQuest Labs and Medicare-require credit card before drawing blood?02/01 Bcdkgf23:44 toofache32
2174lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1623:37 luminous
13c10 day road trip vacation around Lake Michigan05:55 SunRainSnow23:33 123
3hSaving for camper van and solar panels03/05 Camper200023:32 tibbitts
54hVanguard ETF All Equity Portfolio with No Overlap03/05 Investor726523:22 Wedemeyer
54tDeclines in stocks do not occur in a vacuum03/20 willthrill8123:20 lucha
20hUsing Dividends as another income source06:35 bigtex23:19 ReadyOrNot
8hInt'l Equity Fund that Excluldes CHINA12:58 walescynwyd23:19 walescynwyd
4pMA Tax Return Handling of Roth Conversion13:23 ipdiddly23:15 grabiner
380c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco23:11 OnTrack
8hTransitioning equities/fixed income ratio in taxable03/05 o'pinion22:58 grabiner
521tWhat is your age and asset allocation ?08/31 poppa2322:54 Paradise
20tFidelity Baskets vs. M1 Pies08/24 LLeaff22:53 RalphKane
12cDIY Budget Gaming PC build14:46 sunset22:52 Nekrotok
22p35 and thinking about early retirement or partial retirement11:48 bigred322:51 BAM55
146tex-US Stocks Continue to Soar!12/30 sabhen22:43 Nathan Drake
8hUsing Pre-Tax Funds for Fidelity Roth In-Plan Conversion?03/06 careerdata22:43 livelovelaugh00
2hTarget Date Funds Creating Self-Fulfilling Prophecy on International Outperformance?18:58 OxfordComma22:42 Noobvestor
28cHome fire safe or safe deposit box?03/06 NYCaviator22:37 anon_investor
1222tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba22:36 siamond
2hSanity Check - Is brokerage the next step?19:42 Volidon22:34 Adfmacro
163hHow long would you back a losing horse, to Stay The Course?03/03 idmcrick22:24 willthrill81
64tCliff Asness: The Long Run Is Lying To You03/05 Random Walker22:24 ColoradoRick
34cKernel Panic (Mac/Safari)12:06 ResearchMed22:22 palanzo
1tDraw down advice - CPA21:58 Ineed$22:10 dbr
130pGiving Retirement Notice - how did it go?12/13 TresBelle6522:10 ColoradoRick
203tThoughts on 5% SWR02/28 K8ya22:08 ColoradoRick
30cConsumer Math Question10:04 Barefootgirl22:06 Adfmacro
33tRisk tolerance03/04 Seasonal22:04 willthrill81
72pAny expats retired in europe? How much needed to retire?02/23 jayk23822:02 wineandplaya
15cHow many use 2 Factor Authentication? If so what do you use?10:14 Lynette21:59 Silly Wabbit
3hNo 529 plans in place13:30 vest7421:52 vest74
4cBest Organic Bed Sheets?20:05 Kookaburra21:50 trees
22tThe Four Horsemen of Underperformance - Signs of Life11:36 nedsaid21:50 Random Musings
18hBest Use of Windfall03/06 eyemgh21:44 Jacotus
3pNeed help on how to handle dependent care fsa reimbursement on tax return14:46 ipdiddly21:39 miamivice
14hTo backdoor Roth or not to backdoor Roth09/03 Chevelle21:37 an_asker
657tWhy the disdain for managed funds like ARKK that destroy total market funds?02/13 Bwlonge21:35 as9
14hDoes the "age of 55" exception apply to Roth 403b and Roth 401k??03/06 Homeby521:24 Homeby5
300cTips to stick to a weight loss diet?05/22 Kennedy21:22 SrGrumpy
3hTax loss harvesting-Help03/06 Bandu7921:20 Bandu79
86pCan I avoid a prenuptial agreement if I do this?14:40 openmind21:19 Flyer24
7pOver contributed to roth for '20 & '21, what now?03/06 mortal21:17 drzzzzz
3c[Looking to pre-order flowers for my garden]10:44 JAZZISCOOL21:14 clip651
4pDoes TurboTax Handle Cares Act Exceptions and etc?14:56 CodeMaster21:13 Alan S.
42hMajor Disruptions To Retirement Income and How To Mitigate08:46 MrCheapo21:07 AlohaJoe
14cReactions to Microsoft hack?03/06 yules20:57 Mudpuppy
467pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion20:52 stan1
13hWho pays tax on Savings Bonds with joint owners2013 rickwmm20:51 dukeblue219
28hBetterment vs. Wealthfront portfolio construction?12:02 Bosco202020:44 Bosco2020
3pAmerican Rescue Plan Act & ACA APTC for 2020 104018:54 stvyreb20:43 LadyGeek
65pMedallion signature guarantee03/03 tc10120:37 lazynovice
60hIs my Financial Advisor's advice sound?03/05 hcpotter1220:33 investuntilimri
10hWash sale quick question - no additional STCG till wash amount12:35 elderwise20:30 FactualFran
0hAdding independent contractor to full time salaried20:21 joetro29 
3hMutual Funds vs ETF - Index Investing?19:09 OldSport20:16 retired@50
4038tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas20:15 Random Walker
6pFederal e-filing rejected (2019 AGI incorrect)03/03 Tony-S20:14 MnD
4991cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:12 FreeAtLast
13278tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar20:08 z3r0c00l
37tHow much do costs matter?03/03 vineviz20:05 abuss368
6434cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:00 abuss368
12pJob offer, more pay & step down19:06 ManOfIron3519:58 wander
30hAdvice for 403b with no match03/06 RobLyons19:53 tibbitts
37cBecoming a Plumber03/06 austin75719:52 Californiastate
60hRetiring in 6 months (off TSLA options); Plan Review & Questions02/11 roguewarrior019:49 market timer
11hAscensus 401k portfolio advice03/06 Lalit19:48 lakpr
28pIRS collection notice on issue I thought resolved. Any options for dispute at this point?01/02 chrisspeaks19:45 Asyouwish
226pHas anyone see an inheritance not go as planned? I would like to hear stories from others of what can go wrong.2019 iamblessed19:38 snowman
8hcomments on my asset allocation16:26 PerfectName19:37 brooklynboy
9pCP2000 woes - phone number and DBC distributions02/22 RustyShacklefor19:33 Asyouwish
57hAsset Allocation of Net Wealth (if mortgages are negative bonds)02/28 steve r19:26 bling
97pChase Sapphire Reserve retention offer - was worth the effort11/24 rjbraun19:26 Silly Wabbit
179pLong Term Care Insurance02/25 Buster6519:24 Allan
13hPortfolio check & potential house down payment03/04 ticktocker19:21 ticktocker
3pRoth IRA and Roth 401k and Stimulus Payments17:42 au198519:18 au1985
17hHow best to exchange Vanguard Funds for Fidelity Funds?11:45 KT78519:11 radiowave
1tPast performance of ex-us bonds (hedged to USD)15:58 whereskyle19:06 retired@50
3h403-B advice16:49 BurgundySwanson19:05 pkcrafter
11hTactics for Increasing International Stock Allocation + Overall Temperature Check on 29 Year Old’s Finances?03/03 OxfordComma19:04 Adfmacro
82pVanguard no longer providing a Foreign Tax Paid statement02/10 palanzo18:59 GKSD
963pHigh Earners - What's Your Profession?2014 Hawkeye_Saver18:53 anon_investor
135cLet's play chess01/15 LadyGeek18:48 Marseille07
24nLegality of US expat citizen using US address to open account (and more)03/01 lootsuzette18:47 typical.investo
4145t[GameStop GME trading mega-thread]01/21 Prettyfrtnt18:44 lazynovice
1830pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon18:38 inbox788
35pCareer in sales03/06 Ladeedaw18:24 Broken Man 1999
264tCan one have too much Roth?2019 Miriam218:21 willthrill81
40pCoast to retirement jobs for 50-something03/06 lostinjersey18:19 hamhocs
5133pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:17 Mudpuppy
86tWhy 100% stocks and not use some put option writing?03/04 secondopinion18:10 inbox788
4pvanguard import to turbotax13:11 sambb18:09 ratpacker05
80nNon US Investing: Should we put 5% of port in Bitcoin?02/28 galeno17:59 Hustlinghustlin
16cHelping my elderly mother03/07 Runner389117:55 Carl53
16t"Bogleheads on Investing" podcast transcripts are becoming available2019 Rick Ferri17:54 Barry Barnitz
32cSafer to Pay Bill by Mail or Phone?03/04 DTalos17:46 Abe
17pWhen to File 2020 Taxes (Stimulus Related)?03/06 jsafe17:44 gobel
6tAre investment returns related to inflation rate?03/06 Ryzan17:33 patrick013
167tGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices2018 pshonore17:32 gobel
16tStaying the course means buying your AA despite the "conversation in the marketplace"02/24 SantaClaraSurfe17:31 SantaClaraSurfe
34tTilt toward US equities due to taxes?03/02 MotorPilot17:28 bck63
3pTax ? regarding loss of rental income due to Covid1916:05 ratpacker0517:25 galawdawg
65cWi-Fi TV - complexity and savings10/07 f4d17:23 chemocean
13pBest way to have cars and insurance for DSs03/05 ut2sua17:21 RetiredAL
477t[Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung (Prime Harvesting)]2016 siamond17:14 HansT
7tstock mutual fund trading costs13:30 bluegill17:11 alex_686
3pMortgage interest deduction - greater than 750k loan amount (principal residence)02/27 krishk2417:08 krishk24
34hAdvice for daughter on financial adviser03/04 rlchambers17:05 illumination
6cDirect deposit into Vanguard brokerage account03/06 wordsmith1117:01 sycamore
161tHow to Invest in Crypto like a Boglehead?02/15 Impatience16:47 waltman300
16pRealizing gains for UTMA/UGMA?12/24 guliver16:43 lazyfabs
23tBogleheads who own individual stocks in "funny money" accounts, how do you know when to rebalance?03/05 manlymatt8316:38 pasadena
10p1099-DIV Box 5 section 199A dividends10:59 water235716:34 epargnant
6pNo more ACA cliff. It just passed.16:09 iamblessed16:31 oldcomputerguy
1pCOVID-19 Sick Leave and Family Leave Credit for Self Employed03/06 GastroMD16:30 Silk McCue
5hHow are my earnings computed?10:49 Homeby516:28 Homeby5
5tAnnuities: The Good and the Bad03/04 Taylor Larimore16:27 Rex66
122cUSPS is incredibly fast!01/05 livesoft16:26 ballons
116cAny car enthusiasts? (or soon to be)08/25 RollDagoneTide16:26 MMiroir
58hWhose else own stocks in addition to their mutual funds?02/22 MrCheapo16:19 newfydog
4fYou are not authorized to read this forum16:07 Godot16:17 LadyGeek
19tTrading Violation question03/05 dcop16:15 Shallowpockets
1tResidential vs. General Real Estate08:07 cat_guy16:14 TheDoctor91
86tBlockFi Interest Account (8.6% APY) with Stablecoin12/03 snailderby16:10 wmvink
23tWhy bother other portfolios rather than All weather portfolio03/06 HolyGrill16:03 JoMoney
5hway ahead of projections adjust or leave as it15:06 lomarica0116:03 Wiggums
9pE-File Tax Programs That Allow Attaching Statements?03/06 Random Poster15:51 talzara
62cLexus or Tesla?04:57 steve32115:50 jackbeagle
7tHow much did forced purchase of Tesla on 12/21/2020 hurt passive indexers?13:25 nisiprius15:39 nisiprius
4hAdvice for Lump Sum Investment?11:53 thoughtware15:36 mr_brightside
119lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite15:36 sleepysurf
539tDebt is a Negative Bond - The White Coat Investor02/26 Rowan Oak15:28 steve r
5hHelp Choose 401(k) option14:03 huai15:22 huai
7tThe country-by country thread03/06 Tellurius15:22 danrock54
48pDoes SS at 62 with $1.3M make any sense?03/05 Jim18015:20 gr7070
6pUnemployment benefits being clawed back?07/09 SeekingWisdom_115:20 Bcdkgf
22cSlight Sewer Gas smell coming from bathroom03/05 Brewman15:16 Brewman
31hPersonal Investment Portfolio Huddle02/17 slowandsteadywi15:11 retired@50
12hVTINX-Vanguard Target Retirement Income Fund10:31 antiqueman15:09 Adfmacro
2p401k over deducted for 2020. What to do to avoid penalties?13:46 RL101315:08 Alan S.
36hBonds? No bonds? TSP03/04 ann_l15:04 trueblueky
3cdifferences in these advanced directive choices03/05 RJ201014:57 RudyS
8cAny advice on dropshipping?03/05 Caduceus14:39 RudyS
6hOlder Teens and 529 asset allocation03/06 Needsomehelp14:34 cchrissyy
3pBack door Roth Mechanics13:18 nycbanker2514:28 FactualFran
10cRecommendation for wifi enabled Internet radio?07:19 goshenBogle14:14 Bogle7
8021tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE14:11 TheDoctor91
8tRetirement Orientation06:41 whereskyle14:02 beyou
1tbond return14:00 bluegill14:02 abuss368
1fMobile app reader for phpBB board?13:42 slowandsteadywi13:50 Silk McCue
1hModeling Value of Tax Abatament03/06 qwerty12313:42 grabiner
26hissue with Vanguard website to select specific lot when selling VTSAX [update]03/06 argees13:41 stan1
5pSocial Security Estimate Including COLA03/04 Arby13:40 water2357
31pHow quickly did you receive your 2020 tax refund?03/06 CardinalRule13:37 Alan S.
5hAdding “ Value Funds”03/06 NabSh13:36 grabiner
3pLowering Property Taxes Nassau County, NY12:15 soup_can13:36 beyou
12pMy bank is closing - should I move all my accounts?09:24 WCF13:34 Jablean
12hMaximum HSA investments if I reach my deductible?03/05 CoffeePsyche13:24 CoffeePsyche
12cHail roof damage insurance/liability issue03/05 Oregano13:21 orlandoman
1hHow to compare returns (savings acct vs. VUSFX)?13:09 suzie201213:20 retired@50
110cDoes anyone use travelers checks any more?03/04 tc10113:18 nedsaid
372tGold continues to soar!08/04 00013:12 CoolHobieCat
15cSmart thermostat03/06 Swimmer13:08 Voltaire2.0
323tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs2019 EfficientInvest13:07 RonSea
11cCalling all master gardeners/market gardeners!03/03 Somethingwitty913:01 LadyGeek
9hMethod of Averaging Duration of Multiple Bond ETFs03/06 walescynwyd13:00 grabiner
5pWhat to do with house downpayment money?03/06 nydoc12:58 nydoc
8pNet Investment Income Tax (NIIT) at Supreme court review - email from CPA03/06 kxl1912:53 LadyGeek
55cI need a trickle car battery charger for garage queen...03/06 rebellovw12:51 mpnret
156l[favorite] Boglehead quotes2012 grabiner12:42 grabiner
0hMortgage as leverage against a "permanent portfolio"12:38 Simple Simon 
2pHM Bradley06:21 ball24112:32 ball241
5pTerm Life Insurance10:52 Doc712:32 BruDude
6hWash Sale (but not really)?03/06 caklim0012:31 livesoft
375tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest12:30 spammagnet
35hRSUs -- bogling/diversifying vs. capital gains tax03/05 rakish_weasel12:30 rakish_weasel
18tBitcoin Taxes Question02/27 waltman30012:29 dru808
42pEstate planning - Living revocable trust02/24 40040140212:17 bayview
5pCredit Score Recovery From Late Payment10:34 Canopus12:17 gr7070
5pHeloc with high DTI?03/06 heloc_question12:07 heloc_question
25pT-mobile Money01/30 bh3fpinv11:59 Coolguy8877
3hMortgage reits in Roth ira03/06 harshone11:53 David Jay
13pFIRO (Financially Independent Retiring On-time)03/04 radiowave11:50 radiowave
6tCredit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 202103/05 siamond11:46 siamond
28hTIAA legacy IRA and 403b consolidation question03/05 tibbitts11:44 talzara
71cBuying Fine Art - advice needed.....09/08 ualdriver11:44 GCD
30pMoved to Florida from Tennessee and my bank isnt near me. Should i switch?02/23 randydimera11:38 bayview
4hWash sale of bonds?03/06 nrkv11:29 anon_investor
6pSoftware for self-employed finances06:44 peterp11:24 GuayaquilEcu
193pUmbrella Policy; Anyone actually made a claim?02/23 Lazareth11:20 afan
2678c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir11:13 Cruise
166tSmarter approach to "emergency funds"?03/25 vineviz11:13 renzop
0cGardeners - any online shopping recommendations?11:12 JAZZISCOOL 
10062pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1111:11 reastman
19pRMD and taxes03/06 hoops77711:04 Munir
2p2019 tax return still unprocessed, will I receive stimulus?03/06 ParlayBogle10:40 LadyGeek
0pReferencing financial indicators (avg. income, poverty level) in Trust rules10:36 chilly81 
27hWellesley - bond selections & stock/bond adj capability03/05 walescynwyd10:27 walescynwyd
9pEV lease vs Purchase -- Advice needed08:09 NorCalHiker10:26 NorCalHiker
267tARK investment01/10 Always passive10:25 EnjoyIt
5psuggestions for interested high school students (finance, etc.)03/06 jeffarvon10:24 jeffarvon
6pAfter-Tax Money in IRA02/02 henninma10:20 Alan S.
11tasset allocation strategy for 52903/05 grogu10:16 jodhpur
68hVanguard Checks Written on Brokerage/Settlement Account Being Rejected or Returned To Merchants03/05 jpapp10:16 galawdawg
5pRetirement Planning spreadsheet review03/06 jjshoe10:13 jjshoe
30hBetting on bonds in 202103/06 lucha10:02 ccf
1426cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger09:58 JAZZISCOOL
60pDissolving Ric-E Trust2013 DannyDoc09:48 bsteiner
43pIndex Universal Life for Cryonics03/01 slowandsteadywi09:44 Oregano
2cPeloton purchase inquiry09:25 PoemMan09:40 Broken Man 1999
8hSpouses SS and Roth conversion08:19 Satirepups09:37 JoeRetire
3p[FreeTaxUSA] Wash sale reporting & aggregating values on 894903/06 landon09:31 Beachey
11cBackblaze B2 to backup NAS (network attached storage)?03/04 Nearly A Moose09:31 bampf
40pShould I ditch BofA?03/03 Frogster09:20 dukeblue219
222pSo what kind of raise did you guys get for 2021?12/30 Cpadave09:19 jdgamble
3cMulch From Shingle Oak and Pine Needles07:46 harrad09:17 F150HD
38pUse a rental car as a primary vehicle?03/04 paramedic09:16 StevieG72
0pHow to add claim of right credit to H&R Block web version?08:57 jumbopapa 
45hFor those with bond heavy you feeling?03/05 TexasBorn08:56 MikeG62
79cAlternative speculative asset - digital trading cards (NBA Top Shot)01/26 BruDude08:54 denovo
10nsmall cap value investing02/28 Markos08:41 Peaceful
346tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest08:14 Bentonkb
111pFED_Taxable_Inherited_IRA rejection Turbotax02/26 trees08:09 Leesbro63
15cHelp me fix my toilet flush handle - it's too LIGHT!03/06 lightheir08:06 Murgatroyd
51cHaving no luck finding a professional fiduciary2020 GerryL07:59 LadyIJ
107cAnyone ever tired of managing hair and consider shaving to go bald2018 Elysium07:58 radiokurt
2hSold stocks for a loss prior to dividend reinvestment06:13 makemoneymoney07:46 makemoneymoney
2hNeed Help Assessing Portfolio & COLA Question07:00 TeachMeandIReme07:38 EdNorton
9hRetirement check up03/05 ososnilknarf07:31 johnny
42cHow much do you pay your tax professional?03/02 OnBoard07:12 anon_investor
4hHelp structuring TLH partners03/05 Sellery103107:01 Sellery1031
16tBitcoin investment like insurance - which exchange?03/06 stingray77706:57 birdog
9hGeneral question about non mutual fund vehicles in 401k03/06 Dug849806:52 Dug8498
26t"Make Fewer Things Matter: My Epiphany From Cutting A Pineapple" Pineapple"03/02 Taylor Larimore06:18 GoldenFinch
1116tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest06:08 Bentonkb
3pBackdoor in trouble: Traditional IRA and 403B03/06 bogleatamamama06:05 bogleatamamama
11hQCD RMD and Roth Conversion05/01 tomd3705:56 celia
19hShould we switch pre-tax 401(k)/457(b) contributions to Roth?03/06 tsutsugamushi05:54 tsutsugamushi
175tTracking my ARK / Bitcoin - non-Boglehead portfolio01/18 MinnGuyInvestin05:37 peterinjapan

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